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How To Use Spintax: A Simple Guide For Internet Marketers

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    Are you tired of writing the same content over and over again? Do you want to create unique and different content quickly, without spending hours brainstorming new ideas? 

    Then spintax might be just what you need! In this guide, we’ll go over the basics of spintax and show you how to use it to create multiple unique versions of your content in just a few clicks. 

    We will also see the best tools to create spintax and that integrate with it.

    Let’s get started!

    Table of Contents
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      What is Spintax?

      Spintax is a way of encoding text so that multiple versions of the same content can be created quickly and easily. It was first invented in the 1990s by computer programmers and internet marketers. 

      The exact origin of Spintax is unclear, but it is believed to have been developed as a way to automate the creation of content SEO and marketing purposes. 

      It works by substituting synonyms, phrases, or entire sentences within the original text with alternative options. 

      This allows you to create multiple versions of the same content without having to rewrite it from scratch each time.

      How to Use Spintax?

      To use Spintax, you simply need to write a sentence or paragraph with different word or phrase options separated by vertical bars ‘|’  and enclosed in curly braces ‘{}’. 

      Once the sentence/paragraph was made with this syntax, a random variation will be returned that creates each time a different output.

      Steps to generate and use spintax

      1. Choose Your Content: The first step in using spintax is to choose or generate the content you want to spin. This can be anything from a blog post to a product description or even an email newsletter. It is essential that the original content is of clear grammar and good quality, so that the spintax variations and synonyms are accurate.


      2. Create Alternative Options: Once you have your content, you need to create alternative options for each section that you want to spin. This can be done with several online tools (which we will see later) and they can include synonyms, alternative phrases, or entirely different sentences that convey the same message.
      3. Encode Your Spintax: Once you have your alternative options, you need to encode them using spintax format (the one mentioned above). Spintax uses a specific syntax to encode your text.

        Below is an example.

        Original Text: I went to the store and bought some apples.
        Spintax: {I went to the|I visited the|I went shopping at the} {store|grocery store|market} and {bought some|purchased some|got some} {apples|fruit}.

      4. Spin Your Content: Once you have encoded your spintax, you can use your spintax versions in tools that support it to quickly create different and unique versions of text. Below, we will also have a look at a list of great marketing tools which support spintax.

      Best Tools To Create Spintax

      To generate creative spintax quickly, using a tool is your best option. 

      And to generate quality and unique content which preserves the meaning of the original article, it is also important to use high-quality spintax softwares.

      Possibly, tools which are also powered by AI, to ensure results which do not only create a new article, but also preserve its meaning while improving its clarity.

      We selected the best three spintax tools for you. Find them in the below table. Detailed review of Wordai and Spinnerchief is also available on SM90. Have a sneak!

      Tools Features Pricing
      Wordai It can generate unique titles and paragraphs, with complete sentence restructuring. Costs $27 yearly with 3-Day Free Trial
      spinrewriter It can spin your text on a word, sentence and paragraph level. It also supports nested spintax. Costs $497 Lifetime Single Payment with 5 Days Free access
      Spinnerchief It has a simple interface and a fast spinning speed. It can also handle multiple languages and generate SEO-friendly spintax. Costs $307 Lifetime Single Payment

      List of SEO tools that integrate with Spintax

      As mentioned before, writing spintax manually can be tedious and time-consuming, so some SEO tools offer integration with spintax to automate the process.

      Here are some great SEO tools that integrate with spintax.

      • RankerX: It’s a software that can create and manage hundreds of web 2.0 accounts, social bookmarks, PBNs, etc. 
      • GSA Search Engine Ranker: A desktop software that can build backlinks from thousands of platforms, such as forums, blogs, wikis, etc.
      • Seomatic: A cloud-based tool that can generate content for programmatic SEO, and about any niche or keyword. Spintax ensures that each blog post is unique, to avoid duplicate content penalties.
      • Inflact for Instagram DM: A service that can send automated direct messages to Instagram users, based on various filters and triggers. With spintax each message will be different, and as a result Instagram’s spam filter won’t be triggered.
      • Tozo Social: A tool that can schedule and post content to multiple social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Spintax allows to easily generate unique posts across different social media platforms.
      • Publer: Similarly to Tozo, it is a tool that can create and publish content to multiple social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 
      • Greatly Social: Another social media scheduling tool that can create and share content on several social media platforms. 

      Will Spintax Bypass plagiarism checking?

      Have you ever wondered if spintax can trick plagiarism-checking software? 

      It’s a valid concern for anyone who uses this content creation tool, especially those who need to ensure that their content is original and plagiarism-free.

      The short answer is that spintax won’t necessarily “break” plagiarism-checking software, but it can certainly make it more difficult for these tools to detect copied content.

      Of course, the effectiveness of spintax content to avoid plagiarism detection will also depend on the level and quality of spintax.

      That being said, a creative spintax which is able to preserve the logic and meaning of a sentence is able to bypass plagiarism easily.

      How? Well, plagiarism-checking softwares work by comparing your content to a database of previously published material. 

      If the software finds an exact match, it flags it as potentially plagiarized. 

      However, spintax works by substituting words or rearranging phrases and sentences, making it more challenging for the software to detect similarities between the original and spun content.

      That being said, sophisticated plagiarism-checking software can still detect partial matches for spintax-generated content. 

      These tools use advanced algorithms to analyze the syntax and context of the text, allowing them to identify similar content even if it’s been spun.

      So, does that mean spintax is useless when it comes to avoiding plagiarism? Not necessarily. While it may not fool all plagiarism-checking software, using spintax can still help you create multiple unique versions of your content quickly. 

      This can be useful for avoiding duplicate content penalties and increasing your chances of ranking higher in search engine results when publishing pages with similar pillar content.

      Ultimately, the best way to avoid plagiarism is to create original content from scratch. 

      While spintax can be a useful tool for content creation, it should be used responsibly and in conjunction with other methods of ensuring originality, such as handwritten writing with proper citation and research.

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      Q - What is Spintax?

      Spintax is a way of writing text that allows you to create multiple variations of the same sentence or paragraph by using curly brackets and pipes. 

      For example,
      {Hello|Hi|Greetings} means that one of these words will be randomly chosen each time the text is spun.

      Q - How to create Spintax?

      To create Spintax, you need to identify the words or phrases that you want to vary and enclose them in curly brackets. Then, separate each option with a pipe symbol.

      For example,
      {I like|I love|I enjoy} {reading|writing|learning}.

      Q - How to add image in Spintax?

      To add an image in Spintax, you need to use the double brackets syntax. For example,
      [[image:]] means that this image will be inserted in the text.

      You can also add alt text and caption by using colons. For example,
      [[image: is an example image:Example caption]]. But, you need to make sure that the tool you are using supports also image captions and alt text.

      Q - In Spintax, what are double brackets for?

      Double brackets are used for inserting images, videos, or other media elements in Spintax. They are also used for nesting Spintax within Spintax. 

      For example,
      [[{This|That} is a {good|great|nice} {image|picture|photo}|{Image|Picture|Photo} credit: {John|Jane|Jack}]]
      means that one of these sentences will be randomly chosen and spun.

      Q - How to write good Spintax?

      To write good Spintax, the easiest way is to use an high-quality tool which integrates AI in its spintax process. But, if you are writing yourself, you should follow these tips:

      • Use synonyms or paraphrases that make sense in the context and preserve the meaning of the original text.

      • Avoid using too many or too few options, as this can affect the readability and uniqueness of the spun text.

      • Use proper grammar and punctuation in each option.

      • Test your Spintax before using it to make sure it works as intended and does not produce errors or nonsensical sentences.

      Q - What is spun content?

      Spun content is the result of applying Spintax to a text. It is a new version of the original text that has different words or phrases but conveys the same message.

      Spun content can be used for various purposes, such as content creation, SEO, marketing, or plagiarism avoidance.

      Q - What is Spun Content Checker

      It is s a tool that can help you verify the quality and uniqueness of your spun content. It can compare your spun content with the original text or with other sources on the web and detect any similarities or differences.

      A good spun content checker should also provide you with feedback about the readability of your Spintax, and provide suggestions on how to improve your Spintax and your spun content.

      Q - "Google does not like spun content", Is it true?

      Google’s algorithm is designed to rank high-quality and relevant content that provides value to users.

      Spun content can be seen as low-quality or duplicate content that does not offer any new information or insight.

      Therefore, Google may penalize websites that use spun content excessively or dishonestly by lowering their rankings or removing them from the search results.

      That being said, high-quality/AI spun content can hardly be detected, and it is an efficient way to quickly generate unique content from existing pieces of text.

      Q - Any Spun content Sample available?

      Here’s an example of spun content for you:

      Original sentence: “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”
      Spun sentence: “The speedy red fox leaped over the lethargic hound.”


      Creating traffic-driven unique content at content is always hectic and time-consuming work. 

      However, to ease the actual work, Spintax was created and still used regularly to this day for SEO and marketing purposes. 

      Since you all know how powerful the Spintax is, it’s always recommended to know when to use the Spintax, with which tool to ensure maximum quality, and also when to draw the limit. If it goes beyond, your content will be spammy and penalized, which can harm your brand reputation and credibility.

      Ultimately, the key to successful content creation is finding the right balance between originality, relevance, and value. 

      By combining spintax with other content creation techniques, you can create compelling and engaging content that resonates with your audience and ranks on Google for your target keywords. 

      So go ahead and give spintax a try and see how it can transform your content creation process for the better.

      So that’s the wrap for today; see you all in the next informational blog post, fellow internet marketers! 🙋‍♂️✌️

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