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AmazingSMM Review – Is It Worth It?

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    Welcome, this is your social media marketing expert with a review on AmazingSMM. Find out in this review everything there is to know about this social media marketing agency, what services do they provide, some features, prices, and alternatives in case you might want to try some other things too.

    If you are reading this article it means that you are in the market for some social media services to boost your social media presence. Well, worry not, we will go over everything there is to know about AmazingSMM.

    If you encounter some questions along the way, don’t forget to read the FAQ at the end of the article where I will be answering some of the most frequent questions asked about this topic.

    Table of Contents
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      What is AmazingSMM?

      AmazingSMM is a service provider for social media platforms. They help users grow their social media business and increase their presence online. They have been in the business for eight years now, increasing their credibility. They have worked with a lot of clients, delivering good results for many of them.

      How does it work?


      Well, to place an order, first you need to create an account and sign up. You can find the sign up button in the top right corner.

      After pressing the sign up button, this will redirect you to a page where you can create your account. Insert your email address, a username, and a password. You also need to confirm the password by retyping it below the initial password section. Tick the captcha box so they know you are not a robot, and hit sign up. You will also have to confirm your email address. Just check your inbox and click on the link they sent you.

      Now that you are all signed in, the link from your email address should have sent you exactly to the ‘’new order’’ section where you can see all of their services and pick the one service you wish to try. 


      Click on category and ‘’select’’ the one category that fits you better.

      I recommend you pick ‘’offers’’ because they have pretty good deals. Then look under the ‘’category’’ section and click on the ‘’services ID’’. This should open up a tab same as for ‘’category’’ where you can choose from the multiple services they provide that they offer a discount on.

      They provide views, likes, subscribers, shares, and more for each platform. More about the services down below.

      Pick your desired service, then paste your URL link of the account you want to boost. For example I picked Youtube, so I am going to insert my Youtube channel’s link. Just copy it and then paste it in the ‘’Link’’ section.

      The next two sections work together. Type in the amount you want the service to provide you and it will instantly calculate the exact sum of money you will have to pay for that specific service. 

      For example: I typed in 1,000 Views for Youtube and it charged em exactly $7.632 for it.

      Then, just hit Order Submit in order to complete your order. 

      In case you want to save the order, but you want to browse their services a little more, just press Add to Cart. This will then save your order as you made it, and you can access it later on your way to payment.

      Add funds

      You can’t place an order without having funds already added into your AmazingSMM account. In order to add funds, all you need to do is to go to their main page and click on the little icon that says ‘’Add funds’’. You can find this icon on the left part of the screen where there are multiple little icons showing.

      Once you press the ‘’add funds’’ button, this will then redirect you to another page where you can add funds. 

      And it should look like this. Choose your payment method, first thing on the list. They have a lot of methods from which you can pick from.

      Important notes being:

      1. The minimum amount is 10 US dollars.
      2. Using cards that are not made on your government name leads to your account being closed and all orders removed.
      3. Cards originating from the USA and Canada do not work.

      Next in, type in the desired amount you would like to fund your account with. An extra fee will appear the second you type in the amount. Your total for a funding of $10 will be $10.90. Click Pay. That’s all. Now you can place an order.

      Features and services


      Their website is pretty easy to use, the design is well made, attractive to the human eye, and the program works well, there are no bugs. They have a currency changing method, where you can change the currency the site works with. 

      You can find that in the top right corner, right near your profile icon. Click that and it should open up a tab.

      It should look like this once you click it. You can scroll further down in order to see more of the currencies that AmazingSMM put there for you. This is a cool feature because it takes out the effort clients have to make in order to convert the money to see how much it will charge them in their currency.

      You can see your orders by pressing the ‘’my orders’’ little icon shown on the left part of the screen, above the one for ‘’add funds’’. This opens up a page where all your orders will be shown. This way you can track your growth based on all the services you bought.

      Next feature on our list is the ‘’mass order’’. Here you can make a purchase in mass, without having to repeat the process over and over again. Pretty cool feature.

      They provide a support section where you can submit a ticket telling them what kind of problem you encountered. The team will get back to you with a response as quickly as possible.

      Choose the problem’s subject, an order, payment, or other problem. For the order example you need to insert your order ID so they know which exact order is the problem. Then choose a request, either you want to cancel, speed it up or refill it. They do it all. Type in an additional message explaining the situation in further details, then press submit ticket. You can also add images in order to make the problem easier to understand.

      A cool feature I would like to highlight is their affiliate program. They give you a link that leads to their website, but only you have that exact link. Then you start posting content about their website, or whatever marketing scheme you want to do to make people click on that exact link that they gave you. People that click the link and make an order make you money. They give you a 2% commission rate, this means on an order of $10 you make exactly $0.2.

      You can also track metrics such as: earnings, visits, conversion rate, and more, in the same tab so you know exactly how much money this has made you.

      They have a free service for Tiktok that gets you free followers in approximately 16 minutes.


      In order to see their service list, all you have to do is click on the little icon that is available in the left part of the page.

      This will then open up a list of all their services. There are a lot of them. They have services for social media platforms such as: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Threads, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Kick, Apple Tunes, and more.

      For each one of the platforms they sell packages, but individual services as well, such as: views, likes, comments, and more. Visit AmazingSMM for a long and interesting list of services from which you can pick the suitable one for you.

      Their delivery time is not shown on the website, it says ‘’not enough data’’. This is not a good sign since it means not enough people have bought the service, which can lead to clients understanding that the service is not worth buying. 

      They even have service for particular countries such as: Portugal, Egypt, Spain, Turkey, and more. These services provide traffic particularly from those specific countries.


      Beside the packages, which include all the things, they have insanely cheap rates for a SMM panel. Let’s break down a few of them.

      The views service for Youtube (one of them) works like this. You post a 5+ minutes video, and for each 1000 units ordered they give you 100 hours of watch time. The speed on this service is 50-100 hours of watch time per day. This service can be refilled each month. This service costs $7.632 for 50 units. This service starts immediately as you buy it.

      The package for Facebook including page likes and followers, mostly Arab followers but not all of them, which has a speed of 7000 likes and followers per day has a start time of 12 to 48 hours. This costs $1.4058 per 1000 units.

      The likes service for Instagram which includes instant likes the moment you buy it, that has a speed of 50 to 25,000 likes per day, costs $0.0391 per 10 units.

      The likes services for Twitter that includes an immediate start time of maximum 10 minutes as soon as you buy the service, with a speed of 5 to 10,000 likes per day costs exactly $0.6248 per 25 units.

      Pros and Cons


      Alternatives is a social media marketing agency that helps people achieve their desired results on the platform of their choice. They have services for every platform possible. These services are precise, specific, fast, and cheap. What I mean by specific is you can choose the country the likes you buy come from. 

      For instance, if your content is in Brazilian, you can choose only Brazilian accounts to like your content. For a great social media marketing agency experience that has delivered great results in the past, you should definitely try


      TheYTLab is a social media marketing panel designed for Youtube content creators to improve their engagement rate and ultimately, their revenue. Buy Youtube views with TheYTLab which offers lightning fast services, which are proven, incredibly safe, and cheap. 

      Their methods use a private network, meaning the strategies they implement in their services are their own. Nobody else uses them. If you are in the market for a great social media marketing panel, you should confidently try TheYTLab.


      Is AmazingSMM legit?

      Yes, 100%. The services provide real audience and engagement.

      Does AmazingSMM work?

      Yes, AmazingSMM works perfectly fine. There are a few services that have a delayed start timer, but other than that the service works well.

      Will buying services get my account banned?

      No, it is not against their set of regulations.

      What are other alternatives for AmazingSMM?

      If you don’t feel like buying from AmazingSMM, I provided you with some other panels of choice in the ‘’Alternatives’’ section. These are and TheYTLab.


      In conclusion, the AmazingSMM panel is a good service provider for social media platforms. They have the most services I have ever seen in my entire marketing career. And for many, many platforms. Their website works just well, it is simple to use, their prices aren’t expensive, and their delivery speed is not slow at all. They even have a FAQ like I will provide to you under the conclusion section. Pretty cool, not every SMM panel has a FAQ section, which helps a lot and increases your popularity among clients.

      They have a few red flags, but not really serious ones. I hope they fix them and the owner shows their name publicly on their website. This improves the credibility. If the owner doesn’t take credit for their work, the people will start thinking the owner doesn’t have any work to take credit for because their services are a scam. However, I still like their services so far.

      Without much further ado, if you are seeking a service for your social media account and you are trying to increase your audience really quickly, you should try AmazingSMM. I give AmazingSMM a rating of 8.6/10. Signing out, your social media marketing expert.

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