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Social Media and Teens Statistics (2024) – A Closer Look

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    Teenagers and the rise of Social media 

    As a 90s kid, I have always been passionate about social media. My first social media platform was Facebook, and I started using it in 2009, just after 5 years of its launch.

    I have closely witnessed the evolution of Facebook from the start until now. Facebook had a real rollercoaster ride. Many updates has occurred since then. Likewise, I have been on many social media networks, from Orkut (Only 90s kids can understand this platform) to Snapchat

    Every platform has its own kind of audience and set of followers. Teenagers has always been the number one audience for any social media platform.

    The teenagers constantly look for ways to form a network to expand their likeliness and share their experience. If we look deep, almost 49% of teenagers use social media to post their accomplishments. This means they like to gather more attention to their achievements and gather more people around them. 

    So for today, let’s see what role social media plays in teen’s lives and some number games on their stats. 

    Buckle up and get ready for the number game.

    Table of Contents
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      Evolution of Social Media

      Image illustrate the evaluation of social media.

      What really is social media? It’s an internet-based platform that helps create and share content with other users, including text, images, videos, and audio. Ever since web accessibility became easier, content sharing has become more accessible.

      In 1990, the first social media platforms were Six Degrees and Friendster. Both sites allowed users to create profiles and connect with friends. Users could also join online communities. But these platforms had limitations and couldn’t compete well, especially against other online services like blogs, forums, and instant messaging.

      The next stage of social media began in the 2000s. The emergence of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn took place. These platforms previously needed features such as creating and consuming content, liking, commenting, tagging, sharing, and subscribing. They attracted users from different backgrounds, interests, and demographics to share their lives with people around the globe. 

      One major factor that contributed to the growth and popularity of these platforms was web accessibility. This term refers to designing and developing websites and applications accessible to people with disabilities, such as vision, hearing, or motor impairments. Web accessibility ensures everyone can access and benefit from social media, regardless of their abilities or devices.

      Fast-forward to 2016, social media platforms such as TikTok and Clubhouse launched.  TikTok gained immense popularity in 2020. The users of these platforms are primarily tech-savvy teenagers and Gen Z users who are socially conscious. They use social media mainly for entertainment but also for education, empowerment, and activism.

      Top 5 Key Social Media Statistics

      In this section we will see the most important stats about social media, that will answers some very  important questions like; 

      1. Who’s using Social media?
      2. How does Social Media affect teenagers?
      3. Are teenagers using social media for their betterment?

      #1: In Recent Research, almost 9.29% of YouTube Users belong to the 18 age group, whereas 23.48% of users belong to the 19-25 age group.

      Image illustrates the statistics of YouTube.

      As per these stats, it seems both teenagers and GenZ are a bit addicted to social media platforms, especially YouTube.

      Since YouTube is a Video-hosting  platform, it attracts more users because of the visually interactive content.

      #2: According to Global Media Insight, there are 2.9 Billion active users on YouTube in 2024.

      Image illustrates that YouTube had 270 Billion active users.

      In 2023, we did a YouTube Statistics blog, where we learned that there are 2.5 billion active users on YouTube! However, now, it has 2.9 billion active users, an 8% increase from 2023.

      #3: As Per Pew Research Center, TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram are popular among teenagers next to YouTube.

      Image illustrates the popular social media platform among teenagers in 2024.

      TikTok and Snapchat are Short-form content platforms, that teenagers like the most.  These facts are crucial for any business or marketer to remember when targeting younger audiences. 

      With this knowledge, you can confidently adjust your marketing strategy to reach your target audience where they spend most of their time online.

      #4: As per the IJIP Article, Social Media is vital in teenagers' empowerment.

      Image shows that social media is the vital part of teenagers life.

      Any news or update in the world first get announced on social media. Social media can empower young people by highlighting important issues affecting them and generating awareness in society.

      But as the use of social media is increasing day by day, it’s important to use it to use social platforms responsibly and ethically. By doing so, we can ensure that young people benefit from social media positively and use it to their advantage. It’s up to us to ensure that social media is used as a tool for good, rather than a source of negativity or harm.

      #5: Almost Half of teens (54%) state it's difficult to quit Social Media

      Image illustrates that 54% of teenagers can't quit social media.

      Social media is addictive. It’s no secret that social media has become an integral part of our lives, but it’s essential to be mindful of the impact it can have. 

      If you’re struggling to cut back on social media use, you’re not alone. Take small steps to disconnect and prioritize time for yourself and your loved ones. Focus on the things that matters most. 

      Top 5 Social Media Apps Used by Teenagers

      This section mentions the top 5 apps used by teenagers in 2024.

      #6: 72% of teenagers use Instagram.

      With so many young people on the platform, it’s clear that Instagram is essential for staying connected with today’s youth. If your the target audience for your business is youth, Instagram is the best place to find them. If you have not started on Instagram yet, you are missing out on a big opportunity. 

      #7: 19% of Teenagers use Facebook on a daily basis.

      Image illustrates that 99% of teenagers use Facebook on daily basis.

      That means almost one in five teenagers is constantly checking their newsfeed, messaging friends, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends on this popular social media platform.

      #8: On average, teenagers spend 1h47m on TikTok daily.

      Image illustrates that on average a teenager spend one hour and 47 minutes on TikTok.

      That’s almost 2 hours of scrolling, watching, and engaging with content on this popular social media platform. With so much time spent on TikTok, it’s clear that this app has captured the attention of young people like no other.

      #9: About 45% of teenagers in the USA use Snapchat.

      Image illustrates that 45% teenagers in USA use snapchat.

      With so many young people using this platform, it’s clear that Snapchat is a major player in the social media world.

      #10: On average, teenagers spend 41 minutes watching videos on YouTube daily.

      Image illustrates that on average teenagers watch YouTube 41 min per day.

      YouTube is both beneficial and harmful, depending on what you or your kids watch. Make sure they are spending their 1 hour productively, learning something new or enhancing their skills.

      How does Social Media Affect Teenagers?

      Image illustrates that how does social media affect teenagers.

      Even though Social Media plays a crucial role in product promotion, services, and the development of businesses, is it still doing right for youngsters? 

      Let’s see them in numbers and some of the causes. 

      1. Almost 93% of cyberbullying is happening to teenagers.
      2. Cyberbullied teens are four times more likely to exhibit self-harming or suicidal tendencies compared to their non-cyberbullied peers
      3. Nearly 70% of teenagers fall short of sleep, which causes cognitive haze.
      4. 33% of girls (11-15 years old) feel addicted to social media, and over 50% of teens find it challenging to quit social media.
      5. 46% of teens aged 13 to 17 feel worse about their bodies due to social media.

      Tips to Improvise the usage of Social Media for Teenagers

      Image illustrates the tips to improvise social media usage for teenagers.

      Here are five tips for positively using social media. 

      1. Set a time limit for social media use – Social media can be addictive and distracting, especially for teenagers who are still developing their self-control and attention span. To avoid spending too much time on social media, set a daily or weekly limit for yourself and stick to it. You can use apps or tools to track your screen time and block access to certain sites or apps after a certain period.
      2. Be mindful of what you post and share – Social media can have a lasting impact on your online reputation and privacy. Before you post or share anything, think about how it might affect you or others in the future. Avoid posting or sharing anything illegal, offensive, harmful, or untrue. Also, be careful about who you share your personal information with and what permissions you give to different apps or platforms.
      3. Follow accounts that inspire and educate you – Social media can be a great source of learning and inspiration if you follow the right accounts. Look for accounts that share useful information, positive messages, creative ideas, or inspiring stories. You can also follow accounts related to your hobbies, interests, or goals. This way, you can use social media to enrich your knowledge and skills rather than just scrolling mindlessly.
      4. Interact with your real friends and family – Social media can help you stay connected with your loved ones, but it can also make you feel isolated or lonely if you rely too much. To maintain healthy and meaningful relationships, make sure you also interact with your friends and family in real life. Call them, meet them, or do something fun with them. Don’t let social media replace your real social life.
      5. Take breaks from social media – Social media can also have negative effects on your mental and physical health, such as stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, or sleep problems. To avoid these issues, take regular breaks from social media and do something else that makes you happy or relaxed. You can read a book, listen to music, meditate, exercise, or play games. Taking breaks from social media can help you recharge your energy and mood.

      Wrap up

      Image illustrates the wrap up of the article by SM90.

      Before social media became more popular, the reach of products and services, and even talking to your long-distance friends, was quite tricky and sometimes impossible.

      However, when social media got hype, it made many things easy. But nothing is free in this world. Social media is doing both good and bad. Teenagers are the major users of social apps. That’s because of the mobile phone. According to the research, 98% of the GenZs have mobile devices despite the OS they’re using. 

      This means that the access to social media is at their fingertips! If you ask these kids if they are using the platforms in the right way, that’s really a tricky question, and we do not have a definite answer.

      However, if a new product or service is launched, teenagers mostly use it. So, if you’re an online business owner, your target audience must include teenagers. 

      That’s the wrap for the day. If you need more stats on the blog, don’t forget to check the SM90 for more.

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