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How To Use An SMM Panel: The Ultimate Guide To Avoid Scams & Bans

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    If you want to quickly grow your online presence, you might be interested in using an SMM panel. But what is an SMM panel, and how can it help you with your social media marketing? How do you use one

    In this blog post, we will answer these questions and more, such as how to find the best SMM panel provider and, in case you have that entrepreneurial vein running through you, even how to start your own SMM panel.

    Table of Contents
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      What is an SMM panel? A Simple Definition

      An SMM panel is a website or a script that offers various social media services such as likes, followers, views, comments, shares, and more. You can use an SMM panel to boost your social media accounts and increase your engagement and social proof. An SMM panel can help you save time and money by automating your social media marketing and providing you with fast – at times instant – services, at affordable prices.

      Features of an SMM Panel

      An SMM panel, to be labeled as such, should possess specific features. These are:

      • Automated: Order placing and order processing happens automatically instantly, with no need of human work to elaborate an order)
      • SMM services: As the name suggests, SMM panels provide social media marketing services, such as Instagram followers or likes.
      • Custom quantity. Unlike traditional e-commerce stores, SMM panels allow to place any quantity, in most cases. For instance, a client can decide to purchase a quantity of 300, 452 or 560 units, as he prefers.
      • Live analytics. Each SMM panel allows tracking of each single order, by providing live updates about the order status and delivery progress.

      Additionally, SMM panels tend to be extremely cheap compared to traditional ecommerce or marketing agencies. However, this is not always the case.

      How To Use An SMM Panel?

      Now that we have learnt what an SMM panel is and its key features, it is time to understand how to use it. We included a live demo.

      How to add money to an SMM panel?

      Different SMM panels might have slightly different procedures; however, SMM panels work differently compared to traditional e-commerce stores.

      This means that users do not need to fund a single purchase during the checkout process.

      In fact, first it is necessary to deposit funds and then, users can use their account balance to place orders.

      As a result, users need to pay before placing an order, but at the same time, they have the ability to place many orders with no-need to checkout and providing payment details every single time.

      As a result, SMM panels save time when placing repeated orders.

      Pros: Time saving
      Cons: Necessary to pay before placing an order

      Generally speaking, when adding money (funds) to an SMM panel, users can decide what amount to add. Be it $1, $10 or $15.26, clients can decide how much to invest.

      As a result, to use an SMM panel, you need to add a balance to your account first.

      Payment methods available

      Some of the standard payment methods availabe within SMM panels are credit card, debit card, bank transfer, cryptocurrency,payeer, perfect money, webmoney, and more.

      Paypal is extremely difficult to encounter, due to the fact the PayPal does not allow merchants in the SMM business to process payments.

      For a similar reason, it is also less common to find SMMm panels offering credit and debit card deposits – yet possible.

      You can see the available payment options on the specific SMM panel website and then, choose one that suits you best.

      Once you add a balance to your account, you can start ordering the services you need.

      Pro tip: SMM panels tend to provide non-refundable payment methods, such as cryptocurrency or payeer. For this reason, it is essential that you do accurate research and read online reviews prior to depositing funds into an SMM panel.

      How to place an order on a SMM panel?

      To place an order on a Social Media Marketing (SMM) panel, follow these step-by-step instructions:

      Step 1: Login/Register. If you’re a new user, sign up on the SMM panel by providing the required details. If you’re an existing user, log in using your credentials.

      Step 2: Add Funds. (if necessary) Ensure you have enough funds in your account to place an order. If your account balance is low, you may need to add funds through the payment options provided on the panel.

      Step 3: Choose the Service. Select the type of social media service you want to order. Common services include likes, followers, views, comments, etc. Make sure to choose the appropriate service that aligns with your marketing objectives. 

      Sometimes, SMM panels have several services for one specific marketing goal, i.e. Instagram followers. Make sure to compare all of them to choose the best one. Eventually, contact support asking which one is the best.

      Step 4: Enter Details. Provide the necessary details for your order. This may include the URL of your social media post or account, the number of views, ikes or followers you want, and any other relevant information as required by the panel.

      Step 5: Customize. (if applicable) If the SMM panel allows customization options, you may have the opportunity to specify the content of the comments or delivery speed (via drip-feed) for your order.

      Step 6: Review Order and Confirm. Double-check all the details you’ve entered to ensure accuracy. Verify the order summary, including the total cost, before proceeding.

      Once the order is placed, it might not be possible to cancel it, or it may require support’s help and therefore, it is essential to make sure the correct details and quantities have been provided.

      Step 7: Place the Order. Once you’re satisfied with your order details, confirm the purchase. If you have sufficient funds, the order will be processed immediately.

      Step 8: Wait for Delivery. Now, sit back and wait for the SMM panel to fulfill your order. The delivery time may vary depending on the service and the panel’s policies and individual service. Be patient while your order gets processed.

      However, most SMM panels will process your order within minutes, if not seconds. If your order takes longer than expected to start, it might be a good idea to contact customer support by providing the order ID.

      Step 9: Check Order Status. If the panel provides an order status or tracking feature, you can monitor the progress of your order. You can typically see the order status on the panel dashboard, and live updates such as how many followers have been delivered so far.

      Step 10: Review and Feedback. After the order is completed, evaluate the service you received. Some panels may allow you to leave feedback or ratings, which can help others make informed decisions.

      Remember to abide by the SMM panel’s terms of service and guidelines to ensure a smooth ordering experience. It’s essential to choose a reputable and reliable SMM panel to get the best results for your social media marketing efforts.

      How to get support on a SMM panel?

      To get support on a SMM panel, follow these steps:

      1. Review FAQs and Documentation: Before contacting support, it may be faster to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and documentation provided on the support page. Many common queries and issues might already have solutions outlined there.

      2. Identify the BEST Support Channel: If you need help, determine the available support channels provided by the SMM panel. Common options include email, live chat, support tickets, or a dedicated support portal. Built-in ticket support is the most common practice; however, it does not mean it is the best. You might be able to receive faster support over chat, WhatsApp, or other.

      3. Create a Detailed Support Ticket: If you couldn’t find a resolution in the FAQs, consider creating a support ticket. Provide a detailed description of your issue or question, including any relevant account details or order numbers (order IDs). This will help support personnel understand your concern better, and address the issue faster, with no need for additional tickets providing further information.

      4. Contact via Live Chat: If live chat is available, also use these options for quicker responses. Clearly articulate your query and wait for the support team to get back to you.

      Remember, each SMM panel may have its unique support procedures, so always refer to their specific guidelines for the most effective support experience.

      Finding The Best SMM Panel

      While using an SMM panel is generally the same procedure, the reliability and quality of a SMM panel might affect your experience.

      For instance, an SMM panel offering services that work as described and start promptly, will require minimal work from your side, and likely no need to contact Support to fix any order issue.

      And, if you ever need help from the panel’s agents, the promptness and quality of the provided support will have a major impact on how promptly your queries are solved.

      As a result, finding a great and reliable SMM panel is essential for the above reasons, as well as saving money and receiving higher quality SMM services.

      We have another more detailed article about this topic, however, let’s have a quick look at both the best and cheapest SMM panels to use.


      Which SMM panel is best?

      While it’s hard to give a universal answer to this, as different SMM panels excel in different services and each user has unique needs, there are still a few SMM panels on the market that have proven over and over again to be highly reliable, by providing quality services, cheap rates and good support.

      But before seeing the name of some reliable SMM panel, let’s what are some of the factors that you should consider when choosing an SMM panel are:

      • The range of services they offer
      • The quality and speed of delivery
      • The pricing and payment options
      • The customer reviews and ratings
      • The refund and refill policies
      • Customer support and communication

      You should compare different SMM panels based on these factors and choose the one that meets your needs and expectations.

      Based on our experience and research, some of the best SMM panels to use, are:

      • TheYTLab (amazing for YouTube, but not many options for other social media’s)
      • (overall great reliabilty and quality, but support may take up to 20 hours)
      • AwwSMMPanel (instant services, cheap pricing)
      • JustAnotherPanel (very famous, but with many services not working)
      • (highly reliable, but also quite expensive)

      Which is the cheapest SMM panel?

      Again, this question depends on various factors such as the social media you are most interested in. Also, we think that cheap pricing means nothing without decent quality, and responsive delivery time.

      However, some of the websites that claim to offer the cheapest SMM panel services. and still manage to keep competitive quality and reliable support, are:

      • AwwSMMPanel
      • PostLike
      • JustAnotherPanel
      • Peakerr
      • TopSMMclub

      You can check these websites and see if they offer the services you need at reasonable prices. However, you should also be careful about choosing an SMM panel based on price alone, as some of them may compromise on quality or reliability.

      Creating your own SMM Panel Business

      Creating your own SMM panel is not a big task. All you need is to do a bit of research and have some bucks to kickstart it, and you could be on your way to a profitable business venture. 

      With the ever-growing demand for social media services, there’s never been a better time to get into the game.

      Plus, creating your own SMM panel allows you to customize the platform to cater to your specific target audience, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

      So, if you’re ready to take the plunge and start your own SMM panel business, roll up your sleeves!

      We have written a detailed guide about this topic. If you are interested, then check out our ultimate guide to start your own SMM panel.

      How to Make Money with an SMM Reseller Panel?

      An SMM reseller panel is an excellent source of income. As mentioned just before, you can earn money by providing social media marketing services to individuals, businesses, and other entities. You can sell services like Facebook page likes, Instagram followers, Twitter retweets, etc. 

      As a reseller, all you have to do is to buy services from an SMM panel provider and sell them to your customers at a higher price, thus making a profit. You can earn a good profit margin by being competitive and offering high-quality services. Reselling SMM panel services is quite easy, since all the major SMM panel scripts have a built-in, one-click option to connect other SMM panels as providers.

      If you are confident to start your own SMM reseller panel, always keep this bullet list handy, to ensure success!

      • Offer high-quality and affordable services. (the most important aspect)
      • Promote your SMM panel website through various channels.
      • Build a strong brand identity and reputation.
      • Scale up your business by adding more services, expanding your customer base, and optimizing your pricing and profit margins.
      Once again, if you want the complete details and guidelines to start your own SMM panel, you must check out our step-by-step guide here!


      How do SMM Panels provide views, likes, followers?

      It is worth noting that most SMM panels are just buying social media marketing services from other providers (SMM panels) and then resell them to customers at a slightly higher price. And when a customer orders a service like views, the SMM panel sends the request to the provider, who delivers the views to the customer’s social media account. 

      SMM panels who resell other panel’s services usually ensure that their listed services are of high quality, safe and delivered on time to their customers.

      As a result, the additional price is often paid off but a higher reliability.

      As per SMM panels providing their services directly – sometimes referred to as “direct provider SMM panels”, there is not one answer to fit it all as each may use different marketing strategies.

      Some engage real users via paid ads, while others may use bot accounts.

      However, each SMM panel service is automated via API, meaning that as soon as a user places an order, the order’s details are immediately sent to the server, allowing the order to start automatically within minutes or seconds.

      From where do SMM panels get services?

      SMM panels, as explained above, either get their services from other social media marketing providers, or they have their networks of social media accounts, which they use to deliver their services. 

      SMM panel owners can connect with these providers and purchase services in bulk, making it more cost-effective than buying services directly from social media platforms.

      What does refill mean?

      Refill is a feature that all SMM panels offer to their customers. It means that if you order a service, such as followers or likes, and some of them drop or disappear after a certain period of time, the SMM panel will refill them for free.

      This way, you can maintain your social media numbers stable and avoid losing credibility.

      However, not all the services offered by SMM panels provide a refill guarantee; additionally, most refill guarantees expire within a certain amount of time, such as 30 days or 90 days since the order are completed. 

      Therefore, you should check the SMM panel or service description before ordering.

      What does drip-feed mean?

      Drip-feed is another SMM panel feature, that is available on some services. It is a method of gradually delivering or scheduling content over time, rather than releasing it all at once.

      This approach is commonly used by social media marketers to maintain a consistent and steady flow of posts, likes, comments, or other social media activities, without overwhelming the audience (or counters) with a sudden, fast influx of content.

      Are SMM panels safe to use?

      It depends on the usage of the users and the quality of the SMM panel. If the social media engagement is organic and less spammy – meaning not using bots or fake accounts – the risk of getting banned is low, making it safe to use.

      How to avoid SMM panel scams?

      SMM panels can be a wonderful opportunity for marketers, but also result in scams due to the nature of the business.

      To steer clear of SMM panel scams, exercise caution and conduct thorough research.

      Verify the panel’s legitimacy by checking for reviews and testimonials from reliable sources.

      Then, avoid suspiciously low prices or offers that seem too good to be true. 

      Prioritize reputable and established providers to ensure a secure social media marketing experience.

      Lastly, if it is your first deposit with a new SMM panel, start by depositing small amounts or by using refundable payment methods, such as credit card payments.


      Using an SMM panel can be a great way to boost your social media marketing and grow your online presence. However, you should also be aware of the risks and challenges involved in using an SMM panel, such as fake or low-quality services, account suspension or ban, legal issues, etc. 

      Therefore, you should do your research before choosing an SMM panel, learn how to use it, and then apply common-sense practices to use it wisely and responsibly. In this article, we tried to do exactly that, and we hope we did succeed. But if you have any additional question, then drop a comment below and our social media experts will answer you!

      Alternatively, If you’re into this game and want to kickstart your own SMM panel service as a business, then you should definitely check out “How To Start an SMM Panel – The Ultimate Guide“. While there are plenty of other sources on the Internet to learn from, this guide will start from the basics, cover each topic, and it’s easy to follow.

      That’s the complete wrap for today’s blog post.  We hope this guide was helpful for all of you; we will see you in the next informative article. Until then, stay tuned, and Stay safe!🫡

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