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Top 3 Best SEO Group Buy Sites Of 2024 (And Why)

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    Are You Trying to Find the Best SEO Tools via Group Purchases? If You pay attention to this article, you’ll find what the best Group Buy SEO sites are, with additional tips from My side, as well.

    As you may be aware, hundreds of companies are currently offering SEO tools. But while using SEO tools is crucial to grow a website or provide SEO services, most of them – and especially the best ones – have one problem in common: they are extremely pricey, especially if you are just getting started. 

    But, there is a solution – as long as you pick a reliable Group buy. So without delay, let’s start our review!

    What is Group buying?

    Group buying is a technique in which a group of users bands together to purchase a single product, with all of the users sharing the same account and, of course, the same fee. Instead of paying Huge for a single tool, you may spend anywhere between $4 and $20 per month to gain access to a suite of ten to thirty or forty different products, depending on the provider.

    Why is Group buying needed?

    Website analysis, keyword research, and content generation are all necessary SEO tools you need to succeed in online marketing.

    Or, at the very least, they allow you to reduce your work time, by relying on such tools to help you.

    Therefore, group buying is important as it is a way that allows also users who are not making big bucks yet, to still get access to crucial tools such as Ahrefs, SemRush, WordAI, Grammarly and more.

    Also, Group buying is important as it reduces pricing that otherwise, would be out of league for most people.

    Rather than a single individual, groups of people unify their resources together to purchase SEO tools at a discounted rate, on platforms known as Group Buy.

    This indicates that you will save money as a result of the process, and you will be able to use precious gems that otherwise, only top earning entrepreneurs or companies would be able to use, by having an even higher advantage on most people!

    The way we see Group Buying, in short, it is a community oriented solution that allows everyone to access tools that indeed, should be accessible to anyone and not just a few people.

    And at the same time, these Group Buy platform do not “steal” profits from the main companies, for two reasons,
    1) They actually pay the original company, by using the fee’s of the community
    2) Once online marketers make enough money, they will be glad to switch to the official website, since it offers more speed, solutions, support and privacy.

    Things to know before joining a SEO Group Buy

    The best SEO Group buys tools cost from 4 to 20 dollars per month (depending on the tools you need), so they’re the perfect choice for beginners’ budgets

    The best SEO tools will generate insights quickly, but it’s important to remember that they’re only tools that will make your job easier. You’ll have to do the work to make them useful. This means rewriting content and making adjustments to your SEO strategies. 

    SEO Group Buy Tools are a great way to improve your business’s online presence and help you compete with your competitors, even if when they have more budget. SEO Group Buys are also highly beneficial to small business owners.  

    When you’re looking for the best SEO Group Buy for your website, you’ll find a wide range of options, which can be confusing. Not all of them are good, so make sure to read reviews and do not sign up to long term contractsAlso, before purchasing a group buy, read the terms and conditions of the site as some have some strict rule which you don’t want to break.

    SEO Group Buy Tools can be highly effective for small businesses and may lead to more leads and sales. To find out more about the Top 3 Best Group Buy SEO Tools, keep reading!

    Top 3 Group Buying Sites

    First and foremost, allow me to share the Top 3 Providers with you based on my personal experience.

    All of the providers I’ve listed here are completely unbiased, so you can rest assured that I’ll only recommend the best options. Also, keep in mind that I have used each and every company before compiling a list of all the advantages and disadvantages.

    1. SeoTooladda (
    2. ToolzBuy (
    3. ToolSurf (

    These are the best picks for Group buying sites; let’s see each one separately to know the benefits, advantages, and disadvantages.


    SeoToolAdda is a company that sells SEO software bundles as part of a package deal. This review is based on our personal experience with them.

    SEOToolAdda now provides a list of 20+ of the most popular blogging and SEO tools, including SEMrush, Grammarly, Ahrefs, Serpstat, and so on.

    It is a Group Buy marketplace where you can buy any SEO tool at the lowest possible price on the market.

    If you were to ask us how dependable and secure SeoToolAdda is, what would we say? Believe us when we say that they have been reliable and effective since we started to use them.

    Even though we now use standard (official) Ahrefs, we have in the past been monitoring the performance of our blogs with the help of SeoToolAdda, which helped us to find website issues, backlink opportunities and keywords opportunities via Ahrefs, which would have been otherwise above our budgets back then.

    What we like to do the most, is to use of a combination plan that grants us access to all the tools that are available on SeoToolAdda (which includes SEMrush, Moz, WordAi, PicMonkey, etc.) Basically, everything you need for your marketing.

    Also, it is worth mentioning that currently in India, it is the most popular source of group buy SEO tools.

    And the pricing? The minimum price of a single tool starts from ₹149 (approximately 2$). More over, if you buy a combo pack, you can see the available tools under your plan with the distribution of the price accordingly. You can also suggest a tool, which can be added to the plan. 

    For more details, also check our Seotooladda complete review!


    Pricing Plan

    For instance, if you select the 1 month combo pack you can see all the tools available under this plan with price distribution. Around 20 tools are available for just $8.

    Positives and Negatives

    Here’s a quick review to help you decide whether it’s worth the price.

    We will look at the pros and cons of this SEO buy tool and whether or not it is suitable for your business. 

    You’ll find that this software starts at just Rs149/per month and includes all the essential SEO tools, such as Ahrefs, Word-Ai, Canva Pro, Grammarly Premium, and many more.

    Then Moz Pro, which is one of the most popular SEO tools. It offers crawling, keyword research and even helps you track your project’s progress. 

    SEMrush is also included. It’s an advanced digital marketing tool that helps increase your online presence with search engines by suggesting the best practices for your business. Its package starts at just Rs249 and goes up to Rs399/month.

    The prices for the various services on are negligible compared to the features offered. The monthly fees are also cheap, and premium features are multiples. 

    There are three different sections for plans, and each is named according to what it provides. 

    In order to get started, you must first register for a free account. Then, you need to log in to your Toolzbuy account. You can choose to apply a coupon to your purchase. Alternatively, you can use your coupon code on the website itself. Once you’ve created an account on the website, log in to your account and download the extensions you need. After that, you need to upload them to your Chrome browser (Remember to enable the developer option, so that only you can upload the extension without any issue). There are more than 50 SEO tools available on, which means that there’s a tool for just about any job. 

    Plus, they are constantly trying to improve and introduce new tools to the plan. For example, was included in the  Advanced plan (under testing) once it’s satisfies the users needs it’s added to the single tool pack. Advance plan cost you ~$7 (₹549), where as is ~$5 (₹399).

    Pricing Plan

    Positives and Negatives

    TOOLSURF is an excellent SEO Group buying site with over 50 SEO tools. It is updated daily, and the dedicated team aims to delete or fix any tools that do not perform as well as promised before the end of the team member’s time. 

    It has an intuitive design that allows you to access all resources with a single click and offers unlimited use of all SEO tools. Unlike other Group buy softwares, TOOLSURF is virus-free, as there is no virus files detected.

    The user-friendly interface and high-quality services make Toolsurf one of the best options for beginners and experts alike. All of the tools are affordable and come with maximum uptime. The service is available for paid and free accounts, and purchased accounts can be used on multiple computers. It also accepts various payment methods, and its zero-refund policy makes it easy to make payments and get support. 

    There are several payment methods available at Toolsurf, including Bitcoin and Crypto if you want anonymity.

    Toolsurf offers a variety of tools for website owners and SEO professionals. If you’re unsure which tool to use, Toolsurf is an excellent option as it is plenty of tools to chose from. It’s easy to find SEO tools with a click of a button, and the support team at Toolsurf is friendly and accommodating.

    Pricing Plan

    Positive & Negatives


    Should I use Group Buy Tools?

    There are hundreds of SEO tools available, but if you’re just starting out, you may not be able to afford them all.

    If like many other, that is your case, join a Group buy to use most or all premium tools. You can get SEO tools for just 4 or 5 dollars per month with group buys. The benefits are immense.

    How to buy Ahrefs SEO tool at a cheap price?

    You can buy Ahref SEO tools cheap by buying them with a group of SEO tools. Check out our Group Ahref tool buy  review to find the best one for this specific use case.

    What are the best free SEO Tools?

    Ubersuggest, Moz, Soovle, and answerthepublic is the best free SEO tool these days, but with limited options.

    What are the best group buy SEO tools India?

    Seotooladda and Toolzbuy are the best and most popular in India.

    Group Seo Tools Buying Site

    Our pick
    SEO Tool Adda
    • Fast support
    • Instant access
    • 20+ tools
    • 15 days Refund
    • Instant access
    • Modern layout
    • 50+ Tools 
    • Affordable
    • Instant Access
    • 1-Day Trial (for 1$)
    • User Seats Option
    • More Expensive

    Our Verdict

    The group SEO tools help you save huge money on buying SEO tools. If you are looking for the best group, buy SEO tools, and then you can go with Toolzbuy. It is best if you want to best service at a cheap price. Alternatively, you can go with SeoToolAdda. Both have a similar, cheap price, great privacy, uptime guarantee and fast support. Also, they include all of the best SEO tools in the market.

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