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    Social media platforms started as an entertainment vehicle for all of us at first. A quick pause from real life. Then some of us realized you can actually get paid to entertain others. The most used entertainment platforms are: Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok.

    The whole idea behind the monetization of social media platforms is to catch as many eyeballs as you possibly can. The more attention you gather upon yourself, the more you can monetize that attention. 

    In this article we will talk about, a social media promotion service provider. sells services that help any user improve their social media engagement performance. Thus increasing their revenue. So, if you are a social media influencer, have a business account, or just trying to boost your audience, I will show you a way to achieve your desired result.

    I will highlight some features as well, pros and cons of the website, some other social media marketing agencies you may try, and many more in this article, so stay tuned.

    Note that, with these social media promotion services, there can be fake ones. You should always be careful wherever you have to pay money, as you can get scammed very easily.

    Table of Contents
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      Why should you consider buying a promotion service?

      If you have a business account, brand, or you are an influencer selling their image, you should consider using a promotion service for the following reasons:

      Time saving

      It saves a lot of time that otherwise you would be investing in making content or ads or whatever marketing strategy you can think of. This way you can just reach for your wallet and let the agency do the job for you. Of course, if you prefer working at it yourself, you can do that, but provides leverage in the social media marketing space.

      Visibility increase

      Most of these social media platforms such as Youtube and Tiktok position the videos with the most views on top of other ones. It is kind of logical since the more views the better the quality of the video. Since the video is just better overall, it should get recommended more by the algorithm. With you can make your videos seen easily.


      This one is straightforward since the more attention you gather the more rewarded you are by the platforms. Buying Youtube views will get you paid more by Youtube, buying Instagram followers, likes, or comments will get you more audience thus more money. helps you increase your audience, hence the money. 

      Brand awareness

      If you have a larger audience, loyal followers, you automatically build trust and credibility. It is more likely that people buy from you than from the guy with a smaller fanbase. Brand awareness is very valuable nowadays because the more your customers want to buy from you the more profit you can make off of backend products.

      Services and Features is a social media service provider that allows Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok users buy views, followers, likes, and more in order to help them grow their audience. They have a lot of services for a lot of platforms, I can’t cover them all in this article because it would take me ages, but I covered a few in the pricing section down below, check that out once you read the features.

      Some of the features they have are:

      1. HTTPS
      2. Design (nice and cheap)
      3. UX and UI
      4. Extra functionality 

      The website has a few bugs, but overall offers a great customer experience. They allow buyers to multi-order services. What I mean by this is, you can forget about buying the same service over and over again until your hands get tired because they have a feature called multi order, that allows you to buy the services more times with a click of a button.

      How it works?

      If you want to increase your fanbase by utilizing, you need to access their website at:

      Once you enter their website, you need to register. The ‘’Sign Up’’ button is in the top right corner.

      After pressing Sign Up, you will be redirected onto a page where you will have to type in your Name, Email Address, Password, and confirm that password. You will also have to provide with some contact details. They let you choose between a bunch of platforms from where they can contact you. Now just press Register.

      To place an order, just click on Get Started. 

      By clicking this button, you will be redirected to their order tab. Here you can choose between the various platforms they offer services for. What I like very much about this order section is that they offer descriptions on each service and an example order. Let me show you how you can place an order.

      First of all, select the platform you want to increase your audience on. You can choose between Youtube, Instagram, Kick, and more. Then paste your account’s URL. 

      Note that you can select a service to be bought a single time, or multiple times. Cool feature. Saves you a lot of time.

      Now, let’s place an order. I selected Instagram since it is most likely the most common one. Select your Service Type. I picked Likes. Then choose what type of Likes Service you would like to buy. There are a lot of options. 

      Pick the quantity of Likes, which will automatically convert in the Subtotal box. This shows you exactly how much you would have to pay for the amount you picked. Click confirm and you are ready. 

      Note that they have packages for most of the platforms. For this instance, you can buy an Instagram package that provides Followers, Likes, Saves, and Comments.

      In order to do that, just click on Packages.

      Once the Packages filter is applied, you can choose between the Packages options they got on there.

      I chose Instagram Premium Package which provides 5000 Followers, 3000 Likes, 200 Saves, and 150 Comments. Click Confirm and you are done.

      You can also read the description they provide on the right side of the page.

      Here they give a short resume of the service you are about to buy, and they answer a few of the most frequently asked questions. Such as ‘’What guarantees do we provide?’’.


      For pricing, I will only cover the first three most popular social media platforms since they are the most common ones, Youtube, Tiktok, and Instagram.



      If you want to buy likes for Instagram using you will have to pay $5 for 1000 likes. 


      If you want to buy followers for Instagram using you will have to pay $75 for 1000 followers.


      If you want to buy views for Instagram using you will have to pay $0.60 for 1000 views.


      If you want to buy comments for Instagram using you will have to pay $29.70 for 1000 comments.



      If you want to buy views for Youtube using you will have to pay $8 for 1000 views.


      If you want to buy likes for Youtube using you will have to pay $63.75 for 1000 likes.


      If you want to buy subscribers for Youtube using you will have to pay $100 for 1000 subscribers.


      If you want to buy comments for Youtube using you will have to pay $250 for 1000 comments.



      If you want to buy views for Tiktok using you will have to pay $0.50 for 1000 views.


      If you want to buy likes for Tiktok using you will have to pay $2 for 1000 likes.


      If you want to buy followers for Tiktok using you will have to pay $48 for 1000 followers.

      Live views

      If you want to buy live views for Tiktok using you will have to pay $23.04 for 1000 live views.

      Of course these are just the three top platforms and just a few of the services they provide. has different options for every service for every platform. It would take me half of this article to cover them all, but you can look at them yourself after you finish reading this article and have decided whether you are going to buy or not. has some nice and affordable prices displayed on their website, I can’t complain. Moving on, let’s talk about the credibility and safety of the services are providing.

      Is safe?

      From my evaluation of the site and my expertise as a social media marketer, I can state that is safe to use considering the following reasons:

      1. They allow registration before any cards or payment has to be done. This is a good sign because if a company asks for your card details as soon as you enter their website, it is highly likely that they are scammers.
      2. They have a referral program where you can invite your friends to use their services. If your friends register through the link you provide them, you get points that you can redeem services with. This is a good marketing scheme to attract more customers, and if your service is good, people will always recommend your company to their friends and family.
      3. Their FAQ section is very comprehensive, with a lot of questions and information about the site. They answered a lot of questions that you might be encountering while visiting their website.
      4. Opportunity to get a refund. If you don’t like their service, you can get a refund on your money. This helps customers remain satisfied with their product.
      5. They have a lot of payment methods, such as: Cryptocurrency, credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and more.
      6. Good reviews to bad reviews ratio. While they have some negative reviews about them, the positive ones are many more.

      Pros and Cons




      Plixi is a social media marketing agency that sells promoting services for Instagram. They specialize in Organic Growth and A.I. They have four  services from which you can pick from to increase your Instagram audience.


      Famoid is an online agency that helps social media users increase their audience through numerous services. Their prices are very affordable, their service works well, and they deliver good results. You can check it’s stand-alone review here! is a social media marketing agency that helps people achieve their desired results on the platform of their choice. They have services for every platform possible. These services are precise, specific, fast, and cheap. What I mean by specific is you can choose the country the likes you buy come from. For instance, if your content is in Brazilian, you can choose only Brazilian accounts to like your content.


      MediaMister, exactly like the ones above, is a social media marketing agency with a lot of services for promoting social media accounts. They are a little more expensive than the ones on the list but their service lives up to their cost of pay. 


      Inflact is a marketing tool for social media. This provides a toolkit A.I bot that does the job for you. Their service works as a subscription, so you will have to renew your subscription payment every month. You can check the review of Inflact on SM90 now!


      Is legit?

      Yes, is 100% legit. The accounts they helped, reached their desired audience without any difficulties.

      Are the followers real?

      Yes, the traffic they gather upon your social media account is 100% real. No fake accounts, no bots, just real people with similar interests.

      What is their refund policy?

      If you don’t enjoy the service you chose to buy, you can just cancel the order and they will refund your money. For more information contact their customer support.

      What can’t I register?

      There are some bugs with the registration service. However if you refresh the website you should be able to register without any problems. If the problem persists, give it some time or contact customer support.


      In conclusion, yes, has a few flaws, but who hasn’t, at the end of the day? They provide a lot of services for numerous platforms, their results are good, fast, they provide a refund option so you can get your money back, and have amazing prices. If I were to buy a social media marketing service, I would personally choose As a veteran in the social media space I can confidently say that they are one good service provider in this niche. 

      For those who want to increase your fanbase with loyal, real traffic, on any platform like Youtube, Instagram, Tiktok, and even Telegram, is the service provider for you. I haven’t gone over any reviews in this article but I researched them. They have some unhappy customers who had not enjoyed their time with, but every company has some unsuccessful stories. Their happy customers count too. 

      As a final statement, I want to tell you to consider other service providers as well, not because can’t deliver, but maybe the other ones are more to your taste, you never know until you try. Signing out, your social media marketing expert.

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