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How To Buy A YouTube Channel with 1000 Subscribers – Safe & Easy

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    Are you thinking of buying a YouTube channel with 1000 subscribers? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Buying an existing channel can be a great way to jumpstart your success on the platform, as it comes with initial benefits and pre-existence audience.

    But before you take the plunge, there are several things you need to consider, to ensure you buy a quality channel and avoid scams. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about buying a YouTube channel with 1000 subs or more. 

    From finding a reliable seller and securing a safe purchase, to maintaining/growing your newly acquired channel, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also share some case studies of successful purchases as well as possible pitfalls and how to avoid them. So, let’s get started!

    Table of Contents
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      The Idea of Buying a YouTube Channel (and its Benefits)

      Buying a YouTube channel offers a shortcut to gaining subscribers and – eventually – watch hours, bypassing the initial struggle.  

      It saves time and effort by providing an established audience base, as well as existing “YouTube authority”. This can be advantageous as you don’t have to build a subscriber base from scratch.

      Also, purchasing a channel with existing content gives you a head start, and it can be a strategic move to enter a specific niche or target audience. 

      But another great feature, is that owning an established channel opens up instant opportunities for monetization and partnerships. Some channels with as few as 1000 subscribers are also already monetized on YouTube. This means that creators can start making money immediately, right from their very first video.

      So, buying a YouTube channel with 1000 subscribers is a good idea as long as it comes with existing high-quality video content, good metrics, and it is purchased from a reliable seller. In this article, by the way, we’ll also share with you some of the best sellers out there.

      The Process of Buying a YouTube Channel

      Buying a YouTube channel involves the transfer of ownership rights and control from the current owner to the buyer. This process typically includes negotiation and agreement on terms, followed by the transfer of assets. 

      Due diligence is crucial to ensure a smooth transition and prevent any hidden issues or risks, as well as scammers. Online marketplaces or specialized websites facilitate the buying and selling of YouTube channels. 

      Step 1 - Find a reputable YouTube channel seller or marketplace

      If you want to buy or sell a YouTube channel, you need to find a reputable YouTube channel seller or marketplace that can offer you a safe and secure transaction. There are many scammers and fraudsters out there who can take your money or your channel without delivering what they promise.

      One of the best ways to find a reputable YouTube channel seller or marketplace is to look for reviews, testimonials, and feedback from previous customers. You can also check their website, social media, and contact details to see if they are legitimate and professional.

      Some of the reputable and trustworthy sellers in the market nowadays are Lenostube (when it comes to direct sale) and Fameswap (when it comes to account marketplace). They have been in the business for years and have helped thousands of customers buy and sell YouTube channels. They offer a variety of channels in different niches, sizes, and prices.

      LenosTube, as a direct seller, provides dedicated support and a 100% refund policy if the channel has issues, while Fameswap, a marketplace, provides escrow services and verification processes to ensure hassle-free transactions between buyers and sellers.

      All of LenosTube’s channels have 1000 or more subscribers. As per Fameswap, you will have to filter channels by number of subscribers, to find the ones that fit your subscribers count requirements.

      Step 2 - Evaluating the YouTube Channel You Intend to Buy

      When buying a YouTube channel, it’s crucial to evaluate various factors. The number of subscribers plays a significant role, but is it not the only one. Let’s explore the most crucial factors.

      1. Ensure the authenticity of subscribers, to avoid inactive accounts and bots.
      2. Evaluate engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and shares to get insights into the channel’s popularity and interaction with the audience.
      3. Assess content quality to determine if the channel’s existing videos align with your goals and target audience.
      4. Analyze the channel’s growth trajectory and viewership trends can indicate its potential for future success.

      Taking these steps will help you make a good decision, and secure a quality YouTube channel with 1000 subscribers, or even more. Remember that not all channels – even when they have the same number of subscribers – are alike. Some will be healthier and with better YouTube ranking.

      Importance of Subscriber Count

      Having a high number of subscribers is crucial for any YouTube channel. It not only indicates a larger potential audience for your content but also attracts more organic views and engagement on your videos. A higher subscriber count enhances credibility (social proof). And, it opens up opportunities for collaborations and partnerships, since both brands and other creators prefer to work with users who have a fan base.

      Moreover, it is well known that advertisers also consider subscriber count when selecting channels for sponsored content. While growing subscribers organically takes time and effort, buying a channel with an established subscriber base can give you a head start in the competitive world of YouTube creators.

      As a result, providing great content and attracting new, free YouTube subscribers should always be the next step for any channel owner who just purchased a YouTube channel with subscribers.

      Checking the Authenticity of Subscribers

      Verifying the authenticity of subscribers ensures that they are genuine accounts actively engaging with the channel. You can do so by analyzing subscriber growth patterns, and by identifying any suspicious spikes in subscriber count that may indicate fake or inactive accounts.

      But, not just subscribers possibly. Assessing engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and views also provide great insights into the level of active participation from subscribers. 

      To achieve this, you can use tools and analytical platforms that will easily assist in evaluating the authenticity of subscribers. Ensuring the authenticity of subscribers is essential for building a genuine and engaged community on your freshly purchased channel.

      You may also try to ask the seller. They may share subscribers analytics with you, such as country of origin, gender, and other interesting metrics.

      Assessing the Channel's Engagement Metrics

      Engagement metrics, such as likes, comments, and shares, are indicators of the level of interest and interaction from a YouTube channel’s audience.

      Analyzing these metrics shows how effectively the channel is connecting with viewers. Higher engagement metrics suggest an active, loyal and engaged audience.

      After all, you don’t just want 1000 subscribers, but also them to be active, right?

      So, consider having a sneak into engagement metrics, to understand the overall health and potential of a YouTube channel.

      You can also ask the seller screenshots about the channel’s engagement metrics, as well as average view retention. If they are of good quality, the seller won’t bother about your request and will be happy to provide you with screenshots and reports that reveal the channel’s engagement.

      Reviewing the Channel’s Content Quality

      By quality, we mean especially the existing videos. The quality of content plays a crucial role in attracting and retaining future viewers, but it also influences YouTube algorithm.

      So, a channel with original and good content, is likely to have a better pre-existing algorithm consideration and authority.

      So, assess the videos’ production value, such as storytelling, voice-over, and editing, to evaluate the content’s quality. And, make sure the content is original and not stolen from somewhere else.

      Pro tip: checking the audience’s feedback, such as comments and likes, reveals the perceived quality of the content between viewers.

      And, of course, think if the existing videos align with your future content production plans, as well as your niche. When you purchase a YouTube channel, it is better if you do not start uploading videos about a different niche, as this would confuse the YouTube algorithm and also, it wouldn’t allow you to benefit from the existing audience’s interest.

      A simple solution to this, is to buy a YouTube channel with content that reflects your niche.

      Evaluating the channel’s content quality, and ensure it aligns with your target audience preferences, is crucial for long-term success on YouTube.

      Step 3 – Purchase the YouTube channel

      Once you have found a YouTube channel that suits your needs and budget, you can proceed to purchase it from the seller or marketplace. The process may vary depending on the platform you choose, but generally, it involves the following steps:

      • You contact the seller or marketplace and express your interest in buying the channel. You can also negotiate the price and terms of the deal.
      • You pay the agreed amount to the seller or marketplace through a secure payment method. Some platforms may use an escrow service to hold the funds until the channel is transferred.
      • You provide your Google account details to the seller or marketplace so that they can transfer the ownership of the channel to you*. You may also need to verify your identity and sign a contract or agreement, especially when you purchase very large channels. For 1000 subscribers, however, this is unlikely.
      • You receive an email from Google confirming that you have been invited to become the owner of the channel. You have to accept that invite; once done, visit YouYotube, where you can then login and access the channel’s dashboard, analytics, and settings.
      • You enjoy your new YouTube channel and start creating and uploading content. You can also customize the channel’s name, logo, banner, description, and other features.

      *this is the most common way of transferring YouTube channels. However, some sellers may provide you with the channel’s login credentials – gmail address and password. If this happens, please ensure you trust the seller, since there is a grace period on gmail accounts, where user can recover his old account even when the password has been changed.

      Now, let’s have a closer look at these steps.

      Negotiating the Price

      When negotiating the price for buying a YouTube channel with 1000 subscribers, it’s important to consider various factors to determine a fair deal.

      Take into account the channel’s current subscriber count, but also viewer engagement, the quality of the videos and the revenue potential as key indicators of its value. You may also research the market value of similar channels to establish a baseline for negotiations. 

      And regardless of the value, most sellers will provide you discounts to the original sale price. We tried this both with Fameswap and Lenostube, and most of the time sellers were willing to reduce the pricing. With LenosTube, we were able to get a nice $90 off the sale price, for instance.

      So, if you want to save some money, be prepared to negotiate and find common ground to reach a better sale price.

      Finalizing the Deal and Transferring Ownership

      Okay, you found the seller, analysed the channel and even agreed on a good price. Now, all you need to do is to finalize the deal, and transfer ownership of the YouTube channel with 1000 – or more – subscribers!

      But before proceeding, it’s important to follow a few important tips. The first thing to do, is to verify ownership, access rights, and any potential copyright or intellectual property issues about the channel you are going to buy. In the following section, we will have a closer look at this aspect with some actionable tips.

      It is also important to clearly outline the terms of the sale, including how the transfer of ownership happens (remember what we said before) and the refund policy if issues arise.

      Clear communication with the seller about terms, but also expectations and the conditions of the channel, helps avoid future misunderstandings or disputes.

      And even throughout the transfer process, we suggest maintaining friendly and open communication with the seller. If new issues, concerns or questions arise, address them to the seller. Better to get rid of doubts before finalizing the deal!

      It is also important to follow YouTube’s guidelines for changing channel ownership and transferring administration rights. If you change ownership via Google invitation, you won’t have to worry about this, though.

      And, of course, using secure payment methods and platforms can protect your financial transactions. Possibly, avoid cryptocurrency or other payment methods which you don’t have the possibility to revert. Paying via credit or debit cards is a safer option, since you can dispute the payment through the bank in the eventuality of a scam.

      Tips to ensure a safe purchase and not get scammed (and how to do it)

      As per any other digital property purchase, when buying a YouTube channel with 1000 subscribers – or any other amount, it’s essential to protect yourself from potential scams.

      Actually, the niche of online digital properties buy and sell, is plenty of scammers who don’t deliver accounts after payment. For this reason, we are adding a few more helpful tips to help you stay clear from scams!

      Verifying Ownership (essential)

      To ensure a safe purchase, remember to verify the ownership of the YouTube channel you intend to buy. So, request proof of ownership, such as screenshot from within the YouTube studio dashboard from the current owner. Or even better, a live video recording to make sure the images have not been “photshopped”. 

      Also, verify that the channel does not have other existing issues, such as copyright strikes, community guidelines violations, or other legal issues with YouTube that may jeopardize your future growth.

      Confirm that the current owner has full control and access over the YouTube channel, and that the channel is in good standings copyright-wise. 

      More tips for protecting yourself from scams

      We mentioned most of them during our article, however, let’s freshen up a bit of the memory with this quick list of safety tips. But… if you heard enough of this, skip to the next section of how to grow and profit from your newly acquired YouTube channel!

      More safety tips:

      • Research the seller’s reputation and history (Lenostube is safe, while a marketplace like Fameswap you might need to check individual sellers’ reviews. Avoid new sellers.
      • Ensure you use secure (and revertible) payment methods. PayPal or credit/debit cards are good options.
      • Be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true or sellers who pressure you into making quick decisions.
      • Trust your instincts!

      So… What to Do After Buying the Channel?

      After acquiring the channel, take time to understand its content and audience preferences. Then develop a strategy that aligns with the existing theme and interests of the subscribers.

      Consider rebranding or updating visuals to reflect your ownership. Continuously monitor performance for improvement opportunities.

      Step 4 - Maintaining and Growing Your Newly Acquired YouTube Channel

      After acquiring a YouTube channel with 1000 subscribers, it is crucial to assess the channel’s content quality and identify areas for improvement. 

      1. Review the quality of your videos and find out what you can do better after buying a YouTube channel with 1000 subscribers.
      2. Work with other YouTube creators or influencers to cross-promote your channel and get more subscribers.
      3. Upload also YouTube Shorts, as they are easy to create and tend to get many views
      4. Use YouTube SEO methods, such as choosing good titles, descriptions, and tags for your videos, to make them easier to find on YouTube.
      5. Interact with your viewers through comments, messages, and community features to build a strong relationship and loyalty.
      6. Check your channel’s analytics regularly to learn more about your audience’s behavior and preferences.
      7. Follow these steps to keep and grow your YouTube channel that you just acquired.

      Strategies for Retaining Current Subscribers

      To ensure the continuity of your channel after buying a YouTube channel with subscribers, you should consider communicating with your subscribers about the change in ownership and reassure them of the channel’s continuity.

      A message that conveys the change and also your will to make similar content yet even better, and your appreciation for the users, is a good type of message.

      But, what comes next is even more important. The quality of the video is the most important factor on YouTube, but there is more. Maintain consistent content uploads to keep subscribers engaged and interested, and ask them for feedback and suggestions from your subscribers not only makes them feel involved but also helps in channel growth. 

      Collaborating with other creators or cross-promoting with related channels can attract new subscribers as well. After all, you purchased a channel with existing subscribers, and it will be much easier to find other creators who value your channel.

      With these simple strategies, you can not only retain your subscriber base, but also grow it. Speaking of growing your subscribers, let’s see some techniques and tips focused exactly on that!

      Techniques to Gain More Organic Subscribers

      You don’t want to just retain the old subcribers’ base, but also grow the channel to new heights, right? So, let’s have a look at more easy-to-implement strategies to grow your channel.

      • Create eye-catching thumbnails
      • Create engaging titles that pique
      • Utilize YouTube SEO techniques, such as optimizing video descriptions and tags
      • Use end-screens that redirect to your most recent uploads – or the best ones – to keep viewers on your channel
      • Build suspense about your future uploads, via series, teasers and community posts
      • Remember your viewers to engage with your channel and subscribe, either via voice or using animations
      • Promote your videos on social media
      • Run Youtube Ads promotion

      Best Sites to Buy a YouTube Channel

      YouTube is one of the most profitable social media, and many people want to start their journey. But, building a successful YouTube channel from scratch can be challenging and time-consuming. That’s why some people prefer to buy an existing YouTube channel that already has a loyal audience, high-quality videos, and monetization potential. A channel with 1000 subscribers is a common choice, as it is a mix between convenience and pre-monetization.

      But where can you find such channels for sale? And how can you ensure that you are getting an honest deal and not a scam? Here are some of the best websites to buy YouTube channels that come with existing subscribers.

      1. Lenostube: Lenostube is a reputable YouTube marketing company that sells a plethora of organic YouTube growth services. Among their offerings, there is the possibility to buy a monetized channel. You can select channels in various niches, such as gaming, music, business, sports and more. For those who want, LenosTube can also create in no-time a custom YouTube channel, that includes videos and graphics according to the user’s preferences. All of the channels available on LenosTube have 1000 or more subscribers, and they are also monetization ready. The channels are owned by Lenostube, which ensures that you stay clear of scams, as you are buying them directly from a market leading provider. You can also benefit from a 100% refund policy and credit card payments.
      2. Fameswap: Fameswap is another reputable website, which acts as a marketplace that puts in contact people who are both trying to buy and sell YouTube channels. You can find channels with different subcribers, niches, and monetization methods on Fameswap. You can also negotiate the price and terms with the seller directly through the website’s messaging system. Fameswap offers a safe and fast transaction process with escrow protection and support. However, FameSwap does not have control over individual sellers, so it is always best to carefully vet sellers, channel ownership and, if possible, avoid new sellers.

      So, these are some of the best websites to buy YouTube channels in 2023. Both of them have channels with 1000+ subscribers, and a safe procedure and honest terms and conditions.

      However, before you buy any channel on these websites, make sure to do your own research and due diligence as well! Check the channel’s history, analytics, and ownership.

      Buying a YouTube channel with pre-existing audience and subscribers can be a great investment if you do it right. Good luck!


      What are the Possible Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them?

      Legal issues, scams, content quality, audience engagement. Avoid them by verifying ownership and auditing the channel’s content and subscribers.

      Is Buying a YouTube Channel the Right Decision for You?

      Buying a YouTube channel with 1000 subscribers may save time and effort, and give a head-start in building a successful YouTube channel, but it requires research as well as future effort to produce quality content that keeps the channel growing.

      In conclusion, buying a YouTube channel with 1,000 subscribers can be a safe and easy process if you follow the right steps. The tips we shared in this article, as well as a couple of reliable platforms to buy a website from, are a good way to get started.

      Once you have purchased the channel, focus on maintaining the subscribers and growing them, and your future on YouTube is set to shine!

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