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The Hashtags World: Fascinating Statistics and Curiosities 2024

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    Whether you’re a hashtag enthusiast or just someone who doesn’t pay much attention to them, it’s clear that hashtags are here to stay and will play an even bigger role in social media strategies. 

    Social media has become the preferred communication platform for millennials, so integrating the right hashtag strategy is crucial if you want to expand your brand’s reach across major social sites. 

    For instance, did you know that on Facebook, a post with hashtags gets on average 50% more engagement? And on Twitter, while 2 hashtags guarantee you up to 100% more engagement, having too many might have the opposite effect?

    To understand their importance and how they can impact social media marketing, let’s dive into the top hashtag statistics for 2023.

    Table of Contents
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      The Importance of hashtags!

      Hashtags have become an essential asset. They play a significant role in driving views, likes, and shares for brands on social media platforms, by increasing potential reach. So, understanding hashtags and using them effectively can greatly impact the performance of your social media content. 

      By categorizing content, hashtags help users find what matters to them and connect with like-minded individuals. 

      Hashtags can be a powerful tool in amplifying your message and reaching niche audiences, but it’s crucial to get the exact hashtags for your posts and videos; either you can research them manually, or use an Hashtag generators to get those nifty tags, for instance, Metahashtags. 

      By using relevant and trending hashtags, and monitoring their performance, you can with just a few accurate hashtags increase brand visibility and engage with your target audience more effectively!

      Hashtag Facts And Stats, 2023

      Alright, it’s now time to discover some interesting hastag statistics. So, buckle up for some “Hashtag Facts” Since we know the importance of hashtags, now let’s see a couple of facts that will make your jaw drop!

      Fact 1 - Twitter did not introduce hashtag at first!

      You probably already know that hashtags originated on Twitter, but did you know that Twitter wasn’t initially fond of the idea? Can you believe it? The users themselves were the ones who came up with hashtags. So, there’s this guy named Chris Messina, who used to work at Google, and he’s the genius who suggested using hashtags on Twitter back in August 2007. Technically, he is the inventor of the hashtag.

      Fact 2 - It was "octothorpe" at first, thankfully then renamed as "Hashtag"

      Initially, it was named Octothorpe, which is the actual name of the Hash (#) Symbol; later on, it was changed to hashtag as the Hash symbol will follow a word. That’s pretty thoughtful, right?

      Fact 3 - The First Hashtag on Twitter was "#barcamp"

      The first-ever hashtag used was #barcamp, sent by Messina on August 23, 2007. So officially, it’s been over 15 years since the first hashtag was published.

      Fact 4 - Hashtag Earned Its Spot in Dictionaries!

      The word “hashtag” made it into the Oxford English Dictionary back in 2014 and then rocked the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in 2018! “It’s a word or phrase that comes before the # symbol, and it’s all about classifying and categorizing the following text.”, says a dictionary definition.

      Fact 5 - #AlDubEBTamangPanahon Dominated Twitter in 24 Hours

      Guess what? Back in the day, on October 24, 2015, the hashtag #AlDubEBTamangPanahon took the Twitterverse by storm. It was tweeted a whopping 40.7 million times in just 24 hours! Can you believe it? This hashtag madness was all because of a super famous Filipino TV show called Eat Bulaga and their beloved AlDub love team.

      5 Twitter Marvelous Hashtag Stats

      When it comes to hashtags on Twitter, you might expect Twitter to embrace the idea and encourage their use fully.

      However, Twitter actually sets a suggested limit on the number of hashtags you can include in each tweet you post.

      Furthermore, they caution users that incorporating hashtags in Twitter ads can potentially impede your marketing success. So, they can be great, if used right.

      Check out these 5 interesting twitter hashtag statistics for a better understanding.

      1 – You can increase engagement for your individual tweets by up to 100% and for your brand tweets by up to 50%. 

      It’s true! Using the right strategies, hashtags can significantly enhance the level of interaction and response you receive on Twitter. Specifically, the right hashtags can boost your Twitter visibility up to 100%.

      2 – If the number of hashtags per post falls between one and two, you have the opportunity to achieve a 21% engagement rate. 

      Just concentrate on your target audience and keep your hashtag usage in check to boost engagement. The sweet spot is 1 or 2 hashtags.

      3 – Based on statistics, if your tweets have more than two hashtags, there is a chance of experiencing up to a 17% decrease in engagement 

      So it’s advisable to keep the number of hashtags in check to maximize your interaction with others.

      4 – On average, 125 million hashtags are circulating on Twitter!  

      It’s genuinely a vast sea of hashtags buzzing around the platform.

      5 – In 2021, “#Covid19” emerged as the most popular hashtag used on Twitter! 

      During the COVID-19 outbreak, the “#Covid19” hashtag was utilized over 50 million times, being the most used hashtag of the year 2021. Those hashtags encapsulated both moments of concern and heartbreak for users. Remarkably, individuals who recovered from COVID-19 shared their journey by posting recovery updates as tweets.

      5 Eye-opening Instagram hashtag Stats

      Alright, next on our social media hashtags stats journey comes Instagram! Instagram is the third most popular social media platform in the world, an image-sharing platform where like-minded people meet and collaborate. You can also do Ads on Instagram, like other social media platforms, to quickly promote your brand. We’re now diving into the world of Instagram hashtags, and the numbers are mind-boggling. And surprisingly, Instagram hashtags work differently from Twitter. We could say that the more, the better!

      1  – Boost your engagement rates by a whopping 79% by using at least 11 hashtags in your posts! 

      Yep, you heard it right. Those little tags can work wonders in getting people to notice and interact with your content. Unlike Twitter, you can use more hashtags on Instagram, So go hashtag crazy and watch the magic happen!

      2 – Love is in the air! Yes, that’s right; the most popular hashtags on Instagram is #love 

      The most popular hashtag of all time? It is #love. It’s the go-to hashtag for capturing and expressing affection, happiness, and heartwarming things. With billions of posts tagged under #love, it’s clear that love indeed dominates the Instagram world; over 2.1B posts are using this hashtag.

      3 – Nearly nine out of every ten Instagram posts (88%) include at least one hashtag 

      Like, hashtags are all over the place, and It’s like normal now to throw in a hashtag or two when you’re posting on Instagram. So, if you’re not using hashtags, you might want to jump on that train, “because everyone else is doing it!”

      4 – More than 1.5 billion posts contain the hashtag #instagood 

      Wow, can you you believe that? This statistic is proof of how amazing the #instagood hashtag is! An hashtag just for the gram. It’s been used in a crazy huge number of posts, showing just how popular and influential it is. That’s seriously impressive considering it is not a dictionary word. At least, not yet!

      5 – Do you know the sweet spot duration to use hashtags on your posts? It’s from 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM 

      If you want your hashtags to work their magic and boost your engagement, the best time to use them is between 9:00 PM and 6:00 AM. That’s when you’ll see some serious results! So, if you want to get the most out of your hashtags, try posting during those late evening and early morning hours.

      5 Amazing Facebook Hashtag Statistics

      So, you all know that Facebook scooped up Instagram, but guess what? The hashtag game isn’t played the same on both platforms. Nope, they have their own unique protocols because their purposes are different, but in some way, they are very similar. Curious to find out how? Let’s dive into some fascinating hashtag stats on good ol’ Facebook!

      1 – Do you know when Facebook introduced Hashtags on their platform? It was 2013 



      You know, hashtags were already a thing on platforms like Twitter and Instagram before Facebook hopped on the bandwagon in 2013. They allowed Facebook users to sort and find content about specific topics or trends. Ever since then, hashtags have become a big deal on Facebook, helping people discover cool stuff and boosting engagement levels. It’s all about making things easier to find, and more fun to explore!

      2 – If you have one hashtag on your post, you can 500+ engagements

      Yes, you heard right! An analysis of the most popular Facebook posts found out that posts with just one hashtag earned a whopping average of 593 engagements. But guess what? When people went hashtag-crazy and used more than 10 hashtags, their posts only scored an average of 188 interactions. So, keeping it simple with one hashtag does the trick for better engagement on Facebook!

      3 – Who came in second place after Twitter when it comes to using hashtags? It’s Facebook 


      You know what’s interesting? Even though Facebook introduced hashtags a bit later compared to Twitter or other platforms, it still snagged the second spot in the hashtag race. Why? Well, it’s all because of Facebook’s user-friendliness, its popularity, and how widely people embraced hashtags on the platform. Facebook knows how to keep up with the trends!

      4 – If your post has hashtags, you can achieve an average of 1.30% engagement rate, while without hashtags, it will be just 0.80%


      Here’s the scoop, If you include hashtags in your post, you can expect an average engagement rate of 1.30%. But the engagement rate drops to 0.80% if you skip the hashtags. So, if you want more love and interaction on your Facebook posts, hashtags are definitely the way to go!

      5 – The most popular hashtag on Facebook in 2023 are #tbt, #photography, #innovation, #blacklivesmatter, and more 

      The hottest hashtag on Facebook in 2023 is #tbt (Throwback Thursday). But wait, there’s more! Other trending hashtags include #photography and #innovation. So, if you want to join the conversation and get in on the action, these hashtags are where it’s at!

      5 Hot LinkedIn Hashtag Stats

      Our social media hashtags stats don’t end here, as we’ve got the inside scoop on LinkedIn hashtag trends of 2023! Get ready to dig into the numbers and find out which hashtags are rocking the professional networking platform. You can stay ahead of the game, discover how LinkedIn algorithm works and supercharge your LinkedIn presence with these valuable insights. Let’s dive in!

      1 – Add a hashtag to your Linkedin post to get a 5 to 10% increase in engagement 

      According to Linkedin, using hashtags in your posts can actually boost engagement. It’s pretty cool! Apparently, including a hashtag can lead to an average 5-10% increase in engagement. Because by using hashtags, you can expand the reach of your content and connect with a wider audience beyond just your immediate connections. So, don’t forget to sprinkle some hashtags in your LinkedIn posts and watch your engagement levels rise!

      2 – Linkedin trending hashtags are #leadership, #marketing, #careers, #diversityandinclusion, #entrepreneurship, and #technology 

      Did you know that LinkedIn has its own trending hashtags? And with no surprise they are related to the business and work industry. Some of the popular ones you’ll come across are #leadership, #marketing, #careers, #diversityandinclusion, #entrepreneurship, and #technology. So, if you’re interested in any of these topics, you can hop on LinkedIn and join the conversation using these hashtags. It’s a great way to connect with like-minded professionals and stay up-to-date with the latest discussions.

      3 – The optimal number of hashtags to use on LinkedIn is 3 to 5, approximately

      When it comes to using hashtags on LinkedIn, there isn’t a strict set of rules. Still, LinkedIn itself suggests incorporating a handful of relevant hashtags, ideally around 3 to 5, in each of your posts to maximize engagement. However, it’s crucial to stay moderate with hashtags, since using too many can diminish the impact of your content. Instead, focus on selecting hashtags closely related to your industry or the specific topic you’re addressing. By using industry-specific or relevant hashtags, you increase the chances of reaching your target audience and sparking meaningful conversations.

      4 – Generate traffic to your articles by using hashtags on LinkedIn Articles! 

      Guess what? Also articles are positively affected by hashtags. You can actually spice up also your articles on LinkedIn by throwing in some hashtags. It’s a nifty little trick that can make your articles more discoverable. Just pop in some relevant hashtags in the headline or body, and you’ll be able to reel in more readers and amp up the engagement. It’s definitely worth giving it a shot and seeing the magic happen!

      5 – Industry-specific hashtags are powerful on LinkedIn 

      Did you know that LinkedIn hashtags are super useful for connecting professionals in specific industries? It’s like a secret language that helps people in the same field find each other. For example, in healthcare, you’ll see hashtags like #healthcare, #medical, #pharma, and #telemedicine floating around. They’re like virtual meeting points for sharing and discovering all the cool stuff happening in the industry. And guess what? Other industries have their own popular hashtags too! So whether you’re into tech, finance, or whatever your passion is, there’s a whole world of networking and engaging waiting for you out there. Just follow the hashtag trail and dive right in!

      5 TikTok Hashtag Statistics To Not Miss Out

      And here comes our last social media hashtag dive-in. Last in order, but not in terms of popularity, since TikTok has taken the social media world by storm with its vertical, engaging video content! So, are you curious about the latest TikTok hashtag stats in 2023 as well? Well, you’re in luck! We’re about to take a deep dive into the world of TikTok hashtags, exploring the most popular ones, and their effects on content visibility and engagement, and how they’re being cleverly utilized by creators and businesses alike. And, TikTok already has some exciting statistics where the platform excels; you can see them on our TikTok blog post. But before that, get ready for an exciting journey through the ever-evolving landscape of TikTok’s hashtag trends!

      1 – 3 to 5 Hashtags per post is optimal for TikTok Engagement

      So, on TikTok, you can go hashtag crazy and use up to 100 hashtags per video. That’s a lot, right? But here’s the deal: using too many hashtags can actually water down the impact of your content. So, it’s smarter to be a bit picky. Experts suggest using around 3-5 relevant and popular hashtags per video. That way, you’ll give your content the best chance to reach a wider audience and get more engagement.

      2 – Hashtags on TikTok are not limited to the platform; they can be used on others too! 

      Here’s an interesting tidbit: TikTok hashtags aren’t limited to just the TikTok platform. You can actually use them across other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter too, since what’s popular on TikTok seems to be on Instagram alike. So, incorporating those hashtags can be a smart move if you want to amplify your content and connect with a wider audience on multiple platforms, with less effort. And social media management tools can make the job even easier.

      3 – These three hashtags are trending on TikTok in 2023: #fyp #tiktok #love 

      In 2023, three trending hashtags on TikTok are #FYP (For You Page), #TIKTOK (celebrating the platform), and #LOVE (spreading positivity and sharing love-related content). Including #FYP helps videos reach a wider audience, #TIKTOK connects users and shows their love for the app, and love is always in the air, even on TikTok! The hashtag #LOVE is about spreading positivity, kindness, and, of course, sharing content related to love in various forms.

      4 – Hashtags are often used on TikTok for brand collaboration to attain more engagement 

      You won’t believe how much TikTok influencers are all about teaming up with brands and using those catchy hashtags to promote products and campaigns. It’s like their secret sauce for getting the word out there! These collaborations can really amp up brand exposure and get people buzzing with excitement. Plus, with all the content these influencers create, it’s like a never-ending stream of engagement from their devoted followers. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved, and we have seen before brands launching unique hashtags, fueled to viral sensation with the help of their favorite creators!

      5 – Hashtags are helpful for Brands to reach more audiences on TikTok 

      Brands are using TikTok’s hashtag challenges to engage with users and promote their products. By creating branded challenges, companies tap into the creativity and enthusiasm of TikTok users, increasing brand awareness and user participation. It’s a fun and effective way for brands to connect with the TikTok community and spread their message.


      We dug deep into the web and found the juiciest social media hashtag statistics out there for our awesome readers. We didn’t stop there! We’ve also thrown in some nifty info about how hashtags are used on different platforms, why they matter, and how they can seriously level up your game. 

      We hope you’ve soaked up some new knowledge today, and guess what? You can now rock your hashtag game like a pro using the data we’ve served up. 

      We’ve got proof that hashtags really work wonders and can give your content a major boost. Just remember to research and pick the most relevant hashtags for your stuff, and don’t go overboard and look like a spammer. 

      You want people to take you seriously and see you as the real deal. If you’re looking to dominate social media and cross-promote like a boss, your hashtag game needs to be on fire, even better than your competitors. So, armed with these 25 hashtag statistics, Let your creativity run wild and watch your online presence soar!

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