Last Updated: January 5, 2023

Top 3 Ahrefs Group Buy Tools in 2023

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    What if you want to save money on SEO tools because you’re a blogger or a SEO expert, but still on your way to make a lot of money and therefore, you find it difficult to use those tools which could actually help your journey?

    Group buy sites for SEO tools are the answers, and a way to make expensive (yet very important) SEO and marketing tools accessible for everyone. Even Ahrefs, which unfortunately for some may be very expensive, can be accessible for just a few dollars per month.

    And when it comes to finding the best Group Buy Ahrefs websites, we’ve got some recommendations for your consideration, so you pick the right tool and avoid scams. That is the reason you should continue to read this post!

    We all employ internet SEO tools to rank our website, research new keywords, build backlinks, and analyze our competitors’ sites. And possibly, Ahrefs is currently the king of all SEO toolsHowever, these gadgets cost a lot of money if purchased individually. 

    But thankfully, you may get tools such as Ahrefs for a few dollars. Not all the group buy sites are the same, though. That is why we decided to finally write a blog post with the best Ahrefs tools on the market, based on our research and experience.

    Top 3 Ahrefs Group Buy Tools - Quick table

    Important: If you have the budget, we highly suggest paying for the original Ahrefs  version (on It is faster, it provides more privacy, and it has more options. Group buy tools should be used only by people who can’t afford this crucial SEO tool yet, due to its expensive pricing.

    Are you in a hurry? Need to check the services quickly and start using Ahrefs? Then check this simple comparison table for a quick review!

    Our pick
    SEO Tool Adda
    • Fast support
    • Instant access
    • 20+ tools
    • 15 days Refund
    • Instant access
    • Modern layout
    • 50+ Tools 
    • Affordable
    • Instant Access
    • 1-Day Trial (for 1$)
    • User Seats Option
    • More Expensive

    But if you have more time, then stay with us. We will see in detail everything you need to know about group buy tools and we will see the best Ahrefs group buy tools reviewed.

    What is a Group Buy SEO Tools Service?

    A group buy for SEO tools is a shared or semi-private service that allows you to access tools which are crucial to improving your online marketing efforts.

    You can choose from a variety of packages, and some websites offer these tools on a monthly or yearly plan. 

    These tools can help you with keyword research, social media analysis, ranking reports, and spying your competitors. If you pick the right websites, you can also add any request you have for these programs, and maybe the developers will help you out. 

    A group buy SEO tools service can be a good option for small businesses or solopreneurs, because you can access some expensive tool for a more affordable price.

    The reason behind is, is that the cost of one tool can be split among many users, hence the name “group” tools. 

    But, don’t worry. The most reliable group buy services provide also privacy, so sharing the tool does not necessarily mean sharing your data.

    While having a premium, individual subscription is obviously better, if you can’t afford it yet, group buy tools are a cheap yet safe and effective way to use important tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, WordAi and many more.

    What is Ahrefs?

    Ahrefs is a SEO tool that helps you analyze the effectiveness of your website, discover backlink, find new keywords, and analyze competitors. 

    Its features are handy and easy for analyzing the success (or errors) of your website and improving it, and as a result, moving up the SERPs for your targeted keywords. 

    Once one starts using it, it is easy to see why Ahrefs is becoming an essential part of the SEO world and possibly, the most popular SEO tool in 2022.

    Ahrefs Features and Benefits

    In a nutshell, Ahrefs is a comprehensive SEO tool that provides various features and benefits for website owners. There are so many features, but some of the most popular are bulleted below,

    • Keyword research for 10 search engines
    • Keyword volume and competition
    • Competitors analysis
    • Website SEO audits
    • In-depth backlink insights
    • Broken links
    • Website’s outbound links monitoring
    • Search traffic estimations for the top-ranking pages and required backlinks to rank at top
    • Analyze SERP history

    Aside from offering an extensive keyword and search volume database, Ahrefs is also incredibly powerful when auditing a website. 

    Its on-page analysis tool identifies problematic link structures and explains how to fix them, in order to improve a site’s health and ranking.

    Ahrefs Pricing plan (Actual Price)

    Before jumping into Ahrefs group buy services, let’s see what the real Ahrefs pricing look like. Which help us to understand the quality of the service (we believe that Ahrefs really is worth all that money) and also we understand why many people can’t afford an individual subscription.

    Ahrefs compromise four monthly subscription plans, namely,

    1. Lite – Starts from $99
    2. Standard – Starts from $179
    3. Advanced – Starts from $399
    4. Agency – Starts from $999

    All these plans used to come with a one-week trial period for $7, but not anymore. Which made the entry-barrier for this powerful SEO tool even higher!

    What is Ahrefs Group Buy?

    And here we go. An Ahrefs group buy is a service offering low-cost access to a paid plan of Ahrefs, via shared access (with other users). 

    In short, if you can’t pay Ahrefs, you can save up to 70 percent of your money by purchasing Ahrefs group buy service. The original price may be reduced by up to 70 percent, since the cost is being shared across many users.

    Additionally, hundreds of websites provide Ahrefs for the lowest price, but not all of them are good, and some are even scams

    We have done extensive research (and purchased a few of them, like we do for every review!). And, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the finest group buy SEO tools websites that sell Ahrefs for a meager price. And we will see them now.

    Affordable Best Group Buy Sites To Buy Ahrefs

    In short, here are the best three sites to acquire inexpensive Ahrefs group buy tools. But, beware of copycat websites that try to scam you!


    SeoToolAdda offers many SEO tools; starting from Ahrefs to Canva, it provides different tools to the users. And it has one of the cheapest pricing on the market.

    As you see in the above Snapshot, the Ahref is only Rs.299 only. So for 3 dollars, you can access all the features available in Ahref. As you can see, compared to the actual rate of the Ahref tool, the SeoToolAdda price is affordable and reasonable. 

    Update: now Ahrefs is  Rs.1099/month, but it comes with all the other tools included.

    Group buy SEO tools had to increase pricing, since the 7 days free trial of Ahrefs is no longer available.

    That is still just $19/month, so nearly 5 times cheaper compared to the original price


    Toolzbuy has both individual and combo packs for SEO tools. If you want to access all the SEO tools mentioned on the site, you need to buy the combo pack and subscribe to their plan for a month. They have three plans,

    • Lite plan – Rs.299 (~$3 monthly)
    • Pro Plan – Rs.449 (~$5 monthly)
    • Advanced – Rs. 549 (~$6 monthly)
    • Designer’s Pack – Rs. 499 (~$5 monthly)
    • Writer’s Pack – Rs. 899 (~$10 monthly)

    If you like to buy Ahref alone, then you need to pick an individual pack, and Ahref will cost Rs.249 (~$3) only per month. Check the screenshot below.


    Toolsurf has a large selection of available SEO tools. They offer everything from free videos to audio files, fonts to logos, and much more. In addition, Toolsurf provides an excellent customer support system through 3 channels, including live chat and email. There’s also a price tag system, making it easy to find and compare SEO tools. You can save money on these tools and use them on as many websites as you need.

    There are a variety of plans available, from individual tools to a monthly subscription. The list of SEO tools that Toolsurf offers is larger than most other group buy programs, and there are no limits on how much you can use. 

    They have three plans,

    • Lite – $12 per month
    • Agency – $19 per month
    • Advance – $39 per month

    How To Buy Ahrefs Group Buy?

    You got this! You can acquire Ahrefs SEO tool for a reduced price by following the outlined procedures,

    Step 1: Select any group buys SEO tool from the services listed above that you are interested in. Take, for instance, Toolsurf.

    Step 2: Select Ahrefs individually or purchase a plan to gain access to additional tools such as SEMrush group buy.

    Step 3: Create a user account and complete the checkout process.

    See, it’s that simple! And the access is always instant with the mentioned sites.

    Ahrefs Group Buy Sites - Overall Rating

    Fast customer support 87%
    Great 89%
    Affordable 100%
    Good 72%
    Server issues are rare 98%

    Our verdict

    These three services are the best to buy the group SEO tools, according to our findings. They are also legit and won’t steal your money. If you have any other services, which we have missed, let us know in the comment section below, as we are always open to suggestions! We will then check them if we didn’t yet.


    Is it Safe to buy tools in group buying sites?

    Yes, tools purchased in Group buying sites are secure. Purchasing tools from them saves a significant amount of money, and you can experiment a variety of instruments without spending a lot of money.

    Are group buy tools Legal?

    The purchase of SEO tools is not governed by any legislation. It makes no difference if services are purchased by a group or by an individual. It may go against a platform policy, though. You need to read Ahrefs’ terms of service in this case.

    What are the best Group Buying sites for Ahref Tool?

    The best group buying sites – according to us – are bulleted below,

    Should I buy Group buy Ahrefs tool or Original Ahrefs tool?

    If you can afford it, you should purchase Ahrefs on their official site. It is more expensive, but it will perform better: faster, more private, and more features. But if you don’t have the budget, then Group buys are a secure alternative to use this powerful SEO tool that every marketer should have the opportunity to use. 

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