How To Buy A SMM Panel? The 5 Best & Safest Scripts in 2023


Today, the world of digital marketing is, more than ever, changing. With the emergence of social media and mobile devices, traditional marketing methods are being challenged, and new strategies are needed to stay relevant. 

And SMM panels are among the most innovative methods to do social media marketing, largely due to the fact that they offer instant results and low prices.

So, it is not difficult to understand why SMM panels can be a highly profitable business, given the increasing market request.

See below how its popularity has increased over the years. (source: Google Trends)

And so, some people are understanding the potential of this niche, and jumping on the other side – the one to become a provider or SMM panel owner.

But, how to get started with the right foot? Where to buy a safe, effective and not overpriced SMM panel?

There are many places to buy a SMM Panel. But not all of them really work; some may be too expensive for your budget or come without essential features, that will cause issues later on. 

This article will help you find the best place(s) to buy one, so that you can get the most value out of your purchase and have a top performing SMM Panel!

We will first quickly have a look at the top 5 places, and later find out more the pros and cons of each one, plus some extra precious advice for starting an SMM Panel.

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    Things To Consider Before Buying A SMM Panel

    As you already know what a SMM panel is, and you are also reading this article, you probably want to know how to buy them – and some advice to consider.

    • You want to ensure that the panel is from a reputable source. There are a lot of scams out there, so you want to be sure that you’re getting your panel from a trusted source.
    • Make sure that the panel script is affordable. You may find third parties reselling a panel or providing SMM panel hosting service for much larger prices. Avoid them and use original SMM panel sellers. Also, making money with an SMM panel may take some time, so you don’t want to find yourself with huge monthly bills when you are still trying to get clients.
    • Make sure the panel is easy to use, especially for customers. Some panels can be very complicated and hard to navigate, so you want to be sure that your new potential customers will quickly get acquainted. The good news, is that most scripts provide demo‘s, which you can test before purchasing. If a SMM Panel does not have a demo version, it is a red flag.
    • Double-check that all most important features are available. Including, but not limited to: support tickets, provider API integration, payments integration, cancel, drip-feed and refill options.
    • Consider if you need additional features which may help promote your SMM Panel. For instance, not all SMM panels have an affiliate program, which can have your existing clients to do some free promotion for you. Also, other features such as payment bonuses or welcome emails tend to be great to increase your client conversion/retention, but not all SMM panels currently have those.


    The best place to buy an SMM panel depends on your needs and budget. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable SMM panel, the best solution is to buy a script with a one-time license. Pay once, use forever

    On the other hand, more expensive SMM panels tend to have more features and hosting is included. It is extremely difficult to switch SMM Panel script along the road, so think properly what road you want to take because you will have to stick with it

    We created a quick table for you, that compares pricing, hosting and few more details.

    Script Pricing Hosting Rating Website & Demo
    Perfect Panel From 50$/month Yes 9.7/10 Official site
    Soc Panel From 5$ /month Yes 8.9/10 Official Site
    Smart Panel 39$ one-time No 9.2/10 Official Site
    SMM Lab 49$ one-time No 8.2/10 Official Site
    Article Ninja 33$ one-time No 7.8/10 Official Site

    How much does BUYING an SMM Panel cost?

    The cost of an SMM Panel can vary greatly depending on the features and services it offers. In general, the most popular SMM Panels will cost between $5 and $50 per month. 

    The price can increase further depending on the amount of orders you receive, but that is not something you have to worry about. If you receive more orders, paying a higher fee won’t be a problem – as it means you are making remarkable earnings from it.

    Also, there are SMM Panels that offer a lifetime license for a one-time fee. That one-time fee tends to be higher, of course, but you won’t have to worry about payments never again in the future. 

    Lifetime scripts, though, don’t have hosting included. Therefore, you need to find a good hosting too and add it to your SMM Panel expenses.

    How much money can you make AS A SMM Panel oWNER?

    The potential earnings from an SMM Panel depend on the services you offer and the size of your client base.

    Generally speaking, depending on your services, you could make anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars a month. The larger your client base is, the higher your earnings will be.

    The most popular SMM panels are receiving millions of orders each month, resulting in millions of dollars per month in revenue.

    SocialMarketing90 had an exclusive interview with an owner of one of the most popular ones, which we will share with you soon. So, stay tuned.

    Does an SMM panel have maintenance costs?

    Yes, depending on the type of panel you are using, there may be costs associated with maintenance. For example, if Your SMM panel is hosted on a server, you may need to pay for hosting or server maintenance fees.

    If you require custom design or additional features, you might have to hire a developer for that.

    If you start to develop a large client base, one or more support agents that will promptly answer your clients tickets is recommended.

    Other than that, SMM Panels are known to be quite low maintenance, due to the fact that all orders are automated and will start automatically in seconds or minutes.

    Buy a SMM Panel: top 5 places COMPARED

    Detailed comparison table here.

    Top 5 SMM Panel Comparison

    Is it safe to run an SMM Panel?

    Yes, running an SMM Panel is safe as long as you take the necessary precautions. 

    You should always ensure that you use a secure server (SSL), use secure payment methods, and do not purchase SMM panel scripts from unreliable sources who may access your client contact list or providers API. 

    It is also highly recommended to never provide admin access to support agents or developers that might need to use your panel for work-related reasons. The most popular scripts provide the option to create sub-accounts for the same reason.

    Another advice we give is to allow only 3D secured credit/debit card transactions, as some users will try to add funds via stolen cards – which will later result in economic loss when the original card owners will revert the payment.

    This is not something to worry about, as long as 3D is enabled for all transactions – meaning that the user the cardholder needs to approve the transaction on his phone. Or, you can just use Cryptocurrency and other payment options.

    Lastly, you should follow the terms and conditions of the social media platform you are using to provide services on your panel.

    Is it legal to BUY AND run an SMM Panel?

    SMM Panels are just a type of e-commerce providing various services, from SMM to SEO or more, depending on the preferences of the panel’s owner.

    Therefore, owning a SMM Panel is not against the law, just like owning any website or e-commerce.

    It is important to remember, though, that generating fake (bot) traffic is against the policies of most social media platforms. Therefore, providing such services may go against an individual social media’s terms of service. (But, still, not against the law).

    Hence, yes, purchasing and running a SMM panel is not a crime, and it is legal.

    Bottom Line

    SMM Panels are surely a growing business, and due to the fact that it is a fully automated e-commerce platforms, it brings great advantages both to users (who don’t need to wait for orders to start) and panel owners (who don’t need to manually fulfill orders).

    It therefore makes SMM panels the most popular business choice when it comes to SMM in 2023, and it may be worth to invest money and time in starting a SMM panel business.

    After all, everyone is using social media daily and this market will hardly ever get saturated. And in the best scenario, a successful SMM panel can have astonishing monthly turnovers.

    But the first thing required to start a SMM panel business – and probably the most important one – is to purchase a SMM panel script.

    It is also a choice that you won’t be able to change later on the road, therefore it is important that you analyze the pros and cons of each provider and – most importantly – only purchase a SMM Panel script from top sellers and safe sources.

    In this article, we helped you by providing some advice of the best SMM Panels script to buy, if you want to start your SMM panel business.

    For any question, drop a comment and we’ll try to help!

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