Last Updated: May 15, 2024

An Interview with a Millionaire SMM Panel Owner

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    In today’s exclusive interview, we are talking to the co-owner of an SMM Panel which has a turnaround volume of circa 1million dollars per year…and keeps growing.

    He tells us about his journey, the best, and the worst as an SMM Panel owner. 

    Let’s get started!

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      Hi, how old are you and how many years have you been in the SMM panel business?

      Hello, My name is Frank, 34, and I am one of the two owners/CEO’s of  PacySMM, founded 3 years ago.

      How much monthly turnaround volume does your SMM panel have?

      Our monthly turnaround varies, but it’s between 70.000 to 80.000 USD.

      Do people around you (friends, family) know you run this sort of business?

      This is a business firstly made from family members, then other staff members were added gradually, meaning this was started as a family business.

      No reason for them not to know about it and us keeping our business hidden.

      Why did you decide to start an SMM panel? Was it your first experience in Internet marketing?

      When our panel was created we had the idea of a well-put website, well categorized services, stability, highly responsive customer service, meaning our customer’s voice had to be heard and their approach was and is important for us and our business.

      Our first experience in the field of Internet Marketing was through Amazon & different affiliate marketing companies, where I used to promote different products through ads and SEO.

      How much time does your SMM panel take you per day?

      Minimally, it takes me 8 hours per day to finish daily needful tasks.

      On average, I believe that working on the panel takes most of my day, up to 12 hours per day and sometimes more when new services have to be developed or others need to be updated.

      What things did you find most difficult in your journey as a SMM panel owner?

      The most difficult thing is to keep the services updated and satisfy our customers with quick and fully working services during updates. As known during social media updates, services must be kept on a slower speed, so it’s difficult to keep everything updated and optimal.

      If you had to give just one advice to people who are thinking to start a SMM panel business, what would it be?

      One advice I would give everyone is to hear what their customers are seeking and respond to their requests with due diligence and professionalism. A happy client is a returning client.

      Your business has been growing steadily through the years. Where do you see it in 2 years from now? Do you think it can reach 1 million dollars monthly volume?

      Of course, we hope for the best, so we can get more employees and grow new opportunities for us and our clients. I hope we will be able to reach that amount soon, but not going to lie to myself: that is a really high amount to be reached in a two years time.

      What is the thing you love the most about having a successful SMM panel?

      Happy clients! Honestly, seeing the results of your hard work pay off with a positive response from your users it’s the best feeling you’ll have as a business owner and that is what you need to aim for.

      What is the thing you like the least about having an SMM panel?

      A lot of working hours means less time for your family or entertainment. Having a successful panel means to have an organized life and working a lot without having time for other daily activities.

      Why do you think SMM panels sometimes have a bad reputation?

      It is normal. On every business model, there are some poeple that make a bad reputation for other companies in the same niche. The same happened with SMM Panels. As it’s such a popular niche and it grew a lot lately, scammers had to get involved and started scamming people for big amounts of money. Others provided really cheap services and low quality ones and then disappeared in a short time range. Which made clients really misunderstand and un-trust this specific niche, which has a lot of potential.

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      Special thanks to Frank from PacySMM for the interview.

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