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Is Worth It? – The Ultimate Review

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    Virtual Assistant or VA is not a new concept now, especially after the pandemic hit the world. The trend of working from home has increased day by day, and even in that, the demand for virtual assistants is very high.

    Are you a busy individual and don’t have time to do some routine work at your business such as sending emails, scheduling appointments, doing research, and more? 

    Or if you want to reduce your workload and give more time to family than a virtual assistant is a good option for you. will help you find the best virtual assistant that suits your needs. Today in this article, we bring you a review of the popular virtual assistant provider company 

    We will see what has to offer you. Who they actually are, who can get benefits from their services and most importantly, we will tell you if it is worth buying’s VA services or not by checking real users’ reviews and its pros and cons, as well as our experience.

    So, without delay, let’s start our review. But before we get started, let’s have a look at the potential benefits of having a VA.

    Table of Contents
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      Benefits of Having a Virtual Assistant

      A virtual assistant can benefit you in many ways. Here are some of the important benefits you can get from having a virtual assistant,

      1. Save money: Virtual assistants are freelancers. They can work either at affordable hourly rates or at fixed prices as per the project given. You don’t need to worry about paying a fixed high salary to them every month. Normally, their charges are quite low compared to an in-house assistant because they usually work for more than one client.
      2. Flexibility: VAs are flexible. You can get their service as per your requirements. You can increase or decrease their services as per your needs and whenever you need.
      3. Time-Saving: Time is money, and having a Virtual Assistant can save your precious time. You can focus on the most important things for your business. Having more time, you can also give some more time to your family from your busy schedule.
      4. Expert Help: Many virtual assistants often have special skills such as accounting and bookkeeping, social media management, graphic design, content creation, and so on. So, you can have expert help in one place without needing to hire different people for different tasks.
      5. Increase Productivity: By delegating tasks to your virtual assistant, it can improve productivity at work, which ultimately helps to grow your business.

      So, this is the overall concept of Virtual Assistant now let’s see all  about

      About is a company that offers virtual assistant services to professionals, entrepreneurs, and small corporate teams. Founded in 2011 by Maren Kate Donovan, Zirtual is based in Columbus, OH, USA, and operates under the parent company So, we can definitely affirm that Zirtual is a company with many years of experience and with a strong parent foundation.

      Why choose a Zirtual Assistant over a regular virtual assistant?

      Zirtual focuses on providing services from US-based assistants who have college degrees. All Zirtual Assistants go through a rigorous hiring process, with many newcomers being referred by other assistants who have worked with satisfied customers for years.

      What makes Zirtual Assistants unique is their specialized skills tailored to your needs. Each assistant is trained in specific areas and has extensive experience working remotely for clients. When you work with a Zirtual Assistant, you’re matched with someone whose skills will make the most impact on your workload.

      Unlike generalists, Zirtual Assistants are supported by specialists. While they handle general administrative tasks, they also have their own professional experiences and preferences. If they encounter a task they can’t manage, they seek advice from a specialist or have the specialist take over, without additional charges to you.

      Services Provided by helps you focus on what you do best by taking care of the little things that can add up big. 

      Here’s a list of services provides,

      • Inbox Management: Save time by having your emails handled and achieving inbox zero.
      • Calendar Management: Have your appointments and events organized without worries.
      • Expenses & Invoices: Easily report and organize your expenses and send invoices.
      • Social Media Strategy: Schedule your social media posts and grow your followings.
      • Research: Get help with research tasks to make informed decisions efficiently.
      • Data Entry: Have data entered into your systems accurately and promptly.
      • Marketing: Boost your online presence with email campaigns, surveys, and blog updates.
      • Event Planning: Get assistance with researching vendors, managing guest lists, and organizing events.
      • Travel Booking: Find the best deals on travel arrangements for your trips.
      • Website Maintenance: Keep your website running smoothly with updates and changes.

      With, you have access to a dedicated assistant for regular tasks, along with support from others for specialized tasks. Services are offered at a monthly fee based on the number of hours needed, allowing you to manage your time effectively.

      Who can Use Services?’s services benefit a wide range of people:

      • Executives: They can focus on high-level strategies and operations.
      • Entrepreneurs: They can move forward with innovative roadmaps and plans.
      • Small Business Owners: They can optimize processes and save time at an affordable monthly price.

      If you find yourself getting nowhere doing it all by yourself, can help you with that. Even with streamlined processes, without the right assistant, you might experience slower business growth, more stress, and spreading your time too thin. 

      But with a virtual personal assistant from, you can delegate repetitive tasks and focus on making the biggest impact possible in your role or business.

      Most Zirtual customers begin by outsourcing inbox and calendar management before moving on to other activities such as marketing, travel planning, and research.’s services can help businesses in a variety of industries, including business services, real estate, financial advisory, nonprofits, startups, and more.

      Consider what dropping tasks could mean for you, more time for bigger plans, strategies, and impact, a positive snowball effect of streamlined processes, and support for new demands as they arise.

      Why (Key Features)

      Here’s why you should consider using,

      • Time Savings: With Zirtual, you can save anywhere from 5 to 15 hours per week. Their experienced assistants can handle administrative tasks quickly, giving you even more time back in your day.
      • Efficient Outsourcing: Many of their clients, including small business owners and executives, start by outsourcing email inbox and calendar management, which are often time-consuming tasks. Offloading these tasks immediately gives you back valuable time.
      • Tailored Assistance: They provide you a Virtual Assistant who is already trained in the skills you need. While they may need guidance specific to your business, they have extensive experience serving clients remotely and can quickly adapt to your needs.
      • Quality Assistance: Zirtual assistants are smart, experienced, US-based, and college-educated. They are trained and ready to help you efficiently tackle your tasks.
      • Dedicated Support: You’ll work with one dedicated Virtual Assistant, ensuring consistent availability and quality of work. When needed, they can access support from other specialists to assist with unique tasks.
      • Flexible Plans: Choose a monthly plan based on the number of hours you need. Your Virtual Assistant will proactively maximize those hours by assisting in additional areas as needed.
      • Versatile Skills: Their assistants are trained in a variety of tasks, including email management, scheduling, social media, marketing, research, invoicing, and more. Whatever your needs, they can help.
      • Proactive Support: Their Virtual Assistants have access to account managers who provide proactive support and suggest new ways to assist you.

      Pricing Plan of offers four different plans to its users. Choose the perfect virtual assistant plan as per your needs:

      • ENTREPRENEUR PLAN: Ideal for managing small tasks.Includes 12 hours of task work per month for 1 user.
      • STARTUP PLAN: Great for project work beyond inbox & scheduling. Includes 24 hours of task work per month for 2 users.
      • SMALL BUSINESS PLAN: Operational help for everyday tasks. Includes 36 hours of task work per month for 3 users.
      • TEAM PLAN: Handles the most demanding workloads. Includes 50 hours of task work per month for 5 users.

      All plans have a setup fee of $399 to ensure the best Virtual Assistant match.

      You can upgrade or downgrade your plan as needed, and changes will take effect in the following month. You can cancel your plan anytime you want. The cancellation takes effect the following month.

      Users’ Reviews Overview

      Our overviews of users’ reviews are based on two most popular sites and Check it out what real users are saying about

      Based on user reviews, Zirtual receives positive feedback for its virtual assistant services. Users appreciate features like scalability, flexibility in plans, and efficient communication. 

      The platform’s virtual assistants are appreciated for their skills and ability to handle various tasks effectively, contributing to time-saving and improved productivity. 

      However, some users mention a learning curve and suggest improvements in the user interface and pricing. 

      Overall, Zirtual is rated highly by users, with an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

      Alternative to

      Here are some alternative to,

      • Time Etc.: They offer many services like scheduling, email management, travel planning, and more. You get a dedicated assistant from the US and can use popular business tools. Prices start at $49 per hour.
      • Fancy Hands: They handle tasks like scheduling, email, travel, and more. You can try them out for free and they guarantee satisfaction. Prices start at $33 per hour.
      • Virtual Assistant Finder: They connect you with pre-checked assistants who can do various tasks. You can choose based on skills, experience, and budget. It’s free to use, and you pay the assistant directly.
      • Upwork: It’s a place to find freelancers for different tasks. You can check profiles, set budgets, and read reviews before hiring. Prices vary based on experience.
      • Fiverr: Similar to Upwork, but often with lower rates. Make sure to vet assistants carefully. Prices vary based on experience.
      • VavaVirtual: They provide US-based assistants for tasks like scheduling, emails, and more. You can try them for free. Prices start at $49 per hour.
      • ScaleandPrevail: Like Terrific, they offer US-based assistants and a free trial. Prices start at $49 per hour.
      • Belay: US-based assistants for various tasks, with a free trial. Prices start at $49 per hour.

      Pros and Cons of


      So this was the review of, now is the time to get the answer to our main question!

      FAQs for

      What is a Virtual Assistant (VA) and why is it important?

      A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a remote worker who provides administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients from a remote location. VAs help individuals and businesses manage tasks efficiently, saving time and resources.

      How can a virtual assistant help busy individuals and businesses?

      Virtual assistants can handle various tasks such as email management, scheduling, research, social media management, and more. They provide support tailored to the client’s needs, allowing busy individuals and businesses to focus on core activities and improve productivity.

      Who can benefit from using’s services?

      Professionals, entrepreneurs, small corporate teams, executives, and small business owners can benefit from’s services. Zirtual offers tailored assistance to meet the needs of different clients, helping them streamline operations and save time.

      What sets Zirtual Assistants apart from regular virtual assistants?

      Zirtual Assistants are US-based professionals who undergo a rigorous hiring process and possess specialized skills tailored to clients’ needs. They provide dedicated support and access to specialists, ensuring efficient task management and high-quality service.

      What services does offer? offers a range of services including inbox management, calendar management, expenses and invoices, social media strategy, research, data entry, marketing, event planning, travel booking, and website maintenance.

      How does pricing work? offers four different plans based on the number of hours needed per month: Entrepreneur Plan (12 hours), Startup Plan (24 hours), Small Business Plan (36 hours), and Team Plan (50 hours). Plans have a setup fee, and users can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel their plans as needed.

      Can I cancel or change my plan with

      Yes, users can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade their plans with Changes take effect in the following month, and users have the flexibility to adjust their plans based on their evolving needs.

      What are users saying about

      Based on user reviews, receives positive feedback for its virtual assistant services. Users appreciate features like scalability, flexibility in plans, efficient communication, and the skills of Zirtual Assistants.

      What are the pros and cons of using

      Pros of include dedicated US-based virtual assistants, a variety of services, flexible plans, good communication and support, integration with popular business tools, a satisfaction guarantee, and a free trial. Cons include higher pricing compared to other platforms, a learning curve for some users, limited customization options, and no rollover hours.

      Is it worth buying’s services?

      Overall, receives positive feedback from users, with an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. It can be a worthwhile investment for individuals and businesses looking to streamline operations, improve productivity, and focus on critical tasks.

      Wrap Up - So, Is It Worth Buying Services? offers virtual assistant services, which can be very helpful for busy individuals who need assistance with routine tasks like emails, scheduling, and research. 

      They provide dedicated US-based assistants who are trained and skilled in various areas. Zirtual Assistants are known for their specialized skills tailored to clients’ needs, which can be beneficial for improving productivity and efficiency.

      Benefits of using include saving money compared to hiring in-house assistants, flexibility in service options, and expert assistance in various tasks. 

      Zirtual also offers efficient outsourcing, dedicated support from assistants, and flexible plans based on the number of hours needed. 

      Additionally, Zirtual’s assistants are appreciated for their quality of work and ability to handle diverse tasks effectively.

      However, there are some drawbacks to consider, such as higher pricing compared to other platforms, a learning curve for some users, and limitations in customization options for plans. The user interface could also be improved, and there are no rollover hours available.

      Overall, receives positive feedback from users, with an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. It can be a worthwhile investment for individuals and businesses looking to streamline their operations and focus on more critical tasks.

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