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A Group of established digital marketers, reviewing popular SEO & Social Media tools to help entrepreneurs & Brands make the right choice, by saving time. (and money)

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Website founder

Our admin launched SocialMarketing90 back in 2021, with one clear goal: grow it to a leading website in the niches of SEO, SMM and AI. He knows that high-quality content, a great team, and SEO, are the keys behind the success of a website. Socialmarketing90 is just one of the many websites he operates, and he boasts an overall monthly revenue of over 6 figures, across all his websites. He welcomes you to SM90, and he hopes it will help you to become a better internet marketer!

AI Technology

Andrew, a Gen Z tech enthusiast, is all about AI. He was already exploring the world of AI before ChatGPT rose to popularity. As AI becomes more and more popular, and new tools are released every day, he always finds some new cool topic to delve into or write about. At SM90, he writes about AI and reviews AI tools.

SMM & Social media

Daniel, as anyone else born in 1995, grew up during the social media boom. The first social media he used was Facebook, in his early teen years, to keep in touch with friends. Over the years, social media became more than just a hobby to him. From making videos on YouTube to selling Instagram shutouts, social media became a way of making money. If you need advice on how to grow your social media accounts, he’s the guy.

Digital marketing, E-commerce

Darren, a marketing graduate, has a vast experience in the field, also thanks to his previous work experience at two popular marketing agencies. Since a few years, he took the freelancing path, and he’s now offering advice and consultations for digital marketing and e-commerce. He is also a marketing technical writer for SM90. You will see a couple of posts per week from him!


William is an SEO expert. He started his first website back in 2015, and soon understood the importance of SEO to rank on search engines. In 2019, he also started his own SEO agency, RankHigher. While he believes the best way to learn SEO is with experience, he loves SEO so much that when he’s not working, he is reading the latest SEO updates or podcasts!

PPC and advertising, content marketing

Sam is a freelancer who has nearly 10 years of experience in the online advertising field, and specifically, PPC. He started by running paid ads on Facebook for his family business, and over the years, offered his services to other businesses as well. While paid advertising is his bread and butter, he is also a big fan of content marketing on social media. On SM90, you may find him passionately talking about those topics.

Fact Checking Specialist

Julie graduated from Business & management in 2021, but she always loved reading about tech, as well as writing down her opinions on the latest techie news on her own blog. After graduation, her goal became to make a living off her personal blog. In the meanwhile, she helps the team at SM90 by fact-checking and reviewing articles, before they go live!

Various Topics

Occasionally, SM90 likes to hire external freelancers to write content. This usually happens when we need highly technical content, or when, simply, our writers are having a wonderful vacation, and therefore not available. All content written by our hand-picked freelancers will fall into this “Team SM90” author. A big thanks to anyone who contributed!

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