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My AskAI Review- Features, Alternatives, Results, Pros and Cons

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    Think about this. Your business saves 2.5 billion hours of work and 30% of customer service costs every year. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, not anymore. AI-powered chatbots have made this possible. 

    Despite the proven benefits, many individuals and businesses still tend to turn their faces away from AI. But, why? Because they don’t have trust in the emerging tech start-ups. That’s why we have come up with a complete review of My AskAI after testing it to create a chatbot for a website. Read on to understand everything you need to know about MyAsk AI such as features, alternatives, pros, and cons before purchasing it.

    Table of Contents
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      What is My AskAI?

      My AskAI is an AI-powered platform that lets you ask questions and get answers from various sources of data such as APIs, and web pages. It was founded in 2022 and has literally created waves in the industry soon after its launch. Read this article to know how live chat is useful for your business.

      You can use it to create chatbots for your website. And, guess what? You need not have any coding skills or technical knowledge for that.

      Use Cases

      Well, chatbot creation is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more to explore. The usage of advanced Natural Language Processing Models(NLP) like GPT 3.5 and GPT 4, makes it even more powerful to perform various functions. Here are some examples of how you can use My AskAI for different purposes:

      • Research Assistant: You can use My AskAI to find relevant information and statistics for your research. It even summarizes the key findings, performs calculations, and presents the data as a graph for better understanding.
      • Problem-solving: Having been trained with massive data in advanced NLP models, My AskAI has quite an in-depth knowledge base. You can use that to get suggestions and recommendations for your problems.
      • Customer Support: As said before, My AskAI acts as a customer care assistant who works round-the-clock to guide customers regarding their concerns.
      • Internal Knowledge Base Assistance: You can use the AI platform to create an internal knowledge base for your company by training it with data like your website, documents, drive, etc.

      How does My AskAI work?

      When you share data with the platform, it breaks up into chunks of text. After receiving a question, My AskAI uses advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) models like GPT 3.5 and deep learning to understand it. It converts your question and your web pages into numerical representations called embeddings. Then, the chatbot searches to find the closest and semantically relevant chunks of text to the question. Read this blog to know the latest trends in the AI industry.

      Features of My AskAI

      My AskAI comes up with many cutting-edge features to gain the attraction of businesses. What makes it even more impressive is that My AskAI provides all these features for free, with flexible and affordable plans for more advanced users. Here are some of them:

      1. User-friendly

      The most highlighting feature of My AskAI is that it is easy to use. Anyone without even basic technical knowledge can create a chatbot in minutes. You can use a Chrome extension to give access to data to the chatbot from any webpage.

      2. Customization

      You can give access to any data on the web by simply pasting the URL. Or, just manually upload the data. You can set your brand logo and color palette to the AI assistant for a better experience.

      3. Data Security

      When it comes to AI services, there are many concerns surrounding data safety. Well, My AskAI stores your data safely in bank-grade encryption (AES-256). They automatically delete any uploaded files unless you tell them not to do so. If you say so also, the AI tool has assured us not to use it for training their models.

      4. Automatic site-syncing

      Every time you make any changes to your website, you need not notify the AI assistant about it. The chatbot automatically syncs every week to detect any change and reflect it in the answers.

      5. AI to Human Assistant

      In the worst scenario, if the AI chatbot fails to reply to a complex question, it hands over the summary of the conversation to a human assistant. You can provide an email or page URL to link in such cases.

      6. Storage of Insights

      My AskAI stores the summary of each conversation in the insight dashboard. You can analyze such data effectively to detect any recurring issues or improvement points.

      7. Automatic Alerts

      If many conversations arise about a specific topic, My AskAI will notify you through the given email. Thus, you can stay notified of important matters and address them at the right time.

      8. Personalization

      My AskAI understands the essence of a conversation and remembers the user preference in the next conversation. That means the user will have a personalized experience and creates continuity in the conversation.

      9. Task Automation

      My AskAI can take a step beyond customer support by performing tasks on behalf of the user. For example, the chatbot can book tickets for a bus trip. This way, you can improve the User Experience(UX) and decrease the conversion time.

      10. Natural Language Processing

      My AskAI uses advanced Natural Language Processing models like GPT 3.5 to understand the conversation deeply and provide relevant replies from massive trained data. If you can opt for a paid plan, the chatbot utilizes GPT 4, the most advanced NLP model.

      11. Collaboration Facilities

      The platform offers basic collaboration features such as adding other team members in the optimization of the chatbot. Thus, it helps to improve collaboration and teamwork in the company.

      12. Hire an Assistant

      In case you don’t have any professionals to provide backup support during the failure of the chatbot to respond to a particular conversation, you can consider hiring a virtual assistant for customer care through My AskAI. Check out our guide on the best websites to hire virtual assistants.

      13. Multilingual Support

      My AskAI supports questions and data in over 95 languages. Therefore, users can prefer to ask questions in their own language even if the language of the data differs from it.

      Step-by-step Guide

      We have used the MyAsk AI to create a chatbot for a professional portfolio website. The entire process was incredibly easy and efficient. And, the best part is that it took less than two minutes to complete. Check out the step-by-step guide process from start to finish.

      1. Get Started

      You can get started by simply logging in through your work mail. Then, the chatbot asks a few optional questions such as who will use the chatbot, your industry, and why you signed up. Upon answering, you can enter the name of the chatbot.

      2. Choose the Purpose

      The next step is to choose the purpose of the chatbot. The platform gives you two options. You can choose it for customer service by adding the widget to the website. This way, the chatbot answers the queries of the customers from the data.

      Alternatively, you can use it for internal purposes like sharing the company knowledge with employees or something. Additionally, it serves well for research purposes, too. Make sure you choose the right option since the working of the chatbot totally depends upon that.

      3. Customization

      Provide the URL of the website’s homepage to which you want to share the data. In this case, we have typed in the URL of the professional portfolio website. After that, the platform takes you to the interface for customization.

      You can enter the company name and upload the brand logo to be displayed in the chatbot. You also have the option to type the color code of the desired color palette of the chatbot. We choose Aqua Blue(#00DBFF). Then, edit the welcome message to be given to the customers. You can change the starter questions and actions in the later stages.

      4. Handover Email

      As mentioned above, My AskAI has a human handover feature. In case the AI assistant fails to answer any query of the customer, it automatically transfers the conversation to a human. If the website already has a live chat widget, the platform automatically integrates with that. In case you don’t have one, you can transfer it to mail.

      5. Testing

      The next stage is to test the AI chatbot. You can ask 3 random questions and see whether it replies accurately. This way, you can identify any errors or improvement points.

      6. Integration

      The last step is to add the chatbot to your website. You can add it either as a floating bubble button or in-page chat. In both cases, the platform gives a code. You just need to paste it into the HTML section of the website. It’s as simple as that.


      As we used the AI chatbot for a professional portfolio website, our main aim was to generate leads from potential business clients. And, we are amazed to say that the results after using My AskAI were nothing less than impressive. Have a look at those:

      • Better User Engagement: after placing the AI assistant widget into the website, the key engagement metrics like click-throughs, conversation rates, etc. rose tremendously. The interactive and personalized nature of the chatbot drew visitors deeper into the portfolio.
      • Time-Efficient Inquiry Handling: Visitors experienced prompt responses to their questions, without the need of waiting for hours in email. Such instant communication improves User Experience(UX) and encourages them to take action promptly.
      • Personalized Content Recommendations: The chatbot understands the interests of the customers through the interaction and recommends content based on that. For example, when a language learning academy entrepreneur enquired whether the content writer has experience in the same field, the chatbot replied by recommending the latest articles of the writer in the same niche.
      • Improved Conversion Rates: The integration of the AI chatbot produced direct results for the website. The conversion rate climbed up within a month after the addition of the chatbot.

      Pricing of My AskAI

      Image illustrates the pricing plan for

      The pricing of My AskAI is really worthwhile and makes it unique from other competitors. The company’s affordable pricing policy made it accessible to businesses of all sizes, from startups to giant companies. Have a look at it:

      1. Free Plan

      The free plan is for anyone who wants to test whether the platform is actually worth the hype. You can create one chatbot, sync up to 500 web pages, have 50 conversations, and generate up to 5 chat summaries per month. The free plan provides you with basic insights. Customization features and the option to hand over to human assistants in case of complex questions are available for all packages. But, you do not have the option to add team members in the back-end.

      2. Essential Plan

      The essential plan costs $13.30 and is ideal for small start-ups who are just getting started. This plan covers all the features available in the free plan. Plus you can have up to 200 conversations per month, sync unlimited web pages, and web chat support. You can also add other team members to the optimization process at an additional charge of $25 per addition.

      3. Pro Plan

      The Pro plan is meant for giant companies and the official website states that over 55% choose this plan. It costs $66 per month. Beyond the Essential plan features, you can have up to 1000 conversations per month and get advanced insights. You can get prioritized support, including Zoom. The key features of the Pro plan are that you can set a customized tone for replies, export conversation data, and capture the emails of the users. However, the rate of adding an additional team member remains the same. 

      4. Beast Plan

      Beast plan is for those who consider customer care seriously and want to explore all the features of an AI chatbot. It costs $666 per month. It incurs a hefty cost of $666 per month. So, the platform offers maximum features and support to the package.

       You can create unlimited chatbots, ask unlimited questions and have full access to the API. You can fully remove AskAI branding and exclusively place your logo as well as the colour palette. Another highlighting addition is that a dedicated Customer Success Manager(CSM) will be allocated to manage the chatbot.


      $ 0 Billed Monthly
      • For super-small companies who want to test us out and kick the tyres.
      • 50 conversations/mo
      • Add & sync 500 webpages
      • Handover to live chat or email
      • Unlimited site searches
      • Custom starter questions + actions
      • Customize branding
      • Community support
      • Share via link or website embed


      $ 66 Billed Monthly
      • For revenue-generating SaaS companies who take their product seriously.
      • 1,000 conversations/mo
      • Add & sync UNLIMITED webpages
      • Handover to live chat or email
      • Unlimited site searches
      • Custom starter questions + actions
      • Advanced insights and analytics
      • Customize branding
      • Priority chat/email + Zoom support
      • Share via link or website embed
      • New webpages auto-added weekly
      • 1 team seat included ($25/m per extra seat)
      • Customise tone & answer style
      • Capture user emails
      • Export conversation data
      • GDPR compliance
      • $99/m per additional 1,000 conversations
      • Add on: Connect Google Drive & Notion (Daily sync)
      • Add on: API access & Slack, Teams, Zapier, WhatsApp integrations


      $ 13
      Billed Monthly
      • For small startups who are proving their idea and launching their first MVP.
      • 200 conversations/mo
      • Add & sync UNLIMITED webpages
      • Handover to live chat or email
      • Unlimited site searches
      • Custom starter questions + actions
      • Basic analytics & insights
      • Customize branding
      • Web chat + email support
      • Share via link or website embed
      • New webpages auto-added weekly
      • $25/m per extra team seat

      Enterprise Plan

      Custom pricing
      • For large enterprises, agencies and platform owners.
      • Everything in Pro
      • Unlimited AI assistants
      • Full API access
      • HIPAA compliance
      • Unlimited team seats
      • Dedicated success manager
      • Whitelabel solution
      • Use your own database & OpenAI key
      • $99/m per additional 1,000 conversations

      Pros and Cons

      Till now, we have discussed the highlighting features of the AI platform that make it stand out from the competitors. However, My AskAI may not be a perfect solution, and it has some advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before you use it. Let’s have a look at them.


      Alternatives to My AskAI

      Ever since the launch of Chat GPT, the AI industry has been marked with a tremendous influx of companies. Even though My AskAI has created a unique impression, it is not yet free from competition. Many alternative companies come with similar features for you to consider. Check out them:

      My AskAI VS LiveChat AI

      • As said earlier, simplicity is the key feature of My AskAI. It has a simple and minimalist interface that helps you create a chatbot within minutes. LiveChat AI comes up with an advanced interface with more customization features like setting an image in the backdrop of the chat. 
      • My AskAI learns from your feedback and slowly adapts to it over time. Well, LiveChat also learns from your feedback but it also allows you to edit and manually improve the response of the chatbot.

      My AskAI VS Forethought AI

      • My AskAI mentions 3 main monthly plans on their official website: Free, Hobby($13.30), Pro($66), and Beast($666). Forethought AI does not have such a fixed pricing plan. You need to contact their team for a customized plan based on your required features and chances are that it could be more expensive, as compared to MyAsk AI.
      • My AskAI is designed for beginners without much technical knowledge. It comes with a user-friendly interface to create chatbots within minutes. But, Forethought AI’s interface is more professional and may not be easily followed by beginners. Just like LiveChat AI, Forethought also supports a background image or media in the chat.

      My AskAI VS Drift

      • My AskAI offers a free plan that you can use as long as you want with limited features. On the other hand, Drift does not have a free plan but has a free trial to just test the platform within a limited time. Moreover, the pricing of Drift starts at $2500 per month which is far more costly than My AskAI.
      • Even though My AskAI offers integration with many reputed platforms like Slack, Whatsapp, Zapier, etc., Drift is way ahead in that. Drift has over 50 native integrations and covers various platforms like Salesloft that cannot be connected with My AskAI.

      My AskAI VS LetsAsk.AI

      • My AskAI provides a human routing feature to hand over complex queries that the AI chatbot cannot reply to a human assistant. On the flip side, LetsAsk.AI cannot transfer such conversations to human assistants, which is a major drawback of the tool.
      • You can get started with My AskAI on a freemium model but LetsAsk.AI does not mention any free plans on their official website.

      Customer Reviews of My AskAI

      Image illustrates the user reviews for Zutrix.

      Like any other innovative AI tool, My AskAI was successful in generating word-of-mouth buzz among users. The users of the platform range from students to marketing professionals. Let’s have an overview of what they say.

      Most users are impressed by the coverage of all basic features in the Free plan. They can create and personalize chatbots that perfectly fit their specific needs. Another positive factor mentioned in the reviews is the ease of use and the user-friendly interface.

      However, My AskAI is not without its drawbacks. Some users have expressed concerns about the privacy and security of their data. Some others suggest that the AI platform has a way ahead to go, in terms of features. Let’s check them out.

      Potential Improvements

      We were actually satisfied with the chatbot created through My AskAI. But, there are some improvement points for the platform. Here are some of them:

      1. Support

      Being an AI-powered platform that mainly addresses customer care sector issues, it is ironic that My AskAI itself fails to build a robust customer care support system for its own users. Some users with low-tier plans have shared their experience of waiting for a long time to get a solution from the team. It is better to add more support resources, such as FAQs, tutorials, guides, videos, how-to blogs, etc.

      2. Customization

      Although My AskAI is better known for its customization features, they could make it way better. For instance, adding the feature to include an image in the background of the chat can be really helpful for branding. In fact, many chatbots like LiveChat AI and Forethought have this feature. The option of customizing the tone of the reply is a crucial feature. So, it is better to make it available for users to test it in the free plan, at least for a limited time.

      3. Emotional Intelligence

       Nowadays, customers want brands to engage with a personal touch. They need brands to understand and empathize with the user’s emotions. For that, a chatbot needs Emotional Intelligence(EI). EI is a dynamic field with ongoing research and developments. So, investing in EI technology may open up new paths of opportunities for My AskAI.

      4. Offline Features

      The working of the AI platform hugely relies on network connectivity. A poor network connection can cause delays in accessing the knowledge base and responding time, which could be really painful for businesses with premium clients.

      5. Feedback Mechanism

      As mentioned above, My AskAI heavily depends on the feedback. Therefore, it is a good option to add upvote and downvote features in each conversation. This way, the platform can draw valuable suggestions about its performance.

      6. Size of the chatbot

      Actually, we faced a problem during the integration of the chatbot with the website. The chatbot size was quite large as compared to the header section and the interface could not be seen properly in desktop view. Unfortunately, the code doesn’t have the option to adjust the size. We had to make the necessary changes to the website. 

      As far as we understand, the option to customize the size of the chatbot is available only for paid plans. This seems to be really painful as the chatbot itself might not be useful without this feature. So, it would be better to include such a key feature in the free plan itself.

      Frequently Answered Questions(FAQ)

      1. Do I need to know coding to integrate the chatbot into a website?

      No. The platform gives you the code of the chatbot. You just need to paste it into the HTML section of the website.

      2. What content types can I use to train the chatbot?

      You can upload data in various forms like website links, PDFs, documents, etc. to train the AI assistant.

      3. Does the AI assistant understand queries in other languages?

      Yes, My AskAI can understand the data and conversations in over 95 languages. 

      4. How many pieces of content can AskAI use in its answer?

      The chatbot will look over all the webpages you add, and identify the 4 most relevant pieces of text from them to use to answer your question.

      5. Do I need to give credit card details for the free plan?

      No, you just need a work email to get started with the free plan. The free starter plan does not have auto-deduction or hidden charges.

      Final Verdict

      The integration of My AskAI assistant yielded visible results promptly. Based on our testing and evaluation, we have found that My AskAI is a promising chatbot platform that is to be considered by modern web-based businesses. 

      However, the chatbot is not flawless. As said earlier, the inability to adjust the size of the chatbot and the failure to find a guide to solve that, are indeed pressing matters. But, the powerful features cover it up all.

      So, is My AskAI worth it? Yes. Despite some limitations, we had an awesome experience. But, don’t just take our word for that. Check out the free plan. Then, see for yourself and let us know how it works for you.

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