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Pictory Review: The Best Vidnami Alternative?

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    The Pictory video editing tool is a powerful web-based application that allows you to produce a social video from your long-form content, in only a few clicks.

    You may then post the video on your blog, website, or social media accounts instantly, once the AI has identified all of the main elements in your article and compiled them into an engaging, royalty-free video with your desired format.

    What’s more, you can incorporate your company’s branding assets into your films, allowing viewers to realize just how powerful your brand is!

    You can also produce translations from any of your videos. Or you may turn your videos, podcasts, and webinars into stories or short clips that you can then post to around the web.

    Pictory, is seen by me as a way to stop performing time-consuming manual labor (editing), or hiring expensive editors.

    I see Pictory, in short, as a hands-free solution for your video creation which will automatically produce quality branded videos from text and audio content, saving you valuable time.

    And to know all the secrets about this AI video tool, read further!

    In this article you can expect everything about Pictory, from tips to pros and cons! also the demo video using Pictory So, let’s dive into the Exploration.

    Table of Contents
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      What is Pictory?

      Pictory is a web-based tool that can turn your text into videos, with natural voices, relevant footage, and automatic captions.

      You can even record your own voice-over and upload it, and it will be automatically synced to the scenes and the captions.

      This is because it uses AI technology for different features, such as audio sync or scene selection.

      Also, their AI is trained to create subtitled videos, which  is a great way to make your content more exciting and engaging for your audience, with no effort on your side. 

      Pictory is an app that allows to create professional looking videos, with just a few clicks and with zero editing skills required.

      The Interesting Story Behind Pictory

      Back in 2018, Vikram Chalana, a seasoned entrepreneur, was leading a 350-person company.

      Amidst the hustle of different departments, one role stood out – the video specialist. They were bombarded with requests from every corner of the company, ranging from creating webinars and product demos to social media videos.

      Vikram also noticed a trend – that everyone wanted to create and watch videos, but the process was slow and complicated… and expensive.

      He pondered why there wasn’t a user-friendly video editing tool, just like there is Canva for graphics.

      Driven by this realization, in 2019, Vikram participated in a “hackaton” (a social coding event) in Seattle. And from there, built his prototype for a simple video editing tool – Pictory.

      Pictory Features & Advantages

      1. Condense long videos into manageable chunks

      It’s time to hand over the reins to artificial intelligence. When you upload your video, an AI will transcribe it, find the most exciting parts, and make them into short snippets that others will want to watch while they’re scrolling through their social media feed. It is possible to override the AI’s selections to include or omit sections you wish to or don’t want to include in your new video bites.

      2. More accessibility and reach

      In order to make your videos more accessible and SEO-friendly, the AI has the capacity to add captions and subtitles dynamically. You’ll also be able to download the subtitles as text, SRT, or VTT files and burn them into the video. Your videos will reach more people, as even non-native english people may be able to follow the script.

      3. Whitelabel

      Your logo, color scheme, typefaces, intros, outros, and more can all be included in the created videos. It’s time for you to show off your brand to your consumers and website visitors, or the ones of your clients!

      4. Multi-language

      With Pictory, you can connect and communicate with your readers and visitors in as many as 20 different languages. In fact, their AI does not work only with english, but many other languages such as spanish, french, arabic, etc. Same goes for the built-in AI voices library, which inlude over 20 languages to choose from.

      5. Powerful and rich text to video

      When you upload an article or blog, the AI will automatically identify the most relevant bits and then pick relevant footage for the video based on that information. Make your film more fascinating with the help of AI that will automatically integrate appropriate graphics and captions. Also, a AI voice-over can be added to complement your subject or topic.

      You also have access to a large built-in library of royalty-free music tracks which you can add into your project with one click. You can filter the tracks by any genre or mood you desire and adjust audio levels according to your preferences.

      In addition to what’s already been mentioned, you can manually select portions of your article that you need to include or remove from the video that is made. If you wish to make any changes to the clips or the scenes created by the program, no problem. You can, before exporting, select them manually.

      You also have the possibility of uploading your own images and videos which can then be used inside your videos.

      6. Media Library

      As we just mentioned, Pictory has an extensive media collection from which you can choose materials to use. Have your pick from more than 6 million licensed stock photos and video clips from Shutterstock!

      The music selection is just as good, as you will get access to 15000 (or 5000, depending on your plan) premium music tracks. You can quickly find the track that you fits your project using several filters such as mood, tempo and genre and you can preview them before applying them to your project.

      7. Bulk Download

      You can download all of your short videos in one go as a CSV file. Pictory is a time saver also when it comes to exporting the final videos.

      8. Voice add-on

      You can automatically add a voice-over to your videos, by selecting AI voices. Pictory’s AI-based text-to-speech comes in different accents and languages.

      If you want to modify the voice that the AI used, you can do so by applying additional filters. You also have the choice of recording your own narration and uploading it to your video, and the program’s AI will automatically sync it script and the captions.

      9. Hootsuite Integration

      Short Clips or other content can be quickly uploaded to your Hootsuite dashboard, so that they can be added to your social media content schedule.

      For whom Pictory is suitable?

      Due to its easiness of use yet high quality outcome videos,  we believe Pictory suits any kind of user, from aspiring content creators to brands.

      Specifically, Pictory is suitable for,

      • Content Marketers – Transform your text content into video and vice versa so that you may provide more content for your clients and boost customer engagement with relevant and engaging videos.
      • Start-Ups – For small businesses who wish to use social media videos to promote their products, services, content and get more traffic.
      • Businesses, consultants, and sales teams who aim to expand their consumer base by repurposing material.
      • Agencies and professionals, who handle clients for different purposes (such as SEO or content creation) to provide them quality video content, with minimal effort.

      Pictory's Pricing plan

      We have so far seen the features and benefits of Pictory. Now, let’s see the pricing plans available in and see which one suits best your needs.

      Pictory has a free trial, and those who don’t know anything about this interface can use the free plan to learn and study more about the tool. Aside, it has three paid plans which are bulleted below,

      • Standard
      • Premium
      • Enterprises


      $ 23 Per user / Month


      $ 47 Per user / Month



      Standard Plan

      The standard plan costs $23 monthly and $19 annually. Unlike a free trial, you can create unlimited projects without Pictory AI watermarks (branding), and the video length is up to 10 minutes. As Video transcription hours are considered, you will get 10 hours per month. Upto 1GB size video you can able to upload. Where as for resolution you will get 720p, also you will get Email support.

      Premium Plan

      The premium plan costs $47 monthly and $39 annually. Like a standard plan, you can create unlimited projects without Pictory AI watermarks (branding), but you will get a video length of up to 20 minutes in this plan.
      You will get 50 hours of video transcription per month. You’ll be able to submit videos up to 5GB in size. In terms of resolution, you’ll get 1080p, and you’ll be able to contact with the support team via Email and Prority support is also available.

      Enterprise Plan

      As for the Enterprise plan, the cost depends on your team’s size, and it’s customizable. You will get all the benefits in premium and standard plan here too. Depending on the plan you chose, the length of the video varies accordingly. 

      Positives and Negatives

      Users Review

      And let’s examine what those who have already used the service have to say about it. has a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on TrustPilot, demonstrating its high quality.

      This specific user was having a great time with the tool and commented, “I have a youtube channel called tik tocky and I was looking for good Text-to-video software. Something like a vidnami alternative. However, the other software I tried was too sluggish and they did allow you to upload your own voice-overs from external sources. But when I tried Pictory on the free trial, I knew immediately that that was the software I was looking for. And they are not too expensive either. So far it’s the best alternative to vidnami. You can try it yourself. Especially the voice-over sync. It works very nicely. Although you still have to do small adjustments, it saves a lot of time.”

      Our Verdict

      It’s now time for SocialMarketing90’s final verdict.

      In the event that you’ve got a lot on your plate, including video production and editing, Pictory is the best option for you, especially since Vidnami is out of the game.

      It will save you a lot of time, so you’ll be able to focus on other things, while still creating engaging and professional videos.

      Take advantage of this AI-powered video and content management solution right away. Bloggers, content writers, and small company owners will all benefit from this. At this time, for a meager price, considering the unlimited amount of videos you can produce on a daily basis.

      Pictory Overall Rating

      Amazing 94%
      Possibly the best AI video editor 97%
      Good (+ Free Trial) 91%

      Pictory Faq's

      What is Pictory?

      Pictory is an AI powered video creation SAAS platform which lets you easily convert text into professional branded videos, or long-form videos into shorter clips for social media.

      How does Pictory work?

      There are multiple answers to this, since it produces content in different ways. It can convert your existing text content into a video. Or you can use it to create a video from scratch, using also your voice-over or an article. Plus the tool also lets you extract the key highlights of lengthy videos such as webinars or podcasts, and then turn them into short clips for social media – all via artificial intelligence.

      How much does Pictory cost?

      There is a free trial but their pricing is subscription based starting at $29/month. In case if you want to pay annually you could save up to 35% which means the price will be slashed to a $228/year.

      What is Pictory’s refund policy?

      If you are not 100% satisfied with the service, contact customer support to request a refund within 14 days from your purchase date.

      What happens to my videos if I cancel?

      All of your videos are yours to keep forever and ever. And the license for them is covered also if you cancel your subscription.

      Do I have to pay a royalty for using the visuals or music supplied in your product?

      No. You only pay the monthly subscription fee. You own all of your videos created with Pictory. 

      What is the typical Pictory learning curve?

      It takes 15 minutes or less to put together a video in the beginning, but as you become more experienced with the program, this time will reduce to around 5 minutes.

      What kinds of material can I employ to create a video?

      Acceptable content types include blogs and news stories published in HTML format. PDF, Word, or Google Drive are not yet supported. But you can simply paste the text inside the program and, voilà.

      Can I monetize the videos on YouTube?

      Absolutely, since your plan covers a license to use all the music and footage included inside Pictory’s library. That being said, it could happen that you receive a copyright claim, let’s say, for the music track you used. If that happens, don’t stress. Contact Pictory’s support and they will help you clear the video, so you can make money off it.

      Does It Work On Any Device?

      Yes. Pictory will work on any operating system as long as you have an internet connection and a chrome browser. That includes Windows, Mac OS, iOS or Linux.

      In What Shapes I Can Export Videos?

      You could export your videos in MP4 videos in 720p, MP4 videos in 1080p, Landscape (16:9), Portrait (9:16), Square (1:1).

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