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In-Depth Snappa Review: Everything You Need To Know

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    What is Snappa and its secret features? What’s the difference with Canva? How much does it cost?

    Suppose you are looking for information on Snappa, an incredible program for your social media graphics and one of the main competitors of Canva. 

    In that case, we will answer all your questions in the course of the article, and provide some golden advice too.

    Thanks to this article, you will understand what Snappa is, how it works, and the benefits of the Pro and Team version compared to the free account. 

    Then, we will highlight the significant differences with Canva and then conclude by looking at the opinions of the people who used it.

    Table of Contents
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      What is Snappa?

      Snappa is a platform for creating graphic content, and it is specialized in developing banners and social media posts. It can also be helpful in creating advertisements, infographics, and content for your blog.

      Also suitable for those who are not graphic designers, Snappa was born in 2015 to simplify the creation of graphics; it is significantly popular for its incredible ease of use but still maintaining many tools and functions that can create very engaging images.

      This, is Canva’s motto…

      “Create online graphics in a snap.”

      Furthermore, being highly integrated with the world of Social media allows for direct sending and a super-efficient workflow. It will be possible to find pre-set formats for the major social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter.

      Working Principle Of Snappa

      Using is very simple; in fact, you just need to proceed to the “get started for free” section, to start designing. This will prompt you to create a new account.

      Once you have created an account, you will be able to access the dashboard. To create new work, you can choose from the pre-set template sizes for social networks or customize the size of your illustration, as you prefer.

      After choosing the content and size of the model you want to create, you can select one of the thousands of templates already developed. Being created by professional designers, each template reflects a style that you can always modify by changing the page’s background, font, colors, or elements.

      This means you will be able to create professional graphic content which is also unique, thanks to the several editing features.

      Snappa’s main models and templates are for social media content, such as:

      • Facebook post,
      • Instagram post and story,
      • LinkedIn post,
      • Pinterest Pin,
      • Twitter post,
      • YouTube thumbnail.

      Or again, for banners, covers, and headers, such as:

      • Cover photo for Facebook,
      • Banner for SoundCloud,
      • Twitch banner and Twitch cover image,
      • Email header,
      • YouTube channel art.

      The models available to you are also many others: you will find a section dedicated to the development of ADS, for instance; here, you can then pick between the carousel of typical dimensions  and templates of advertisements for social media.

      If you want to give free rein to your creativity, your options are pretty much unlimited.

      In fact, you can choose custom sizes and use 200+ fonts, 100,000+ vectors, and shapes, and play with the photos you will find in the vast Snappa built-in gallery.

      Once your work is ready, you can save it in your Snappa account for future changes, share it directly from the application or download the file in the available formats (JPG Or PNG).

      Everything You Need To Know About Snappa Pro - Advantages and Differences

      Snappa is available for free on the website. But there are also paid upgrade options for extra features.

      But what are the benefits of Snappa’s premium version? Do you really need it?

      One of the essential benefits is the availability of a larger stock of HD photos and graphics (5,000,000+) and templates (6,000+).

      As co-founder Christopher Gimmer explains, the Snappa editor has in-house designers who constantly update the platform’s new predefined models, particularly those available to premium users.

      Furthermore, you’ll have access to the same templates in many formats with Pro because of the image snaer resizing function.

      If you want to download unlimited images in the free version, you’ll need the pro version. Otherwise, you’ll only have 3 downloads available for free, which may not be enough for frequent users.

      Again, to be clear, one of the key features of Snappa’s premium version is the so-called “Buffer and Social Media Integration.” Let’s look more closely at what it is.

      This function will allow you to integrate your social accounts to publish directly from Snappa and plan the publication of your content via Buffer.

      There are a few more things that you can only do in the Pro version of Snappa Design. For example, you can remove backgrounds and cut out images with precision. You can also use fonts from your computer and import them inside the web application.

      But please remember that Snappa Pro is only available for use for a single user. If your team needs to work across Snappa, you may want to consider Snappa’s Team package, which can support an unlimited number of people.

      Snappa's Pricing Plans

      Snappa’s “all-inclusive pricing” is one of its greatest assets. This means that the total cost of all the services provided is meager!

      There isn’t a trial version of this plan, which is a bummer. But probably, the all-inclusive yet low pricing makes it worth to subscribe.


      $ 0 Monthly
      • 1 user
      • 6,000+ templates
      • 5,000,000+ HD photos & graphics
      • 3 downloads per month


      $ 10 Monthly
      • 1 user
      • 6,000+ templates
      • 5,000,000+ HD photos & graphics
      • Unlimited downloads per month
      • Buffer / Social media integrations
      • Custom font uploads
      • Remove Image backgrounds


      $ 20 Monthly
      • 5 user
      • 6,000+ templates
      • 5,000,000+ HD photos & graphics
      • Unlimited downloads per month
      • Buffer / Social media integrations
      • Custom font uploads
      • Remove Image backgrounds
      • TeamCollaboration

      In fact, depending on whether you want a monthly or annual plan, you can pay as little as $10 per month or $14.50 per month. As a result, activating the annual package over the monthly one will save you $56.28 over the year.

      Besides the pro version, which has already been mentioned, a team version is available for around $20 per month, with an annual package. All of the premium features are included in this package and allow for multiple users to access your account at the same time.

      Snappa VS Canva

      One of the most frequently asked questions concerns the difference between Snappa and Canva. Both software for the development of graphics browsers can be used, and it is right to compare to understand which program best suits your needs.

      In evidence that Canva and Snappa are two similar applications, both are classified as Display Ad Design. They allow users to create images of different sizes for specific use in digital campaigns.

      These apps usually offer a library with preset templates and do not require any prior technical knowledge to function efficiently. Also, unlike tools like Photoshop, you don’t need to install any software on your device: you can do everything from your browser.

      A first general distinction between the two tools can be made based on the types of graphic works created with each of them.

      We can identify Canva as most suitable for developing multimedia graphic files, such as magazines, brochures, presentations, flyers, book covers, and ebooks published online or printed.

      While Snappa is more set up to develop HD illustrations for use on the web and social media. For example, it is widely used to create posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitch or YouTube.

      For this reason, the formats that are used to download the files available on the two platforms are different. In Canva, it will, in fact, also be possible to find PDF, MP4, and GIF formats, as well as JPG and PNG (the ones present in Snappa)

      Other factors that evaluate the functionality of this online software are the library, the preset templates, and the main functions. So let’s see more practically what changes between the two software.

      From a first analysis, we can see how the schematic and simplicity of Snappa ‘s layout make it easier, more intuitive, and faster to use, suitable for a wider audience, and certainly rewarded for its Easy set-up.

      On the contrary, by offering more tools that you can use in your works, Canva turns out to be a more complete and advanced tool, even if it may take longer to develop the same content.

      Another point in favor of Snappa is represented by the fact that most of the features available on Canva only in the Pro version (such as resizing images ) are available for free on Snappa.

      Snappa’s problem is that it only offers three downloads per month in the free version, which is unsuitable for those who want to use it daily. In this sense, Canva is better, as its free version offers unlimited downloads, in standard quality.

      Another difference between the two tools is that Canva allows us to modify all the photos uploaded or used on a specific project (for example, brightness, saturation, etc.), while on Snappa, this is only possible for the background image.

      The last important factor to consider is the prices for each of them. If what you are looking for is an inexpensive and easy-to-use program, Snappa is for you. Costing $13.58 per month Canva and $ 9 per month Snappa respectively, the latter is the cheapest on the market.

      Since both applications are valid, the choice must be based on your goal and the use you have to make of it.

      User's Review

      We will now deepen the opinions of users who have already used Snappa’s service. Are they satisfied? Were there any inconveniences? Which? Let’s see it together.

      In general, users are satisfied with this graphic application; following the reviews of the Software Advice site, the overall rating reaches 4.36 points out of 5 total.

      In particular, users appreciate the simplicity and the large set of elements to design different models for multiple social platforms even if they are not graphic designers, and increase their reach, as this user reports: “I started using this software to expand my business and gather audience attention by creating interactive ads and getting more customers.”

      Furthermore, Snappa users appreciate the high functions available with the free account that can help with the design, even if they recommend switching to the Pro version, especially in the case of frequent and prolonged use.

      On the other hand, the static nature of the site is considered negatively, whose graphic interface is a bit sparse, without the possibility of using some important elements to give liveliness to one’s projects such as stickers, gifs, animations, and videos.


      This section will answer the most frequently asked questions about Snappa, and we will try to exhaust all your remaining doubts.

      What is Snappa?

      Snappa is a platform for the creation of graphic content for your social media.

      How does Snappa Design work?

      Snappa is quite easy to use. To start a new project on Snappa, click on “Get started,” select a model and a template and start modifying and personalizing your project.

      What can I do with the Snappa editor?

      The main preset templates that you can find in the app concern mostly social media; it will be therefore possible to create: Facebook and Instagram posts, LinkedIn posts, YouTube thumbnails, Twitch banners, Facebook cover photos but also infographics and ADS.

      What are the advantages of the pro version of Snappa?

      The advantages offered by the pro version are various: the most important is undoubtedly the possibility of having unlimited downloads of your projects when with the free account, there are only three available every month. In addition, another significant change concerns the integration with social media and Buffer apps to plan your publication.

      How much does the Pro version of Snappa cost?

      The cost of the pro subscription has an introductory price of 9 dollars per month for the annual plan. The cost may vary if you choose the monthly subscription.

      Snappa vs. Canva? What are the advantages of Snappa?

      Snappa and Canva are two, online design tools that offer great design templates designed by professionals. Both tools offer more than 70,000 free graphics and 200 fonts to choose from, and can also create SVG files for social media. The free versions of both tools have some limitations, though. If you are wondering what are the best graphic design tools available and the Infographic creation site.
      There is no graphics platform better than another their use depends on what you are looking for and your goals. After a careful analysis, we found that Snappa’s advantages are its 
      Easy set-up and the possibility of using in the free version functions that are only available on the Pro plan on Canva, such as resizing images.

      Is there a free trial for Snappa Pro?

      No, unfortunately, Snappa Pro does not have a free trial version. Nonetheless, its users appreciate the high features available with the free account.

      Bottom Line

      So that’s the wrap for today; we hope with enough of information about Snappa now, you can choose your Graphic tool wisely. In case you’re interested in learning more about graphics tools, and whiteboard animation sites, don’t miss the SM90 blogs! 

      Meet you all in the next exciting review. Until that, stay tuned 🫡 Peace out! ✌️

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