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MissingLettr For Social Media Automation? A Detailed Review

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    Just imagine you’re handling nearly 6 to 7 social media profiles manually. How challenging would it be? You need to construct content for posting, captions, images, and more to make your scheduling successful. This is just an imaginary scenario. Now, what if you’re a digital marketer and have to manage all these tasks alone? Quite tricky, right?

    But, we recently came across a promising too which could help in that sense, and we decided to give it a shot. And we were surprised by our findings! So, it’s time meet to introduce the subject of this review: “Missinglettr.” 

    It is an automation tool used for producing and scheduling social media content in one place. But now, let’s delve deeper into its features, pros, cons, and how it can be used effectively, among the things. 

    So without any further ado, let’s start the review, and find out if it is as promising as it sounds!

    Table of Contents
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      What is Missinglettr?

      Missinglettr is a robust social media automation tool that for bloggers, content creators, and marketers. 

      It was launched in 2015 by Benjamin Dell, The mastermind behind Missinglettr, who is the founder and CEO of the company. The platform was conceived with the aim of automating and optimizing the social media marketing efforts of its users.

      In 2021, it was awarded by users as the best product of the day on ProductHunt, and since then, the tool kept updating and adding features.

      Through intelligent creation, scheduling and automation, Missinglettr empowers its users to save time and effort, enabling them to focus working on their business, while ensuring their message reaches a broader audience across various social media channels.

      MissingLettr Features - Top 4

      So, we are now aware of Missinglettr’s origin and other details. But, how does it perform? Is it worth it?

      Well let’s take a closer look at its features in detail.

      One of the main features is, of course, its automation and caption generation ability. We were positively impressed by this feature, so let’s have a look at it in detail, through the campaign mode.

      #1 MissingLettr’s Drip Campaigns

      So, you’ve got some fantastic blog posts or articles you want to share with the world, right? Well, Missinglettr’s Drip Campaign feature is here to make it super easy-peasy to promote your content on social media over an extended period. No more one-and-done promotions; this feature lets you keep the content love flowing for weeks or even months! 

      Step-By-Step Guide to Set Up Your First Drip Campaign:


      1) Get on Board: If you’re not already using Missinglettr, hop on their website and sign up for an account. They might have a trial period, so you can test out the Drip Campaign waters before diving in completely.

      2) Connect Your Blog or Website: Once you’re in, connect your blog or website to Missinglettr. Don’t worry; they make it straightforward, like hooking up your favorite gaming console to a TV! 

      3) Find the Right Content: Pick a blog post or article you want to promote using the Drip Campaign. It could be a recent gem or an evergreen piece that’s still relevant and valuable. (And after syncing your website, Missinlettr will automatically do drafts for you!)

      4) Content Analysis Magic: Missinglettr’s AI wizard will work its magic and analyze your content to pull out snazzy quotes, cool snippets, hashtags, essential points and images.

      5) Create Your Drips: Now comes the fun part! Start crafting a series of social media posts variations on the insights from the content analysis. You can select or unselect the auto-generated ideas, but also add new ones.

      Mix it up, be creative, and remember to add eye-catching images to catch those scrollers’ eyes, in case the provided images are not catch enough! 

      6) Schedule Your Drips: And now, it is time to decide when to let your content drip out to the world. Spread those posts out, like sipping a tasty beverage rather than chugging it all at once. It’ll target different audiences over time, and won’t be seen as duplicated stuff!

      What it’s great for? Recycle, recycle, recycle!

      Remember those evergreen pieces we talked about? Don’t let them gather dust in a forgotten corner of your blog. With the Drip Campaign feature, you can set up regular recycling of your evergreen content, so it keeps reaching new eyes and capturing hearts.

      And what we love about MissingLettr is that it makes the whole thing incredibly easy. Set and forget, with just a few minutes of work!

      7) Sit Back and Relax: Now that your Drip Campaign is all setup, it’s time to relax a bit. Missinglettr will take care of the rest, automatically sharing your content on social media according to your schedule. You can enjoy a cup of tea, catch up on your favorite show, or dance like no one’s watching…work is done for months to come, and hopefully new people will find your content even in months from now!

      So there you have it; setting up your first Drip Campaign with Missinglettr is as easy as pie, and we think the best feature – and the core – of Missinglettr.

      #2 MissingLetter’s Schedule

      Picture this: you’re a content creator, and you want to promote your blog posts on social media without spending hours scheduling posts manually. That’s where Missinglettr schedule option comes handy.

      With the Schedule feature, you get to create a cool posting schedule for your social media accounts. Just connect your accounts, and then you can decide when and how often you want your posts to go live. It’s like having your own personal social media assistant!

      And that’s not all. When you publish a new blog post, Missinglettr’s got your back. How? It automatically whips up a bunch of eye-catching social media posts, complete with funky images, catchy text, and relevant hashtags. Then, it schedules these posts to be shared at different times over a period, keeping your content fresh and your audience engaged.

      So, whether you’re a busy blogger, someone who want to expand reach with no effort, or just someone who loves social media, the Missinglettr Schedule feature is great.

      You’ll have more time to focus on what you love, and your social media presence will be on point!

      However, it is worth noting that while most posts will be good, some won’t be perfect.

      For this reason, if you want to ensure the top quality of your social media posts, we suggest to manually using the Drip-campaign feature and revising the AI-generated posts before scheduling.

      Or, here’s another thing you could do: Have both an automated scheduler and a drip-feed campaign, on different social media pages, for maximum reach! Sounds like a good deal, right? 😉

      #3 Missinglettr’s Analytics

      Analytics is like a backstage pass to your campaign’s performance! It spills the beans on the number of clicks your campaigns snag during a specific time period.

      But that’s not all! You’ll also find out the best days and prime time when those clicks come rolling in, and eventually use that data for future scheduling.

      In analytics, you can get a peak of the below stuff: 

      • Conversion Performance: Analytics gives you the lowdown on your campaign success – how many clicks you’ve scored during a specific timeframe. Plus, as we mentioned before, it reveals the best days and times for those juicy clicks!
      • Shortener with Missinglettr got something special at! Their own link shortening tool totally amps up the analytics game. So, you get even more detailed insights into how each campaign and post performs. However, if you want to use your own shortener or no shortener at all, you can do so!
      • Best by performance. This, is possibly the most helpful analytics feature. It reveals how your individual social profiles perform, as well as the top-performing drip campaigns: these are ranked by the number of clicks they’ve bagged during a specific period. With this precious data in mind, you can create new campaigns using your best performing social media’s or campaigns!
      • Detailed data. Not just clicks. Missingletter analytics also gives a breakdown of clicks by country, browser, and operating system. Ain’t that neat?
      • Cool Charts: Last but not least, when you check out the analytics tab, you’ll spot some nifty charts showing you analytics in a clean and pleasant way.

      Filters tip: Fine-tune your analytics display by playing around with time periods and social profiles. Get the juiciest insights at your fingertips!

      With these analytics, you’ll be able to improve over time your automated campaigns even more.

      #4 Missinglettr’s Curate

      Missinglettr’s Curate is a valuable social media marketing add-on that simplifies content discovery and sharing. Users can effortlessly find engaging content to share with their audience and leverage the platform to have their own content shared by other Missinglettr users. This feature is particularly beneficial for time-strapped users, as it eliminates the need to search for content manually. 

      With Curate, social media marketers can streamline their content curation process and focus on engaging their audience effectively.

      It’s an indispensable tool for maximizing content reach and driving engagement in social media marketing strategies.

      However, Curate won’t display content from your websites, but rather from other sites, news outlets, or YouTube videos.

      As some people may not like the idea of sharing other websites’ content on their pages, this feature is not for everyone.

      Missingletter Navigation & Other Features

      Let’s break down the step-by-step process of how Missinglettr works, along with its other features not mentioned above, and a basic navigation recap.


      Missinglettr has a user-friendly interface, making it accessible even to newcomers. The main dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of your social media performance, displaying vital metrics such as post performance from the last 30 days, post health, average posting frequency, and queued posts. These invaluable insights allow you to gauge your content’s effectiveness at a first sight.


      Besides the metrics mentioned on the dashboard, the remaining ones are easily accessible from here. The sidebar houses all the other mentioned features, ranging from Campaigns to Analytics, providing a comprehensive toolkit at your fingertips.


      The settings section allows you to effortlessly connect all your social media profiles. It serves as a convenient one-stop hub for all your social media accounts, with the added advantage of customization options.

      Customizing your Missinglettr experience involves configuring various settings to suit your preferences. Enhancing your brand identity is possible through the selection and customization of templates, ensuring they align perfectly with your unique style. 

      Taking it a step further, you have the option to choose custom fonts for your posts. 

      Within the Settings section, you also gain control over default hashtag options, UTM parameters, and even the option to include an RSS feed as a blog content source. Additionally, you can activate Missinglettr’s URL shortener or opt for your own custom URL shortener

      Moreover, the Blacklist subsection allows you to exclude specific words or phrases from generating Drip Campaigns, giving you precise control over your content.

      Pros and Cons


      Users Review

      Missinglettr Icon Missinglettr TrustPilot Trustpilot TrustRadius Trustradius G2 G2 Capterra Capterra
      No. of Reviews - - 29 270
      Rating - - 4.3 / 5 4.8 / 5

      And what do people think of MissingLettr? What are its online reviews and reputation? We analysed all the major reviewing sites and forums for you, and here’s what we found out.

      According to Capterra, a reputed reviewing company, Missinglettr is rated 4.8 out of 5. It’s really a good score, and it shows the performance and affordability of the tool.

      Let’s see some of the user’s responses below,

      Pricing Plan

      Alright, MissingLettr seems worth tryingg, but is it affordable?

      Currently, Missinglettr offers two paid plans starting from $9 per month, so its entry pricing is definitely good.

      Additionally, there is a free plan, with limitations: access to 1 Workspace, 1 Social Profile, 50 Scheduled posts. However, the paid plan provides an upgraded version of the free plan with several additional benefits. Please refer to the table below for a detailed comparison.

      Monthly Plan

      $ 0 Free Forever
      • 1 Workspace
      • 1 Social Profiles
      • 50 Scheduled Posts
      • 0 Extra User
      $ 39 Per Month
      • 3 Workspace
      • 9 Social Profiles
      • 3,000 Scheduled Posts
      • 10 Extra User
      $ 9 Per Month
      • 1 Workspace
      • 3 Social Profiles
      • 500 Scheduled Posts
      • 1 Extra User

      Yearly (First 2 Month Free)

      $ 7 Per month(billed yearly at $84)
      • 1 Workspace
      • 3 Social Profiles
      • 500 Scheduled Posts
      • 1 Extra User
      $ 32 Per month(billed yearly at $384)
      • 3 Workspace
      • 9 Social Profiles
      • 3,000 Scheduled Posts
      • Unlimited Extra Users
      • 10 Curate Posts per month

      Bottom Line

      Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to beginners, while its AI capabilities successfully auomated social media marketing with nice-looking posts and captions. Though the analytics data may lack some in-depth details, it still serves its purpose well, especially by providing feedback about the top-performing campaigns and profiles.

      What’s particularly appealing is the flexibility offered to potential users. With a free plan availability, you have the opportunity to test-drive Missinglettr without any immediate commitments, and see if the AI generation fits your content standards. 

      Ultimately, if you seek an efficient and budget-friendly tool to enhance your social media presence, Missinglettr is undoubtedly worth trying out.

      So, YES! We recommend this tool, even on a paid plan. Afterall, $9 per month – or $7 when billed yearly – is a small sum, and we believe a website or company will get a ROI from the increased reach provided by MissingLettr’s social media automation.

      That’s the wrap for the day; see you in the next exciting tool review; and until that, stay tuned and stay safe! Peace-out!

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