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How to Use An Instagram Panel To Get Followers?

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    In the social media’s everything-goes world, where influence and engagement are king, Instagram followers are a kind of currency. The pursuit to get more can be as complicated as a big Russian novel but in a hyper-online digital age a follower on Instagram holds together social media identity like links in a chain. Enter Instagram panels – the secret weapon for those looking to elevate their Instagram presence.

    Instagram panels are the not-so-secret sauce to an accelerated growth of followers. They are simply a mirrored reflection of your pursuit in the world of social media, and therefore an indispensable tool for any Instagram enthusiast who wishes to make a difference – and there is no dearth to such followers’ count online. In this piece, we discuss how exactly these function.

    We shall also point out some of the best Instagram follower panels on offer, including reputable choices such as TopSMM, SMMFollows, and TheSocialMediaGrowth. By the time you are through with reading this guide, you will have an in-depth conceptualization of the Instagram followers panel and how you can exploit it to significantly turbocharge your followership and inevitably magnify your online clout.

    So without any delay, let us head into this realm of Instagram panels and find out the secrets for Instagram success.

    Table of Contents
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      What is an Instagram Panel?

      Essentially, an Instagram panel refers to a specialized platform or service designed to make easy the process of increasing your follower count on popular social media platforms. Think of this as your very own virtual backstage pass to Instagram, where you’re armed to the gills with tactics and tools to effectively increase your visibility online.

      How it Works?

      Instagram follower panels function as third-party service providers that avail quick and automatic engagement on Instagram profiles such as likes, comments, followers, and shares. Such networks are normally sustained by huge bot accounts or incentivized real users (this is why it’s important to do your research and use a platform which has real people!) who when requested follow, like, comment, or share content posted on Instagram. 

      When a user will buy a service from these panels, then the system of the panel automatically instructs its network to get engaged with Instagram content or the profile of the same user. This can be easily personalized according to the needs of the buyer, like a particular number of likes or comments. The main goal of this service is to quickly increase the visibility and apparent popularity on Instagram, but once again, it is extremely important to choose an honest and reliable service.

      Role in Social Media Marketing and Follower Growth

      The Instagram follower panels serve a particular purpose in the niche of social media marketing, and generally in follower growth. They offer entrepreneurs, influencers, and businesses an easy chance to boost their Instagram metrics rapidly. A lot of followers and engagements can be bought to ensure that a user garners bigger and more active follow, increasing the brand appeal to potential audiences and collaborators. 

      However, it should be remembered that the quality and authenticity of such followers or engagements gained through Instagram panels may vary. Even though these boosts may elevate the initial number counts, it does not necessarily represent a true engagement of followers or else a truly organic and interactive following. Thus the implications and the authenticity of a user’s growth strategies on Instagram in the long run should always be at the back of their mind while using these panels.

      These basic explanations regarding the Instagram panel should equip you with essential knowledge. So, you now have clear concept what an Instagram panel is and how it helps in growing followers and serves well in the domain of social media marketing.

      Best Instagram Followers Panels

      Following are some of the best panels we’ve highlighted for you: SMMFollows, TopSMM, and TheSocialMediaGrowth. Many services that offer Instagram Follower Panels have climbed up the charts of notoriety deemed fit to elevate followers as well as engagements. We will review the main features and the services each offers, together with the pricing options each avails, thereby highlighting what has made quite literally people who use Instagram go bananas for them.

      Pick 1 - TopSMM

      Social media marketing (SMM) is one of the vital ways today for businesses to reach with their audience, create an awareness of brands with them and encourage sales in the fast digital world. However, entering the ever-changing realms of SMM can seem pretty intimidating for most businesses that they would feel overwhelmed and unable to make it work. That’s exactly where TopSMM comes in.

      Additionally, they offer a horde of social media marketing (SMM) services catering to every big platform there is. They don’t just deliver, but are lightning fast in ensuring your social media stats sky-rocket in record time.

      How to use it?

      Step 1: Go to and sign up for a new account. If you are member, just login directly. This will make you go to the dashboard panel.

      Step 2: Once you’re logged in, you will see a dashboard like this. Find the “Add Funds” button and click it.

      Step 3: Select your desired payment method. Please take note of the bonuses and fees highlighted in the image above. Below the payment methods are the history of your deposits and at the top right corner of the screen, you can see your current balance. Here’s more information about the payment methods:

      1. Credit / Debit Card (+2% Bonus) [Recommended]: That is, if you would like to load your SMM panel account with funds using a credit or debit card, an extra 2% bonus on the amount of your deposit is available for you. The [Recommended] tag suggests that this method is preferred, possibly because it’s more reliable or user-friendly.
      2. Credit / Debit Card (-2% Fee): This is a bit contradictory because it says using a credit or debit card will directly result in 2% fee. It may be a mistake but what we just recommend ignoring this option.
      3. Bitcoin and Crypto (+3% Bonus): Should you opt to deposit through Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, 3% bonus will be given on the amount. This is a benefit for doing payment deposits using cryptocurrencies.
      4. Payeer (+3% Bonus): Payeer is an online payment system. Using Payeer to add funds on deposit, you will be receiving a 3% bonus, like the cryptocurrency option.
      5. Perfect Money (+2% Bonus): Perfect Money is also another system of online payment. On adding funds using Perfect Money, a 2% bonus will be added to your deposit.

      These bonuses or fees apply from the amount you are going to deposit. For instance, if you add $100 that is equivalent to the +3% reward when it comes to the payment method, then your SMM panel account will be credited with $103. Conversely, if there is a 2% fee, you would only have $98 available to use in your account after the fee is deducted.

      Payment Method Choice 1: For adding funds to your SMM panel account using the “Credit / Debit Card (+2% Bonus)” method, as per the instructions provided. This is a special case to ensure you get the +2% bonus when you use a card to add funds.

      1. Access the Quick Order Page:
      2. Enter Account Details:
        • On the quick order page, you will need to enter your username for the SMM panel. It must be 100% accurate and case-sensitive.
        • Select the amount you wish to pay. This is the amount of money you want to add to your account. Make sure you have checked the prices of services first so you can know how much to add exactly.
      3. Complete the Payment:
        • After you have inputted all the required details, the next step is simply to just proceed forward. You can do this by clicking the “Pay Now” button. However, always make sure to re-check everything for accuracy.
        • Once the payment is complete, the funds should be automatically added up to your SMM panel account, and you will receive an additional 2% bonus on the amount you chose to fund.


      • You must ensure that you don’t make any mistakes when entering the username. According to previous experiences of users, if your username is not right, the service will not work and somebody else will get what you paid for.
      • If for any kind of reason it happens in the case that the payment and bonus are not automatically added to your account after the order placement, you must go forward and open a support ticket with the website. This can make it possible to solve the underlying issue and perhaps add the funds manually to your account from the admins.


      Payment Method Choice 2: The other payment methods, for instance, Credit / Debit Card with a -2% fee option, would normally have you type in the amount you’re predisposed to fund then press “Pay” button that primes you to the checkout page of the payment company that you’re employing to finalize your transaction. 

      Step 4: Once you’ve successfully added your funds, navigate to the “Services” page on the website and click on the funnel icon to filter through the available options. Focus on finding Instagram services and select the ones that best suit your needs to boost your online visibility. In this scenario, we’re going to try “Instagram Followers”.

      Step 5: You will now see a list of different options for buying Instagram followers. Select the one which suits you the best by clicking on the “View” button. If an offer is not available, it will not show the button. In our demo, we’re going with the “Instagram Followers Premium Quality Lifetime Guarantee” at the price of $0.83 per 1000. Once you’re happy with what you’ve selected, read more details about the order and then click “Create order”. If you don’t understand the details, we’ve explained them here:

        • Start Time 0-1 Hour: This simply means that the service can deliver you your desired followers in the matter of an hour. It starts when the order is confirmed and completes after an hour.
        • Delivery Speed 100K/Day: Here we are talking about the daily limit. In this case, the service allows you to get 100,000 followers every day. On a single day, getting any more is not possible.
        • Refill 365 Days Lifetime: With regard to SMM services, the refill means that in case the quantity of followers decreases even lower than it was bought for the definite time period, their quantity will be increased not to register the loss. In this case, the refill period is for a lifetime but they indicate 365 days which might imply that you are free to demand a refill any time in the year and eventually beyond because it also mentions a lifetime. 
      • Premium Quality: This suggests that you will get followers who are not only having a profile picture, posts, meaning they are all real people.

      Step 6: When you click the “Create order” button, you will be redirected to a page where you’re now supposed to finalize everything, including mentioning the number of followers you desire and the quantity. We want 1000 followers for our Instagram page. Our current count is 76, as shown below. After this service, we should have 1076 followers.

      Step 7: After you have placed an order, it will give an instant confirmation message at the same page. Then, they will begin working with the service you requested. In our case, this is the picture of our Instagram page after 1 hour from the initialization of work. As it was promised, TopSMM has successfully delivered us the ordered 1000 followers. We have one extra follower more than asked, so we’re super pleased. You should also know that all our followers are real people with complete profiles and even photos; we’ve checked it personally to ensure no bots followed us.


      What do we think?

      We believe TopSMM has solidified its reputation as a reliable and effective social media marketing service, mainly thanks to their Instagram followers panel. The user-friendly nature extends to the panel for Instagram followers making it an outstanding choice to anyone looking forward to improving online presence especially on Instagram. TopSMM’s Instagram followers panel properly serves the needs of business enterprises and individuals fulfilling all the requirements that are needed to grow on Instagram.

      Pick 2 - SMMFollows

      SMMFollows is a social media marketing power-tool which lets you extend your outreach in the world with amplified social media presence, thereby boosting your brand value. With a wide range of features and services which all aim at increasing growth, SMMFollows is the partner to consider achieving your goals with.

      It offers the easiest way to manage your social media presence and get real followers from every corner of the world, whether you are an experienced marketer or a newcomer in the industry. Whether you’re looking to increase social media engagement, drive more traffic to your site or simply make a more cohesive online community for your business, SMMFollows can help.


      What do we think?

      We strongly consider that SMMFollows is a really great asset for those individuals who wish to get a headstart in their digital reputation with an extremely effective Instagram followers panel. This platform is notable for the authentic delivery of engagement because it commits itself to quality, thereby making it perfect in the highly competitive digital world. The Instagram followers panel comprises a user-friendly interface and competitive pricing and rather specifically responds to the needs of businesses and individuals who have been looking forward to boosting their Instagram influence.

      Pick 3 - TheSocialMediaGrowth

      In today s digital driven world where social media emerge as the reigning aspect, TheSocialMediaGrowth comes up as the lighthouse of expertise guiding businesses and individuals towards amplified online presence. With immense skill a lot of experience and passion to accord brands a catapult to greater heights, it unveils a comprehensive services suite purposed to transform social media into an indomitable engine of success. 

      Embrace the transformative power of Instagram follower panels with this amazing website and unlock your possibilities.


      What do we think?

      We believe that TheSocialMediaGrowth’s Instagram followers panel is an essential instrument for instantaneously raising any Instagram profile. This platform provides an effortlessly direct way to enhance one’s social media presence by giving them a chance not to purchase likes, followers, shares, and comments with ease. It is perfect for any type of users whose needs may range from entrepreneurs, influencers, and brands looking for a rapid rise in their digital visibility.


      Image illustrates the final verdict of SocialMarketing 90 about Renderforest.

      Instagram follower panels such as TopSMM, SMMFollows, TheSocialMediaGrowth provide a quick and easy solution for those wanting to efficiently increase their business social media presence. Such panels offer services that are fully inclusive, offer easy to use experiences as well as expedient results which are the most important elements for users seeking quick improvement in their online visibility. 

      For the entrepreneurs, it is critical that they do their research and choose the panel that not only aligns their growth goals but also truly supports genuine engagement. Each panel we reviewed has its very own distinct strengths and faults. To weigh those options against each other can be of significant assistance to users so that they can select the platform that provides a good service along with Instagram following.

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