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How to Buy YouTube Shares (100% Safe and Real Shares)

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    Sharing a YouTube video often helps it reach more people. The more it’s watched, the more people interact with it, increasing its popularity. This popularity helps the video and channel get noticed more on YouTube. Also, a popular YouTube channel can rank higher on Google search results, too.

    This article will show you how to buy YouTube shares. We’ll also discuss the top five places to buy real and safe YouTube shares.

    Table of Contents
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      How to Buy YouTube Shares (Step-by-step Guide)

      Step 1: Select a YouTube Video 

      Visit your YouTube channel and review the videos you’ve uploaded. Select the most engaging video, the one you think will attract viewers and convert them into regular subscribers. Once you’ve chosen this video, go to your YouTube Studio. Inside the Studio, navigate to the ‘Analytics’ section. In Analytics, switch to ‘Advanced Mode.’ Here, you can see how many times your selected video has been shared. Note this share count.

      Step 2: Choose a Website Where You Want to Buy YouTube Shares 

      This article lists the five best websites to buy YouTube shares. Look at their prices and what they offer, and choose the site that suits your needs.

      Step 3: Enter the Required Information on the Site

      You will usually need to provide the link to the YouTube video you want to get shares for. Also, you’ll specify how many YouTube shares you want to buy. You might also be able to choose if the video should be shared with random people or people in specific countries. 

      Remember, safe and legitimate sites selling YouTube shares will never ask for your YouTube channel password. Never share your password when buying YouTube shares.

      Step 4: Pay for the YouTube Shares

      Once you enter all the needed details, you can pay for the YouTube shares. The site will typically send you a confirmation email detailing when your order will be delivered.

      Step 5: Check Your YouTube Channel’s Analytics 

      When you buy YouTube shares, they will be delivered within a certain timeframe. After this timeframe, go to your YouTube Studio and look at your channel’s analytics. Check how many shares your video has now. The new share count should be about the same as the old count, plus the shares you bought. For example, if your video had 48 shares before and you purchased 50 more, it should now have around 98 shares.

      Best Sites to Buy YouTube Shares


      Lenostube offers various services to help increase your YouTube channel’s performance. These include selling YouTube shares, views, advertisement views, automatic and genuine likes, subscribers, etc.

      Main Offerings of Lenostube

      Targeted YouTube Shares

      On Lenostube, you get your YouTube shares from a global audience or specifically from the US, UK, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, or India. Getting shares from a particular country might be more beneficial if your videos are especially relevant or appealing to viewers in that country.

      Sharing YouTube Videos on Social Media

      Lenostube shares YouTube videos on more than five social media platforms, including Facebook, X(Twitter), and LinkedIn. 

      Sharing YouTube Videos Through Blog Posts

      Besides social media, Lenostube also shares YouTube videos on regular websites. This is often done by putting the video link in a blog post on the website. However, Lenostube doesn’t mention whether these websites rank highly on Google. So, just because a video is shared in a blog post doesn’t guarantee it will become viral.

      Manually Written Shares

      Lenostube spends time creating suitable social media posts for sharing YouTube videos. Therefore, it can take them up to 10 days to complete an order.

      Report on YouTube Shares 

      Once Lenostube has completed your order for YouTube shares, they send you a report. This report includes information about the work they did and links to some of the blog posts where they shared your video. 

      Pricing of YouTube Shares on Lenostube 

      If you categorize the cost of YouTube shares as low, medium, or high, Lenostube’s prices would be in the medium range. Additionally, Lenostube gives free extra views to the YouTube video you buy shares for, no matter how many shares you purchase. Here’s a breakdown of Lenostube’s pricing for YouTube shares:

      • $7 for 100+ shares
      • $12 for 200+ shares
      • $24 for 500+ shares
      • $39 for 1000+ shares


      QQTube is a website where you can buy and sell services for social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, SoundCloud, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. They sell YouTube shares too. To buy shares from QQTube, you need to create an account on their site. You can add money to your QQTube account using a debit or credit card or a cryptocurrency wallet, and then use this money to purchase YouTube shares.

      Main Offerings of QQTube

      Automatically Generates YouTube Shares


      When you purchase YouTube shares from QQTube, they don’t actually share your video on any platform. Instead, QQTube generates shares that show up in your YouTube analytics. If your main aim is to have a high number of shares show up in your analytics, regardless of whether they improve your channel’s ranking or not, QQTube’s shares will be suitable for you.


      If the shares drop in number, QQTube will refill them. The time frame during which you can get a refill is usually mentioned in the description of the YouTube shares. 

      Multi-add URLS

      You can split your YouTube shares across several videos. Just give QQTube the links to these videos and tell them how many shares you want for each video. 

      Different Share Sites

      Even though QQTube creates YouTube shares automatically, they can still make it seem like these shares are coming from social media sites. You can choose if you want your shares to appear as if they’re from Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, or Twitter. You can also choose a mix of all these platforms.

      Targeted YouTube Shares

      You can pick the country where your YouTube shares will come from. There are over 60 options, including countries like the United States, Canada, and France.

      Pricing YouTube Shares on QQTube 

      Shares on QQTube are really cheap, probably because they are made automatically. Here’s an overview of QQTube’s prices for YouTube shares:

      Instant Start YouTube Shares

      These shares are added to your YouTube video immediately after you order them. The price is between $2.70 and $2.94 for 1000 shares.

      0-12 Hour Start Shares

      These shares will start showing up on your YouTube video within 12 hours after you order them. The price ranges from $2.58 to $10 for 1000 shares. This price depends on how many shares are added each day – the more shares added daily, the cheaper the cost.

      0-24 Hour Start Shares 

      The shares will start appearing on your YouTube video within 24 hours after you order them. The price ranges from $3.45 to $3.96 for 1000 shares.

      Media Mister

      Media Mister is a big platform that provides many services to boost your presence on different apps like SoundCloud, YouTube, Facebook, Tripadvisor, Fiverr, and more. They have good customer reviews, showing they satisfy their customers despite offering many services.

      Main Offerings of Media Mister

      YouTube Shares from 70 Countries

      Media Mister delivers YouTube shares from up to 70 target countries across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. 

      10 Referral Websites

      Referral websites are where YouTube videos are shared. Media Mister uses 10 sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, to share YouTube videos. You can choose the site where you want Media Mister to share your video. 

      You can pick a specific site for your YouTube shares only if you let Media Mister get shares from different countries randomly. If you choose a particular country, Media Mister will get shares from various referral websites.

      Real YouTube Shares

      Media Mister says the shares they sell come from real people. Customers who bought shares from them confirm this, stating they saw more engagement, subscribers, and views on their YouTube videos.

      Pricing of YouTube Shares on Media Mister

      The cost of YouTube shares on Media Mister varies based on whether you want them from a specific country or globally and the quantity you need. But overall, the prices are average. Here’s a summary of the costs:

      Shares from Target Countries

      If you ask Media Mister to get shares from certain countries, you can’t choose the exact website it will come from. They will get the shares from random websites. Here are the prices for these shares:

      • $2 for 50 YouTube shares
      • $3 for 100 YouTube shares
      • $6 for 250 YouTube shares
      • $9 for 500 YouTube shares 
      • $14 for 1000 YouTube shares
      Worldwide Shares

      If you’re using Media Mister to share your YouTube video globally, you have two choices for where your video can be shared. The first option is to have your video shared on a variety of different websites, which means it will be posted on a mix of various platforms. The second option is to focus the sharing on a specific single website of your choice. Here are the pricing details for each sharing option:

      Shares from Random Referral Websites
      • $3 for 100 YouTube shares 
      • $5 for 250 YouTube shares 
      • $9 for 500 YouTube shares 
      • $17 for 1000 YouTube shares
      • $39 for 2500 YouTube shares
      • $75 for 5000 YouTube shares 
      • $149 for 10000 YouTube shares
      Shares from Specific Referral Websites, e.g., Facebook, TikTok, etc.
      • $2 for 100 YouTube shares 
      • $4 for 250 YouTube shares 
      • $6 for 500 YouTube shares 
      • $9 for 1000 YouTube shares
      • $19 for 2500 YouTube shares
      • $33 for 5000 YouTube shares 
      • $60 for 10000 YouTube shares


      TheYTLab is a website that helps improve YouTube channels by selling things like YouTube shares, likes, views that last a long time, organic YouTube promotions, and subscribers. They also offer to help make websites more visible online (SEO services) and provide services for other social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Spotify.

      Main Offerings of TheYTLab

      Randomly Shares YouTube Videos

      TheYTLab hires people to share YouTube video links on random social media apps. This means customers can’t choose which specific app their video is shared on. 

      Slow Delivery

      TheYTLab intentionally gives out YouTube shares slowly, around 20 to 30 per day. They say this slow rate is more natural and better for YouTube channels. 

      Report on YouTube Shares

      After delivering all your YouTube shares, TheYTLab provides a report showing the number of shares delivered and which social media platforms they came from.

      Referral Traffic 

      Buying YouTube shares from TheYTLab could bring in more viewers and subscribers for your YouTube channel. 

      Pricing of YouTube Shares on TheYTLab

      TheYTLab charges 70 cents for each YouTube share, which is expensive. You can buy a minimum of 10 shares and a maximum of 500 shares at once.

      The Social Media Growth (TSMG)

      The Social Media Growth (TSMG) offers a wide range of social media management services. They also increase website visibility, boost website traffic, and sell YouTube shares. To purchase these shares from TSMG, you first need to sign up on their platform. You can also deposit money into your TSMG account, which you can use regularly to buy YouTube shares.

      Main Offerings of The Social Media Growth

      High Delivery Speed

      TSMG delivers YouTube shares at a speed of 3000 shares per day. Therefore, if you purchase fewer than 3000 shares, you will receive your entire order the same day you make the purchase. 

      Manual Refill

      TSMG is aware that there might be a decrease in the number of YouTube shares after purchase. To address this, they manually add more shares to make up for any loss, ensuring the total number remains the same as the original amount bought by the customer. 

      However, this manual refill is only available for 30 days following the purchase of the YouTube shares from TSMG. If the number of shares drops after these 30 days, TSMG will not provide additional shares to compensate for the loss. 

      YouTube Shares from 3 Social Media Apps

      If you purchase YouTube shares from TSMG, you can specify where these shares should come from. You can choose to have all the shares come exclusively from Twitter, Reddit, or LinkedIn. Alternatively, you can opt for a mix of shares from all three platforms. 

      Pricing of YouTube Shares on The Social Media Growth

      TSMG charges $0.797 for each YouTube share. You can order a minimum of 500 shares and a maximum of 100,000 shares from them.

      How to Increase YouTube Shares Organically?

      Organic YouTube shares are more beneficial than purchased shares because they significantly improve the likelihood of your channel attracting more viewers and subscribers. They also help persuade YouTube’s algorithm that your channel is more valuable than others. Below, you’ll learn how to increase YouTube shares organically through five ways. 

      Create Short YouTube Videos

      Short videos are more appealing because they are quick and easy to watch. This makes viewers more likely to keep watching until the end. Additionally, people are more likely to share these short videos with others. When someone finds these videos, they too are likely to watch them completely and then share them, creating a continuous cycle of viewing and sharing. 

      Use Multilingual Captions

      Using multilingual captions helps people from all over the world understand and enjoy your video. This can lead to more people watching and sharing it.

      Reach out to Blogs and Newsletters

      Collaborating with other content creators who have blogs and newsletters can significantly increase your visibility. When these creators feature your YouTube videos in their blogs and newsletters, they are essentially endorsing your channel to their audience, which can enhance your channel’s credibility and appeal. 

      Additionally, each time their blogs and newsletters are shared with others, your YouTube video gets shared along with them, providing further indirect exposure.

      Collaborate with YouTube Influencers

      You don’t need to collaborate with influencers that have millions of subscribers. Even influencers with a smaller audience, such as a few thousand subscribers, can be effective partners as long as their YouTube channel is in the same niche as yours. 

      When you create one or two videos with these influencers, you expose your YouTube channel to their audience. This exposure can motivate their subscribers to visit your channel, watch your videos, and potentially share those videos with others. 

      Encourage Viewers to Share Your Videos

      Including a call-to-action (CTA) such as “share this video” in your YouTube video can prompt viewers to share it. You can place this CTA at the start, middle, or end of the video.

      FAQs About How to Buy YouTube Shares

      Is it legal to buy YouTube shares?

      Purchasing YouTube shares is not illegal, but it does go against YouTube’s rules. According to YouTube’s terms of service, you’re not supposed to buy YouTube shares, as you are supposedly trying to trick the algorithm and gain an unfair advantage.

      Are the YouTube shares that I buy real?

      The website where you’re buying the shares will usually tell you if the shares are real (meaning shared by actual people) or if they are automatically generated by a system. Real shares are more effective than automatic shares.

      How many YouTube shares should I buy at a time?

      The YouTube shares you buy for a video shouldn’t be more than the number of views the video has. For example, if the video has 1,000 views, you shouldn’t get more than 1,000 shares. 

      That said, there’s no harm in buying plenty of YouTube shares. Viewers can’t know how many shares a video has, so even if the shares for a video exceed its views, they won’t notice. 

      Will buying YouTube shares bring traffic to my YouTube channel?

      Buying YouTube shares doesn’t always ensure that more viewers visit your channel. To consistently attract more viewers, focus on naturally increasing your YouTube views and shares. Organic shares are more effective in drawing people to your channel. However, the number of shares may improve the ranking of your video and channel, and as a result, bring more organic views over time.


      Purchasing YouTube shares can help increase your channel’s visibility and ranking on YouTube. The best places to buy shares are Lenostube, QQTube, Media Mister, TheYTLab, and The Social Media Growth. It’s a good idea to look at their prices and what they offer, and maybe try a few before picking the best one for you. Also, getting YouTube shares naturally can really boost your channel’s growth.

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