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My Wordtune Review – Features, Pros, Cons, Alternatives

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    Are you constantly struggling to put out decent pieces of writing? You may think of fascinating thoughts in your mind but noting them down to make a representable masterpiece is nothing short of a hassle. It takes to construct content that makes sense to people. If that’s not the case, you will always be struggling between the content tone or spelling, grammar, and whatnot!

    If you haven’t heard of Wordtune yet, you are in luck! You can find everything you need to know about this tool in a few minutes. And if you were thinking of spending your money on it, it is good that you give this a thorough read as we want your money to always be worth it!

    Table of Contents
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      What Is Wordtune?

      Wordtune is an AI writing assistant that can help you improve your written content in no time. It is a creatively coded tool that changes the way you write and can enhance your content according to your target audience. It provides real-time suggestions to help you pick and choose the writing alternatives it provides so that you get the content that you desire. 

      Suppose you are a content writer, a sales representative, a social media manager, a digital marketer, or any other role that requires you to put out documents or presentations. In that case, you will always need one thing- writing skills!

      But what if you do not have the time or the energy to keep rechecking your documents and edit them after every feedback? In that case, you can always choose one tool that is running in the market with a boom and that is Wordtune!

      Overview of Wordtune

      Wordtune is a writing tool that helps users optimize their writing according to different writing styles. It is an extensive tool that allows you to modify, edit, rewrite, and even create new pieces of writing. It offers different options as a default which you can use to change your writing style. It can convert already existing content into a different type with just one click.

      Apart from its rewriting and editing features, you can check grammar, see the plagiarism of content, and even use AI to generate new ideas and content. The best part of this tool is that it saves a lot of time and energy by turning faulty writing into a well-constructed piece. It has different pricing options that you can pick from according to your needs.

      Moreover, Wordtune offers a web extension that you can install in order to change the things you are typing on other websites in the form of simple text, messages, emails and other communication methods and change those in the form of carefully written text with a selected tone of voice.

      Features and Functionality

      Before we jump on to deciding whether the tool is useful for you or not, it is important to understand how the tool works and what it has to offer. It is integrated with different writing tools and styles and the creators are updating it frequently after the creation of AI tools. 

      Let’s dive into the features and functionality of Wordtune in order to understand the tool better. Even though there are numerous features that we can cover for this tool, here are the more significant ones that will be helping you with your writing journey.

      Real-time Writing Assistance

      When you think of real-time writing, it means that it will correct your work for you in real-time as you are typing it. It basically operates once you give it permission to scan your writing. It then offers variations for the content that you have written along with suggestions that you can choose when typing it.

      This tool goes further into the type of writing that you can choose once you start using the tool. It offers different services and functionalities with this writing assistance.

      Suggestions for Clarity and Impact

      Many times when we are writing a paragraph, we tend to use filler words like we use in our speech. However, this can affect the overall impact of our writing and make it less powerful. 

      Wordtune can change your sentence structure for you. Many times the writing requires shorter sentences that are easier to read. On the other hand, literature essays would need longer and more complex sentences. Wordtune can change the sentence structure for you when you instruct it to do so. 

      Moreover, Wordtune detects the redundancy in your writing and eliminates the things that are repeating. There are seldom words that we use more than they should be used. It helps in marking them and changing them to clearer words. 

      Another thing that it helps with is the readability score. You can adjust the readability score to a 2nd Gradeer, a 4th Grader, a 6th Grader, an 8th Grader, and more. Just choose the readability score of your target audience and it will edit the writing according to the audience so that they can understand it better.

      Grammar and Spelling Correction

      Wordtune scans the text that you have written and pin-points the grammar mistakes that you have made in the content. It can highlight the spelling mistakes, the punctuation mistakes, the tense mistakes, and all the other mistakes that can potentially be pointed out in an essay that you write. 

      You can adjust the language according to Australian, United States English, United Kingdom English, or other English Dialects. It will change the spelling, grammar, and punctuation accordingly.

      Writing Style Customization

      Whether you have legal documents, essays, or even poetry, you can adjust your writing style in the tool and it will convert the rest of the document according to it. If you are writing legal documents, you can choose the formal and professional tone. 

      At the same time, if you are writing a copy or a brand campaign content, you can choose the informal tone and it will do the job for you. Another example can be of writing UX content or web content. Most of the top-rating content is written in the Active Form. Wordtune can detect the percentage of passive form that you have used in your content and it can convert into Active voice in no time.

      Another example can be taken of poetry. If you are writing poetry or social media content, there are many things that you want to emphasize. This tool helps you emphasize and highlight those words or phrases in your writing.

      AI-Powered Rewriting

      AI is the present and it is the future. Now when we hear about AI being incorporated into a tool, we aren’t surprised. But, AI can also be of different kinds and different uses. Wordtune’s AI is specifically made to write. It lacks the other abilities that ChatGPT has but it can analyze your written content in better ways that ChatGPT can.

      Paraphrasing Capabilities

      Many of the tools that are present in the market do a terrible job are paraphrasing because when they paraphrase the content, they usually add synonyms to the current text and many times it loses its original meaning. 

      However, thankfully that is not the case with Wordtune as it can understand the context of the text and change the way it is written so that the original meaning retains. It offers multiple suggestions so that you can choose the one that suits you best. 

      Apart from this, it paraphrases your content in a way that even if it is taken from a source, it can decrease your chances of plagiarism.

      AI writing Assistant

      The AI writing assistant feature helps you in creating a document of any kind. You can type in the instructions and the AI assistant can guide you through it. You can experiment with different formats, sentence structures, and even different types of subjects.

      Create with AI

      The AI features Wordtune provides can help you create new text in any form whether it is a blog post, meeting agendas, LinkedIn post or even tweets. You can just choose from the options it provides for that specific form of text.
      In short, It’s so simple, Enter the instructions in the text box, or pick from the templates, your AI generated content is ready. For better understanding check the official video snippet below and the carousel!


      You can provide a huge paragraph to the Wordtune assistant and the integrated feature can summarize the whole paragraph into a small one. This can reduce the time you take to understand anything. It can also come in handy if you want to shorten the instructions into concise one. 

      Another top-notch feature under the summarizer is the “Spotlight Feature” If you use the Wordtune Chrome extension, it’s one of the biggest timesavers. This Spotlight feature is AI-powered; before you read the entire blog post or an article, this Spotlight feature will highlight the main topic of the text. Which means that on top of summarizing the entire text, you can also pick the summaries which are relevant to the niche you’re looking for. As mentioned, it’s AI-powered and was developed by AI21 labs.

      AI Answers

      AI answers is one of the handy features that helps the user with all the queries. In other words, you get complete control over your documents, information, and more. Wordtune has a library where you can store all the pieces of information you will be using for your content. For example, if you add the OpenAI website to the library and ask the library about the question you want to know, this feature will pick an answer from the source you have added.
      It’s like carrying your personalized Library of information wherever you go!
      How to do this?
      Step 1 – Upload the PDF or Import the Link or Paste the Text you want to find the answer for
      Step 2 – Once the process is done, Enter your question in “Ask your Library a question” text area; Wordtune will add give the exact answer for your question, depends on the sources you have added. 

      Remember, adding reliable and factual sources is important and essential to maintain the credibility of the content!

      YouTube Video Summarizer

      There is another feature added to Wordtune that can solve your headache of watching Youtube videos trying to understand lengthy instructions in seconds. Wordtune can summarize and breakdown the important parts of the video and can even present you all of the time stamps that are the most significant. You can easily go back to those time stamps to understand the depth of it if you like.


      It wouldv’e been surprising if it didn’t give any additional integrations. Luckily, it offers different integration options that you can utllize through different platforms. These integrations widen the horizons of the utility and user-friendliness of the platform.

      Major Integrations

      Wordtune offers integrations with some of the most competitive websites and technology including-

      • Google
      • Wix
      • LinkedIn
      • eBay
      • Doordash

      Compatibility with Writing Tools

      It can integrate with different writing tools such as WPS Office, Microsoft Word, and other writing tools such as Grammarly, Emails, and more! 

      The benefit of this feature is that you can use this tool to write essays and legal documents with the proper formatting without having to log into the website and add the content to it to edit. 

      Browser Extension

      Wordtune’s Browser Extension is something that makes it an easy-to-use tool that is applicable almost everywhere. You can install the web extension through the Wordtune website. Once you have your extension installed, you can use it almost everywhere.

      You can fix your mistakes in real time and optimize your emails as you write them. The real-time suggestion feature makes it a user-friendly application.

      User Experience

      One of the core components that tell whether a tool is worth it or not is the user experience of the website. If the tool is difficult to use and does not accommodate common people, it can have a steep learning curve and can be a disadvantage to many companies and individual workers. 

      User Interface

      The first and foremost thing that we need to acknowledge is the user interface of the tool. Wortune is a web-based tool which makes it easily accessible as the users do not have to download anything to operate it. 

      Design and Layout

      Once the website is opened, the user is greeted with a minimalistic design in which the feature buttons are highlighted enough to be noticed. It provides clear instructions on how to use it and implement it. 

      User-Friendly Features

      It is user-friendly as it is easy-to-use and offers multiple servies and functions. It can be easily integrated with other applications and has a lot of functions that can provide diverse options in terms of usage. 

      Customization Options

      You can customize the content that you want to create. It helps the users select their own choice of content by providing multiple suggestions. If you do not like any suggestion, you can always choose to generate more and it will fetch more ideas for you to use.


      The next thing that is needed to be assessed is the performance of the tool. If the performance of the tool is not up to par, many users would avoid using it and thus that finishes the point of the tool. 

      Speed and Responsiveness

      The responsive rate of the tool is impressive as it can generate a lot of ideas in mere seconds. It can change the way you write things in a matter of time and can follow instructions very clearly. 

      Real-time Editing Efficiency

      The real-time editing efficiency of the tool is praise-worthy as it can detect the tone of voice and even make future predictions. The only thing required is to have better internet connection and it will give timely suggestions.

      User Support

      Help and Support Resources

      Wordtune has a wide array of resources available as it provides a vast knowledge base that you can read to get a better idea of the platform. It provides How-To Guides, FAQs, and different helping articles. 

      Response Time and Quality

      If any error occurs or the tool does not work properly, you can send questions to the customer support team. The response rate of the team may vary according to the inquiries.

      How To Use WordTune

      Using Wordtune effectively involves several steps to make the most of its features. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Wordtune properly:

      Step 1: Sign Up or Log In

      If you’re a new user, sign up for a Wordtune account. If you already have an account, log in to access the tool.

      Step 2: Access Wordtune

      Once you’re logged in, access Wordtune. You can usually do this by going to the Wordtune website or through an integration with a writing platform or software.

      Step 3: Choose Your Writing Environment

      Depending on where you intend to write, you can choose your writing environment. Wordtune may be available as a web-based application, a browser extension, or an integration within writing software like Microsoft Word.

      Step 4: Start Writing

      Begin your writing project as you normally would. Whether it’s an email, an essay, a blog post, or any other form of written content, Wordtune can assist you in real-time.

      Step 5: Receive Suggestions

      As you write, Wordtune will analyze your text and start offering suggestions for improvement. These suggestions may include corrections for grammar, spelling, sentence structure, clarity, and vocabulary.

      Step 6: Review Suggestions

      Wordtune will highlight the parts of your text that have suggested improvements. Review these suggestions carefully, and consider the changes Wordtune recommends.

      Step 7: Accept or Reject Suggestions

      You have the freedom to accept or reject each suggestion. Wordtune will typically present options for rephrasing or corrections. Accept those that align with your writing style and goals.

      Step 8: Customization

      Wordtune often allows for customization. You can adjust settings to align the tool with your preferred writing style. This is particularly useful if you have specific requirements for formal or informal writing.

      Step 9: Paraphrasing

      If you need to paraphrase content, utilize Wordtune’s features for these purposes. It can help you create original content and ensure ethical writing. It can change the tone of your writing to something that you would instruct to be better.

      Step 10: Review and Proofread

      After making suggested changes, review your entire document to ensure it flows smoothly and maintains your intended message. Wordtune aids in enhancing your writing but doesn’t replace the need for careful review.

      Step 11: Save or Export

      Once you’re satisfied with your writing, save your document or export it to your preferred format. Wordtune usually allows you to save your work within the tool.

      Step 12: Learn from the Suggestions

      As you continue to use Wordtune, pay attention to the suggestions it provides. Over time, you can learn from these recommendations and enhance your writing skills.

      Step 13: Seek Help When Needed

      If you’re unsure about a particular writing rule or Wordtune’s suggestions, don’t hesitate to seek additional help. Wordtune’s learning resources or external writing guides can be valuable references.

      Step 14: Use Wordtune Across Devices

      Wordtune often provides the flexibility to use it on different devices. Make the most of this feature to write from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

      Pricing and Plans

      Wordtune offers a free plan where you can have limited access to its features. It has a monthly payment schedule. Here are the payment plans the software offers-

      • Free Plan- $0.00 / month which offers 10 Rewrites and Spices a day, 3 AI Prompts a day, 3 Summaries a day, and Unlimited Text Corrections.
      • Plus Plan- $9.99 / month and you can save 60% on the yearly plan. It offers 30 Rewrites and Spices a day, 5 AI Prompts a day, 5 Summaries a day, Unlimited Text Corrections, and Unlimited Text Recommendations.
      • Unlimited Plan- $14.99 / month and you can save 60% on the yearly plan. It offers Unlimited Rewrites and Spices, Unlimited AI Prompts, Unlimited Summaries, Unlimited Text Corrections, Unlimited Text Recommendations, and Premium Support.
      • Business Plan – (Provided on quote) where your business can get Unlimited Rewrites and Spices, Unlimited AI Prompts, Unlimited Summaries, Unlimited Text Corrections, Unlimited Text Recommendations, Premium Support, SAML SSO, Brand Tones, Dedicated Account Manager, and Centralized Billing.
      Get a taste of what Wordtune can do for you.
      $ 0 / Month
      Maximize your productivity with unlimited AI prompts and summaries.
      $ 14
      / Month
      Unleash the power of AI and take your reading & writing to the next level.
      $ 9
      / Month
      Give your entire team AI reading & writing superpowers.
      For Teams

      Pros and Cons



      Wordtune is a powerful writing software that has the ability to transform writing into a better content collection. It offers different customization to writing and can significantly change the way you write. Wordtune has been a great companion for writing and when you have to optimize the tone of the writing. According to my experience, word tune is better at copywriting and provides exciting inspirations to use by using the play of words to construct fun sentences. It can also help in writing technical form content by suggesting words that can transform the text. However, it is not great for writing from scratch as it can give incorrect information at times and may change the meaning of the sentence in some cases. 

      All in all, it is best for short content generation but needs more work for long-form articles and content. The widget makes the app worth it. Even though it is used by a lot of people and most of them are positive reviews, it still needs updates to beat the level of other software that have been launched in 2023 as more and more competitors are entering the market and they provide AI along with better sentence formatting and easier usage.

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