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Analyzing The Battle – Claude Vs ChatGPT (Facts, Statistics, Real-Time Testing and Honest Review)

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    Nowadays, AI is seen everywhere! From website building to graphic designing, even in music production. 

    According to recent research, 73% of US companies use AI in some manner. Thus, AI has become an essential feature that is mandatory for living.

    When AI is mentioned, ChatGPT can’t be left untouched. The widespread usage of AI tools actually started with ChatGPT’s launch

    Before that, AI tools were in the developing stage and didn’t produce the desired output when needed. Now, you can do literally anything with these tools, from blog posts to image generation. 

    So, usually other AI tools entered the market with a lot of promising advanced features. One such tool is Claude!

    Even though Claude was launched in March 2023, its reach is big and should be considered. So, today, we will compare and analyze ChatGPT and Claude’s head-to-head statistics and a few live examples.

    Table of Contents
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      What is Claude and ChatGPT?

      Before we see the number stats, knowing about both chatbots is ideal.

      Claude and ChatGPT are both AI-powered chatbots designed for natural, text-based conversations. Claude was developed by Anthropic AI and launched in March 2023, while ChatGPT was developed by OpenAI and launched on November 30, 2022. Both chatbots excel in summarization, Q&A, decision-making, and code-writing tasks. The CEO of Anthropic AI is Dario Amodei while Sam Altman serves as the CEO of Open AI.

      Now that we have basic details about Claude and ChatGPT, let’s examine some statistics.

      Features comparison

      Features Claude AI ChatGPT
      Natural language processing YES YES
      Contextual capacity 100,000 tokens 80,000 tokens
      Voice and image chat YES YES
      File upload YES NO
      Integrations YES YES
      Constitutional ethics YES No
      Accessibility Limited Wide
      Price Free and paid plans Free and paid plans

      The Facts

      Now, let’s see some facts about Claude and ChatGPT!

      Fact 1 - Technique used


      Claude uses the Constitutional AI Technique to align with human values, whereas ChatGPT uses, reinforcement learning.


      Did you know that how AI aligns with human values can depend on its technique? For instance, Claude uses the Constitutional AI Technique, which emphasizes alignment with human values. On the other hand, Chat GPT uses the reinforcement learning technique, which can be more focused on optimizing outcomes than value alignment. That means Claude AI tends to have more adherence to ethical standards.

      Fact 2 - Built on

      Claude AI is based on Anthropic’s CLAIRE Neural network architecture, while ChatGPT uses transformer-based neural network architecture.

      These two chatbots rely on distinct neural network architectures. Specifically, Claude AI is built on Anthropic’s CLAIRE Neural network architecture, designed to mimic the structure and functionality of the human brain. On the other hand, Chat GPT uses a transformer-based neural network architecture, a type of deep learning model that is particularly effective for natural language processing tasks. While both chatbots are AI-powered and aim to assist users, they have different underlying technologies and approaches to achieving their goals.

      Fact 3 - Safety

      Claude and ChatGPT prioritize safety and fairness by avoiding harmful, biased, or untruthful outputs.

      By utilizing the latest technology and algorithms, Claude and Chat GPT are committed to prioritizing your safety and fairness by ensuring that all outputs are free from any harmful, biased, or untruthful information. So when you use AI tools, the trust you have in these tools will be maintained. Even though the input that you provide may be used as data for future improvements, instances of data thefts have not been reported yet.

      Fact 4 - The Models

      Claude has three models: Claudede 3 Opus, Sonnet, and Haiku. ChatGPT has GPT-3.5 Turbo, GPT-4, and GPT-4 Turbo.

      Claude boasts three exceptional models – Claude 3 Opus, Sonnet, and Haiku – each designed to provide outstanding performance and versatility. Meanwhile, Chat GPT offers three cutting-edge models of its own – the GPT-3.5 Turbo, GPT-4, and GPT-4 Turbo.


      #1 User Statistics

      At the time of its launch itself, ChatGPT was the centre of attention in Silicon Valley, shattering the records of social media giants like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Now, ChatGPT is estimated to have 180.5 million monthly users while Claude’s figures are as low as 54.4 million. 

      One of the key factors behind Claude’s success could be the initial launch advantage. By the time many AI startups have started experimentations, Chat GPT has already captured the market with a boom.

      #2 The Bounce Rate

      According to the latest analytics report, Claude AI’s website has a bounce rate of 39.08%, which means that out of all the visitors who land on the website, 39.08% leave without interacting with any other pages on the site. On the other hand, ChatGPT’s website has a slightly lower bounce rate of 36.36%, indicating that a relatively smaller percentage of visitors leave the site after viewing just one page.

      #3 Traffic Stats

      According to the latest data, Claude and Chat GPT receive most of their website traffic from the United States. Chat GPT has a slightly larger share of the two, with 44.82% of its traffic coming from the US. Claude, on the other hand, receives 39.46% of its traffic from the US. It’s worth noting that the remaining traffic for both websites is likely to come from a diverse range of countries and regions worldwide.

      #4 Website Availability

      ChatGPT is available in a vast network of 161 countries, including India and Colombia, making it easily accessible to a large global audience. In contrast, Claude’s AI chatbot is available in a comparatively more minor network of 95 countries. The majority of the traffic of both tools comes from the USA.

      #5 Adoption Rate

      Did you know that Chat GPT has already been adopted by 38.8% of smaller companies, 24.6% of medium-sized companies, and 12.7% of larger organizations?

      That’s impressive, right? However, despite being trained on a 10x dataset, Claude still has a long way to go before it becomes widely adopted by more companies.

      Nevertheless, with its helpful and innovative features, Chat GPT will soon become a go-to AI-powered assistant for businesses worldwide!

      Test run on Claude and ChatGPT

      Now that we know some details, facts, and stats about Claude and ChatGPT, let’s check their actual ability to adhere to the prompt! 

      Since I will try the prompts below to check both chatbots, if you don’t know how to phrase a prompt, the 20 AI Art Styles blog on SM90 will help you understand how to use the prompts based on different scenarios, especially when AI arts are considered.

      Test 1 - SEO Check

      For testing this feature, Here is the prompt I used,

      PROMPT Template

      Generate a list of 5 SEO-friendly blog post topic ideas for the [Insert Your Niche]

      (Note: I have used “YouTube Script“)

      Claude Output

      Here are 5 SEO-friendly blog post topic ideas for the YouTube Script:

      1. “How to Write Engaging YouTube Scripts That Boost Watch Time”
      2. “YouTube Script Writing Tips: Crafting Videos That Rank Higher”
      3. “The Anatomy of a High-Converting YouTube Script”
      4. “YouTube SEO: Optimizing Your Scripts for Better Rankings”
      5. “Storytelling Techniques for Captivating YouTube Scripts”

      ChatGPT Output

      1. 10 Proven Strategies to Optimize YouTube Script for SEO Success”
      2. “The Ultimate Guide to Crafting Engaging YouTube Scripts That Rank High on Search”
      3. “Unveiling the Secrets: How to Research Keywords for YouTube Scripts That Dominate SEO”
      4. “Mastering YouTube Script Structure: A Step-by-Step SEO Guide for Content Creators”
      5. “YouTube Script SEO: Leveraging Meta Tags, Descriptions, and Titles for Maximum Visibility”

      Headline Analyzer Score [AISEO]:- 

      ChatGPT (10 Proven Strategies to Optimize YouTube Script for SEO Success) – 72

      Claude AI (How to Write Engaging YouTube Scripts That Boost Watch Time) – 87

      Winner is Claude AI

      Test 2 - Email Drafting

      Now let’s see how these two chatbots responds to the Email drafting Prompt!

      PROMPT Template:- 

      Write an email (max [Enter the number of words] words) to Hiring manager of [Input Company name]. Keep the content clear, concise, and free of personal opinions, while focusing on industry standards.

      Claude AI Output:

      Subject: Social Media Marketing Associate Role

      Dear Hiring Manager,

      I am writing to express my interest in the Social Media Marketing Associate position with Socialmarketing90. With over 4 years of experience managing social media campaigns and strategies, I am confident I can make valuable contributions to your marketing team.

      Throughout my career, I have developed expertise in crafting compelling content tailored to specific platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I have a deep understanding of content optimization techniques, such as using effective hashtags, captions, and visuals to maximize reach and engagement. Additionally, I am well-versed in social listening tools that allow me to track consumer sentiment, trending topics, and areas of opportunity.

      My success stems from my data-driven approach to social media marketing. I continuously monitor and analyze key metrics like impressions, reach, clicks, and conversions to iterate and refine strategies. I also conduct competitive analysis to identify gaps and areas where Socialmarketing90 can outperform competitors on social channels. This analytical mindset ensures campaigns remain cost-effective and drive measurable ROI.

      Beyond content creation and data analysis, I have experience in developing integrated social media campaigns that amplify broader marketing initiatives. I can seamlessly align organic and paid social strategies with other digital marketing tactics like SEO, email marketing, and influencer outreach. This cohesive experience allows me to support unified, omnichannel marketing strategies.

      Furthermore, I pride myself on keeping a pulse on the latest social media marketing trends and platform updates. I am an early adopter of new features and actively test innovative ways to increase brand awareness and cultivate community engagement. This future-focused mentality ensures Socialmarketing90’s social presence remains fresh and ahead of the curve.

      With my combination of strategic vision and tactical execution, I am well-equipped to thrive as Socialmarketing90’s Social Media Marketing Associate. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss this role and my qualifications further.

      Thank you for your consideration.


      [Your Name]

      Here, Claude asks for the number of words and the company name to draft the Email. I have proceeded with 400 words and Socialmarketing90 as a company name; thus, here is the output!

      It’s a single job-oriented generated content; Claude AI chooses the job domain! Where I have not mentioned the job details anywhere.

      ChatGPT Output

      Subject: Inquiry Regarding Job Opportunities at [Input Company Name]

      Dear Hiring Manager,

      I hope this Email finds you well. I am writing to express my interest in potential job opportunities at [Input Company Name]. With a strong background in [relevant industry or field], I am eager to contribute to your team and support the company’s objectives.

      I have [X years] of experience in [specific roles or areas], including [mention any relevant skills or achievements]. Throughout my career, I have developed a deep understanding of industry standards and best practices, which I believe align well with the values and goals of [Input Company Name].

      I am particularly impressed by [specific aspect of the company, such as its innovative projects, commitment to sustainability, etc.]. I am confident that my skills and experience would be valuable assets to your team as [Input Company Name] continues to [mention any relevant goals or initiatives].

      I have attached my resume for your review. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how my background and expertise can contribute to the success of [Input Company Name]. Please let me know if any available positions or upcoming opportunities match my qualifications.

      Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of joining your team and contributing to the continued success of [Input Company Name].

      Best regards,

      [Your Name]

      [Your Contact Information]

      The email draft generated by ChatGPT is suitable for any Job domain and can be edited multiple times without many changes.

      Winner is ChatGPT

      Test 3 - Image Generation Prompt

      Okay, this time, we’re going to try different. Let’s ask these two chatbots to write a prompt for AI Image generation and use the Canva magic media app and AISEO Art tool to check the relevancy of the prompt they generate. It’s going to be fun, I guess! Let’s try!

      PROMPT Template:-

      I will create a gallery of AI-generated Images on my website, so I want you to create an Image generation prompt.” [Insert Your Niche] in 40 words”

      (Note: I’m generating for “Camera for YouTube“)

      Claude AI:-

      Render a high-quality digital camera with a built-in microphone, ideal for vlogging and YouTube content creation. Include a flip-out viewfinder, ergonomic grip, and sleek design with customizable colour options.

      ChatGPT AI:-

      Generate an image featuring a sleek camera specifically designed for YouTube content creators. It should showcase modern design elements, user-friendly controls, and subtle branding, enticing viewers with its potential for high-quality video production.

      Image Generator Outputs Canva Output (Dreamy theme) and AISEO Art:-

      Here is the canva generated AI Image for both prompts:

      And here is the AISEO Art generated image, without choosing any theme templates on AISEO,

      Winner is ChatGPT

      Test 4 - Blog post generation

      Here is the final test I’m going to execute on both chatbots! As far as blog posts are concerned, if the content is intended for humans, then the ranking on Google is high, and it will stay strong even after Google releases many updates. 

      As per Google’s recent core update, spammy and low-quality content will be removed. The frequency of posting the blog post will also be considered. A human can’t write 8 to 10 blogs in a day, but an AI writing generator can! It will look spammy, and the low-quality content will be removed!

      Since blog posts are more important for businesses, let’s see how these two chatbots respond to the blog prompt!

      Prompt Template:- 

      Create a detailed step-by-step guide for a blog post on [topic]. Break down a process/method into clear, actionable steps.

      (Note: My topic is “How to create an Instagram Account?“)

      Claude AI:-


      Word Count:-

      • Claude AI – 486 Words 
      • ChatGPT – 598 words


      • Claude AI – 66
      • ChatGPT – 67

      Tie Between Claude and ChatGPT

      Wrap Up

      Image illustrates the wrap up of the article by SM90.

      Both Chat GPT and Claude have their own pros and cons. For instance, you can’t upload files on ChatGPT, but Claude can. On the other hand, ChatGPT has DALL-E2 to generate images, but Claude doesn’t have an image generation feature.

      Therefore, the choice of whether Chat GPT or Claude, totally depends on your needs. If you’re a content creator, I recommend you to use both of them to get the maximum output.

      In a nutshell, I believe these facts, statistics, and live tests might provide valuable insight to you all. If you’re curious to know more about these two chatbots, feel free to drop your comments below. 

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