Last Updated: April 29, 2024

Soundraw Test & Review – Is The Music Really Unique?

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    Soundraw - Best background Music generator?

    Are you a video creator and looking for the best background music for your piece of content? 

    You probably heard of SOUNDRAW, and you thought how good it would be if you could have automatically generated and unique music for each of your piece of content.

    Sounds FANTASTIC, right? But, is “Soundraw” really as amazing and promising as it sounds? What happens when you use it for long time-span? 

    No more guesses! Because we are testing this AI background music generator for the past six months.  and we have come up with all the things that content creators like you need to know
    In this Soundraw review, you will read all the features available, pros and cons, reviews, and more.

    Table of Contents
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      What is

      A snapshot of Soundraw homepage.

      SOUNDRAW is an AI background music generator that  creators can use to customize the length, composition and pace of their tracks. It helps them create unique tracks that are also 100% royalty-free and possible to monetize on YouTube, Facebook and any other social media. 

      Simply, SOUNDRAW lets you make your own music based on your chosen genre, mood, tempo, instruments, and other variables. Each track that you generated, will be used only from you. Users surely never heard it before, and never will anywhere else! Talk about exclusivity.

      But still you need to be careful as sometimes the AI will customize tracks after within the musical framework of a built-in music library. This means that some track might have a similar sound or vibe.

      But let’s not spoil the excitement with this last sentence, as this new music model going to be something. So, let’s take a look at SOUNDRAW deeper.

      Features of Soundraw

      Image illustrates the features of Soundraw.

      One of the best features of Soundraw is that it only takes a few clicks to generate unique, royalty-free music, based on one’s preferences. 

      Furthermore, a few more features are available in Soundraw which are worth mentioning. Let’s see them.

      AI Music Generator

      A snapshot of AI music generator feature in Soundraw.

      Let AI generate unique music based on what you like. In other words, when you select a bunch of variables such as the themes, mood, and length of the song, AI will automatically generate up to 15 original tracks according to the criteria

      You can even choose whether you want the music to loop indefinitely or end once it reaches the selected duration. If you pick loop, the AI will provide a smart loop, meaning that it will be smooth. It won’t feel like the song ended and then restarted, at all.

      You can use the newly generated tracks in any type of media, including videos, podcasts, presentations, and much more. 

      To improve your creations further, you can use the SOUNDRAW feature to edit the generated track. 

      This tool allows you to quickly edit your soundtracks without having to learn how to work with a professional sound and music software. Simply drag and drop your favorite song within the generated options onto the canvas and start editing or improving it. You can do unlimited changes. Once you’re done, you can export the final version of your music.


      A snapshot of music customization feature in Soundraw.

      With this advanced feature, you can  personalize your sound even further by generating up to 50 different sounds per track

      Plus, you can customize the duration, composition of musical tones, and individual instruments. This allows you to create and download unlimited type of music and use it for any video content or podcasts.

      This feature actually allows you to really create extremely unique tracks that goes much further from the default fingerprint used by AI, but there is also more risk of producing a track which doesn’t sound perfectly smooth, unless you are ready to twist some time and you have a good music ear.

      Accessibility and integrations

      A snapshot of Soundraw chrome extension.

      Soundraw works best and is highly compatible with Google Chrome Web Browser. You and your teammates can seamlessly access, create, edit, and share music, regardless of whether they are part of Team Apple or Team Windows, since Chrome is a browser accessible on all the most popular devices and operating systems.

      SOUNDRAW is also available as a plugin for Adobe After Effects Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. This can be quite handy, as it allows to generate and adjust music directly within your video project interface, to quickly match your video’s tempo and mood.

      Why SOUNDRAW?

      If you are looking for royalty-free background music for YouTube videos, you probably know that there are many options. You can find music for free on YouTube or even get access to extremely large libraries for a monthly fee.

      But what happens if you want to customize your background music? Or you want to showcase music which has a unique sound, and it has not been used by anyone before? Well, I am here to tell you that you can do it and at the same time collect royalties from your content creation across social media.

      Soundraw is such a  platform that gives you royalty-free  music and is able to generate unique and royalty-free music which matches your requirements. 

      Soundraw estimates that, considering all the possible twists you can do, it gives you access to over 2 million different tracks.

      Their site offers annual and monthly deals, and you can then produce and download unlimited royalty-free music without paying anything extra each month. Sounds great, right? So how does it work?

      Well, it’s simple.  Go to Soundraw, try for free to see what type of music tracks you can get, and then if everything seems fit purchase your monthly or yearly pass.  After that, you can download the one(s) you want and start using at your liking.

      Checkout the 2-minute demo/tutorial of Soundraw below; 

      Pricing Plan

      Image illustrates the pricing plan for Soundraw.

      SOUNDRAW lets you apply your music  quickly and easily.

      SOUNDRAW comes with two plans: free and paid. FREE Plan has a 7-Day Risk-Free Trial:

      • Unlimited Music
      • Save Created Music

      To download and use your music anywhere, you need to upgrade. They have a paid plan of $19.9 per month and $203.9 per year. The plan includes:

      • Unlimited Music
      • You can save the music you create
      • Unlimited downloads (but a maximum of 50 soundtracks per day per Fair Use Policy).
      • Commercial use
      • YouTube monetization

      We personally think that it is worth the pricing, if you want unique tracks, or you need a lot of music for your projects or clients.


      $ 0 Forever
      • Generate unlimited songs
      • Bookmark songs

      Personal Plan

      Billed annually
      $ 16
      Per Month
      • Everything in free
      • Personal & Commercial use
      • Download up to 50 songs per day
      • Youtube & Social Media
      • Corporate videos
      • Web ads
      • TV & Radio commercials
      • Podcasts
      • Games & Apps

      Pros and Cons

      Image illustrates the pros and cons of Soundraw.

      Soundraw Overall Review

      Great and unique 93%
      Library volume
      Potentially, 2 million different tracks 93%
      Good 80%
      Affordable and free trial 99%

      Our Verdict

      Image illustrates the final verdict of Soundraw.

      Soundraw is the perfect solution for anyone looking to add royalty-free background music to their video projects, which on top of that is unique.

      With over 2 million possible tracks, Soundraw offers a close to unlimited variety of musical outputs of different genres, including indie rock, classical, jazz, hip hop, R&B, pop, electronic, and much more.

      You can start customizing easily by selecting your favorite options such as mood, genre, and tempo.

      The pricing, despite it is a platform that works with AI, is highly affordable , making it a no-brainer for those who are looking for a different type of royalty-free music.

      Ultimately, the 7 days free-trial (no card required) allows anyone to easily get a proper idea whether the tool is a good fit for them or not, prior to investing any money.

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