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Mojomox 2023 Review: A Professional Logo Creation Site?

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    Can you imagine a worldwide popular company, let’s say Pepsi, with a low quality logo design? It would be quite weird!

    Everyone knows how important a Logo is for a business, and it’s the first thing people see when they visit your site. It can make or break your brand.

    But what if you don’t have a nice logo? Or worse yet, what if you need help figuring out where to start with designing one?

    Well, there are many ways to go about creating a great logo design, but we’re going to show you in this article one of the easiest ways to do it.

    In fact, in this article we will talk about Mojomox, an affordable yet super easy logo maker for brands.

    We’ve used it for a few months and over 10 projects, so we now have an accurate opinion about this tool, its pros, and its cons.

    Keep reading to have every Mojomox secret revealed!

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      Why is Logo Important?

      A logo is an essential part of your brand. It’s the first thing people see when they visit your website or mobile app, and it can be a powerful tool for building trust with customers.

      For the latter reason, we believe your logo design should somehow reflect the niche or field of your company.

      But what does that really mean? Well, here are some examples of logos that work well:

      • Apple – Apple has always been known as a high-quality product. Their Logo reflects their image perfectly.
      • Google – Google is a search engine company, so its Logo represents the search box.
      • Microsoft – Microsoft is a software company whose Logo shows a computer screen.
      • Facebook – Facebook is a social media platform, so its Logo is a circle with an “f” inside.

      But, not all big companies agree with us. In fact, below some example.

      • Yahoo – Yahoo is a web portal, so its Logo is just a bunch of letters. 
      • Twitter – Twitter is a microblogging service, but its Logo is just a bird.

      Again, we think your logo should represent the business or service you provide, this would also provide more authority and trust. But you will find out later why we decided to share our opinion on this and how it relates to Mojomox

      So, let’s dive into our Mojomox Review!

      What Is Mojomox?

      In short, Mojomox is an online logo creator that allows you to create professional logos from scratch, easily. It has a clean interface and easy navigation so that anyone can use it without any problem. It also provides a complete logo suite, of different size and colors.

      Features of Mojomox

      Let’s have a look at a few worthy features of Mojomox.

      # 1 - Create a Logo

      As mentioned before, Mojomox’s prominent feature is making a professional logo from scratch. You can create a professional logo in under 2 minutes.

      How? See below the steps (with images).

      1. First, enter the Business or Company name and click on “Get Started for Free.” For instance, we have typed “Socialmarketing90.”
      2. The next step is choosing the nature of the business; in other words, Choose your industry. Mojomox has around 104+ predefined industries, and you can pick from the available; we are sure your business will fall under any of these categories. For us, We have chosen “Blog.” Then hit “Next.”
      3. The third step is to choose the logo type you need. You can either go with “Logo with symbol” or with “Wordmark”. One of the exciting features is here, and you can choose both of them, too. That is what we did. Then, hit “Next.”
      4. Now, pick the layout of the Logo, whether you need a logo Horizontal or vertical. We have chosen both again. Then, click on “Next.”
      5. Next, choose the Logo Font type. 
      6. After that, pick the symbol for the Logo and choose the brand color.
      Below, an image gallery showing each step so far.

      Now, we are close to the finish line. 

      Mojomox will display a few logo samples; you can pick the one you like the most. But if you are not happy, just click on them to customize the Logo further. Check the above screengrab to understand the process.

      In customization, You can improvise the Logo by making changes to the available features like Company name, Logo Symbol, Logo Lockup (Horizontal or Vertical), and so on.

      But you can also customize new features, such as letter spacing or weight of the font.

      If you are happy about the result, you simply have to choose the color, and Mojomox will create a suite of relevant brand colors for you. 

      When you scroll down, you can see the Logo you have customized in different color templates and the symbol in different colors. You can even download the Avatars! You can download your logo or its variants in different formats: PNG, SVG, and PDF.

      Before you download the Logo, you can also resize it. This can be helpful is some site or platform is requiring a maximum or specific logo file size.

      #2 Real-time Automatic Brand Kit

      Another interesting feature of Mojomox is its real-time automatic brand kit

      This means that when you upload the Logo, it will automatically generate the brand kits for you. 

      The brand kits include Brand Colors, Fonts, Symbols, and shapes. You can even edit the brand kits as per your needs. You can check these brand kits under the design editor. 

      Finally, you can share and download the brand kit as per your requirements.

      #3 Personal Brand Designer

      This is a feature that includes 4 different and new features.

      In fact, under this section, you can access four main criteria. Let’s have a look at them.

      1. Modern Logo DesignYou can choose from various fonts and thicknesses, as well as over 1000 symbols and alternative letter designs. Your design will be instantly applied to mockups, so you can see what it would look like in real life.
      2. Logo Files – You can download a PNG, SVG, or vector PDF of the Logo in any size, with or without a background, in black and white or brand colors.
      3. Brand Kit – You can design your brand in real-time, with a 1-page online (and PDF) sharable document. You can make unlimited changes to your logo and brand identity as your business grows.
      4. Templates – Modern template design system. It includes size presets for social media assets and the ability to convert the templates into your own brand colors.

      Pros & Cons



      Pricing Plan

      Mojomox has four paid plans: Entrepreneur, Agency, Growth, and Enterprise. Check out the Screengrab or their website for more details.

      • Entrepreneur – Starts from $10 per month ( $119.90 annually). You can get full Logo ownership and download high-resolution Logos in Vector, PNG, SVG, and PDF format. One Logo with full brand kit is available. 
      • Agency – Starts from $399 per month for an annual subscription; you need to connect with the support team. It includes all the features mentioned in Entrepreneur, plus you will get 50 brands with an automatic brand guide, White-label brand kits, SVG upload, Fonts, and the custom feature you request for. Best for agencies.
      • Growth & Enterprise – With these 2 plans, the pricing goes further up, and you need to contact customer support to get access.

      Mojomox Overall Rating

      Rating criteria
      Output Quality8.5
      Output Accuracy9
      Generation Speed9

      Users Review

      And what are people saying about Mojomox? 

      On TrustPilot, Mojomox holds an overall 4.3 rating out of 5.

      Also, we made some research to look for more reviews on the web, and we collected a few of them who seemed genuine and provide valuable feedback

      Look at the screenshot gallery below, where users highlight Mojomox benefits and features according to their own experience.

      Bottom Line

      Now you all know what Mojomox does, its features, and our opinion. If you are looking for an affordable yet powerful tool to help you build a Logo, Mojomox is a great option.

      The price is reasonable (if we consider their Entrepreneur plan), and the quality of the product is worthy. 

      We recommend this tool to everyone, especially people who need professional and modern logo‘s in just a few minutes, and like to have full control over each aspect of customization.

      Thanks for reading our Mojomox review. If you have questions regarding Mojomox, feel free to ask in the comment box below. We’ll answer them as soon as possible. 

      Catch you all in the next exciting review, and stay tuned with SM90!

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