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AsuraHosting Review – Cheap, But Worth It? The Results Of Our Testing!

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    If you’re just starting out as a blogger, a fresh business owner, a newbie offering services, or you’ve been at it for a while, it’s essential in today’s world for every business or service provider to be online. And among all your online spots, the website takes the most important place.

    Why, you ask? 

    Well, your website is first-touch point to your brand. Your website is the place where customers visit to learn about you, your products or services, and how you run your business. These days, having a website is something almost every type of business does as a normal practice.

    For a good website, you must have a reliable website hosting service provider where you can host your website. Good web hosting is like the backbone of any website, and it is crucial to choose the web hosting provider carefully. 

    We need to check that the hosting provider we choose not only provides the best services and support but also offers their services at affordable rates especially when we are starting out as a newbie!

    Table of Contents
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      What I Found for my Website?

      When I began my online journey in 2015, I was also in search of a reliable and affordable web hosting provider. There were numerous options available in the market at that time, including some very popular ones like Bluehost, Hostinger, A2 Hosting, and DreamHost, among others. 

      However, what I was seeking in a web hosting provider was the best service with excellent support at a more budget-friendly price, as I didn’t have a substantial budget for heavy-duty web hosting.

      While I was conducting my search, I stumbled upon a web hosting service provider in the search results on Google, and it was ‘ASURA HOSTING.’

      Hello and welcome, my friend! I am Nirav, your host and the writer of this post. By now, you probably have a good idea of the topic of this article that I going to discuss with you today.

      Yes, I’m going to review ‘Asura Hosting,’ discuss the criteria I checked before purchasing their services, and explain why I continue to use their services. We will explore whether it’s worth getting web hosting from ‘Asura Hosting’ or not.

      Key Points to Check When Looking for a Web Hosting Service.

      When considering buying a web hosting service, there are several key points to keep in mind to make an informed decision. We will also check all these key points below with ‘Asura Hosting’ to see if it is worth buying or not.

      Here are some crucial factors to consider:

      By keeping these things in mind, you can make a smart choice when buying web hosting. This keeps your website running well and visitors happy.

      Let’s review all of these points with Asura Hosting.

      Before we move forward let me tell you a little bit about Asura Hosting.

      Website Needs 

      First, figure out what your website is all about. 

      Is it like a blog, an online store, or something different? And think about how many people you’re expecting to visit your site. 

      Also, consider if there are any cool extra things you want (e.g., SSL, e-commerce capabilities) for your website. Understanding what your website needs is like getting the right tools for the job. It makes everything run smoother!

      Asura Hosting provides web hosting services that cater to a variety of needs. Whether you’re planning to run a blog, set up a portfolio website, or even dive into e-commerce, they’ve got you covered.

      One standout feature is the inclusion of free SSL certificates. These certificates are essential for securing websites, and Asura Hosting offers the ability to install them on your domains and websites at no extra cost. This is a big win for online security.

      Types of Hosting

      Asura Hosting has a variety of web hosting services to cover your specific needs:

      Website Hosting

      If you’re planning to launch your own website, be it a personal blog, a small business site, or an online portfolio, website hosting is the right choice.

      • It’s like having a plot of land to build your digital home.

      Reseller Hosting

      If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a hosting provider yourself, reseller hosting is the path to take. It lets you create and manage multiple hosting accounts, making you a sort of mini hosting mogul.

      • This is perfect for those who want to offer hosting services to others.

      VPS Hosting

      When your website or application demands a significant amount of power and dedicated resources, VPS hosting is your solution. It’s like having a private server just for you, tailored to meet your unique requirements.

      • This is ideal for more significant projects that need a performance boost.

      Radio Hosting

      If the world of radio and streaming has your attention, Asura Hosting has specialized hosting for this purpose. It’s perfect for running your own radio station or offering streaming services.

      • Think of it as your radio broadcasting headquarters.

      These hosting services are tailor-made for your specific needs, simplifying the process of selecting the one that perfectly fits your project or business. It’s akin to a menu of hosting options, ensuring you get precisely what you need for your online journey.

      #1 Uptime and Reliability

      Uptime and reliability are vital when it comes to web hosting. It’s like making sure your favorite show on TV plays without interruptions. Asura Hosting understands this well.

      They’re committed to providing a reliable hosting service, and this means ensuring your website is accessible to visitors nearly all the time. 

      In their case, they offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee or even better. 

      This high uptime means your website will be up and running smoothly, and your visitors won’t face annoying downtime.

      This commitment to reliability is part of Asura Hosting’s mission to offer web hosting that’s not only affordable but also trustworthy. 

      With a focus on clear pricing, user-friendly control panels, and 24/7 support, they’re dedicated to keeping your website up and running without hiccups. It’s like having a reliable partner to ensure your online presence is always available to your audience.

      #2 Speed and Performance

      Speed and performance are absolutely crucial for a website. 

      I mean, who wants to wait around for a slow website, right?

      In one study, it was found that after looking over a whopping 94 million pages of 10 different online stores, for every extra second it takes for a website to appear on your screen in the first five seconds, you lose about 4.42 percent of potential sales. 

      Yeah, you heard me right – almost 4.5 percent of lost sales for every second your website is slow. That’s a big deal!

      Let’s see how well websites are performing on Asura Hosting

      Test the Blank Website

      I have several websites hosted by Asura Hosting that I’ve tested using well-known and trusted Speed and Performance testing tools such as GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed. Check out the results I found below.

      As you can see in the screenshot above, GTMetrix gives an ‘A’ grade for the performance, clearly showing how well the website is performing on Asura Hosting.

      The website Convertyoutubevideo  is one of the sites I’ve hosted with Asura Hosting. This website is still blank, and I haven’t started working on it yet. 

      (Note: Always use the ‘https://’ URL when testing the website to get better results)

      I intentionally tested this blank website. 

      Blank websites are ideal for evaluating performance because they don’t have any themes, plugins, data, files, or images, which can also affect a website’s speed but are unrelated to the hosting quality.

      Now let’s check the same website on Google Pagespeed Insights.

      Amazing, the website is performing superbly even on mobile device too. You can see that I tested my website on Google Pagespeed to check the performance on mobile device and it got 100 out of 100 points.

      I’m sure you’ll be amazed to hear that I’ve purchased the cheapest ‘Starter’ plan, only $12 per year, from Asura Hosting for this website.

      Let’s perform the same test on both tools for another one of my websites.

      I again used a blank website just wanted to make sure the results it gives me in return. Youtuubelikepanel website I owned and hosted on Asura Hosting. 

      I have purchased the ‘Unlimited Plus’ plan worth only $47.99 per year for this website.

      Let’s check the Google Pagespeed result.

      This is quite satisfactory. I have tested two different websites on two different tools the results are infront of you. 

      These results are clearly saying that how well the Asura Hosting servers are performing.

      Test the Up and Running Website

      Now, let’s take a look at one more website that has been hosted with Asura Hosting since 2021. The website’s name is Culturallyme. 

      This site is up and running and it has some data on it and I haven’t undertaken any speed optimization or performance improvement tasks on it.

      Let’s see how well this website performs!

      As you can see without doing any speed optimizations on this website it still performing very well and getting grade ‘B’ for the performance.

      Now let’s see the result on Google Pagespeed Insights.

      Almost the same result like GTMetrix as we can see. 

      Just for your knowledge I have purchased the cheapest ‘Starter’ for only $12 per year for this website to host from Ausra Hosting.

      Now let’s see what’s holding it back?

      As you can see, what’s holding this website back in terms of performance isn’t the hosting server but rather some issues within the website’s own code.

      I’m confident that once I resolve these issues, this website will achieve top marks in speed and performance tests.

      When it comes to your website’s success, Asura Hosting is all about speed and reliability. 

      They use “Litespeed Web Server” for their servers, making your site load up to six times faster than other hosts. Fast-loading sites make visitors happy and boost your Google ranking.

      Plus, with a 99.9% uptime, it’s like having your favorite store open all the time. Asura Hosting keeps your website ready for visitors 24/7. 

      If your site’s hosted with them, use speed testing from GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed to ensure your visitors enjoy a lightning-fast experience, making you a happy website owner.

      Asura Hosting has also NVM SSD Storage

      NVMe SSD (Non-Volatile Memory Express Solid State Drive) is a cutting-edge storage technology that has revolutionized the way data is stored and accessed in computing devices which helps to increase your website performance.

      Pricing Plans & Extras

      Now, let’s talk about the part everyone wants to know – How much does it cost? 

      Asura Hosting offers various hosting plans to suit different needs. They’ve designed their pricing to be affordable and transparent.

      These plans cater to both newcomers and experienced users, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

      While we won’t go into specific prices here, it’s worth noting that they have an entry-level plan starting at just $1 per month. 

      The pricing table we’ve provided below will give you all the details you need to choose the plan that best fits your requirements.

      Website Hosting
      Easily host your own website
      $ 1 Per Month
      VPS Hosting
      Dedicated Resources for any project
      $ 7
      Per Month
      Reseller Hosting
      Create your own accounts
      $ 3
      Per Month
      Radio Hosting
      Stream your own radio station
      $ 3
      Per Month

      They offer 30-Day Mone-Back Guarantee.

      Yes you heard it right!

      At Asura Hosting, they’ve got your back with a solid 30-day money-back guarantee. If their service doesn’t quite hit the mark for you, no worries; they’ll happily return your money. 

      Why? Because they’re committed to making sure you’re delighted with what they provide. If things don’t meet your expectations in that initial month, they’ll swiftly process a refund. It’s all about ensuring you’re content and confident in your hosting choice.

      And wait there is more!!

      Asura Hosting knows how to make your hosting experience extra special. 

      Here are the goodies that come with their plans:

      • Free SSL Certificates: Boost security and trust.
      • One-Click Installations: Get your website up and running in a snap.
      • Free Domain Registration: Start your online journey hassle-free.
      • Backups by JetBackup: Your data’s safety net.
      • Premium Software: Valued at over $200, all free.

      These extras are Asura Hosting’s way of going the extra mile for you. It’s all about making your hosting experience smooth and rewarding.

      Support and Customer Service

      When it comes to customer support and user experience, Asura Hosting excels. They offer 24/7 support with an impressive average response time of just 20 minutes, having resolved over 10,000 tickets. 

      This quick assistance ensures you won’t be kept waiting when you need help.

      Moreover, they provide multiple support channels, including live chat, email, and potentially phone support, making it easy for you to reach out in a way that suits you best.

      Customers trust them from 87 different countries worldwide, and over 600 web hosting companies rely on their infrastructure for their clients. 

      These figures are a testament to the quality of their service and support.

      Asura Hosting places great importance on offering excellent customer support and strives to make your web hosting experience as smooth as possible.

      Security, Backup and Data Safety

      Let’s, take a look into the security, backup, and data safety measures that Asura Hosting takes in a simpler way:

      Asura Hosting takes your website’s safety seriously. They provide a range of measures to protect your site and its data.

      • SSL Certificates: Asura Hosting offers free SSL certificates. These certificates are like online bodyguards for your website, ensuring that data sent between your site and your visitors is encrypted and secure.
      • DDoS Protection: They have a shield against DDoS attacks. DDoS attacks are like digital traffic jams, and Asura Hosting’s protection keeps your website up and running even when faced with these attacks.
      • Backups & Data Safety: Asura Hosting takes backup of your website regularly. Think of them as digital safety nets. If something goes wrong or data is lost, these backups help you get your website back on track.

      By offering SSL certificates, DDoS protection, and regular backups, Asura Hosting makes sure your website and its data are in safe hands. It’s all part of their commitment to providing reliable and secure hosting services.

      Works with Your Software and Platforms

      Asura Hosting supports a wide range of software programs and platforms, including but not limited to:

      • WordPress: One of the most popular content management systems for websites and blogs.
      • Joomla: A robust and versatile open-source content management system.
      • Drupal: Another powerful content management system known for its flexibility.
      • Magento: An e-commerce platform designed for building online stores.
      • PrestaShop: A user-friendly e-commerce solution for creating online shops.
      • cPanel: A popular web hosting control panel for managing websites and servers.
      • DirectAdmin: Another web hosting control panel offering easy website management.
      • WHMCS: A billing and automation platform used by web hosting companies.
      • Softaculous: A script installer that provides easy access to a wide range of web applications and scripts.
      • Cloudflare: A content delivery network (CDN) and web security service.

      These are just a few examples of the software programs and platforms that Asura Hosting supports. Their services are designed to accommodate a diverse range of website needs and preferences.

      Location of Servers

      Asura Hosting strategically places its servers in different locations to ensure top-notch performance for your website. They have data centers in,

      • Montreal (Canada)
      • New York (USA)
      • Luxembourg (Europe) and 
      • London (Europe). 

      These data centers are like the engine rooms of the internet, ensuring your website loads quickly and reliably.

      Check the Reviews

      To check the reviews for Asura Hosting, I visited the most trusted site for reviewing any website, Here are the results:

      Asura Hosting has received a rating of 4.8 stars from a total of 58 reviews. 

      This also shows that Asura Hosting has garnered 98% of 5-star ratings and only 2% for 1-star ratings.

      Based on the reviews and feedback from satisfied customers, I can say that Asura Hosting is highly regarded in the web hosting industry. They have consistently earned top marks and positive comments from users who appreciate their superb customer care, fast technical support, server speed, and uptime. 

      Customers have praised their affordability, reliability, and commitment to resolving issues professionally. Asura Hosting’s ability to provide excellent service and support has earned them a stellar reputation, making them a top choice for web hosting needs.

      Let’s come to Our Main Question, Is It Worth Buying Asura Hosting Services?

      After reviewing all the 10 key point before buying a web hosting services of Asura Hosting my answer is,

      Absolutely, yes!

      It’s worth buying Asura Hosting’s services. They offer an impressive combination of affordability, reliability, and a range of features that cater to various website needs.

      From free SSL certificates to rapid loading times, Asura Hosting prioritizes your website’s performance and security. Their commitment to uptime and transparency in pricing, coupled with a 30-day money-back guarantee, provides a risk-free opportunity to experience their services.

      Moreover, their top-notch customer support ensures you won’t be left in the dark when you need assistance. Asura Hosting goes the extra mile to simplify website management, offering backups, security measures, and compatibility with a wide array of software and platforms. 

      With servers strategically located in different regions, your website’s performance is optimized.

      Considering the glowing reviews and positive feedback from satisfied customers, it’s clear that Asura Hosting is highly regarded in the web hosting industry. They’ve consistently earned high ratings and praise for their affordability, reliability, and professional issue resolution.

      So, if you’re in the market for web hosting that aligns with your budget and performance expectations, Asura Hosting is undoubtedly a valuable choice. Their reputation and dedication to your online success make them a compelling option to consider for your website hosting needs.

      If you really like this article and want me bring more of like this, or you have any suggestions for me please comment below. It helps me to curate more and more good stuff for you.

      Thank you for reading, I’ll see you next time till than Take Care & Happy Reading!

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