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PromoSM: What Is It? Is It A Scam? The Truth Revealed (2023)

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    For a change, let’s start this review with a question!

    Have you ever come across a comment on Social Media or YouTube, like this? 

    “I loved this especially the Ending!!! Want more subs? P-R-O-M-O-S-M!!”

    If so, then you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to reveal the truth about this site called Promosm

    How does it work, what is its purpose, is it legal, and why people are commenting about it? We will see the answers to all these questions today.

    And, we’ll also find out why so many people are hating on it, too!

    And to be frank, we are really excited to review this site today. Guess why? We have studied, tested and reviewed many amazing tools and software in the past year.

    However, this is the only tool that just gets a lot of negative feedback. 

    And as usual, before we drop our thoughts, we think about trying the service personally. And we did the same with Promosm, also this time.

    So, get ready to find out everything about this commenting trend!

    User Safety disclaimer

    PromoSM is a social media services provider. If you are really planning to use one, the team at SocialMarketing90 suggest to use safer and higher quality sites such as TheYTLab (our top pick of 2023) due to the negative reviews about PromoSM and its bot usage.

    Table of Contents
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      What does PromoSM mean? What does it do?

      First of all, PromoSM is made of two short words.

      Promo, which stands for Promotion, and SM, which stands for Social Media.

      It’s a way around to say “Social media promotion”, so you can already imagine what the site is about.

      With PromoSM, you can do marketing for multiple social media profiles at the same time and fast. In general, PromoSM sells a variety of Social media promotional services to “help” (at least according to their claims) businesses and creators to grow. 

      On their site, you can find a lot of social media services, from YouTube views to Instagram followers and TikTok comments.

      PromoSM is part of the family of SMM Panels type of website. (and we have an article where we explained how to start a smm panel business).

      What is PromoSM?

      So What is PromoSM? Well, in short – and technically speaking – It’s an SMM Panel

      You can promote your social media here, but there’s a catch, since you have to pay money

      And is not just a social media marketing website, but also one with aggressive promotional methods…and you will soon find out why.

      But let’s focus for a moment on what their website does, and our experience/opinion about it.

      How good is PromoSM? Is it a Scam?

      There are several SMM panels, but PromoSM claims to be the finest. This is something subjective, because from all the ones we tried, we do not agree

      Surely, PromoSM offers a wide range of services covering all the most well-known networks. Whatever your social media needs, whether on Facebook or Instagram, they have you covered.

      In fact, you can buy likes, comments, followers, and more for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

      But there are two issues with their service. The first one, is their pricing. While some could argue it is somewhat cheap, it is actually very expensive when compared to other SMM Panels.

      And when it comes to service quality, according to our testing, PromoSM is not in the best shape.

      Our intention is not to belittle anyone but rather to point out that PromoSM provides relatively lower quality services, and prevent that our readers – or users finding for the first time similar promotional methods – waste their money.

      And, we feel like it is worth it to spend a few words for exactly those users reading us now, meaning those people who are new to this “SMM” world. 

      As common practice in this field, at PromoSm they are using bot accounts to artificially inflate a person’s follower count, likes, or other metrics.

      So, this definitely provide a fast and satisfying increase in followers.

      However, spam accounts can also reduce your Youtube or Instagram’s reach and, consequently, its growth.

      Because of this, PromoSM has a large number of negative feedback from their user base, especially those who are new to SMM panel services and did not know what they were going to get.

      Moving on to the service, they provide around 9 YouTube services, 8 Instagram services, and 5 Facebook services… and more. 

      But the real deal is, do they really offer a valuable service? We are still quite skeptic about this, actually, especially when it comes to a value for money perspective. 

      However, on the other hand, PromoSM provides good customer service because they make each customer feel important and offer support each day of the week.

      Lastly, the tale is partial without a blemish, as PromoSM has also failed to deliver on a number of the orders they received during our test. 

      This frequently occurs because of technical issues, according to their support, and while most times the orders were later refunded, it is not ideal for a panel to have these issues on a regular basis.

      As we said, if you are really going to try a service to promote your social media pages or YouTube channel, we tried in the past better websites. 

      We made a list with the best ones too but, to cut it short, TheYTLab (here their official site) was the best also because they use organic services only and that we recommend, in order to avoid a negative experience or impact on your social media pages.

      How to use a service from PromoSM?

      But for some, Promosm can still be a solution. Especially, if you know what SMM panels are about and the percentage of bot accounts, or if you have a large budget to spend.

      So, below how Promosm works and how you can place an order.

      Step 1 – Top-up your PromoSM account.

      Step 2 – Choose the service you wish to avail of!

      Step 3: Input the Right link and the quantity you require. 

      Meanwhile, it would be best if you satisfied the requirements mentioned for each service. For instance, you need to share the public link; until your service is completed, you must keep the page or profile Public only, and not delete it.

      Because in case you fail to meet these criteria, and your order fails, you won’t be able to claim the warranty promised by PromoSM or a refund. Also, you should keep the link the same once you send the order! For instance, do not change your Instagram or YouTube handle.

      Step 4 – Just cross-check the link once again and make sure your link satisfies all the criteria.

      Step 5 – That’s it; you can place the order and then track it from the Order History. 

      If you face any issue, raise the ticket and wait. You will get a reply to your queries by their support.

      Pricing Plan

      Let’s see their services and corresponding pricing ranges. 

      1) For Youtube, you can avail yourself of services such as views, watch time, likes, comments (no wonder…) and more.

      Below is the detailed rate of the YouTube Views service on PromoSM, as per the day we are writing.

      2) For Instagram, you can avail yourself of services such as followers, likes, and live video viewers. Check the pricing below.

      3) For Facebook, you can avail yourself of services like poll votes, friend requests, comments, and page likes. Find the pricing for each service below.

      There are several more services offered, for other social media networks like Twitter, Pinterest and so on.

      What people say

      Since this company does not have any reviews on trusted review sites like Trustpilot or Capterra, we have extended our usual research to google and got some users review from Youtube, Quora, and Reddit. 

      Check out the screengrabs for the actual user experience of Promosm. 

      Pros & Cons



      Our Verdict

      So we reach the end. Hmm… We know you are waiting for our final thoughts. This SMM panel is quite tricky and, actually, there are pros and cons. 

      Unlike other users’ experience, ours with this PromoSM panel was not that much worse, but when compared to similar sites, their pricing are too much and services tend to get stuck or canceled. In our experience, sites like Aww or TheYTLab are safer and better.

      And of course, there is this thing with their promotion technique, spamming the web with comments. Also, we figured out that they are using automatic bots, and is something important to point out for people who never worked with SMM panels before.

      But, feel free to try their services, and let us know in the comments your experience.

      Also, before you make a move, it’s always better to connect with the support team to understand their promotional method or any warranty. As we mentioned, their support is one of the cons about the site.

      And, suppose you are new to the SMM panel world; then you should definitely check our blog about how to start an SMM panel to know more about it. Not just if you want to start your own SMM business, but also to learn more about this world, which is getting more and more popular. 

      So that’s the Wrap-up and if you have any doubts regarding this, feel free to drop a comment below. We are always ready to respond to your queries. See you all on the next impactful review!

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