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Perplexity AI – Facts and Curiosities You Did Not Know!

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    Have you ever considered how AI is altering the way we use technology? Recently, the reach and exposure of AI tools become incredibly high. There are plenty of AI tools available for different scenarios, ranging from automating repetitive data entry tasks to generating a creative script.

    Starting from AI Avatar to AI music generators, now almost everything is possible with AI tools. Specifically, the number of AI writing assistants are increasing day by day.

    According to recent research, AI writing assistants market is expected to be worth $985.24 billion in 2024, up 47.5% annually. Almost all experts agree that the demand for AI writing assistants will only keep on growing in the upcoming years. 

    Perplexity AI is one such AI writing and research assistant tool that stands out in the market. Its unique features have attracted the interest of professionals, individuals, and businesses looking for real-time data alike. In this blog post, you will get to know in-depth details about Perplexity AI, covering all the fascinating facts and details that you need to know before trying it out.

    Table of Contents
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      What is Perplexity?

      Perplexity, launched in 2022, is an AI-powered search engine and conversational assistant using NLP to provide accurate, contextual answers. Founded by Aravind Srinivas, Denis Yarats, Johnny Ho, and Andy Konwinski, it uses advanced language models, including Anthropic’s Claude 3 Haiku and its proprietary models. With $165 million in funding, it offers personalized search results and allows follow-up questions. The free version uses Claude 3 Haiku, while the Pro version accesses models like GPT-4.

      Despite its success, Perplexity has faced criticism for using media content without proper attribution, though it claims to aggregate rather than plagiarize information. The company acknowledges some “rough edges” in its implementation. But still, Perplexity’s search engine does a good job by summarizing search results in real-time and maintaining the context for user queries.

      How does Perplexity AI work?

      Image illustrating that how HTTPS works.

      Perplexity AI is easily accessible via the web and an app for both Android and iPhone users. You may get it for free on their website. Here is how to start:

      1. Visit ▶️
      2. Type your query into the search field and then click the blue arrow.
      3. Read Perplexity AI’s response and examine the sources.
      4. If you have any questions, always use the “Ask a follow-up” option below.

      Perplexity AI is super user-friendly. Just type your question and click the blue arrow to get an answer. They also focus on privacy. For PDFs, Perplexity AI has a dedicated page, helping you get quicker and more accurate answers for your research. 

      Unlike other AI tools, Perplexity provides the sources of the information it gathers from, which is really helpful for research purposes. You will also get the suggestions of the questions related to your search term just like a search engine.

      Features of Perplexity AI

      Image illustrates the features of

      Perplexity AI performs a variety of purposes, including but not limited to,

      1. Chat search: Users may ask inquiries in normal language, just like they would to a real person, and Perplexity AI will comprehend and respond accordingly.
      2. Label the source: When offering responses, Perplexity AI will explicitly label the source, which helps to assure the information’s correctness and dependability.
      3. Query and Multi-Language Support: The tool supports many languages, including English, Chinese, and Japanese, and can respond to queries on facts, views, ideas, tutorials, and more.
      4. Document management system: Users may upload, view, modify, and share their documents in formats such as Word, PDF, and PowerPoint. Perplexity AI will provide document summaries, keywords, directories, tags, and other information for users depending on their AI Profile and the content of the document, allowing them to rapidly comprehend and locate papers. Users may also use Perplexity AI’s speech recognition feature to turn voices into text, as well as its machine translation function to transform texts into different languages.
      5. Intelligent text-generating system: It allows users to enter a topic or an introductory line, then pick the sort of writing they wish to write, and Perplexity AI will generate a complete text for them. Copilot can create a variety of text genres, including blog posts, marketing copy, emails, tales, and poetry, which may be customized based on the user’s AI Profile and style.

      Facts, Curiosities and Statistics

      With sufficient knowledge about Perplexity, let’s move to some facts and curiosities of this AI model!

      5 FactsAbout Perplexity AI

      Check out this infographic to have an overview of the stats of Perplexity AI.

      1. At present, Perplexity AI proudly accommodates 10 million actively engaged users on a monthly basis.
      2. Perplexity AI has served over 500 million requests in 2023.
      3. According to recent research, Indonesia plays a dominant role in Perplexity AI usage, where they ranked 1st in user base worldwide.
      4. Perplexity AI’s mobile apps have been installed by over a million users on iOS and Android.
      5. Perplexity AI’s clear and transparent source citations significantly enhance the integrity of the information presented. By providing clear references to sources, Perplexity AI builds trust and credibility in the content.

      5 StatisticsAbout Perplexity AI

      Now that we have the facts, it’s time for a number’s competition! These statistics showcase Perplexity AI’s reach and the milestones it has achieved so far. Have a look at them:

      1. According to Semrush’s May Traffic Stats, Perplexity AI’s global rank is 871, and its country rank in the United States is 1,188.
      2. In May, had 67.42M visits, with an average session duration of 10:51. This was a 20.71% increase in traffic compared to April.
      3. In May 2024, Perplexity AI’s Bounce rate stands at 45.37%.
      4. According to recent research, 73.29% of visits come from desktops, while 26.71% come from mobile devices.
      5. 76.87% of Perplexity AI’s visitors come directly, 12.58% via Google. Interestingly, they frequently go to Google and after visiting.

      6 CuriositiesAbout Perplexity AI

      Finally, we are curious about this AI tool! Even though we know about the tool and its statistics, why do users prefer this tool? How does it engage users with its metrics and reach? Let’s explore some curiosities we’ve discovered about Perplexity AI.

      1. Do you know how many visitors Perplexity AI had in the past 3 months? In March, there were 40.23M visitors; in April, 55.85M; and in May, 67.42M.
      2. Do you know which countries dominate website traffic as of 2024? The United States leads with 16.47% of visitors, followed by Indonesia with 10.02% and India with 7.11% of visitors.
      3. Have you ever wondered who uses Perplexity AI via desktop the most? It’s the people of Kenya! Yes, almost 96.4% of users there are accessing it through their desktops.
      4. You don’t believe that Perplexity AI has zero paid traffic, whereas it actually has 2.99M organic search traffic!
      5. Perplexity AI” is the top-ranked keyword with a search volume of 135,000 and accounts for 39.24% of the traffic, with a CPC of 0.89 USD.
      6. Perplexity AI has a decent SEO score with an authority score of 64, 22.1K referring domains, and 11.33M backlinks.

      Wrap Up

      The climax is here. The numbers and facts about Perplexity AI highlight the importance of having a search engine that provides valuable and authenticated information for users. It gained attention in 2022 but reached this milestone through steady progress, making it an ideal competitor for ChatGPT.

      As compared to ChatGPT statistics, Perplexity has the upper hand in many areas. For example, with the free version of Perplexity, you can upload files without needing a paid subscription. Moreover, Perplexity automatically gives output with sources, which is really helpful for research purposes.

      We hope these numbers and facts help you to gain more knowledge about the Perplexity AI, if you have any queries, feel free to drop your comments below. 🤞🏻

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