Last Updated: December 5, 2023

7 Best Websites To Hire An SEO Virtual Assistant

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    Google is the most popular search engine in the world, but do you know how many people use it every day? According to some recent statistics, Google handles about 63,000 searches per second, which means over 5.4 billion searches per day and almost 2 trillion searches per year! Now, just imagine how many searches are made at other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo.

    So, how do you get people to visit your website? You need nothing less than a solid SEO strategy, but where exactly do you start? 

    We all know that Search Engine marketing is not an easy task. It involves many steps, such as finding the right keywords, creating quality content, optimizing your website, and building links with other sites. It’s not just time-consuming; there’s also the risk of doing more harm than good if you get things wrong. 

    Keep on reading to know how to solve this issue.

    Table of Contents
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      Why you should hire an SEO Virtual Assistant?

      Keeping in mind the importance of SEO, hiring an SEO expert team or SEO agency could not be within the reach of a small business. But, what if you could get this same level of professional SEO services at an affordable rate? That’s where the services of a virtual assistant come in.

      An SEO Virtual Assistant is a remote helper who can handle your SEO needs. They can either follow your SEO strategy or create one for you, depending on their skills. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider hiring SEO virtual assistant jobs:

      • Save time by outsourcing SEO tasks so that you can focus on core business activities.
      • Avoid the expenses associated with hiring a full-time in-house SEO professional.
      • Get SEO services when needed, scaling up or down based on your business requirements.
      • Reduce the likelihood of SEO errors or harm by relying on the experience of a dedicated SEO analyst.
      • Ensure the use of current and effective SEO strategies without the risk of outdated practices.

      7 Best Websites to Find a SEO Virtual Assistant

      Now, that you have arrived at a decision- to hire an SEO virtual assistant. But, the question is, How to find a perfect SEO Virtual Assistant for your website? Here are 5 websites you can consider to hire an SEO expert as per your needs.

      #1 Upwork

      When it comes to virtual hiring, the first doubt that comes to your mind might be: are virtual assistant jobs safe? Well, Upwork answers this with a solid policy. They offer several safety measures such as data encryption and contracts to keep the marketplace safe and free from any suspicious activities.

      Upwork has a pool of over 12,000 virtual assistants, which means a wide range of choices for employers. Moreover, it offers an advanced filtering system that helps you to find the right person with the right skill set required for the job.

      You can have a look at the list of freelancers and send out invites to the expert profiles with a great job success rate. It also has a secure payment system and transparent communication tools to maintain the trust between clients and freelancers.

      Upwork takes a service charge of a 10% service fee on the amount you pay for the Virtual Assistant. But, the fee gets lower as you work with the virtual assistant for a long time.


      #2 Fiverr

      If you have been in the freelance landscape for so long time, chances are high that you might have heard about Fiverr. Fiverr is a place where you can find and hire freelancers for any service you need. The platform it easy for you to browse through different categories, compare prices, and see ratings and reviews. You can pick the best freelancer for your project, just like you pick the best vegetable from the market.

      Time-sensitive projects can be painful, and finding the right freelancer for that is really challenging. Fiverr fits in perfectly for such cases. It offers a sophisticated filtering system and you can sort out freelancers who are currently online to send the proposal.

      Moreover, if you are running a small business and cannot accommodate much for SEO, Fiverr could be the right place. There are many passionate beginner freelancers who have created an account on the platform. Such people are looking for a challenging project rather than the amount involved.



      Freelancer is one of the largest websites out there for you to consider for hiring an SEO Virtual Assistant. It provides a diverse marketplace with a wide variety of talents from around the globe to handle your multiple projects. 

      We all know that search engine positioning is a continuous task and it requires patience. Well, the best thing about Freelancer is that you can rely upon it for regular work as it is a platform with many professionals. In case of urgent and time-sensitive work, you can consider organizing a contest to attract the professionals and award the best person. 

      You can search for Virtual Assistants with the keywords and filter to find the right person. The platform also gives the opportunity to initiate a conversation with the freelancer just like Upwork. It also offers skill tests and certification so that you can find the right person easily. 

      Freelancer works with a competitive bid system allowing the professionals to propose their rates and terms. This provides you with the flexibility in terms of budget. Moreover, the platform has a secured system for tracking the milestones and paying accordingly.


      #4 Online is a platform that connects clients with freelancers from the Philippines who can work on various projects. It is a subscription-based platform that lets you hire a virtual assistant for your search optimization efforts. It works through a “pay to contact workers” business model.

      You can get started with a free account and post a job listing with your requirements. Then, you can have an overview of the applicant’s profile and experience. However, you must upgrade to a paid version that costs $69 per month to see their contact details.

      Upon upgrading, you can conduct an interview and select the right candidate. You can hire without making any additional payments to the platform. After that, you are no longer charged any further fees unless you need to hire new virtual assistants.


      #5 Toptal

      Toptal is a Silicon Valley-based premium platform for hiring freelancers and virtual assistants. Thousands of clients including Airbnb, Pfizer, and Shopify use this platform.

      Toptal has a rigorous screening process that ensures only the best freelancers join its network. Only about 3% of applicants pass the screening and become freelancers on the platform. Therefore, if you are looking for an expert to handle your Search Engine Optimization efforts, then Toptal is a good option to consider. 

      It also has a matching process that helps you to find the right person. Toptal assigns a talent manager to you, who understands your needs, budget, and timeline. The talent manager then selects the most suitable freelancers from the network and introduces them to you. After all these steps, you can interview those shortlisted candidates and decide to hire the best of them.

      Moreover, you will have a risk-free trial period to test the talent of the hired professional. You are free to back out of the contract if you are not satisfied with the services. You can also avail the benefits of a flexible and transparent payment model based on the skills and experience of the professional.


      #6 Zirtual

      Zirtual is yet another effective platform that you could consider if you are in search of an SEO expert. It is an agency exclusively for US-based virtual agents. 

      The best thing about this platform is that you need to spend too much time on the filtering process. Zirtual filters virtual assistants based on their education and experience and present you with an attractive pool of talents.

      Its working is similar to that of Toptal. After signing up, you are introduced to a dedicated account manager who serves as a liaison between you and the virtual assistant. The account manager helps you to find the right candidate as per your requirements. The only difference is that Zirtual offers a monthly subscription-based pricing rather than project-based pricing of Toptal.


      #7 Remote CoWorker

      Remote CoWorker is a virtual assistant company specialising in providing virtual assistants at competitive rates to businesses of all sizes. The highlight is that the platform offers highly qualified professional virtual assistants at a reasonable rate, starting from $5.99 per hour.

      You can get started by reaching out to their team through email, phone, or Skype. Then, they identify your needs and suggest you with a pricing plan. After the payment, you will be assigned an account manager and then you are free to interview as many candidates as you want.


      How to choose the best virtual assistant for SEO?

      Now, you have unlocked access to thousands of talents across these websites. However, choosing the right one is the toughest task. Well, we have a solution for it. Here are 5 things you should consider before choosing a virtual assistant for your SEO efforts:

      1. Figure out needs

      First of all, think of what you need help with- whether it’s content, keyword research, backlinking process, or anything else. Then, prioritize and list out the requirements in a sheet.

      If you are unsure of how to get started, it is suggested to have an SEO audit. It will give you a clear-cut picture of where your current website traffic comes from, how your website compares to competitors and any mistakes in your SEO strategy. Identifying the requirements, helps you to prepare a job description for hiring an SEO virtual assistant. 

      2. Find candidates

      The next step is to post these job descriptions to the above-mentioned job websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and so on. You might get plenty of applications for the same. Sorting out of them could be time-consuming and require patience.

      Alternatively, you could seek the services of an SEO company. They devise an SEO strategy and implement it with their in-house SEO analysts. But, as a result, you may have to give up control over the selection process.

      3. Selection process

      Freelance marketplaces can be full of amateurs and unskilled workers. You need a good way to filter out the best ones. Consider conducting interviews to find the right ones that cater to your requirements. Some websites like Toptal even let you try them out for free. You can give the virtual assistant a sample website and see how they do SEO audits. When it comes to SEO, you want someone who knows what they are doing.

      4. Negotiate terms and conditions

      Lastly, it’s time to negotiate the payment rates and terms with the virtual assistant. Platforms like give you the flexibility to choose professionals within your budget range. It is better to have open communication with your VA about your budget and their preferred rates so you can continue without any budget constraints.


      Now, let’s wrap it up. If you don’t even have the basic knowledge about SEO, your business needs an expert to improve search engine positioning. You need to hire an experienced SEO VA with a higher budget who can create a plan for you from scratch. On the flip side, if you already have a plan or an expert, you just need some extra help. In that case, a beginner would be enough to give a hand. 

      Moreover, it is better to keep in mind that SEO is a never-ending process. So, have a careful analysis of the various websites and hire through the right platform with the lowest service fee and best collaboration features.

      Remember, a good SEO virtual assistant can make a huge difference in your online visibility, traffic, and conversions. So don’t hesitate to invest in one and reap the rewards of a successful SEO strategy.

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