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5 Best Websites To Hire Data Entry Virtual Assistants (Reliable & Affordable)

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    Data entry is a time-consuming and tough task that you may have to perform on a regular basis. However, doing it yourself or hiring a full-time employee may not be a good idea, considering the cost-effectiveness. Statistics say that hiring virtual assistants can save up to 78% of costs incurred by the company.

    That’s why more companies are looking for virtual assistants who can handle data entry jobs for them. Check out how a virtual assistant can help your business and where you can find one.

    Table of Contents
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      What does a Data Entry Virtual Assistant do?

      As data is the lifeblood of business, data entry jobs are essential for ensuring the accuracy and usability of data. A data entry virtual assistant is someone who can help you with various tasks related to entering, organizing, and managing data.  

      The exact responsibilities of a data entry virtual assistant depend upon the project requirements and employer. However, these are their common tasks:

       1. Data management

      The first job of a data entry specialist is to efficiently track and manage company records properly. From the collection of data to verification of its accuracy, a data entry specialist must manage various stages of data management. This way, you can relieve your employees from daily administrative tasks so that they can better focus on their responsibilities.

      2. Data Tracking

      It is the duty of data entry professionals to enter data from various sources into spreadsheets, databases, or online platforms. They update the company’s database with the latest information to facilitate decision-making.

      3. Data Analysis

      Data entry virtual assistants sort out the data and check data inputs to confirm their accuracy. They may have to provide sufficient sources and responses to data-related queries from employees.

      5 Best Websites to Hire a Data Entry Virtual Assistant

      Now that you have understood the importance of data entry jobs. Then, you might be wondering how to find the right virtual assistant for your company. Well, finding the right virtual assistant for data entry is the toughest task and that’s why most companies back out from this idea.

      So, we will introduce 5 best websites that you consider along with their features to help you out. Moreover, as a bonus, we will also give additional tips on how to choose the right platform and person for data entry.


      Upwork is one of the best websites that you could consider for data entry job hiring. It is an all-in-one hiring platform with a large pool of global talents. Virtual assistants on Upwork provide help with many tasks such as assistants on data entry, administration, research, and much more.

      Upwork comes up with a special filtering process so that you can sort out and find the right person from over 12,000 professionals. You can have a look at the list of freelancers and send out invites to the expert profiles with a great job success rate. Moreover, it offers flexibility in hiring arrangements, including hourly and fixed-price contracts

      The platform is well-known for its safety and security. They offer several safety measures such as data encryption and contracts to keep the marketplace safe and free from any suspicious activities. It also has a secure payment system and transparent communication tools to maintain the trust between clients and freelancers.

      Upwork takes a service charge of a 10% service fee on the amount you pay for the Virtual Assistant. But, the fee gets lower as you work with the virtual assistant for a long time. 


      1. Identity Verification: Upwork verifies the identity of freelancers by asking them to provide a government-issued ID and a video call. This helps to ensure that the freelancers are who they claim to be and that they have the skills and experience they list on their profiles.
      2. Provide bonuses: Through Upwork, you can reward freelancers who exceed your expectations by giving them a bonus. This helps you to motivate and build a long-term relationship with them.
      3. Bring your own talent onto the platform: Suppose you know a virtual assistant who is capable of doing the job but lacks the trust to hire. Upwork could be really helpful in such a scenario. It enables you to invite freelancers you already know and work with them. You can save valuable time associated with finding the right person and enjoy the benefits of Upwork through this feature.
      4. Better Collaboration: The main highlight of Upwork is that it provides many services beyond hiring to ensure smooth workflow. The platform facilitates collaboration between you and the virtual assistant by providing tools such as chat, video conferencing, file sharing, feedback, and project management. It is also a good idea to invite other members of your team to join Upwork and enjoy these features.


      PeoplePerHub is a popular platform to hire virtual assistants for data entry with over 1 million freelancers. The platform covers various services including administrative assistance, data entry, marketing, and so on. With over 1 million freelancers and 15 years of experience, the platform is a popular choice among businesses.

      The platform has a quick and straightforward hiring process. To get started, clients need to create an account on PeoplePerHour. Once you’re in, you can post a job listing outlining the specific services you need. Then, freelancers from around the world will start bidding on it. Finally, you can go through those profiles and select the one that works best for you.

      Well, the process does not end with hiring. Communication is key, right? You can chat with the virtual assistants through the platform. Ask questions, discuss details, and make sure you’re on the same page. 


      1. No-cost platform: The best thing about PeoplePerHour is that you can hire without any upfront charges. You can post the projects or contests for free. Similarly, you can choose the right freelancer and send the proposal without any restrictions. 
      2. Better Communication: As mentioned earlier, you can communicate easily with virtual assistants using the built-in messaging and file-sharing tools. You can exchange messages, files, feedback, and updates within the platform and keep track of the conversation.
      3. Escrow protection and invoicing: When it comes to safety, PeoplePerHour has a solid strategy to tackle any potential fraud. You can pay freelancers securely using the escrow system. It ensures that the funds are released only when the work is completed and approved. Moreover, the platform also provides virtual assistants with the feature to send an invoice so that you can pay accordingly.
      4. Account management dashboard: PeoplePerHour is not just a hiring website but also acts as a project management platform. The platform has many features so that you can manage the projects from the dashboard with many tools. You can track the project progress and view the proposals, projects, deadlines, and more. 

      VaVa Virtual Assistants

      VaVa virtual assistants are often considered one of the best hiring platforms for data entry jobs. Their official website states that the platform has a rigorous hiring process to ensure that only the best 3% of talents will qualify. 

      To get started, you need to contact VaVa Virtual Assistants and inform them about your preferences and needs. Then, they will match your requirements with a suitable freelancer who can handle their tasks and projects. You also have the option to invite your own freelancers to join the platform and work with you.

      One of the main focus of the platform is to create a long-term relationship between the client and the virtual assistant. So, they offer a lot of communication features like video conferencing, file sharing, and so on to ensure optimal workflow.


      1. Agency model: VaVa Virtual Assistants works on an agency model, which means that they connect you with freelancers who have the skills and experience that match your needs. This way you can save a lot of time and effort involved in manual selection from a large pool of talents.
      2. Dedicated point of contact: VaVa Virtual Assistants assigns a dedicated point of contact to each client like an account manager. The point of contact helps the client to find the right freelancer, collaborate with them, and resolve any concerns. Moreover, they will work throughout the project to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.
      3. Local freelance directory: If you are considering a virtual assistant in the same country to work the same shifts, VaVa Virtual Assistants could help you. It allows you to search for freelancers based on their location and find local talent for their projects. 
      4. Escrow system: Like Upwork, VaVa Virtual Assistants uses an escrow system to protect the payments of both clients and freelancers. The funds are held by a third party until the work is completed and approved, and then released to the freelancer.

      Online jobs. ph is a dedicated hiring platform that connects you with Filipino professionals. It is the largest online marketplace for outsourcing to the Philippines, with over 1 million registered job-seekers. You can browse through profiles, post job listings, and hire freelancers for specific projects. It’s as simple as that.

      What makes it unique from other platforms is its subscription-based pricing structure. You must have the paid version of the platform which costs $69 per month to see the contact details of the virtual assistant. Upon upgrading, you can conduct an interview and select the right candidate. You can hire without making any additional payments to the platform. After that, you are no longer charged any further fees unless you need to hire new virtual assistants. 


      1. ID Proof: When it comes to virtual jobs, safety is of course a concern. addresses this problem with a unique ID-proof system. They have a team of moderators to verify the identity and credibility of the virtual assistants. They set a platform ID Proof score based on various factors like email verification, social media accounts, government IDs, and phone numbers. The higher the ID Proof score, the more trustworthy the virtual assistant is. 
      2. Payment System: You can use the in-built payment system of to pay the virtual assistants securely. You can choose from different payment methods like PayPal, TransferWise, Payoneer, and Bitcoin. You have also the option to set up recurring payments for long-term contracts. charges a low service fee of 2.9% for each payment transaction.
      3. Communication Tools: Like other platforms, also offers dedicated communication tools for better collaboration. It integrates with popular tools like Skype, Zoom, Slack, and Google Meet. Therefore, through this platform, you can send and receive files, assign tasks, monitor progress, and provide feedback. 
      4. Worker Database: You can browse through the profiles of over 1 million registered Filipino professionals. offers special filtering features that help you to sort out candidates based on skill, location, salary, ID Proof, and availability. You also have the option to view the rating of the previous works of a virtual assistant.


      Time.etc is a premium platform that helps you to find US or UK-based virtual assistants for data entry. It is a trusted platform that has served over 22,000 platforms since 2007.

      If you are in search of an expert who specialises in data entry, Time. etc is a great website to consider. It is well-known for a 10-step rigorous hiring process. Consequently, only 2% of the top talents would be available for hiring to ensure service quality. Most probably, you will get an expert with over 2 years of experience in data entry. 

      You can get started with a free trial. Then, you will be matched with a dedicated virtual assistant who has the skills and experience you need. As the next step, you can start assigning tasks and communicate efficiently with the in-built features of the platform. Don’t worry if you are not satisfied with the work quality. You are free to request another professional. Quite easy, isn’t it?


      1. Online Portal: one of the main benefits of Time.etc is that it provides you with all the tools required to manage an efficient workflow. You can use their online portal to send tasks to their assistants, monitor their progress, and provide feedback. It also has dedicated communication features for video conferencing and meetings to ensure better collaboration. 
      2. Free Trial: As mentioned earlier, you can sign up for a free trial on their website, and test their service. Then, you can find the best plan and package based on your needs. After that, you will be matched with a dedicated U.S. or UK-based virtual assistant who has the skills and experience they need. You can also request a different assistant if they are not satisfied with the match.
      3. Mobile App: Time.etc has a mobile app that helps you to send tasks to their assistants, view their status, and communicate with them. This way you could be more connected with the virtual assistants and provide timely feedback.
      4. Low and Transparent Pricing: You are charged only for the hours worked by the virtual assistant. You also have the option to set up recurring payments for long-term contracts. Time.etc charges a low service fee of 2.9% for each payment transaction.

      How to choose the right website?

      Most of the virtual job hiring websites feature unprofessional or work-at-home moms as their top freelancers. This seems to be a valid concern for hiring as it can disrupt your workflow. Now, arises the question of how do you choose the right virtual assistant website. Here are some top factors you should look for when browsing virtual hiring websites:

      1. Transparency in Pricing

      A transparent pricing structure is required to make sure that the project stands within the budget. Many new-born freelance platforms market themselves as affordable and at the same time, choke you with hidden fees and commissions. To avoid this, try out only virtual websites that display a clear breakdown of the pricing structure. 

      2. User-friendly Interface

      Remember that there is a wide range of virtual assistants looking for jobs out there. You need to sort out tremendous applications and choose the right one. That’s where most companies fail. So, it is good to go for virtual websites that offer advanced filtering processes based on your criteria like experience, reviews, and so on.

      3. Positive reviews

      It is always better to trust customer reviews when you are in the shadows of doubt. Through customer reviews, you will get a brief idea of the efficiency of the virtual website.

      4. Specialisation

      Look for a website that specializes in data entry services. Some websites offer a wide range of virtual assistant services, but you may want to focus on those that have a specific niche in data entry. This way, you can ensure that the virtual assistants have the relevant skills and experience for the job.

      4 Tips to Find the Best Data Entry Virtual Assistant

      Image illustrates the tips for hiring efficient virtual assistants.

      It is better to keep in mind that a data entry specialist is a strategically crucial position. So, it is not advised to stumble upon the first job application that you have received. Here are some useful tips that will guide you on how to choose the right person for your data entry:

      1. Clear job description

      Start with figuring out what you expect from the data entry professional. Then, include it with the duties and responsibilities in the job description. Also, do not forget to include any additional requirements that you have like experience or graduation.

      2. Solid Screening Process

      Once you have posted the job descriptions, it is time to sort out and shortlist the candidates as per your requirements. You can use different criteria to screen your candidates, such as their ID Proof score, skills tests, portfolio, feedback, and availability. 

      3. Check the Track Records

      Look for virtual assistants with a proven track record in data entry. Check their profiles, resumes, or portfolios for relevant experience and the types of projects they have handled in the past. You can give test assignments to assess their proficiency in data entry software, attention to detail, and ability to manage large volumes of data accurately. 

      4. Communication Skills

      Effective communication is key to a successful virtual assistant-client relationship and that’s where most businesses fail. So, prefer candidates with strong communication skills, both written and verbal. This is crucial for understanding your instructions and providing updates.

      How much does it cost to hire a data entry virtual assistant?

      Well, the best thing about hiring data entry virtual assistants is that you can find one within your budget, even if it is low. Coming to the question, the cost of hiring a data entry virtual assistant varies depending on several factors, such as the type of work they do, their experience, and where they are based. As per Upwork, the hourly rate for administrative data entry ranges between $12-$20 per hour. 

      If you are on a budget limitation, it would be better to consider freelancers from countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, India, and Bangladesh, where virtual assistant services are generally cheaper. However, if you consider hiring based on low rates only, it might cost you a lot more in the long run.

      Final Words

      We all know that data entry is a tough task that takes a large toll on the time and effort of employees. But, still, many companies do it on their own due to the failure to find the right virtual assistant. 

      If you’re struggling with such a problem, don’t hesitate to check out these websites and find the perfect data entry virtual assistant.

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