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An Honest Iconosquare Review: What Is It And Why Do You Need It?

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    Are you looking for more information on Iconosquare, the leading application in the world of social media marketing for Instagram? Do you want to know how it works? You are in the right place!

    In this article, we will see together what Iconosquare is, what services it offers, and how to access its free 14-day trial. Furthermore, you will find a user guide with its features described in detail and the available tariff plans.

    After reading the contents, reviews, and opinions of other users who have already used Iconosquare, you will be perfectly able to decide if this powerful tool could be right for you and your company/web agency.

    Table of Contents
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      An Introduction to Iconosquare

      Iconosquare is a robust analysis, management, and planning platform for agencies and professionals worldwide looking to improve their presence on social media, particularly on Instagram.

      It was born in 2011 as “Statigram,” Only 6 years later, it became Facebook’s official partner to launch the analytics platform. To date, the service boasts customers of the caliber of IKEA, National Geographic, H&M, L’Oréal, and many other famous multinationals.

      This social media marketing tool is so widespread, and above all among the most well-known brands, that it integrates the fundamental functions for analysis, management, and growth on social networks.

      As a matter of fact, Iconosquare allows you to analyze your performance through a dashboard that updates automatically based on the data, monitor the progress of posts in real-time, and plan the publication of your content.

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      Working Principle Of Iconosquare

      After this brief introduction, let’s now see precisely how Iconosquare works and what services it offers. The functionalities are divided into three types: Analytic, Publishing, and Listening. We talk about it below in detail.


      Within the Iconosquare analytics, you will find all the information on the growth of your profile and the performance of your content on Instagram in the period you set. The dashboard is fully customizable so that you can view the data according to your needs.

      However, the analytics of Iconosquare is divided in turn into different sections to organize the information in a more precise way. Let’s see them together,

      There is a complete report of your profile in the Overview section, with growth in the number of people reached and impressions, increased followers, and much more.

      In the Community section, you can inquire about your followers’ age, gender, language, and the reference location. It is exciting data to decide the type of content to publish and understand if you intercept the right audience.

      In the Profile Activity section, you see the activity on your profile, including clicks on your highlighted link and contact requests. Instead, in the Stories section, you have access to all the analytics relating to the Instagram stories you have published (how many people have seen them, whether or not they are viewed until the end).

      In the Engagement section and the Reach section, you can see the number of interactions received on the various posts depending on the time of publication and when your followers are most active and use Instagram. This information will be precious to you in deciding the best times of the day to publish your content.


      Iconosquare is a software that also offers various social media monitoring and listening features, i.e., related to the study of your competitors and what is said online about your brand.

      Through the platform, you can, in reality, manage all the conversations related to your brand, moderating all the comments and private messages received on your Instagram or Facebook profiles from a single place, with the possibility of responding with a single click.

      In addition, Iconosquare shows you how often your brand name has been mentioned on social networks, in comments, tags, hashtags, and in the captions of content posted by your followers or other users.

      Another essential feature is the so-called sector benchmarks, which keep track of your performance compared to the average ones of your niche of interest.

      This section is one of the most useful. It allows you to spy on the competition and understand why profiles similar to yours perform better, identifying the most important statistics that affect engagement growth.


      Iconosquare’s third area of ​​expertise is publishing, i.e., all the features that allow you to schedule posts on social media in advance and manage your editorial calendar.

      In particular, you have a multimedia library where you can upload and store the images you want to use for your future posts. You can immediately assign labels, hashtags, and captions.

      Then there is the so-called Scheduler made available by Iconosquare, an actual calendar with time slots helpful in managing posts and stories. The tool’s peculiarity is that it immediately shows you when it is convenient to publish during the day.

      In addition, there is a preview option always in the Scheduler through which you can see in advance how your content will appear in your Instagram feed. This way, you can plan the visual identity of your profile even days or months in advance.

      You even have the option to move the posts on the Instagram grid to your liking or delete some of them to create creative effects. Finally, you can save your posts in draft and edit them later (image and description, place, or hashtag).

      How to Register for Iconosquare

      To register on Iconosquare and take advantage of the free 14-day trial, you must go to the homepage and click on the button labeled “Start 14 day free Trial”. You will access the following screen:

      Then, enter your email and choose your password. Also, check the clauses relating to the terms of use and privacy. Click on the “Next” button to continue. You will access the next screen, shown below:

      At this point, you will have to complete the registration form by entering 

      • Your name and surname.
      • The name of your company (if you have it).
      • The number of social profiles.
      • How many members manage them.
      • Finally, identify the category you belong to (influencer, small business, large company, agency, etc.).

      After that, you can connect your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to the platform. Once this is done, you will need to confirm your account by clicking on the confirmation link sent to you by email.

      So you can finally start using Iconosquare for free to analyze data, schedule automatic publications and monitor your profile in real-time.

      Remember that the free trial lasts for 14 days, after which you can decide whether to purchase the service or not.

      Iconsquare's Pricing Plans

      Now let’s see together all the packages available on Iconosquare and their prices. You can find them summarized in the pricing table below.


      $ ~54 Monthly
      • 3 social profiles
      • 2 team members
      • Core Features
      • Advanced analytics and reporting, peace-of-mind scheduling & more
      • For Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and TikTok


      $ ~87 Monthly
      • 5 social profiles
      • Unlimited team members
      • All Pro Features, Plus:
      • Promoted posts and mentions analytics (IG) + custom dashboards
      • Post approval and collaboration


      $ ~139 Monthly
      • 10 social profiles
      • Unlimited team members
      • All Advanced Features, Plus:
      • Dedicated Customer Success program
      • Company branded .pdf reports

      As you can see, it is necessary to choose whether to make the annual or monthly payment. In the case of yearly payment, the monthly price is reduced. There are 3 packages available, and they differ according to the number of social profiles that can be managed, team members, and the features included. Let’s see them in detail:

      • Pro: For $54 per month, it includes 3 social profiles and 2 team members. It offers analytics functions for Instagram and Facebook, post scheduler, competitor analysis, hashtag search, and xls reports.
      • Advanced: For $87 per month, it includes 5 social profiles and unlimited team members. In addition to the functions contained in the Pro plan, in this case, you have the analytics for sponsored posts, tools to manage collaborations and approval of posts to be published, PDF reports, and social media listening/monitoring functions.
      • Enterprise: For $139 per month, it includes 10 social profiles and an unlimited number of team members and collaborators. In addition to the features included in the lower plans, this plan offers priority support and official reports on which you can place your company logo. This plan is recommended for large businesses and web agencies that work professionally with social media.

      As you have seen, the more expensive plans allow you to manage multiple social accounts and give you access to more advanced features, as well as personal assistance. You can still access the Iconosquare free trial right away and then decide after 14 days whether to subscribe or not.

      Why Choose Iconosquare over the competition?

      The ability to visualize accurate data in easily interpretable reports is essential to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your social accounts. Plus, with Iconosquare, you can export your data to a spreadsheet for easy reporting.

      The integration with the automatic publication planning tool is a winner. In addition to constantly monitoring performance, you can plan the next steps to avoid preparing everything at the last second.

      In addition to this, Iconosquare also offers the possibility 

      • To monitor the competition, 
      • Listen to the conversations that revolve around your brand
      • Keep in touch with your audience, reply to messages and comments directly from the platform.

      Few services manage to collect all these features in a single tool, and it is no coincidence that Iconosquare is one of the most used social media management tools in the world.

      Positive & Negative


      User's Reviews

      As initially anticipated, let’s look at what Iconosquare customers who have purchased the premium packages think. To do this, we refer to one of the most popular opinions and review sites:

      At, Iconosquare has a rating of 4.4 out of 5, which shows a reasonably high level of customer satisfaction.

      Below are two reviews that detail the personal experience of two customers:

      As you can see, this customer appreciates the pricing plans.

      In this review, however, the simplicity in scheduling Instagram posts is appreciated.


      Concluding this Iconosquare review, let’s look at some frequently asked questions about this service and their answers. I am sure they will clear up any remaining doubts.

      What is Iconosquare?

      Iconosquare is a service that allows you to plan the publication on three social networks: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It helps you in the strategy of choosing hashtags, moments to publish, performance analysis, competition study, and much more.

      What can I do with Iconosquare?

      On Iconosquare, there are three sections: Analytics, Monitoring, and Publishing. 

      • First, you can examine different statistics related to your content to understand and interpret your social network results. 
      • In the second, you can see how you position yourself against competitors and follow the performance of multiple hashtags on your posts. 
      • In the third instead, schedule the automatic publication of your content.

      Can I try the software for free?

      On the official website, you can get a free trial for 14 days. After this period, you can unsubscribe at no cost or purchase one of the packages.

      How to register for Iconosquare?

      To register, first, go to the homepage. At this point, you will see a button that says “Start 14-day free trial”. Click to access the registration form, which you will need to fill in all fields to take advantage of the free trial.

      How much does Iconosquare cost?

      Iconosquare offers three different packages, with an annual subscription. The basic plan, which still provides all the functionalities useful to a regular user, has a price of $ 5611 per month, while the more advanced plan, recommended for web agencies and large companies, has a price of $ 159.17 per month.

      Why choose Iconosquare?

      Top brands have chosen Iconosquare to take care of their social networks: there are IKEA and H&M, and it has also been a partner of Facebook for the launch of the Analytics platform. There are various alternatives on the market, but in our opinion, Iconosquare is the best option in terms of value for money.

      Which social networks does Iconosquare support?

      Iconosquare works for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

      Our Verdict

      So that’s the wrap for today; we hope with enough of information about Iconosquare now, you can choose your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter services wisely. If you’re interested in learning about Instagram comment bots, and Instagram bots.

      Meet you all in the next exciting review. Until that, stay tuned 🫡 Peace out! ✌️

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