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Biteplay Review: Can This App Improve YouTube Channels?

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    Anyone can create video advertisements, but generating advertisements that convert can be difficult. If you are unable to convert your views into consumers, you will most likely need to alter your marketing strategy.

    The use of tailored advertisements might assist you in reaching the appropriate clients who are genuinely interested in your items. 

    We recently came across a program that can make the procedure easier.

    Having spent some time investigating and testing it, We are pleased to present the Biteplay Review. This review will cover the most notable elements of Biteplay, as well as the user interface, support, roadmap, and other aspects of the platform.

    I am sure you will gain something valuable from reading this essay and know if – and eventually how – BitePlay can be a good fit for you. 

    Now, without further ado, let us get started.

    Table of Contents
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      What Is Biteplay?

      By addressing the correct audience with the relevant ads, “Biteplay is a Youtube Contextual Ad placement software” which helps increase the return on investment (ROI) of YouTube video campaigns. It can be utilized by entrepreneurs, marketers, e-commerce businesses, and anyone who wants to use video advertising to get more sales or leads.

      Keyword search, Auto Import, Smart Lists, Bulk Requests, Conversion tracking, and other features are available in the dashboard. 

      Ad Placement search, YouTube Influencer search, Viral Prediction, and Power Tracking are some other available tools, which currently do not exist anywhere else. 

      Biteplay UI

      Biteplay is a user-friendly UI that is simple to navigate. In order to accommodate your preferences, you can choose between a dark and a light theme. The home page contains a variety of use cases, each of which can be viewed separately from the header bar.

      You will notice a ‘Help’ option on the bottom right of the page, which will allow you to submit email tickets to get your questions answered. Overall, the interface appears to be of reasonable quality, and even a novice could quickly navigate through it.

      Unlike Tubebuddy and VidIQ, Biteplay does not have a browser extension, which is a con. We can only access it through a web application for the time being. Via the web application we can do a lot of stuff, but we are really hoping that this tool will get a browser extension soon!

      Features of Biteplay

      There are several features available in Biteplay and are bulleted below,

      • Keyword Search
      • Video Search
      • Tag generator
      • Find Influencer
      • Video Information
      • Video Checker
      • Conversion tracker
      • Topic tracker
      • Content tracker

      Let’s see the features one by one further.

      Keyword Research

      Biteplay’s Keyword Research tool is somewhat similar to YouTube’s Autofill feature in that it searches for keywords for you. All you have to do is enter a keyword, select a language, and choose a source from YouTube or Google. It’s that simple.

      But, it clearly is much more handy as it provides a long list of results at once and detailed data of each one of them.

      It will find the most relevant terms for you and produce them for you. You can get some very nice suggestions on it if you look hard enough, and find some golden niches.

      Video Search

      Although this tool appears to be similar to a standard YouTube search, it is actually highly sophisticated. There are four distinct ways to search for YouTube videos on this page.

      1. Via keywords
      2. Locating Similar videos via video URL
      3. Search for videos in specific channels
      4. Go for trending videos by choosing the category or by region.

      You can set filters to the content presented in the Advanced option to display only relevant content. You can narrow down the results by using filters such as Exact Match, Licenses, Minimum Views, Country, Negative Keywords, Date, Video Duration, and other criteria, among others.

      Tag generator

      It is possible to link with your ideal customers and visitors through the use of appropriate tags. Adding Tag Generator to your YouTube videos or advertising campaigns is yet another way to improve their performance and target a more specific audience.

      This feature, depending on the topic, it will create a set of 20 to 50+ related tag recommendations for you, based on the phrase that you entered. You may just copy and paste all of them into your video’s description box before submitting it, increasing your possibilities of reaching the intended audience.

      Or you can also use them as targeting keywords in your YouTube Ads campaigns.

      Find Influencers

      Influencer marketing is highly popuar on Instagram, and it can be very profitable with YouTube too. Also, would it not be fantastic if you could establish connections with well-known influencers in your field? 

      This is made feasible through the use of biteplay. There is nothing more to do than typing in a term, selecting a region, and specifying the highest range of results you desire.

      An alphabetical listing of the most popular YouTube influencers, together with their contact information, will be displayed. Moreover, you may record the URLs of their channels or export the entire list as a CSV file from the website.

      You can then also use the built-in email scraper for their channels, so you also have ready leads in a few clicks.

      An example when searching for the term “web hosting,” in the above screenshot, for reference.

      Video Information

      You can discover the most general details about a YouTube video right here. This covers the number of likes, dislikes, and comments received, as well as the date the video was published.

      This feature is currently in the testing phase. According to my observations, this feature needs a bit more work, but I am confident that soon it will become more sophisticated.

      Video Checker

      When you use the Video Checker tool, you can run performance analysis on any video.

      Whenever you enter the URLs of a video, it displays basic statistic data, such as the number of likes, views, and comments, the date the video was published, tags, and a description, among other things.

      Along with the whole, it also reveals the position in which your video is ranking for the various keywords that have been employed. This is advantageous if you would like to optimize your video for keywords where it is doing well, in order to get more traffic from search.

      Conversion Tracker

      In the event that you sell a product or service using YouTube advertisements, the Conversion Tracker will assist you in obtaining an analysis of your sales.

      When you create a new tracker, you must include information about the product. As soon as a campaign is started, it is simple to monitor the number of conversions, total visits, unique visitors, total income earned, and other vital statistics about it.

      Topic Tracker

      Here is another feature, and possibly one of the best, which could also benefit content creators. Topic Tracker keeps track of relevant keywords and sends you notifications whenever a new video containing that term is trending on YouTube. 

      The tool finds trending video using an algorithm that takes into consideration various factors, such as date published, total views, and views velocity.

      For example, when we tracked the keyword ‘web hosting,’ the following were the results:

      You can also choose whether or not to receive notifications daily, weekly, or monthly. 

      What is the benefit of this feature? Well, if you receive a list of the most recent videos related to a keyword, such as ‘Web Hosting,’ you can run advertisements on those videos, post significant responses in their comments section, or create videos that are comparable to those already on the internet and ride the algorithm’s wave to get views.

      As a result, using Topic Tracker, you can increase the likelihood of finding traffic opportunities which are also related to your niche.

      Content tracker

      The Content Tracker is useful for keeping track of how well a video is performing overall. The channel description, video description, and tags used in the video are displayed when you paste the video URL into the website’s search bar.

      Aside from that, you’ll be able to examine graphs that display helpful information such as the amount of likes, dislikes, comments, and views received. It is good to see how videos perform over time.

      Biteplay YT Ads Crash Course

      The Biteplay Academy, which provides a free YouTube Ads crash course for those who are new to the marketing & video advertising industries, is also available to newcomers.

      This in-depth course will teach you how to construct a visually appealing and attention-grabbing video advertisement for YouTube marketing.

      According to user reviews, the only issue with this course is that it requires users to rate them and submit a review in order to activate the course content and access it. The problem may have been rectified now because it only occurred once in our situation, then we were able to access anyway. 

      Biteplay Pricing Plan


      $ 0 Billed Monthly


      $ 99 Billed Monthly


      $ 199 Billed Monthly


      $ 399 Billed Monthly

      The Biteplay Starter plan, which is available for $99 a month on their official website, is a good value. The cost of this marketing platform is relatively high. But there’s also a seven-day free trial that doesn’t require you to provide your credit card information.

      Users Review

      Let’s see the opinions of those who have already used the service. On Capterra, the popular review site, Biteplay has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5, proving its quality. 

      A user who seemed to really enjoy this service, ” It’s a great tool to find related keywords for youtube videos. It can find all the related videos for ad placement based on your keyword, and you can target those videos during your video ads. Besides this, it also could track your video ranking on YouTube. You can find influencers based on your niche/Keyword with a single click and many more useful tools it makes it easy to improve your YouTube Channel and Ads. Last but not least, their Tutorial for YouTube Ads are worth to invest. So I highly recommend trying it out.”

      We also noticed that users were delighted with the promptness of customer assistance, which quickly solved even problems that were not precisely simple. I remind you that it has a 7-days free trial with a 10 search credit, so you can try it without paying a cent by creating an account on the official website.

      Positives and Negatives

      Our Verdict

      Finally, We are at the end of the post. Are you wondering what we felt when we used this service? To be frank, this is an excellent service.

      This tool will save you time and target the specific use of your product advertising. You may have seen their various plans and prices, as they offer several capabilities that allow marketers to target their particular clientele.

      Maybe it will save you a lot of money or increase the ROI and performance of your video Ads.

      They also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee and 24/7 customer assistance.

      This is possibly the best tool for those who operate YouTube as professional marketers and advertisers; if used right, it is a killer. So get it while you can.

      If you’re interested in finding out how to use YouTube services, including how users are able to purchase YouTube metrics, here’s the full list of information It is important to look them up!

      Meet you all in the next exciting review. Until that, stay tuned🫡 Peace out✌🏻  

      Biteplay Overall Rating

      Great 89%
      Great 92%
      7-Day Free trial 100%

      Biteplay FAQs

      Does Biteplay offer a Free trial?

      Yes, Biteplay offers a Free trial for 7-days. So you can check the features without paying a penny.

      Does Biteplay provide API?

      Yes, API is available in Biteplay.

      How Much is Biteplay charged per month?

      The basic package starts from $99 per month.

      What is the alternative to Biteplay?

      Tubebuddy and VidIq are the best service alternative to Biteplay, but are more creators oriented. Biteplay was created specifically for video advertisers.

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