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How To Buy YouTube Likes – Best Sites For 2024 (Safe)

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    There are numerous ways to increase your YouTube visibility but you and I know that most of those “other ways” will take more time and it is why you are here, to check for one of the easiest ways to acquire a high number of YouTube likes– by buying likes. 

    While the expectation of buying likes for your YouTube is to gain higher engagement, there also is a second possibility which is to decrease the visibility and in extreme cases account suspension. This happens because YouTube has measures in place to detect and eliminate pseudo-engagements from bots or fake accounts. 

    To prevent this from happening, it is important to only purchase likes from legitimate providers and not ones that use bots or fake accounts. The dilemma now arises when you don’t know which provider to trust or distrust. To eliminate this problem we have compiled a list of safe sites where you can get YouTube likes below.

    Table of Contents
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      Best Safe Sites to Buy YouTube Likes

      These are some of the best safe sites that are reputed for providing legitimate YouTube likes to boost visibility and engagement.

      1. Lenostube

      Lenostube offers a quick delivery and a lifetime guarantee making it one of the best websites to purchase YouTube likes. Lenostube delivers quality likes with no drops and allows you to choose the speed at which you want it delivered. 

      Endorsed by Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine, Lenostube is safe and easy to use. Lenostube has various packages ranging from 50+ likes(4$) to 4000+ likes(149$) allowing you to choose based on your needs.


      • Full privacy is assured as all the information you provide is completely confidential.
      • A lifetime guarantee ensures that any drop in likes that might occur will be replaced with new likes.
      • 100% safe payment.
      • YouTube views and comments can also be purchased via Lenostube.
      • Lenostube also provides YouTube SEO analysis that can help your videos rise above the clutter.

      2. Getafollower

      With a 4.8/5 customer review rating and over 12 years in the business, Getafollower brings experience and geo-targeted likes allowing you to target your ideal audience.

      They are committed to delivering high-quality likes from real users and their customer service is top-notch. Getafollower is a leader in the industry and they are a secure way of increasing your credibility and engagement on YouTube.

      Getafollower offers 1000 organic likes at $149 delivered across 7-10 days providing a cost-effective way to steadily increase your video’s reach.

      Key features

      • Varied like options which include video likes, shorts likes, and comment likes.
      • Targeted services at a specific demographic.
      • Money-back guarantee, that is, your money will be refunded if you are not satisfied with the service delivered.
      • Provides services for other social media platforms such as TikTok likes and Instagram followers.
      • Prioritize the privacy and discretion of customers.

      3. Youtube4000hours

      Youtube4000hours uses a slightly different approach to provide real likes. They advertise your video on unaffiliated apps and exchange system websites, where actual people will view it and need to like it to unlock features or points. This approach provides you with real likes that YouTube cannot suddenly take away from you.

      With 500 likes for $27, Youtube4000hours provides a quick fix for raising the interaction and social reputation of your video.

      Key features

      • Lifetime guarantee in case of a drop in likes.
      • Highly affordable with packages as cheap as $2.
      • They also sell YouTube hours and subscribers.
      • 100% secure.

      4. TheYTLab

      TheYTLab stands out for super fast delivery. Most of their services are automated which means you will start to see an increase in likes after a few minutes.

      Their strategies are incredibly safe and private ensuring a user-friendly experience. TheYTLab offers as many as 20,000 likes at the rate of $1.3 per 1000 likes, presenting an economical way to increase the visibility and audience for your video.

      Key features

      • Allows you to track the progress of your order in real time on the dashboard.
      • Can increase interactions on other social media platforms.
      • Instantaneous increase in video popularity.
      • Their likes never drop with a lifetime guarantee.

      5. Media Mister

      Among the websites that offer YouTube likes, Media Mister sticks out with a 4.47 out of 5 rating by sitejabber. Its focus on gaining organic likes through active YouTube users ensures high retention of YouTube likes which helps increase the visibility of your video.

      Media Mister emphasizes increased user engagement and visibility making it a great option for anyone looking for real and long-lasting YouTube likes. Media Mister gives you a cost-effective method of drawing in new viewers with its 500 video likes for a $77 deal.

      Key features

      • prolonged viewership and engagement with a high YouTube like retention rate.
      • To guarantee consumer happiness and confidence, a sixty-day refund policy is in place.
      • Many alternatives are available for liking, including NFT likes, short likes, community post likes, and comment likes.
      • To protect clients and foster the safety of sensitive info, no password is required.

      6. Growthoid

      Among YouTube vendors, Growthoid stands out with a customer rating of 4.7/5. Their easy-to-use service guarantees the delivery of high-quality likes, which will increase the visibility and rating of your video. They provide a variety of extremely reasonably priced payment options via secure web channels. 

      For those looking to boost their YouTube profile, Growthoid is a wonderful choice because of its various payment methods, which also have positive effects on video ranking and visibility in a market where credibility is essential.

      Growthoid offers 5000 likes for $119, making it a feasible method to improve the reach of your YouTube video.

      Key features

      • packages that are affordable and appropriate for a range of consumer needs.
      • Adaptable and safe payment solutions.
      • Buying YouTube comments and views is also possible via the site.

      7. QQTube

      QQTube receives high praise from its clients because it puts customer data protection first throughout transactions. Their dedication to moral behavior and openness increases the trust and contentment of their clients. 

      QQTube offers an astonishing 40,000 likes at $2.75 per 1000 likes, allowing you to have as much visibility as you want. Their strategy is straightforward, but these salient characteristics highlight how committed they are to online safety and client satisfaction. 

      Key features

      • Secure SSL Encryption to Preserve Client Transaction Data.
      • Transparency and Ethical Conduct Keeping Customers Satisfied and Confident.

      8. TheSocialMediaGrowth

      TheSocialMediaGrowth’s drive to always deliver premium quality likes makes it rank well in the realm of YouTube likes sellers. Their affordability and ability to deliver YouTube likes across various demographics is also a great advantage.

      As for the pricing, it goes for $4.97 per 1000 likes with the option of buying in bulk (bulk package starts from 100,000 likes). This allows users to gain access to an affordable way of running large-scale video marketing campaigns.

      Key features

      • Bulk-like packages that could be used for large-scale video marketing campaigns.
      • You can set up campaigns that are geo-targeted without stress and across any region or country.

      How to Buy YouTube Likes?

      While many think that purchasing YouTube likes is a simple action, there are a lot of hurdles that you need to take caution of when taking this path. Although buying YouTube likes is a great way to promote your videos; and, elevate your content, the industry is faced with a lot of shady sellers who provide nothing but poor-quality services. 

      The steps outlined below will help you navigate this world safely:

      Do adequate research

      There is a popular word online that should guide you in anything you are doing, and that is – DYOR; meaning Do Your Research. Your journey starts with doing a thorough investigation into reputable service providers for YouTube likes.

      Check for customer reviews and endorsements from clients to determine the company’s credibility and dependability.

      Select a reputable provider then choose an appropriate package

      Be certain to select a supplier that provides reputable likes. Fake likes can negatively impact your engagement numbers and potentially result in YouTube suspension. 

      Usually, providers offer a range of bundles with varying numbers of likes. Choose a bundle based on your needs and financial situation. Before investing in further packages, think about starting with a smaller one to test the service.

      Give the URL of the desired YouTube video

      You will need to submit the YouTube video link of the video you wish to increase in likes after selecting a package. 

      Note that a good service provider will never need to know your password to deliver YouTube services when you purchase bundled likes or other engagements.

      Your YouTube URL or the details of a particular video should be the only information you provide, avoid sharing any sensitive account information.

      Complete the Payment

      The next step is to make the payment after supplying the required details. Always ensure that the website you choose is secure before filling in your financial details. 

      Your device and personal information may be compromised if the website is not secured by a lock next to the web URL, indicating that the services could be hazardous.

      Reputable providers like the ones listed above guarantee a safe transaction by providing secure payment methods like PayPal or credit/debit cards.

      Delivery Period

      The YouTube video likes’ delivery time will be specified by the provider. Some systems may take several hours or days to deliver likes, while others may do it quickly.

      This is a time to exercise patience as the service provider must send your order in a secure manner that appears natural and drips into your account.

      Even though it would be amazing if your video suddenly received 5,000 likes, it is suspicious if they all show up at once. YouTube will flag your account if such happens.

      High-quality inspection

      If the likes you purchase for your YouTube uploads are fake or low-quality, YouTube will probably remove them, so you will have practically wasted your money. 

      Check the quality after the likes are sent. Genuine likes must originate from actual accounts, and the growth in likes ought to seem organic.

      Steer clear of sites that offer likes from blatantly fraudulent or inactive accounts.

      Analyze Outcomes

      Analyze how the bought likes affected your YouTube channel’s performance. Keep an eye out for gains in search engine ranks, visibility, and general interaction.

      Always review the policies and service guarantees offered by the supplier before making a purchase should you want a refund if there is a drop in likes or if you are not happy with the results. 

      Should you be happy with the outcome, you might think about buying more in the future.

      Continue to Provide High-Quality Content

      Keep in mind that while purchasing likes could increase your video’s initial credibility, high-quality, interesting material is necessary for long-term success on YouTube.

      To increase your organic likes and YouTube followers, concentrate on making insightful videos that connect with your viewers.

      Benefits of Buying YouTube Likes

      Purchasing YouTube likes can help your channel and videos in several ways. These are a few of the biggest advantages:

      Increased visibility

      Your success on YouTube largely depends on the amount of people who view and engage with your channel. When a large audience views your YouTube channel, this starts a domino effect of your videos attracting even more people as the YouTube algorithm makes sure that your videos rank higher and are seen by more people.

      Social Proof

      Social proof is a powerful tool in getting more people to engage with your videos on YouTube. According to psychology, a person’s action or inaction usually can be affected by a majority. It’s what makes a person watch your video simply because it has garnered a lot of views and reactions. 

      People will usually rationalize that since other people have watched and liked this video it has to be good, and this will influence them to in turn also watch your videos.

      Attracting Organic Engagement

      Taking a spin-off the last point, we already know that people’s perception of a video with a large number of likes is that it contains value. Therefore getting numerous likes on your video will attract traffic organically to that video and your channel.

      Things to Consider Before Buying YouTube Likes

      Buying YouTube likes for your video is a big step for your channel, here are a few things you should consider before taking such a bold step:

      1) Understand The Pros & Cons

      The list of what you stand to gain from buying YouTube likes is quite long. Improved visibility, and better engagements, and it is a great way to kick off your channel if you are new to YouTube.

      But have you thought about the risks involved? One of the major problems is that some of the likes you purchase might not come from active users and YouTube’s algorithm is getting better at rooting out fake engagements which could result in your video getting banned.

      You need to carefully evaluate the pros and cons before purchasing likes as it offer unsure rewards at an expensive amount.

      2) Channel Credibility

      YouTube is filled with various kinds of content creators and proving your channel is credible can be a difficult challenge. Buying likes can help you stand high among other creators and enhance your credibility.

      This credibility can be questioned if you don’t choose a supplier that supplies likes from real users. Some suppliers make use of bots to create fake likes which can suddenly be taken away by YouTube and this can taint your reputation.

      3) Quality Over Quantity

      One very important thing to know is that getting premium likes is more important than the numbers. So always confirm that the likes you buy are from active users as this is essential to the success of your channel.

      Also, you should not depend on buying YouTube likes as a long-term marketing strategy. Once the likes help launch your channel, your goal should be to create great content that connects with your viewers.

      4) Choose Reputable Services

      You should not rush into selecting a service provider. You have to do your research and then choose one that ticks all the boxes, that is, a supplier that has great reviews from satisfied customers, a good refund policy or service guarantee, and one that delivers likes from real users.


      Is it safe to buy YouTube likes in 2024?

      Yes, if you buy from a reputable provider, and the answer can also be No if you buy from untrusted sources. The only safe way of buying YouTube likes is to purchase from a trusted provider that delivers YouTube likes under the terms and conditions of YouTube.

       Luckily, we’ve curated the top providers of YouTube likes in this post. Buying likes on YouTube drives the ultimate performance of a channel against the YouTube algorithm by helping your videos gain a natural reach, thus increasing the chances of people viewing, liking, and commenting on your videos, and thereby helping you gain higher engagement on your channel.

      Are there alternative ways to increase YouTube likes?

      Yes, alternative ways to increase YouTube likes include doing it organically, optimizing your videos, and collaborating with other YouTubers.

      How much do likes cost?

      The price of purchasing lives varies from provider. Some providers offer as little as $0.11 for 10 likes, and some charge up to $1.25 for 10 likes. The most important thing is for you to do extensive research on the provider you select to ensure that their services are legitimate.

      Should I be dissatisfied with the likes I purchased, may I get a refund?

      The likelihood of getting a refund after you purchase this service is highly dependent on the providers’ refund policy which is why you should go through it carefully and do research before going ahead with the purchase.

      How quickly will I get the likes I paid for on my video?

      How quickly your likes will be delivered depends largely on the service provider that you choose. Some deliver instantly while others could take a few hours before reflecting on your video.

      Either way, you have to be patient as each supplier has their approach to ensuring the likes do not violate YouTube policies.

      Will buying likes help me earn money from my videos?

      Purchasing YouTube likes is an investment, the likes you buy can help increase your visibility and engagements. The purchased likes lead to more views and organic subscribers which allows you to be able to sign up for the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) to be eligible for revenue.


      Image illustrates the the end of the review.

      Purchasing YouTube likes does not have to be a stressful process. It can be safe and be an exciting investment. If you want to start as minimum, you can always try by buying 50 YouTube likes for experimental purpose.

      The sites we have recommended are tested and proven with little to no drawbacks. Purchase as many likes as you want through any of them, but be moderate. Remember that buying is not a lasting solution, and you should always aim to produce quality content for your viewers to enjoy.

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