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Wing Assistant Review- Should You Hire From Them?

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    Did you know that you can save 78% of your business expenses with just one decision? Well, what is it? Hire virtual assistants. You’ve probably heard of virtual assistants, but do you know how they can help you grow your business and save you time?

    A virtual assistant is someone who works online to help you with business tasks. You need not give any salary, paid holidays, or additional perks. Just pay for the working hours. It’s as simple as that! But, in spite of such a cost-effective option, many companies still back out from switching to it. Why?

    Simply because they find it difficult to trust online platforms that offer such services. That’s why we have come up with an in-depth review of Wing Assistant, a virtual hiring platform which we have tested. Keep on reading to understand everything you need to know such as features, pricing, pros and cons to make a decision whether to go for it.

    Table of Contents
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      What is Wing Assistant?

      Wing Assistant is a staffing solution brand that provides virtual assistants to companies and individuals. It was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Berkeley, California.

      The staffing agency focuses on providing virtual assistants to companies who want to save time and cost over routine administrative tasks. They claim to provide only English-speaking and qualifying candidates that meet the expectations of the clients.

      Features of Wing Assistant

      Image illustrates the features of

      Since the virtual hiring industry is a tough competitive one, Wing Assistant does not compromise on its service specifications. In fact, our attention was caught by some of the features that set them apart from other competitors and that’s what made us test it for hiring an email management virtual assistant. Have a look at those features: 

      1. Dedicated Assistant

      Wing Assistant provides you with a virtual assistant who is dedicated to your company only. As a result, the assistant will have more focus on your job and objectives. 

      2. Customer Success Manager

      Wing Assistant allocates a case manager to each client. Your CSM helps you get started, onboard your assistant, and resolve any issues or concerns. The manager is responsible for implementing strict quality control procedures to ensure that the work meets the standards. 

      3. Communication Features

      Wing Assistant has a user-friendly chat interface just like WhatsApp or Messenger. You can send messages, files, feedback, and instructions to the Virtual Assistant or the manager via the Wing Chat.

      4. Wink Screen Recorder

      When it comes to managing virtual jobs on a platform, collaborative features like video sharing are a big concern. Wing Assistant offers a Wink screen recorder feature in its workspace app to address this concern. You can record the screen as well as the voice to demonstrate how to perform a task. Then, share it with the virtual assistant for training purposes rather than wasting time on preparing a long manual.

      5. Report Mistakes

      Wing Assistant offers an option to provide feedback on the virtual assistant’s performance. You can see a small icon in the lower right corner of each chat bubble. Click on it to give feedback as to what was the mistake or how the virtual assistant can improve. The feedback directly goes to the Customer Success Manager for analysis.

      6. Kanban Board

      Kanban is a visual system that helps you stay on track by showing the progress of tasks across different stages. The workspace app lets you access a Kanban board where you can add tasks with descriptions and move them to the finished tab. 

      7. Cloud Storage

      You have access to cloud storage from 10 GB to unlimited, depending on the plan you choose. You can store and share the files with the virtual assistant without the fear of any security issues.

      8. Training Facility

      What happens if your virtual assistant does not have sufficient knowledge about your job role? Well, Wing Assistant offers a solution to that, too. Instead of asking for a replacement, you can request training for your assistant on any tool or task. Wing Assistant ensures the services of a dedicated Training and Development team to provide coaching for the assistants.

      9.’Routine’ and ‘Workflow’ Task Delegation

      You can assign tasks to the virtual assistant through two modes: ‘Routine’ and ‘Workflow’. The workflow section is meant for delegating tasks of a project that are to be completed in a specific order. The routine feature allows you to hand over any necessary passive and recurring tasks to the assistant during the free time.

      10. AI Features

      Wing Assistant accepts that they promote the usage of AI tools among virtual assistants to provide the best services at a competitive rate. However, the final work is reviewed by a team of human experts to ensure quality.

      Step-by-step Guide

      Let’s move to the most awaited topic- how Wing Assistant works. Well, the process to get started is simple. Have a look at that:

      #1 Schedule a call

      Get in touch with the Wing Assistant team to explain your job description and specific preferences. Clear all your doubts and concerns with the official team directly. They will show you how the entire software works through a demo.

      #2 Choose a plan

      After understanding your requirements, the Wing Assistant team will suggest a pricing plan. You can go with it or choose any other plan from the official website. Select from a wide range of payment options and proceed with it.

      #3 Meet the Customer Success Manager

      Upon payment, you will get allocated to a Customer Success Manager (CSM) who is responsible for managing your case. The CSM will help you from onboarding the virtual assistant to ensuring the quality of the work.

      #4 Sign up your Account

      You have the option to use Wing Assistant’s free software for managing the work. It comes with standard collaboration features such as screen sharing, video meetings, file sharing, etc. Alternatively, you can opt for any other external software like Jira, Trello, ClickUp, etc.

      #5 Start with the work

      After the selection of software, you are good to get started. In case the assistant is not getting used to the software, you can request the platform to give the necessary training. If any other issue comes around, contact the Success Manager.

      Pricing of Wing Assistant

      The pricing of Wing Assistant greatly varies depending upon the job, hours needed, and locality of the assistant. However, there are two main pricing plans for general Virtual Assistants. Here they are:

      • Part-Time Assistant: The part-Time assistant package costs $599 per month and covers 80 hours of work, plus 10 GB of cloud storage.
      • Full-Time Assistant: This package costs $999. You can allocate up to 160 hours of work per month. Moreover, you can enjoy unlimited cloud storage. However, the other features are almost the same as the first package.

      As said earlier, this is just a basic structure and greatly varies on your specifications. For instance, if you want a US-based virtual assistant, the pricing is completely different. A part-time assistant package costs $1599 and a full-time assistant costs $2999.

      User Experience of Wing Assistant

      Image shows a user holding a mobile and looking at rating.

      We tested Wing Assistant for hiring a virtual assistant for email management. And, we are totally satisfied with the service. Here’s what we feel about the different sections:

      1. Interface

      Many software require time to get used to. But, the best part with Wing Assistant is that there is no learning curve for that. It comes with a user-friendly dashboard which is easy to use even for a beginner who uses task management software for the first time. The interface sequentially arranges various features related to task assignment, collaboration, and service support.

      2. Customer Service

      Actually, we did have some questions in mind while using the software for the first time. The dedicated Customer Service Manager(CSM) was available throughout to address the concerns. The manager joins each stage of the work with regular follow-ups and suggestions. We were not required to contact customer service support, even though there’s one if the manager is unavailable.

      3. Service

      The service has been professional and reliable without any unnecessary lags. Managing the work was not a headache as the Success Manager keeps a close eye on the work to maintain work quality. And, the best part is that we need not invest in any productivity tools as Wing Assistant offers free software with almost all features.

      4. Security

      Another thing worth mentioning is the security of Wing Assistant. They ensure many advanced features to ensure the safety of sensitive information. We used the secure password-sharing tool to share the passwords with the virtual assistant without revealing them. Wing Assistant claims that every time we request or send data via the platform, they verify your device’s identity.

      Pros and Cons of Wing Assistant


      Customer Reviews of Wing Assistant

      Image illustrates how PlayHt user and customers are reviewing it.

      The customer response to Wing Assistant seems generally positive with some suggestions for improvement. The clients of the platform range from start-ups to giant companies. Let’s see what they say.

      Many clients appreciate the dedicated support of the Customer Success Manager(CSM) and instant response to concerns. Most of the reviews suggest that they are satisfied with the services of the virtual assistants. Yet another positive factor mentioned in the reviews is the user-friendly task management software.

      Even though the trends seem to be in favor, Wing Assistant has not escaped from the negatives. Some users have experienced occasional technical issues with the Wing Ops portal affecting their workflow. Moreover, many suggest improvement points for the platform to consider. Let’s check it out.

      Potential Improvements

      While Wing Assistant offers a compelling set of features and functionalities, no product is without its areas for improvement. Let’s discuss this:

      1. Advanced Task Automation

      While the current task automation features are strong, allowing users to create more complex automation would be a valuable addition. For instance, it is better to introduce a visual scripting interface in the software. Such improvements could help users to tailor automation to their specific workflows.

      2. Multilingual Support

      Wing Assistant claims that their assistants are college graduates with a strong grasp of the English language. Even though that’s great, the question is -is English enough? Expanding the language capabilities of Wing Assistant would expand its customer base to users around the world, especially in Eastern countries.

      3. Customization Features

      Currently, Wing Assistant provides access just to a single account for each client. Users could have distinct profiles for work and personal use, each with its own set of preferences. So, introducing customizable user profiles can improve User Experience(UX).

      4. Offline Functionality

      Network issues could be a pressing issue for managing work at crucial points. So, adding limited offline features such as setting reminders or accessing locally stored information, would be really helpful for companies.

      5. Clarity about AI usage

      Even though Wing Assistant’s official website claims that they train and use AI to provide better services, they have not yet given clarity as to how they use AI. If not used properly, AI may raise significant concerns like plagiarism, ownership confusion, etc. Therefore, it is better for the Wing Assistant to address the matter officially and answer such concerns.

      Alternatives to Wing Assistant

      As said before, the virtual hiring industry is characterized by tight competition. Many alternative companies offer similar features and services. Check out how Wing Assistant stands apart from them:

      1. Wing Assistant VS Magic

      • Wing Assistant provides services to highly-talented individuals over a wide range of services. But, Magic provides on-demand AI-powered virtual assistants who can help you with just basic tasks.
      • As far as pricing is concerned, Magic has an edge over Wing Assistant. You can get started with Magic with an amount as low as $10 per hour. For Wing Assistant, you need to spend at least $599 per month.
      • Wing Assistant and Magic seem quite similar. However, we did not get the change to test and hire a virtual assistant from Magic.

      2. Wing Assistant VS Tawk

      • Wing Assistant covers a diverse range of over 25 services including marketing, sales, and IT jobs. On the other hand, Tawk lets you hire only customer care-related assistants and does not offer any other services.
      • Another point to note is that Wing Assistant integrates with various data sources and platforms, such as Google Sheets, Salesforce, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc.  However, Tawk does not integrate with many data sources, as it mainly focuses on live chat and customer service.
      • If you are looking for a Wing Assistant alternative, Tawk is your best candidate. Tawk is also a large company with over 150 employees,, so you are in safe hands.

      3. Wing Assistant VS Boldly

      • Wing Assistant and Boldly are both virtual assistant services, but they differ in some key areas. Boldly offers only US-based virtual assistants. Even though Wing Assistant has a pricing plan exclusively for US assistants, it has the services of professionals around the world.
      • Another key difference is pricing. Wing Assistant charges a flat monthly fee starting from $599, depending upon the location, job type, and hours. Boldly charges an hourly rate, depending on the number of hours you need per month. The pricing starts at $43 per hour for 10 hours per month and goes up to $39 per hour for 40 hours per month. 
      • We believe Wing Assistant is a better option.

      4. Wing Assistant VS Zirtual

      • Zirtual is yet another virtual hiring platform that provides just US-based virtual assistants for premium companies that prefer professionals in the same time zone. But, the problem is that they are unmanaged. Wing Assistant gives you the flexibility to choose US-based and global virtual assistants. Moreover, it assigns a dedicated Customer Success Manager(CSM) to ensure the quality of the work.
      • Wing Assistant may be the only virtual assistant platform that uses AI to improve work quality. On top of that, they offer free task management software to effectively manage the work. Zirtual does not provide any software or software to manage the work.
      • Wing Asssistant is a better option than Zirtual.

      Benefits of working for Wing Assistant

      Till now we have analyzed Wing Assistant from an employer’s point-of-view. Now, let’s shift to the other side. What are some benefits offered by Wing Assistant to attract the top talented virtual assistants? Here are some:

      • Competitive Pay: Wing Assistant recruits for a long term and gives above-market rates to attract bright talents from around the world.
      • Health Benefits: The platform provides health benefits for US virtual assistants who work for more than 20 hours per week.
      • Flexibility: Assistants can set their own preferred time slot and work remotely from anywhere.
      • Ongoing support: Wing Assistant offers support to the assistants through a Customer Success Manager(CSM) who provides guidance at each stage of the work. And, assistants can request training or coaching for a specific area, without any cost.

      Frequently Answered Questions(FAQ)

      1. Is Wing Assistant worth it?

      Yes. We have tested their services for hiring a virtual assistant for email management and it worked well for us. The work quality is on par with the standards and the software for managing the work is user-friendly.

      2. How can I communicate with the virtual assistant?

      Wing Assistant provides you with free software with effective communication features for managing the work. Alternatively, you have the option to contact the assistant from any other applications like Slack, Whatsapp, Mail, etc.

      3. How to apply for jobs in Wing Assistant?

      You can apply for a virtual assistant job in Wing Assistant through the ‘career’ section on their official website. Upon accepting the profile, you will have to complete the assessment. Then, the officials will conduct a final-round interview.

      4. What kind of tasks can my Wing Assistant do?

      From personal assistance to technical assistance, you can choose from over 25 services offered by the platform. Some of the prominent services included are graphic design, chat support, web design, sales development representative, and IT helpdesk support agent.

      5. Does Wing Assistant have any additional fees?

      No, you just need to pay as per the chosen plan. There are no hidden fees or additional charges for the services.

      Final Verdict

      If you are looking for a reliable and all-in-one solution including task management software for managing the work, Wing Assistant is a good option, and the VA that we hired from them did a great job. 

      However, it is important to keep in mind that Wing Assistant is not a cheap solution considering the pricing of other competitors. On the other hand, the platform stands apart from the competition with a unique set of features.

      To wrap it up, Wing Assistant is definitely worth a shot. But, it does not offer a free trial for testing. So, be confident of your choice and have clear expectations before blindly investing in it. That’s all!

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