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A Group of established digital marketers, reviewing popular SEO & Social Media tools to help entrepreneurs & Brands make the right choice, by saving time. (and money)

Meet Our People!​


Tim Edward

Software Developer

Tim keeps SocialMarketing90’s technology up to date and reliable. He enjoys learning new tech and fixing challenges. He enjoys creating iOS/Android games as a hobby.

Swetha Arunachalam

Quality Engineer

Swetha is a Quality Engineer who previously worked in online and mobile automation.She has always loved writing and studying, and she is pleased to be able to contribute to Socialmarketing90’s mission.

Daniel Tyran

AI Tools analyser and Content Writer

Daniel is an AI tools analyser and content writer. He has a vast experience in writing content for various AI tools.

Lisy Mathew

Technical Content Writer

Lisy Mathew is a Technical Content Writer working for SocialMarketing90, where she writes blog posts, articles and do web research.

Daniel James

Software Developer

Daniel is thrilled to be working with Socialmarketing90 to help everyone learn more about Digital Marketing.
Among his professional achievements are starting small businesses and writing clean code.

Erika Yao


Designer at Marketing, Product, and Philanthropy. She works on the Socialmarketing90 brand and visual language.


Marketing Advertiser

Carter is a writer, advertising and marketing professional with experience in both B2B and B2C fields, Currently working in SM90

Rizzoli Hazel

Editorial Chief

Rizzoli Hazel is the new Editorial Chief for SocialMarketing90.com. Passionate about writing and blogging, She is also fond of travelling and spending time with her two little puppies.

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