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WriterZen Review – Pros & Cons, Features

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    For many individuals, the issue of developing relevant and rich content for their target audience is a daunting one. Many of you who were among them might take comfort in knowing that you are not alone. AI Writing assistants, such as WriterZen, can assist you in creating awesome content, faster.

    WriterZen delivers in-depth research, exact keyword and subject exploration solutions, and relevant content references to help you succeed. The AI program analyses the top 20 rated URLs for the target keywords, and delivers optimum recommendations for certain keyword sets based on the acquired data result.

    Written reports on this platform are enhanced by an innovative AI-based article writer, which creates paragraphs that are tailored to your specifications, key points, keywords, and style. 

    WriterZen is not the usual writing assistant, but a SEO optimized one. It has a unique Auto Clustering tool that uses an algorithm to determine the most relevant keywords for any subject you are writing of

    But, how does it compare to similar tools? What are its pros and cons? Is it worth the price? In this article, we will answer these questions and much more. So, let’s start our review of WriterZen! 

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      What is WriterZen?

      WriterZen is an artificial intelligence-based content creation tool that is jam-packed with features, especially SEO and SERP oriented features. It is possible to uncover new subjects based on specific keywords and generate unique content with this software.

      WriterZen is a comprehensive SEO tool which main goal is to assist you in writing content that will rank better in search engines such as Google. Additionally, you will get an inbuilt plagiarism checker to ensure that your work is not plagiarised.

      Although this fully enabled SEO tool is new to the market, it has quickly garnered popularity among its users. WriterZen was established in Singapore in 2018 and began operations in the Southeast Asia region in the same year. After achieving immense popularity, it is now being introduced to the rest of the world.

      WriterZen Features

      Here are the features available on WriterZen bulleted below,

      • Topic Discovery
      • Keyword Explorer
      • Content Creator
      • Plagiarism Checker
      • Keyword Importer

      Let’s see the features in detail below.

      Topic Discovery

      Choosing a subject for your blog or article might take a significant amount of time. Additionally, investigating about  the same topic you popped up with, might take substantial time and effort

      Topic Discovery handles all of this in a matter of minutes, assisting you in selecting appropriate keywords and subjects for your upcoming content.

      When you input a query into its search box, its algorithm searches for all related keywords in the top 100 URLs. It investigates how people respond to the sub-topics, as well as which related topics are now popular on social media platforms.

      Keywords that are currently trending and being utilized by the majority of websites are aided by this technique. In addition, you will get terms that you would never predict, but which consumers are looking for.

      As a default result, you will get as keyword suggestions the most popular ones and with high search demand.

      Alternatively, you may organize the terms according to their search volume and relevance (closely, moderately, or broadly). You may also choose to have the keywords shown as a concept map instead if you like.

      Google Suggests Insight and Headlines To Consider are two tools that may be used to do more research. 

      These capabilities give you headlines that have been used in previous articles and additional subject ideas, such as questions, prepositions, and comparative suggestions, based on the keyword.

      Keyword Explorer

      The procedure of selecting the most appropriate keywords is more difficult than it seems. But it is a crucial step. 

      When it comes to search engine optimization, depending on perception and practice might be fatal. With Keyword Explorer, a single keyword list is created, which pulls information from a range of sources, including search engine recommendations and Google Keyword Planner.

      This is a tool available that may save you time while also assisting you in the organization of your keywords into focused campaigns, by analyzing objective and updated data.

      With a overall keyword database containing more than 15 million entries, you may be confident in finding an appropriate term for your area.

      This feature also provides an excellent opportunity for SEO experts to take advantage of the “keyword golden ratio.”  

      Even searching for non-specific subjects returns extremely relevant search results and recommendations that are highly likely to convert. 

      While if specific keywords you provide, WriterZen can anticipate how much traffic, leads, and purchases you will get over the next 90 days, each month.

      This feature may offer you insight into your specific industry and information on your competitors, if used in a smart way.

      In fact, the Keyword Explorer provides users with thorough information about each market’s size, scope, and dimensions. Furthermo<<re, the tool gives all of the information needed regarding a term’s degree of competition as well as the user’s search goals, ensuring that keyword research stays on track – hence relevant.

      A keyword group must be 100% authentic, though, in order to guarantee that both ranking & data integrity is provided at the same time. If you select the appropriate keywords, then expect to cut your SEO ranking troubles in half.

      Content Creator

      To write a blog post or any other type of document, WriterZen is a tool able to help you with everything.

      Collaboration is one of the main things this content creator can do for you. This means the ability to resolve and improve parts of a project together and keep records of them.

      When people work together using WriterZen, they keep track of who has given specific information, what needs to be looked at, and by whom. You can use it to run your next big project, from composing to publishing and monitoring.

      As part of content creation, you still get keyword suggestions that are based on an automated system that looks at the top 20 leveled URLs. As a bonus, there are image recommendations and sentence recommendations.

      Lastly, this tool makes it easier for the writer to export their work in various file formats and display it in full-screen mode, to remove any distraction. Throughout the project, the team can talk about and verify each piece of prose for plagiarism.

      Overall, this feature makes it easier to write controlled, accurate, SEO-friendly content. Also, it gives you content that comes from a steady stream of ideas. Making it easier for collaborators to work together enhances the integrity and worth of original content.

      Plagiarism Checker

      Additionally, the program has a plagiarism checker. This may be used to assess whether or not the material given by your contributor is plagiarised.

      This function does not have a deep search AI mechanism for determining whether or not the content has been spun, but it does the job to check plagiarism. Additionally, the amount of inspection may be customized to meet an individual’s needs, such as low, medium, or high.

      Keyword Importer

      WriterZen’s keyword importer allows you to input researched keywords for analysis and then export the results. This program provides a straightforward interface and user-friendly functionality. The time it takes to switch between workspaces and create new content is a fraction of a second or less.

      Pricing Plan

      WriterZen has three pricing plans which are bulleted below,

      • Basic – Starts from $39 ( $27 per month annually)
      • Standard – Starts from $59 ( $41 per month annually)
      • Advanced – Starts from $99 ( $69 per month annually)

      Pros and Cons

      WriterZen Overall Rating

      Great 95%
      Good 80%
      Affordable 94%

      Users Review

      Let’s see the opinions of those who have already used the service. On Trustpilot, the popular review site, WriterZen has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5, proving its quality.

      This user was really enjoying this service more and said, ” WriterZen is a game changer for anyone who creates content. Here’s why.

      1) Topical Relevancy – They help you find topics that you need top cover to be considered and authority. (Think site catagories/silos/pillars)

      2) Keyword Research – Writerzen’s golden keyword filter lets you filter for low competition keyword based on allintitle.

      3) Estimate Profit – You can select keywords you have filtered and get an estimation of how much you could expect to make if you rank on the 1st page.

      4) Training – Look at their YouTube channel. They are constantly pumping out content to help users. 

      6) Updates – Since I bought the deal, the platform has completely redone the UI, added NLP and AI Writing.


      WriterZen – Is it Legit?

      Yes, It’s legit. Our team is using this tool for the past six months and once you learn the ropes, it steps up your SEO content writing and keyword research.

      How does WriterZen’s plagiarism checker work?

      WriterZen is a full-service plagiarism detector that not only detects but also identifies plagiarism.

      How many languages can WriterZen work on?

      At this moment, around 46 language are supported worldwide.

      What are the alternatives for WriterZen?

      Here are the best alternatives for Writerzen tested by us, bulleted below,

      Is WriterZen Free?

      WriterZen has a Free trial, so you can check its features before buying the tool.

      What is WriterZen Keyword Explorer?

      With the help of Writerzen’s Keyword Explorer, you can discover and organise keywords quickly and easily.

      Our Verdict

      I hope you got an impression of what WriterZen offers. This platform is suitable for novices. Keyword Clusters and Allintitle are included in the price.

      So, choose WriterZen if this is your first platform for article production, and you also need to create SEO optimized content. It contains several functions, including a plagiarism checker.

      For blogging, content development, and keyword discovery, you may use this platform.

      The free trial allows you to test yourself whether or not this tool ultimately fits you, so go have fun!

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