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Top 10 TikTok Statistics You Need to Know in 2024

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    Videos are proved to be the main entertainment element when it comes to social media platforms, according to a study on over 48 million posts. And TikTok is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms, with millions of active users worldwide. 

    In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the statistics that make TikTok one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. 

    We’ll explore the demographics of TikTok’s user base, the most popular content types, and how brands and businesses use the app to reach and engage their target audience. 

    Additionally, we’ll examine the platform’s impact on the music and entertainment industry and some potential risks and challenges of using TikTok.

    Whether you’re already a TikTok user, a business trying to understand TikTok’s potential, or you are simply curious about the app and its rise to fame, this post will give you a deeper understanding of the statistics and trends that have shaped the platform and its community. 

    So without further delay, let’s see top 10 2023 stats we picked and fact-checked for you.

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      How many people use TikTok?

      Before we have a look at the statistics, let’s have a look at TikTok’s base of active users.

      As of our last knowledge cut-off in 2022, TikTok has over 689 million active users worldwide. 

      The app has been top-rated among young people, and as of 2023, over 60% of TikTok’s global user base is between the ages of 16 and 24.

      TikTok has also seen significant growth in emerging markets, and it has become the most popular social media apps in these countries like China or Brazil

      And in India alone, TikTok had over 200 million active users before the Indian Government banned it in June 2020.

      Now, let’s move to the Top 10 TikTok statistics for 2023.

      The Top 10 Tiktok Statistics

      We fact-checked all these stats for you. All the data comes from late 2022 to early 2023.

      #1 TikTok has over 4.1 Billion MONTHLY Active Users worldwide

      TikTok has become one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, with over 4.1 billion monthly active users worldwide as of 2023. This impressive statistic shows how far TikTok has come since its launch in 2016.

      TikTok has achieved impressive global popularity. The Monthly Active User (MAU) metric, which measures the number of unique users engaging with the app within a month, highlights the large and dedicated audience the app has built. 

      This audience is highly valuable for advertisers, creators, and developers, as it allows them to reach and engage with their target market effectively. 

      #2 TikTok has over 2.6 Billion DAILY Active Users worldwide

      TikTok has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, and it now has over 2.6 billion DAU worldwide as of 2023. 

      And by looking at this data, it’s no surprise that TikTok is now considered as one of the world’s most popular social media apps.

      The daily active user metric is a key indicator of how much engagement the app receives, which is how many users access the app daily.

      This large user base also creates a vibrant community of content creators, encouraging users to spend more time on the app and consume more content. 

      This massive daily user base is making it easier – even  for new creators – to find new followers and gain more visibility for their content, or for advertisers to promote their products to any demographic target.

      #3 TikTok has 111 Million New users as of 2023

      TikTok has seen unprecedented growth in the past few years, and this trend will surely continue into 2023.

      According to recent statistics, the popular social media platform TikTok now has already 111 million new users as of 2023.

      And please note, when we are writing this blog post we are just in mid-January!

      With this growth trend, by the end of the year 2023, TikTok will have 2 new billion of users.

      It is worth noting, though, that this data measures newly created accounts. Hence, it may include secondary account of existing users, or bot accounts too.

      #4 The app is particularly popular among younger generations, with a majority of users being under the age of 30

      TikTok is trendy among younger generations, with most users under the age of 30. 

      This demographic distribution of TikTok’s user base highlights that the app is more appealing to younger people, and they make up a bigger portion of the user base. 

      It’s valuable information for advertisers and developers who target this specific age group. 

      And by understanding the app usage patterns of young users, both creators and business can create content and features that would appeal to them and result in a faster growth. 

      However, it’s worth noting that just because most users are under 30 doesn’t mean that older generations are not using the app. Users from different age groups still use the app, but in lower numbers.

      #5 The average TikTok user spends 52 minutes per day on the app

      According to recent statistics, the average TikTok user spends 52 minutes daily on the app, which is more than Facebook and Instagram.

      This amount of time spent on the app highlights the engagement level of TikTok’s user base. 

      It suggests that people are highly invested in the app and find it a valuable use of their time. 

      As such, it’s an excellent opportunity for advertisers to target this highly engaged audience.

      #6 TikTok users watch an average of 9 videos per day

      According to recent statistics, TikTok users watch an average of more than 9 videos per day. This high level of engagement shows that users are highly invested in the app and are consistently consuming content on the platform. 

      This figure can be helpful for content creators to understand how much content users consume, and how frequently they engage with the platform. 

      Additionally, this high engagement can be an indicator of the addictive nature of the app and how it captures users’ attention.

      The daily amount of daily videos watched has decreased over the years, as TikTok introduced long form video content, with creators having the opportunity to upload videos up to 10 minutes of length.

      According to data, when using TikTok, users also like to engage in conversations and comment sections.

      #7 TikTok's largest market is China, followed by the United States, Russia, and Turkey

      TikTok’s largest market is China, where the app originated. The app has a significant user base and has become extremely popular in the country. 

      The United States, Russia, and Turkey are following next as the largest markets for TikTok. This distribution of the user base shows that TikTok has become popular not only in China, but also in other countries across the globe. 

      These statistics also highlight that TikTok has a diverse user base across different cultures and languages.

      #8 The app is available in over 150 markets and 75 languages

      As we mentioned, TikTok is banned in a huge country like India, but the app’s popularity and its multilingual support also allows content creators to reach a global audience.

      TikTok’s cultural versatility has been a key factor in the app’s rapid growth and popularity as a go-to platform for entertainment, self-expression, and communication. 

      The app has established a strong foothold in many countries, including China, the United States, and Russia.

      #9 TikTok boasts the highest engagement rates per post among all social media platforms

      TikTok is known for its high engagement rates per post among all social media platforms. 

      This means that the average post on TikTok receives more likes, comments, and shares than a similar post on other platforms. 

      This high engagement is likely due to the app’s unique features, such as its short-form video format and algorithm-driven content discovery, making it easy for users to discover and engage with content that they find exciting and relevant. 

      Additionally, the platform has a unique form of content that doesn’t exist in the same form as other platforms, such as lip-syncing and dance trends, which increases the chances of people engaging with the content.

      #10 It took 200 days to develop TikTok

      As our last statistic, let’s have a jump back in time to appreciate the massive effort that went behind the development of the app.

      In fact, the original version of Douyin, later known as TikTok, was created by a Chinese development team in a span of 200 days.

      Since we have seen some exciting statistics about TikTok, let’s see some of its good and bad sides too.

      HOW TikTok Impacted the Music and Entertainment Industries

       TikTok, the short-form video app that as a main video format allows users to create and share 15-second videos set to music, has significantly impacted the music and entertainment industry. 

      Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has grown in popularity and now boasts over 4.1 billion active users worldwide, as of 2023. 

      Hence, the app has become a powerful tool for artists, musicians, and entertainers to reach and engage with their audiences, or for new talents to be discovered.

      One of the key ways in which TikTok has impacted the music industry is through its role in promoting and popularizing songs

      The app’s algorithm favors videos that receive a lot of engagement, such as likes and shares, which can lead to a song being “TikTok famous.” 

      This can propel a song to the top of the charts and even lead to a gold or platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America, from a TikTok boost alone. 

      To the point that many artists have seen the power of TikTok and started releasing their music directly on the platform. Many big artists have also used TikTok’s unique features, such as Duet, GreenScreen, and other effects, to connect with their fans or find new listeners. 

      As a result, the app’s wide reach and music potential has become extremely valuable for music labels, as it makes new music known and exposes it to a big audience.

      As of 2023, you win’t find a popular music label that is not using TikTok as a promotional method on a daily basis.

      TikTok has also positively impacted the entertainment industry, particularly in the dancing industry. 

      The app has become a popular platform for dancers to share their choreography and gain a following, and this has led to the emergence of dance challenges, where users create videos of themselves performing a specific dance to a particular song and challenge their friends to do the same. 

      These dance challenges have led to the creation of new dance trends and styles, and many dancers have gained fame and popularity through their TikTok videos.

      Lastly, TikTok has also created opportunities for new talents; it has been a platform for emerging talents to showcase their skills and get discovered. 

      The app’s algorithm helps these talents to get noticed, regardless of where they are from, as long as their content is engaging. 

      This is true not only for music and dance but also for comedy, lip-syncing, and vlogging. TikTok has been a platform for new talents to flourish and has opened up new opportunities for creators to monetize their talent.

      TikTok Risk and Challenges

      However, there are also potential risks and challenges associated with using TikTok. 

      One major concern is the issue of data privacy. The app, which Chinese company ByteDance owns, has been criticized for its handling of user data and the potential for the Chinese Government to access this data. 

      There have also been concerns about the safety of children using the app, as it is not uncommon for young users to share personal information and location data through their profiles and videos.

      Another potential risk is that of copyright infringement. As users can share and use music in their videos, there is a risk that some may use copyrighted material without proper permission. 

      This can lead to legal issues for the individual users and TikTok itself. Some countries, including India, Indonesia and Pakistan have banned TikTok because it poses a threat to national security. 

      And other countries like the United States are considering to do the same, while, just recently, the American government has already moved toward that direction by deciding to ban TikTok on government-owned devices.

      Our Verdict

      The top 10 TikTok Statistics of 2023 demonstrate the immense popularity and reach of the platform. With over 4.1 billion monthly active users, it is clear that TikTok has become a significant player in the social media landscape. 

      And not just in terms of traffic; in fact, thanks to the type of content featured and a powerful algorithm, the platforms boast the highest engagement rate among all the most popular social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

      It is also evident that the platform will continue to grow, with more people joining daily and an estimate of 2 billion new registered accounts in the year 2023. 

      So that’s the wrap-up for the day. We hope these statistics reveal the platform’s potential and how it can be used by business or new creators to promote their content, and reach a wider audience. 

      You could greatly impact your business and gain more followers with a small investment of time. Meanwhile, if you are interested in how TikTok compares to its newest competitor, YouTube Shorts, check out this article. 

      Stay Awesome 😎 and Peace-out ✌️😄 See you on the next one!

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