Last Updated: April 23, 2024

The 5 Best Whiteboard Animation Sites in 2024

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    If you are seeking a Whiteboard Animation tool, then you’re in the right place. 

    Making impressive video presentations with the latest techniques and clear animations is an extremely video marketing method. 

    But the trickiest part is how to create an amazing and unique video for your audience, in a simple way as well.

    In this scenario, a modern Whiteboard animation software becomes handy, and while not all work well, some of them allow you to create amazing whiteboard animation videos. 

    So today, we will see the top 5 Whiteboard animation tools that we researched and tested for you.

    We will also reveal how you can take your whiteboard animation video to an even higher level of quality. Without delay, let’s dive into the business!

    Table of Contents
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      Introduction to Whiteboard Animation Videos

      Whiteboard animations are usually used for product demonstrations or explainers, to show how a product or service works. 

      They might also be considered for educational videos that need to teach their audience something complicated visually.

      They might also be considered for educational videos that need to teach their audience something complicated visually. So now, we will see the top 5 Whiteboard animation tools we tested in this section.

      Typically, a human hand draws on a whiteboard while talking about the product. The whiteboard drawings are then turned into an animated video made of many scenes.

      6 Possible Good Reasons to Use Whiteboard Animation

      There are different reasons why businesses use whiteboard animation videos, and why you might want to do as well. Let’s have a look at them.

      1. They’re known to be highly effective in conveying a message or story.
      2. Makes boring information more engaging
      3. They can be used to explain complex concepts in a simple way.
      4. They have a professional look, making it ideal for businesses.
      5. They’re relatively easy and inexpensive to produce.
      6. Furthermore, they can be reused and repurposed easily, for example if you have old audio content, you can easily repurpose it into a whiteboard video.
      If any of the above reasons resonates with you, then it’s time to find the best whiteboard animation tools for your video project!

      5 Best Whiteboard Animation Sites

      After research and testing, we ranked these sites based on a number of factors, including:

      • Output quality
      • Built-in library option
      • Easiness of use
      • Pricing
      • Users reviews

      So, let us introduce you our first pick.

      1. Doodly

      Doodly is a whiteboard animation software that allows users to create beautiful animation videos. 

      It features an interactive interface, which includes a variety of drawing tools, effects, and animations. 

      Doodly contains a simple and easy-to-use interface with many simple features, making it simple for even non-technical or experienced people.

      Yet, it still offers enough flexibility and exciting features to satisfy the needs of professional animators.

      The user’s drawings are animated as the scenes are drawn with a pen tool, which convey ideas with dynamic visuals. 

      Its AI-powered drawing system enables users to create impressive animations with just a few clicks, so it is perfect for people who are not comfortable with complicated design programs or who want to produce nice videos, quickly.

      Doodly offers many benefits over traditional whiteboard animation tools. It can be used on any device, so there are no limitations to where you can work, be it a laptop or mobile. 

      Additionally, the AI-powered drawing system means that users spend less time perfecting their drawings and more time thinking about how they want their animation to look like. Complete full review about Doodly is available on SM90, have a glance!


      • It’s simple to use: select the image, click and drag it to your canvas!
      • You can use Doodly Smart Draw to draw or upload your own images.
      • The software has a large selection of male and female hands that help personalize videos.
      • You can also use a variety of integrated music tracks.
      • Doodly has thousands of images that are all hand-drawn by a team of graphic designers.
      • You can use Doodly on any device.

      Pricing Plan

      Doodly is currently the part of Voomly cloud, so by purchasing it you can access other tools like Toonly, Talkia, Pyks and more in one place. Check the pricing below.

      Voomly Cloud
      $ 49 / Month
      • Voomly Cloud Includes:
      • Toonly, Doodly, Talkia, Pyks, People Builder Included
      • ​Unlimited ad-free videos
      • ​4k & HDR Player Included
      • Video sharing
      • Autoplay thumbnails
      • ​7TB Storage
      • Custom Branding
      • ​Unlimited Video Funnels
      • Analytics

      Positive & Negative



      Users Review

      When analyzing the user experience on Doodly in Trustpilot, It seems that it has many positive users and it is rated 4.4 out of 5. So for your reference, below are a few User ratings.

      2. Moovly

      Moovly is another tool to create your own professional-videos – including explainers and whiteboard animations – in just minutes… and without any video-editing skills. 

      Featuring an intuitive dashboard that walks you through the process of selecting images and videos to upload, adding text and voiceovers, and exporting your video, so it’s ready to share. 

      With over 100 built-in templates and the ability to customize any template you like, you can make professional-looking videos in minutes. 

      Upload your own pictures, videos, and voice clips to create a video that’s all your own.


      • Object and layer locking. That way, you can avoid unintended changes in time and position.
      • Plenty of controls in the timeline object view.
      • Context-sensitive right-click menus in the editor.

      Pricing Plan

      Moovly has two pricing plans with both monthly and yearly subscriptions, which are showcased to you below, 

      $ 99 Per Month
      • For budding creators
      $ 199 Per Month
      • For maximum creative freedom
      Custom pricing
      • For teams and collaboration

      Positive & Negative


      Users Review

      Trustpilot’s analysis of Moovly’s user experience receives 4.4 out of 5 stars from generous, happy customers. So, for your convenience, the following are a few user opinions that we gathered for you.

      3. Vyond

      No matter if you’re marketing your business or being a content creator, Vyond, formerly known as GoAnimate, has the tools you need to create professional and engaging whiteboard videos.  

      Whether you need a one-minute explainer video or a more elaborate animation, you have a solution for it! 

      You can also check the explainer video below, which was made with Vyond itself

      With this online animation software, you can have a professional video up and running in minutes. It’s easy, flexible, and affordable!


      • Single-click publishing to a variety of video hosting sites.
      • Multilingual.
      • Characters with automatic lip-syncing.
      • Automated infographics tool

      Pricing Plan

      Vyond has four pricing plans with both monthly and yearly subscriptions, as you can see below, 

      Single User Plan
      $ 49 Per Month
      • A basic plan for those on a tight budget. The Vyond logo will be imprinted in the bottom left of each video.
      Single User Plan
      $ 89 Per Month
      • A single-user plan suitable for small business needs. Includes high quality exports and live chat support.
      Per User
      $ 179 Per Month
      • A scalable plan suitable for teams* at medium- and large-sized businesses. Includes advanced features and priority customer service.

        Requires one seat for each user & seats cannot be shared.

      Positive & Negative


      Users Review

      When checking for other Vyond’s user experience on G2, it appears to have happy customers who rated it 4.5 out of 5. Thus, a few selected user ratings are included below.

      4. Animaker

      If you’re looking to create different types of animated videos, and not just whiteboard, here you go. 

      With Animaker, you can create animation in just three easy steps: Record, animate, and export. You can also import audio and video clips to use in your animation. 

      You can make 2D animations with ease, 3D animations in the style of Disney, and live-action videos for every moment of your life. Our team tested over a hundred videos with Animaker.

      All you need is a device and a few minutes of your time, to give life to an engaging, animated video, whether it is for your business or just for fun!


      • Direct YouTube uploads option available.
      • Royalty-free music collection.
      • Access the huge, free animated library with drag and drop.
      • Back to frame camera for zooming out.
      • Many video tutorials for new users.
      • Sound mixing up to 3 track layers.
      • You can save the same creation in multiple modes, for different outputs.

      Pricing Plan

      Animaker has four pricing plans with both monthly, and yearly subscriptions. The monthly plans are showed below,

      $ 49 Per Month
      • $588 / billed Yearly
      Most Popular
      $ 19 Per Month
      • $228 / billed Yearly
      $ 10 Per Month
      • $120 / billed Yearly
      Custom Pricing
      • $120 / billed Yearly

      Positive & Negative


      Users Review

      With an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5, Animaker appears to make its users enthusiastic. And as usual, below are a few user evaluations we picked!

      5. Createstudio

      Createstudio is the all-in-one video marketing solution for startups and small businesses. 

      Here, you get access to many professionally designed templates for your social media channels, videos, and more! 

      With Createstudio, you can make captivating animated videos, ads, and social media content in less time and with less effort. 

      Tell a powerful story in a simple way that’ll win over your audience in just a few clicks. With the drag & drop builder and numerous quality templates, you don’t have to have any tech or design skills to create amazing videos, ads, and social media content!


      • Animations with a single click
      • File sizes get reduced by eight times when exporting.
      • Create nearly any type of video you can think of.
      • Editing on a green screen with an integrated Vector Shape Library.
      • Video Editor with Drag & Drop Features.

      Pricing Plan

      Createstudio is a Lifetime software deal, with a very accessible pricing and a money-back guarantee!

      Create Studio
      $ 67
      • Lifetime offer

      Positive & negatives


      Users Review

      When it comes to Createstudio online reputation, it gets an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Trustpilot. If you’d want to see what other people think, here are some user reviews.

      Top 3 Whiteboard Animation Sites (OUR PICK)



      How long does it take to create a typical whiteboard animation video?

      The time it depends on its length and complexity, but it can range from a few minutes to hours.

      Can you incorporate voiceover or music into a whiteboard animation video?

      Yes, you can incorporate voiceover or music into a whiteboard animation video.

      Can you monetize on youtube whiteboard animation videos?

      Yes, you can monetize whiteboard animation videos on YouTube through advertising revenue, sponsorships, or other forms of monetization.

      In what video format is an exported whiteboard animation video?

      The exported video format for a whiteboard animation video can be in a variety of formats, such as MP4, AVI, MOV, etc.

      How to make whiteboard animation video for free?

      There are various online tools and software available to create whiteboard animation videos for free, such as Creativestudio, Doodly, and Animaker.

      What is the difference between a whiteboard animation video and an expainer video?

      A whiteboard animation video is a specific type of explainer video that uses a hand-drawn style to illustrate ideas and concepts, while an explainer video can use a variety of animation styles to explain a product or service.

      How much will a whiteboard animation video cost you when hiring a freelancer?

      The cost of hiring a freelancer to create a whiteboard animation video can vary greatly depending on factors such as the length, complexity, and experience of the freelancer, but it can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

      Summing Up

      In conclusion, whiteboard animation is a great way to create engaging and informative videos for your audience. Whether you want to explain a complex concept, tell a story, or promote your brand, you can find a whiteboard animation site that suits your needs and budget. 

      The top 5 whiteboard animation sites that we reviewed are Doodly, Moovly Animaker, Vyond, and Createstudio. They all offer different features, pricing plans, and templates to help you create amazing whiteboard videos. 

      So what are you waiting for? Pick one and start creating your own whiteboard animation today!

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