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ArticleNinja Review: Is it worth a buy?

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    The thirst for unique (and possibly cheap) content is always high, especially if you are a content creator! There are plenty of article generators available on the internet, and we reviewed most of them.

    Still, only some of them are really time-saving and genuine tools because of their performance and article quality. 

    Is Article Ninja one of them? In which cases it works best, or in which cases is better an alternative? In this review article, we will see everything you need to know about “Article Ninja.”

    And thus, after reading this review, you’ll be able to make up your own mind about whether this Article Ninja is right for you, plus learn some cool stuff. So, let’s get this review party started right away!

    Table of Contents
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      What is an Article Generator?

      Article generators are tools that can automatically produce articles based on a given title or input. They use keywords or phrases as inspiration and apply natural language processing to create unique content. 

      These tools can produce an enormous amount of content in a short period of time. 

      Some article generators also find graphics and photos suitable for an article. 

      While a human article writer can charge from 5% upwards to $100 per piece, article generators cost you less. We estimate, on average, from 0.2$ to 1$ per article. (It varies depending on a tool’s pricing and the user’s usage). 

      These tools can therefore optimize content creation, increase productivity, save money, and be used for link building.

      What is Article Ninja?

      ArticleNinja is a writing assistant tool with many features, but mostly known for its Article generator feature. 

      It automatically creates content for your website, blog, and social media. ArticleNinja offers many templates and customizable options that allow you to create unique articles in a matter of seconds. 

      It’s also easy to use, so you don’t have to have any previous experience or skills.

      Its simple interface makes it easy to create informative, original articles on various topics quickly.

      The article takes less than five seconds to generate, and the results are great (even though not always). It is available in several languages, so users can use it in their native language too. 

      ArticleNinja claims to reduce the cost of content creation by up to 90%, and if you are going to generate a lot of content, then we think you could save even more compared to freelancers. 

      This writing assisting tool, compared to others, relies less on natural writing and more by finding, curating and rewriting content from the internet. 

      ArticleNinja is the ideal tool for content marketers looking to create unique, SEO-friendly content. We believe it works best for link building purposes.

      A thing we appreciate about Article Ninja is that it offers a free trial period so that you can test its features before purchasing it. However, there is no refund policy once a premium plan is purchased.

      How Does ArticleNinja'S Article WRITER Work?

      Article Ninja works like a word processor. You just need to enter some basic information such as title, keywords, or description. Then, you simply click on the button that says “Create Outline.

      Once you are satisfied with the outline, you need to click on “Create Text.”

      After that, you can preview your work and then save it.

      When you use Article Ninja, you don’t have to worry about plagiarism since it automatically detects copied content from other sources, and it won’t include them in your article. 

      Note that it doesn’t allow you to save your articles in Google Docs or Microsoft Word format. Instead, it saves them in HTML format, which still makes them compatible with most blogging platforms CMS such as Wordpress.

      Check this 2-minute Tutorial video

      Features of Article Ninja

      Let’s quickly have a look at the most relevant features of Article Ninja, and how they perform.


      With the editor you can edit and format the articles here and save the edited content in folders too.

      As we said ArticleNinja is not just about Article generation, though. It has more than 50+ Use cases and short-form writers. Some of the use cases are bulleted below.

      • Social Ads
      • Website Copy
      • eCommerce Copy
      • Sales Copy
      • Startup Tools

      Let us now go through a few of our favorite ones.

      Article Ninja - Amazon Product Description

      If you want to sell products on Amazon, you need a good and convincing product description. And you may also need if you run a blog with affiliate Amazon links. 

      With this tool, you can easily create a product description using the “Amazon Product Description” formats. 

      You just need to enter the Title, Bullet points about your products, and explain a bit more about the product in the “Describe your Product” section. Then, the “Keywords” you want to rank for. 

      That’s it; once you hit the “Create” Button, you will get a fantastic Amazon Product Description out of one click.

      Article Ninja - Writing Tools

      You can use the Writing tools to improve your writing skills and quality. These tools include:

      Paragraph Generator – Insert Article Brief, Article Title, Subtopic, and Keywords; the paragraph about the topic is in then one click generated, and it is SEO-optimized.

      Blog Ideas – Sometimes, you might have an idea about a niche but cannot frame the ideas to construct the article, so simply enter the concept in the “Describe your Product” section; more than 5 blog ideas will be displayed in Article Ninja.

      Blog Titles – A perfect title attracts more visitors, and article ninja helps you to build an outstanding title. S

      ame as the blog idea tool, just enter the concept in the “Describe your Product” section; more than 5 different yet compelling blog titles will be displayed in Article Ninja.

      Article Ninja - Social Ads

      This tool is beneficial if you want to promote your business through social media ads. It allows you to create text for various advertising formats for the most popular Social media ads, including Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

      Article Ninja - Website Copy

      This section is about content marketing, and if you want to make money by selling your own content, or optimize your existing content, then this tool is best for you. 

      This tool allows you to create unique and engaging content, such as Subheader text, Landing page text, Meta Description, and Question (FAQ) generator.

      It is worth a try and can also give fresh ideas to expand existing articles.

      Article Ninja - Startup Tools

      This section idea is quite unique, and you won’t find it everywhere. 

      It is used to generate startup ideas, and startups are the future of our world. So, this tool is the right choice if you want to start something new. Who knows, maybe it will be a life-changing idea!

      It is also a good fit if you want to grow your business/startup.

      You can simply enter the concept in the “describe your product” section, and over 20 startup ideas will be displayed in one click. 

      There are other interesting Startup related tools, though. Here are all the tools available in Startup section;

      • Value Proposition
      • Slogan Generator
      • Brand Mission
      • Audience Refiner
      • Name Generator
      • Domain Name Generator
      • Startup Ideas
      • Video Titles
      • Text Hook

      Article Ninja - Sales Copy

      In sales copy, you can find out what works and what doesn’t work with your customers. This tool allows you to create a sales letter and test different versions of the sales letters. The tool has many features and writing formula’s, like:

      • Marketing Strategy
      • Problem-Agitate-Solution
      • Before-After-Bridge
      • Feature-Advantage-Benefit
      • Why/Try/Buy
      • QUEST Strategy
      • Feature to Benefit
      • AIDA Copywriting
      • And more…

      All you have to do for all the aforementioned tools is enter the product description in the “Describe the Product” section and the Name of your brand/product (but this is optional); with one click, the output is of nice quality.

      So, now you know what the possible Article Ninja use cases are. 

      We tested each single tool available on Article Ninja, but most importantly, we have tested many similar AI softwares.

      So let’s move forward with our review and let us share with you our thoughts about Article Ninja and how does it compare to the competition.

      Is Article Ninja Worth Buying?

      Yes and No. Yes, Article Ninja is worth buying because is a great solution if you want to generate instant and unique content without spending too much money. 

      If you’re looking for a simple yet powerful tool to help you create content fast, then Article Ninja is definitely the right choice.

      Also, not many AI writing assistants have both Article generator and short-form tools. Hence, if you don’t like to have multiple subscriptions and apps for different purposes, ArticleNinja is the right All-in-one solution for you.

      No, if for you the quality of outputs is the most essential aspect. There are, at this moment, tools which perform better, especially when it comes to Article generation.

      PROs and CONs


      Pricing Plan

      Image illustrates the pricing plan for Soundraw.

      Article Ninja has three paid plans, namely,

      • Basic
      • Professional
      • Agency


      For Solopreneurs
      $ 79 Per month
      • 500 credits
      • up to 120 000 words
      • Short content 30+ tools
      • Professional Editor
      • 21 Languages
      • Multiple user seats


      For Startups
      $ 99 Per month
      • 1000 credits
      • up to 240 000 words
      • Article Writer
      • Ninja Mode (Writing Assistant)
      • Multiple Writing Styles
      • Professional Editor
      • 21 Languages
      • Multiple user seats


      For agencies and marketers
      $ 199 Per month
      • 3000 credits
      • 720 000 words
      • Article Writer
      • Ninja Mode (Writing Assistant)
      • Multiple Writing Styles
      • Professional Editor
      • Article generator 1.0
      • Short content 30+ tools
      • 21 Languages
      • Multiple user seats
      • Priority Support

      Basic: This plan is suitable for solopreneurs, costing $79 per month and $790 per year. 

      It includes 500 credits, which means circa 120000 words can be generated. 

      All short-form content tools and the Professional Editor are available in 21 Languages. Also, multiple user seats are allowed.

      Professional: This plan is suitable for startups, costing $99 per month and $990 per year. 

      It has 1000 Credits, so, 240000 words can be generated.

      It includes all the benefits in the Basic plan, plus it has Ninja mode (Writing Assistant) unlocked, and Multiple writing styles are available. 

      Agency: This plan is suitable for Marketers and agencies, costing $199 per month and $1990 per year. 

      It includes all the benefits in the Professional plan, with 3000 Credits, hence, 7200000 words of content generation per month. 

      The Article writer and article Generator 1.0 are  available. 

      One of the benefits for users is if they get an annual subscription, they get two months free.

      Article Ninja Overall Rating

      Output quality
      Quite good 88%
      Output accuracy
      Not always accurate 79%
      Generation speed
      Great 94%
      Free Trial 95%
      Good, but could be faster 86%

      Bottom Line

      Image illustrates the final verdict of Soundraw.

      Article Ninja is a good article creation tool that can help you generate nice and unique content in a breeze. It is easy to use and has a free trial period. However, there is a lack of a refund policy and the quality is not the best ever. 

      Therefore, we recommend using it if you are willing to produce lots of unique content – i.e. for link building – or if you want an All-in-one solution which can satisfy both short-form and long-form creation needs. 

      If you are wondering, if we had to give just one answer, do we recommend this tool? Well, the short answer is YES!

      Also it is free, so why don’t you give it a shot and have some fun with it? And after that, let us know in the comments your thoughts about ArticleNinja!

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