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Understanding Predis AI: A 2023 Review

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    We have reviewed and tested different social media management tools on the market; however, until now we missed Predis, which is a unique one. 

    An A.I. powered social media management platform that makes of automated post generation its strongest feature.

    Nowadays, we all know how social media plays a vital role in every industry. So keeping us alive in this vast market is quite a complicated and time-consuming task for any business owner or creator.

    But, what if you can quickly generate a huge amount of quality social media posts and schedule ahead to avoid last-minute preparation? 

    Predis AI is a tool that will automatically help you create high-quality content. Create  ▶️ Check ▶️ Schedule. It can be that simple, and Predis dramatically cuts down required time. 

    But, is it really worth it? How does it compare? And what are the tips to make the best out of it?

    Look no further because for today, we are going to review Predis; so without further ado, let’s dive into our Predis review.

    Table of Contents
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      What Is Predis AI?

      As the name states, it’s an AI SAAS platform for creating and scheduling social media posts. In other words, you don’t need to design the posts; this AI tool will design them for you; you just  need to enter the inputs for the posts, and that’s it. 

      The main purpose of this AI tool is to help you create content for all your social media posts in a breeze.

      Predis’ AI uses 8000+ different templates and scenarios to create engaging and unique social media content. 

      1) Predis Dashboard: Getting Started

      The Predis AI dashboard is a tool designed to help businesses grow their audience organically on social media. 

      It allows you to manage multiple social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc., and then track performance metrics. This includes likes, comments, followers, views, reach, etc.

      How to set up your account and safely add your social media profile

      You’ll start off by creating a workspace within the dashboard. Then, you’ll select the type of account you want to work with and the social media to connect.

      Next, you’ll want to complete the integration steps that allow you to safely connect your social media pages to Predis. 

      Once you’ve selected and connected your preferred social media platform, you’ll be able to view the connected account on the dashboard.

      How to create (and schedule) your first social media post

      Now, let’s talk about how to create and publish a post. First, you’ll head over to the “content library.” From there, you can set up a template for your post. You’ll be able to change colors, fonts, images, videos, etc.

      Finally, you’ll be able to insert your content (caption) into the box. 

      When you’re done, you’ll save the draft. Now, it’s time to preview your post. And if everything looks good, you’ll be ready to publish it.

      Once you hit “publish,” your post will be sent across your selected social network. You can also schedule the posts by choosing the time and date.

      Check out the below image carousel for creating the post.

      Generate content > add caption > save > preview > publish/schedule.

      2) Content Calendar

      The next feature that stands out in Predis is the ability to schedule your content in the future. This allows you to plan ahead and ensure everything goes according to your plans, plus having a regular publishing schedule with no worries.

      This tool helps you automate your content creation and scheduling process, ensuring you are always providing content to your audience. (And the social media alghortims…)

      You can choose dates, weeks, months, and even years to schedule your content.

      Once it reaches the specified date, the system will start posting your content for you.

      You can also export the posts you create, select date ranges, and schedule it on different social media scheduling platforms like Hootsuite.

      3) Competitor Analyzer

      The Predis AI Competitor Analyzers allow you to analyze the competition. With just one click, you can find out how your competitors rank on different metrics like traffic, social media followers, etc. It also gives you insights into what makes them successful.

      Now let’s check out the most important and useful Features of Predis AI.


      Apart from the above stuff, Predis has many other features which make it unique and attractive to users, and let’s see them in detail, together.

      • Creative post creation using Brand Colors – Once you add the default brand color and logos, the AI tool will generate the posts accordingly with the brand color. We feel it’s incredible! It just takes the primary color, font, and accent colors accordingly and matches the posts we generate. It’s an intelligent way of creating, branding and optimizing posts with minimum effort and by unleashing all the power of AI.
      • Post Engagement Prediction – is a groundbreaking tool that predicts how much engagement your future posts will likely receive. It uses machine learning and natural language processing techniques to make predictions about what your audience will like, and it does so without relying on manual curation.
      • How? The algorithm learns from your previous posts and analyzes the engagement they received. It then applies those learnings to predict the likelihood of success for each upcoming post. You can use this information to optimize your strategy and improve your performance across multiple platforms.
      • Caption Generator – Having the perfect caption for your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc., is more involved than it sounds. Many factors go into creating a great caption, such as the subject matter, the image quality, the mood, the timing, the font style, etc.
      • So, if you have a busy schedule and don’t want to save time coming up with captions, Predis’s Caption generator comes in handy. These tools help you generate captions based on keywords; the captions are relative and engaging compared to other caption generators we tried. They do not require much effort and are extremely helpful when you are posting multiple times.
      • Hashtag Generator – Hashtags are used to categorize posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They help people discover what others are talking about and make it easier to find similar content. But finding the perfect set of hashtags can take time and effort. If you want to use a popular hashtag, you’ll need to know how many times it’s been posted already. And if you’re trying to come up with something original, you’ll need to do some research to see what else people are saying.
      • That’s where Predis AI comes in. This AI tool helps you generate hashtags based on the search volumes of existing ones. Just type in the name of the hashtag you’d like to use and select the number of words you’d like to include. Then tap “Generate.” The app will return a list of suggested tags, along with the search volume for each one.
      • You can even add multiple tags to your post and let Predis Ai handle the rest. Once you’ve selected the best options, tap “Publish,” and your post will automatically be tagged with the chosen hashtags.
      • Multiple Workspace – You can access several workspaces in Predis ai. This is an excellent option if you have multiple projects at once and need a dedicated workspace for each. Also, there are possibilities to add teammates to your individual workspace to easily and privately collaborate with others.

      It streamlines the process of working together.

      Why Predis AI?

      Now we see everything Predis AI can do, so why is Predis? How it makes a change in your digital career? And how does it compare to similar tools? Let’s find out.

      Reasons we why think this tool will impact your digital career, are bulleted below; you will come across any of the things at least once in your digital career.

      • Busy Lifecycle – Predis will save you time with a few clicks.
      • Lack of Creativity – Predis can create and generate engaging and creative posts each and every time.
      • Interactive Caption – You get lots of ideas from your two-liner that you provide for informational and marketing purposes.
      • Lack of time to Schedule – Predis has a scheduler, and you can schedule the posts for a month, week, or even a year, and then forget about it.
      • Brand colors and Logos are in one place; once you feed the brand colors, the AI tool will start to generate the posts accordingly. Branding your made super easy.

      So who will need Predis? It’s suitable for all users who handle social media effectively. However, here is the list of peoples who may gain more help from Predis!

      1. Social Media Agencies
      2. Copywriters
      3. Content Creators
      4. Bloggers
      5. Influencers
      6. Entrepreneurs

      Pros & Cons



      Pricing Plan

      And what about the price? Predis AI has three paid plans: Solo, Starter, and Agency. Let’s see their details below.

      As already mentioned, Predis also has a Free plan with limitations. 1 Brand is allowed, 15 AI generated Posts and 10 Competitors Analyses can be done maximum. And, Predis Watermark will be there.

      So it is good to test the tool, but definitely not enough to use Predis in a consistent and professional way.

      Now let’s see the paid plans,

      Solo: Its pricing starts from $20 per month (billed annually) or $25 per month. Same as the Free plan with few changes, 1 Brand is allowed, 120 AI-Generation Posts, and 60 Competitors Analyses can be done. And Collaboration is possible. 2 Team members are allowed. And, most importantly, no branding.

      Starter: Its pricing starts from $40 per month annually and will be $49 per month. Again, 2 Brand are allowed, but Unlimited AI-Generation Posts and Unlimited Competitors Analyses can be done. 

      Lastly, Agency: Its pricing starts from $105 per month annually ($126 per month). It features 7 BrandsUnlimited AI-Generated Posts, and Unlimited Competitors Analyses. Additionally, 6 Team members are allowed, to make sure your whole agency team can easily access Predis and collaborate within the tool.

      Predis AI Overall Rating

      Rating criteria
      Output Quality9.2
      Output Accuracy9
      Generation Speed9

      Users Experience

      Let’s check out what people have to say about Predis AI. We used TrustPilot (and other sites) to research Predis Ai’s reputation, and found that it received a 4.7 out of 5-star rating, putting it in the upper tier of the tested products.

      Check this customer’s feedback: “It’s the tool I use the most. I work alone, And I’m not good at creating content. Predis helps me solve this problem…”

      See more below.

      Bottom Line

      As we know, social media is essential to connect your business with your audiences and social media marketing is one of the best ways to promote your brand. But it requires hard work and dedication. You must spend hours daily posting content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

      If you want to save time, there are solutions. Predis Ai is one of them, as it helps you automate the process of creating content completely. 

      But auto-generated content does not necessarily mean lower quality. In fact, Predis’s AI uses pre-made design templates to create professional looking posts.

      This tool allows you to create social media content complete of creativity, brand colors, captions, and popular hashtags. 

      And, once the creation is completed, no need to export your posts (even though you could). Just use the integrated scheduling feature and get your content planned for the rest of the month… or even year.

      It is also worth mentioning that – despite we believe the AI content creation is what makes Predis special – a few more features are available, such as competitor analysis, which can become helpful to grow your social media presence.

      With the help of our comprehensive review, we hope you have a broad clearance about Predis AI. If you have any queries or doubts, feel free to ping us or drop a comment. We are always here to answer all your questions and doubts.  And see you in the following exciting review!

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