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Serpstat Review: The Truth About This SEO Tool

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    Google rank determines the worth of your business, which is why an effective and cost-effective SEO tool and strategy is crucial. It keeps you one step ahead of the tough competition in SERPS.

    But if there are a lot of SEO tools out there, what should you choose?

    If you want all the solutions in one, consider Serpstat.  Keyword research, competitive analysis, site auditing, tracking your rankings, backlink analys – everything SEO, with accuracy.

    Today, in this review of Serpstat, I’ll break down what Serpstat offers, how it compares against other SEO tools, pricing details, and any potential downsides or pros/cons of Serpstat.

    We will also find out if it is cheaper than other major SEO tools because it is less powerful… or if can actually be as good. So, stay tuned!

    Table of Contents
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      What is Serpstat?

      Serpstat is a cloud-based SEO suite for budget-conscious marketers. Even if we compare it with the SEO giants like Semrush, Ahrefs, and Moz, it holds its own ground well.

      It is created by Oleg Salamaha back in 2013. Initially focused on keyword research, Serpstat has evolved into a comprehensive SEO platform. It now offers an extensive database containing an impressive 5 billion keywords, data on 230 million domains, and insights into 4 billion backlinks. 

      With over 300,000 users spanning from bloggers to marketers, agencies, and large enterprises, Serpstat has become a popular an all-in-one solution for all your SEO needs.

      Quick Review

      If I had to give a quick opinion, Serpstat, given the lower pricing compared to most SEO tools out there, should be the go-to tool for people who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars per month on a SEO tool.

      From dissecting domains and websites to researching keywords and monitoring backlinks – Serpstat has everything covered!

      Serpstat may seem not as good when combined with SEO giants such as Semrush and Ahrefs; however, I’d argue it offers quite a similar value at just $59 a month! It will definitely come as a pleasant surprise, for those who tried all the 3 tools, as I did.

      Here are several factors that make it stand out:

      1. First and foremost, it is an all-in-one solution with SEO features such as competitor research, keyword selection, and backlink monitoring, website checkups, rank tracking, and reporting that meet every marketer, small biz owner, or agency’s needs.
      2. An organized dashboard, which serves as the nerve center of all SEO activities, keeping all the key metrics organized neatly for easy reference.
      3. An SEO tool with 10 years of experience. While it may not be the most popular, SerpStat has 10+ years of existence and product development, which makes it a fully functional and structured SEO tool.

      Serpstat offers tools and features designed to boost SEO for any business, regardless of industry or size. No matter the business type or service Serpstat offers, it is your surefire way to gain a competitive edge in SEO strategy.

      If you haven’t already, give the free trial a click. It might just become your new favorite SEO partner!

      Why do I personally like Serpstat?

      Well, it is inevitable for me to compare SerpStat to the likes of Moz, Ahrefs and SemRush.

      And therefore, here is what I like when I think of those other tools: Serpstat offers the perfect balance of features and pricing, giving users access to both.

      Let me break it down for you: Serpstat is like your trusted sidekick in SEO and digital marketing, equipped with everything needed to increase search visibility and ranking, increase organic and paid website traffic, and bring in qualified leads for your business.

      Now, when it comes to digital marketing, I don’t limit myself to just one method or tool – that’s how Serpstat came into my life and to our SM90 family.

      My honest assessment is that this tool is a great asset to small and mid-sized businesses alike. You’ll use it for:

      1. Locating the best keywords. 
      2. Spotting link-building opportunities. 
      3. Keeping tabs on your website’s ranking and health, day after day.
      4. And more cool things we’ll see later!

      These are all tasks worth taking on for maximum SEO impact, regardless if you have a new website or a popular website thriving to grow even further.

      Oh, and if you run an agency, Serpstat won’t let you down, as it has a feature that other SEO tools don’t… or if they do, it comes at a massive price. I am atalking about white-label!

      With its white-label reports feature, life will become much better if you have clients!

      That’s what I like, in a nutshell. Before delving into features, pros and cons, let’s also see what other people think about SerpStat, on popular review platforms.

      SerpStat Online Reviews & Reputation

      Serpstat’s popularity can be measured in its 4.5+ star reviews across major review platforms – it seems everyone wants to associate themselves with this fun app! Check out the carousel below which I made for you.

      SERPSTAT Serpstat TrustPilot Trustpilot Producthunt Producthunt TrustRadius Trustradius G2 G2 Capterra Capterra
      No. of Reviews 10 99 26 457 163
      Rating 2.9 / 5 4.8 / 10 9.1 / 10 4.6 / 5 4.7 / 5
      Average Rating: 4.5 VISIT SERPSTAT OFFICIAL SITE

      How Does It Work? SerpStat Features

      Now, let’s move into action. How to use SerpStat, how does it work?

      Serpstat is an extensive SEO tool, so there’s plenty to be said here about its main features and how you can utilize them effectively – believe me when I say that Serpstat has so many features that you will likely never use all of them!

      But, are you ready to discover everything Serpstat has to offer? If so, let’s go ahead and discover its best tools, functionality, and all its other benefits – let’s make this happen! Let’s dive right in!

      # AI content Tools

      Before exploring other core features, let’s look at this recently introduced addition: AI content generation. This feature encompasses everything you may be searching for – I am not sure it can replace the AI writing assistants we reviewed before; nonetheless, having AI tools on an SEO platform is relatively novel for content creators and digital marketers like us!

      Here, you will find both Short and Long-form templates, such as:

      1. Title Generation
      2. Description Generation
      3. Paraphrasing
      4. Article generation (Long-form)
      5. Keyword Extraction
      6. Keyword Patterns
      7. FAQ generation
      8. Plagiarism Checker
      9. Ad Generation
      10. And more….

      Except for Title generation, all other tools are in the Alpha phase, whereas Title generation is in Beta mode.

      Imagine managing a website that relies solely on AI-generated content. You are forced to pay separate fees for each tool used, like an AI writing assistant, plagiarism checker, content detector, and grammar checking tool. It could be like financial burden, especially when starting out.

      Consider this: Serpstat offers a comprehensive SEO suite of tools to manage your business for just $59, plus AI writing. That’s simply a fantastic deal.

      But, as my initial impression was excitement, let’s examine what these tools produce in terms of output quality, which is crucial to be able to rank on Google with AI.

      Check out the screenshot below for my article generation testing.

      While you can see just the first two paragraphs, I can say that SerpStat is able to produce quality articles that remain coherent throughout. While there may be a few more advanced AI article writers, SerpStat does quite a nice job, especially considering that AI content is just a bonus of their SEO suite, and not a core feature.

      # Domain Analysis

      Serpstat is your secret weapon when it comes to understanding any website. This tool gives you an in-depth analysis of their presence in search, traffic volumes, and keyword usage (both organically and through paid ads).

      Now, take a look at this snapshot for my personal site’s Serpstat domain analysis. It acts like a time machine, showing how its visibility and traffic have evolved over time – plus providing details about your top keywords as well as where they’re lurking within search results.

      Take a look at this graph – it shows my site as top 10 rankings for 3 keywords, even though my site is new to this game!

      Serpstat will show you which of your posts are truly ranking well for numerous keywords – an invaluable insight for website owners as they identify which parts of their content is working and which needs improvement.

      It also allows you to focus more effort and time in further optimizing the pages you are already ranking for, to increase ranking and traffic further!

      Not to be outdone, Serpstat allows you to also analyze your link game from within its dashboard. Serpstat creates its own Domain Rank (SDR) index, which grades your website’s authority from 0-100 depending on how many other websites are giving your website a virtual high five with their links.

      So, if you want to know where your website stands in terms of online competition and domain authority, Serpstat provides quick and simple results for quick analysis. It will give you all the pertinent data in an instant!

      # Competitor Research

      One feature that truly makes Serpstat worthwhile, in my opinion, is its competitor research capability – which is like having your own personal spy infiltrating within competitors!

      Here’s the deal – Serpstat does all of the heavy lifting when it comes to tracking down competitors for you, providing information such as:

      1. Common Keywords: It shows you what your competitors and you are competing for. 
      2. Untapped Keywords: Have you ever wondered which of your competitors’ keywords you should target, to try get more traffic…or maybe steal it from them? Serpstat can show you just that!
      3. Search Visibility: With this feature, you can monitor how competitors’ domains are performing compared to historical data – giving you insight into their SEO tactics and if they are working!

      By the way, Serpstat also offers the Domain vs. Domain feature: simply choose two or three competitors, and Serpstat will show how well you perform against them, like a digital faceoff.

      Oh, and there’s this graph (which I have not seen in any other SEO tool) that showcases your brand in relation to competitors. It also serves as an incentive to up your SEO game.

      And now that you have all this competitor data, you can keep a record of your ranking positions over time (as well as the one about your competition)  to see where your performance has improved and where more effort may be necessary.

      So, I think the features we have just discussed, are already enough to make SerpStat worth a shot. Are you ready to explore Serpstat’s competitor analysis feature and step up your SEO game? If so, get started below 🙂

      # Keyword Research Tool

      Let me familiarize Serpstat’s Keyword Research Tool with you; it is truly impressive. Essentially, this is your go-to solution for unearthing keywords from a massive database – not only that, but there’s so much more in its toolbox besides just keywords!

      Your research results will include search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC (cost per click), and PPC competition for each keyword. Plus, it has this handy feature that suggests similar keywords so that you can add even more content ideas into your content calendar!

      Serpstat does not leave you in the dark – it shows search volume and keyword difficulty scores for every suggested keyword, making your selection process faster and smoother than ever! 

      Pro tip: For optimal performance on search engine result pages (SERPs), opt for keywords with high search volumes and low keyword difficulty scores.

      Now there’s more! Google autocomplete provides additional “Search Suggestions,” providing you with keywords you probably never even considered before! This feature makes the experience truly dynamic!

      One feature I find particularly helpful is Google Suggests – which displays the top words searchers are typing into Google to look up. This feature can help you gain insight into what people are really searching for, and don’t forget “Search Questions,” which identifies questions people are asking – answer those in your content, and you might just end up on their Featured Snippets pages! I promise it works!

      But here’s the catch – this tool doesn’t just help you locate keywords; it also assists with creating content that ranks well. By viewing top-ranking pages for specific keywords and variations it gives you insight into their secret ingredients so you can create SERP-topping sites of your own – no stress involved.

      # Backlink Analysis

      Serpstat makes backlink analysis incredibly convenient – this tool provides plenty of data and insights that are sure to hit their mark.

      1. Utilize it to identify your top referring domains. 
      2. Discover new opportunities for link building. 
      3. Keep tabs on new links gained and old ones lost.
      4. Analyze the quality of your referring domains using Serpstat Domain Rank (SDR). 
      5. Gain an overview of what kinds of backlinks exist, discover which anchor texts are performing well, and identify potentially risky backlinks that require your attention.

      Are you curious about your link profile? Serpstat has got your back. Simply conduct a backlink analysis and see for yourself!

      Let me share an incredible trick: Click on the “New and Lost Backlinks” graph and switch it over to “Lost Backlinks.” Serpstat will reveal which links have been lost, along with their type, anchor text, and SDR of their referring domains.

      Reconnect with high Domain Authority sites and win back those broken or lost links! Sounds promising, doesn’t it?

      Serpstat’s backlink analysis tool can help you expand and enhance your link profile like never before.

      Make your website even better – by using this tool. And you can also locate any suspicious links pointing towards it and get rid of them quickly! I was lucky in that mine was clear, but even if you find any, it should be easy to locate and eliminate them; that will be the real test!

      #Rank Tracker

      Serpstat’s Rank Tracker allows you to monitor how well your website is doing in search engine rankings whenever it suits you, whether that be monthly, weekly, or even daily reports.

      Are you curious about keeping an eye on specific organic keywords? No problem! All it takes to keep track of them is using “Rank Tracker,” clicking “Project Overview,” and providing your project details such as domain, frequency of tracking, regions desired to monitor, keywords of interest, etc. It’s really that easy!

      #Site Audit Tool

      So, next comes Site audit. I decided to give Serpstat’s site audit tool a spin on my own site, and was quite amazed to find it generated a detailed report in just minutes. Not bad at all!

      Especially, I was surprised to see that their audit is quite complete, and it has nothing to envy to the likes of Ahrefs, Moz or Semrush.

      Of course, if your e-commerce site features numerous product and category pages, the process might take longer – so grab a coffee and sit down.

      Once you have received a detailed site audit report, it’s time to get busy addressing those niggling issues that are keeping your site from dominating SERPs.

      My absolute favorite aspect of Serpstat’s site audit report is how comprehensive it is – as it provides valuable data in a way which is organized and simple to understand.

      For instance, this tool categorizes SEO issues according to high, medium, and low priority; that way, you know exactly where to begin your efforts. Time-efficient.

      So, let’s have another look at it. As you see, it covers everything under the SEO sun – meta tags to page speed (on both desktop and mobile), schema markup, redirects, links, HTTPS certificates, and much more!

      #Text Analysis Tool

      Serpstat recently unveiled an exciting new tool called “Text Analytics” as part of their toolbox. It works hand in hand with “keyword clustering,” so they’re really just best friends that work hand in hand together!

      Here’s the deal: Before venturing into text analysis, keyword clustering must first be given a try. 

      But what’s so significant about text analytics, you might ask?

      Your goal should be to examine your website content in depth, along with keeping an eye on what competitors are up to, to gain an accurate assessment of how optimized each of your pages are.

      Text Analytics helps you improve the content on your page, so it ranks for multiple clusters instead of single keywords – and does it while maintaining sense. In essence, Text Analytics gives your page a makeover with the purpose of increasing search rankings, especially for so-called “long tail keywords”.

      Text Analysis will provide you with access to Google’s top 10 search results – along with data such as word count – and it will also deliver a variety of relevant keywords straight into your hands, that you can use to get new traffic. Essentially, this software finds relevant words for you – based on competition and relevancy.

      Then, all you need to do, is add those extra keywords strategically throughout your headings and body content – a powerful and recognized SEO tactic.

      Take a look at how this looks in Serpstat:

      Have you experienced this before? Once you hit “Start analysis“, a treasure trove of keywords will appear for use in your text – whether that means titles, H1 tags or body paragraphs.

      This tool makes your life simpler by helping to boost existing pages or future blog posts to secure top Google rankings – it’s like having an extra weapon in your SEO arsenal, and it made me think of SurferSEO a lot, but “free”.

      # Local SEO

      Local SEO is of utmost importance if your business provides services in one geographic area. Serpstat’s Local SEO tool makes managing all your listings simple;

      Plus, you can respond to reviews easily as well as share posts across social media and directories directly from within its dashboard.

      I have to be honest, I don’t do local SEO. However, from the looks of it, this feature looks great to try if you have a local business. If you do so, make sure to leave a comment on this article with your opinion 🙂


      Last feature I want to mention is Serpstat’s features, which allow to further increase the scope of the tool with 3rd party apps.

      Serpstat offers some impressive integration features;

      • Google Analytics and Search Console to get more accurate data for your website
      • Diving deep into its API for automated tasks
      • ChatGPT for automated content writing based on SEO data
      • Google Data Studio reports to export data
      • Browser (chrome) extenstion – making Serpstat your go-to friend while browsing the internet.

      And more…

      Serpstat Free Alternatives

      Since Serpstat is not just one affordable option, check out more SEO alternative tools which are also cheap or which come with a free plan/trial.

      Tool Name Pricing Features
      HubSpot Free Competitor research, keyword research and clustering, backlink analysis, site audit, rank tracking, and reporting.
      Google Search Console Free Website optimization tools such as speed monitoring, SEO analysis, accessibility testing, and more.
      Seobility Free and 14 Day Free Trial for Paid Plans; paid plans start at $50/month Limited keyword research capabilities compared to other tools.
      Limited reporting capabilities in the lower-tier plans.
      SEO Powersuite Free version available; paid plans start at $299/year Competitor research, keyword research and clustering, backlink analysis, site audit, rank tracking, and reporting.
      Similarweb Free trial available; paid plans start at $199/month Website analysis, market research, keyword finder, traffic insights, PPC, affiliate research.

      Serpstat Pricing Plans

      1 Month


      $ 59 Monthly
      • Best for SEO-individuals and freelancers. Manage 5 projects and get access to tools for analyzing the best online tactics of rivals to improve SEO efforts. View Features Breakdown


      $ 119 Monthly
      • Ideal for small in-house teams. Additionally, includes Al tools, Batch nalysis, Branded reports, Team Management.
      Most Popular

      12 Month

      15% Off Any Plan

      $ 50 Monthly
      • With annual billing, each plan on SerpStat benefits from a 15% discount. For instance, the Individual plan comes at a cost of just $50 per month.

      When it comes to pricing, Serpstat stands out as both affordable and valuable. What truly sets it apart is the outstanding performance of each and every tool it offers, while being cheap compared to most SEO tools out there.

      So, it’s not just about the cost – it’s about getting top-notch performance that makes every penny worthwhile.  Is paying nearly 3x as much for a tool such as SemRush worth it? I am not that sure!

      So, how can you join in the action? Simple! Just register with your email address and test out what the site can offer; there’s no commitment until you feel completely satisfied and are ready to upgrade to one of their paid plans.

      Pros and Cons


      FAQs about Serpstat Review

      1. Is SerpStat worth it? Yes, I think is worth it. For just 50 bucks, you get all the SEO tools you need, plus AI content generation. It comes with a free trial too.
      2. Is Serpstat a better alternative to Semrush /Ahrefs? If you have a considerable budget, than Ahrefs is the best option of the three. However, if that’s not your case, it doesn’t really make sense to spend all that money, and going for a tool like SerpStat might be a more suitable option. Also, consider how much you are going to use a SEO tool when doing your choice. 
      3. Semrush vs Serpstat – which one has better price to quality ratio? Considering the cheapest pricing tier, SemRush will cost you $129, while SerpStat comes at a cost of $59 per month. I personally don’t think that SemRush is worth all that price difference and, therefore, SerpStat is a better deal in terms of price/quality ratio.

      Should You Try This SEO Platform?

      Before I conclude my Serpstat review, I wanted to point out some features I find especially appealing:

      • Clean User Interface: Thanks to their elegant UI, diving into all that data is made effortless.
      • Swift Site Audits: Quick and efficient site audits that give an organized yet exhaustive snapshot of your search visibility.
      • Ranking Bliss: Keep an eye on your position any time of the day or week if that suits your tastes, even daily if that suits you.

      Serpstat stands out for being an all-in-one SEO tool, that provides search analytics, website audits, rank tracking, competitive analysis, and other SEO-related solutions. All of this, at one of the cheapest pricings within the available SEO tools.

      So, I think you got it. For the pricing, SerpStat is great. And it comes with a free trial, so giving it a shot is what I suggest. Just, allow yourself a few days to get familiar with all the features and opportunities it offers. 

      There you have it, my take and review on Serpstat.

      Now is your turn to take it for a spin, and let me know how it is treating you – which features are your favorites and which you didn’t like.

      Be assured: I have your back if you get lost in the SEO maze, so drop a comment if you got any question! See you all in the next review; until that bye-bye from Jana!

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