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Is Z2U Legit & Safe? Here’s what we think!

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    If you are an online gamer and sometimes involve yourself in online trading of games or other digital goods, you have probably come across one of the marketplaces for online game trading,

    At, many of my readers are pro gamers too. I was thinking about writing a blog for them. 

    If you have read my articles, you know that I’ve written many pieces on AI, AI tools, and marketplaces where you can sell your AI products.

    When I decided to write some informative and useful article for my gamer friends, I came to know about the platforms where a gamer can buy and sell different games online.

    So, my friends, this is Andrew, your host, and the writer of this post. Meet Sam, he is the person who helps me to gather more details for this Blog. 

    In this Blog, we are going to explore one of the marketplaces for online game trading, 

    In this in-depth article, we will see what Z2U is all about, how does it work, Is it worth using Z2U for gaming trade? 

    And also, we will address the most important and searched question: Is a scam? Is it legit?

    So, get ready to get all the answers to these questions and take your gaming expertise to the next level.

    But, before we dive in to know more about let me tell you.

    Table of Contents
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      What is a marketplace for gamers?

      A marketplace for gamers is like an online store where players can buy, sell, and trade things they use in their video games. 

      These things can be weapons, armor, virtual money, game accounts, and other digital stuff. These online platforms help players make these transactions in a safe and secure way.

      Benefits of using a marketplace for gamers

      Using a gamer marketplace has a lot of advantages:

      • Convenience: It’s easy to get what you want without spending a lot of time in the game.
      • Time-saving: If you’re short on time, these marketplaces can help you progress quickly in the game.
      • Variety of Options: There are lots of items, currencies, and services available, giving players many choices.
      • Competitive Prices: The prices for in-game items and currencies can be better than buying directly from the game developer.
      • Secure and Reliable: Reputable marketplaces use secure systems to make sure transactions are safe and reliable.
      • Community Building: Some marketplaces let players talk and build a community around their shared love for gaming.

      But, it’s important to be careful. There can be risks like scams and fraud. Always use a trusted platform, be cautious with unknown sellers, and check the platform’s rules before using it.

      So now, you have an idea about what a marketplace place gamers let’s go further and check one of this marketplace

      What is

      Founded in 2008, is an online platform specifically made for gamers founded by its CEO JianChun Zhang. is brand of Z2U International Limited, London, UK.

      Z2u is a platform where players can buy, sell, and trade various games, gaming assets, virtual currencies, game accounts, and other digital goods. 

      The platform acts as a trusted medium, ensuring that the transactions that occur on this platform occur in a secure and safe environment, maintaining trust for the users involved in the trade.

      To know more about we need to check its key feature and benefits. Let’s see what it has included in itself for us.

      What can you find on

      This marketplace provides wide range of products and services that includes:

      • Games & Gaming Items: From powerful weapons and super armor to important resources and crafting materials, gives access to a wide range of gaming stuff that can increase your gaming experience.
      • Virtual currencies: If you need gold, coins, gems, or any other in-game currency, connects you with sellers that are offering these products at competitive prices with safe and secure transactions.
      • Game accounts: For those who are looking old gaming accounts with advanced characters, progress, and achievements, offers a convenient way to these types of accounts that match your specific requirements.
      • Boosting services: For players who want to progress faster or achieve desired ranks, connects them with professional gamers who can provide assistance with challenging tasks and objectives.

      Key Features of Z2u

      • Safe and secure transactions: provides a secure escrow account system that holds payments until items are delivered and verified, ensuring peace of mind for both buyers and sellers.
      • 24/7 customer support: A dedicated team of professionals is readily available to assist users with any issues or inquiries, providing valuable support whenever needed.
      • Buyer protection program: give extra safety to the buyers from fraudulent activities or undelivered items by offering compensation programs, ensuring trust and confidence within the platform.
      • Reputation system: Users can rate and review sellers, creating a transparent and trustworthy community where positive experiences are rewarded.
      • Supports Wide Range of Games: supports many popular games like MMORPGs, MOBAs, FPS games, and more. This way, it has something for everyone who likes different kinds of games.
      • Competitive Prices: offers competitive prices for in-game items and currencies, allowing users to find the best deals and maximizing their budget.
      • Mobile app: A user-friendly mobile app provides convenient access to the marketplace and its features, enabling users to manage their transactions and browse offerings on the go.

      Why Choose

      Whether you’re after in-game items, virtual currency, or expert assistance to level up, has you covered. 

      A safety-first approach with secure transactions, 24/7 support, and a supportive community where your experiences matter. 

      With a user-friendly app, brings your gaming world to your fingertips. 

      For a safe, friendly, and awesome gaming marketplace, is your trusted platform!

      How Z2u Works?

      Step 1: Create an account

      • Visit and sign up for a free account.
      • Provide basic information and verify your email address.

      Step 2: Browse the marketplace

      • Explore the various categories.
      • Use the search bar to find specific items, games or sellers
      • Filter results by price, seller rating, and other criteria.

      Step 3: Buy or sell items

      To Buy:

      • Find the item you want and select the desired quantity.
      • Review the seller’s rating and read any available feedback.
      • Choose your preferred payment method and complete the purchase.
      • The payment will be held securely in escrow until you confirm receipt of the item.

      To Sell

      • Create a listing for your item, including detailed information and images.
      • Set a competitive price and choose the duration of your listing.
      • When a buyer purchases your item, receive the payment through’s secure system.
      • Deliver the item to the buyer according to the agreed-upon method.

      Step 4: Manage your transactions

      • Track your orders and sales through your account dashboard.
      • Communicate with buyers and sellers through the built-in messaging system.
      • Rate and review sellers to help build a trustworthy community.

      Additional features

      • Escrow system: Guarantees secure transactions by holding payments until items are delivered and verified.
      • 24/7 customer support: Provides assistance with any issues or inquiries.
      • Buyer protection program: Offers compensation for fraudulent activities or undelivered items.
      • Reputation system: Allows users to rate and review sellers, building trust within the community.
      • Mobile app: Offers convenient access to the marketplace and its features on the go.

      Overall, provides a user-friendly and secure platform for gamers to buy, sell, and trade various in-game items, currencies, accounts, and services.

      Note: It is important to be cautious when dealing with unknown users and research sellers before making any purchases. Always prioritize safe transaction practices and remember that online marketplaces carry inherent risks.

      Now, let’s see the alternatives of

      Alternatives of

      While is one of the popular market place where gamers can trade their gaming things and other digital products online, it is also important to check its competitor providing the same facility to the users.

      Let’s dive into some other platforms that might catch your eye:


      Imagine a spot similar to, where the focus is on trading in-game goodies, currencies, accounts, and boosting services. 

      PlayerAuctions has your back with a variety of games like World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Fortnite. 

      Plus, it’s got safety measures like an escrow system, buyer protection program, and a seller verification setup.


      Come explore a huge online store filled with lots of gaming stuff like items, money, accounts, and services. 

      G2G isn’t just big; it’s here to offer you good prices and a super easy website. You get cool stuff like an escrow system (that keeps things safe), a buyer protection program, and a helpful mobile app to make your gaming time even more fun and easy.

      Meet, a place that focuses on MMORPGs and MOBA games, offering up a mix of in-game items, currencies, and accounts. is a secure trading system, customer support ready 24/7, and a mobile app making it super convenient for you. 

      And guess what? They’ve got competitive prices and a soft spot for specific gaming communities.


      Now, EpicNPC a big online store that focuses on things like in-game stuff, game money, and game accounts. 

      EpicNPC helps with lots of games, such as World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and RuneScape. 

      It’s got a system to show if someone is trustworthy, a plan to protect people buying things, and even a phone app to make everything easy to use. 

      It’s like having everything you need right in your hand!


      Ever thought about a place mainly for Russian gamers? 

      That’s FunPay for you, offering a mix of in-game items, currencies, and accounts. 

      It’s your go-to for games like Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and PUBG Mobile. 

      FunPay doesn’t just stop there – it’s got a secure trading system, customer support round the clock, and a mobile app to keep you connected.

      These are some of the alternatives of Now let compare the main competitors with Z2u.

      Comparison with Main Competitors

      Focus Wide variety of digital goods Wide variety of digital goods Wide variety of digital goods, with a focus on MMORPGs and MOBA games
      Games covered Vast selection of popular games Vast selection of popular games Wide range of popular games
      Features They Offer Secure escrow system, 24/7 customer support, buyer protection program, reputation system Escrow system, buyer protection program, seller verification system, mobile app Secure trading system, 24/7 customer support, seller verification system, mobile app
      Overall A well-rounded platform with a wide range of features A popular platform with a large user base A secure and reliable platform with a focus on specific gaming communities

      Choosing the right platform for you is a personal decision, and several factors should guide your choice. Here are some things to think about:

      1. Games You Play

      Check if the platform supports the specific games you enjoy.

      1. Type of Digital Goods

      Not all platforms offer the same digital goods, so ensure they have what you’re looking for.

      1. Important Features

      Consider what features matter to you, like having a mobile app for convenience.

      1. Fees

      Keep in mind that each platform charges fees for buying and selling digital goods.

      1. User Reviews

      Read what other users say about their experiences on the platform.


      • Understand the risks associated with online transactions and use secure payment methods.
      • Be aware of game terms of service regarding buying and selling in-game items.

      I hope this info helps you find the perfect platform for your needs!

      CONS can be a great way to find awesome gaming things, but be careful and do your research first. Play smart and stay safe!

      What Real Users are Saying About Using

      To get real user reviews about, we can check various sources like:

      1. Trustpilot

      Trustpilot gives a 4-star rating with over 6,800 reviews.

      Positive reviews mention

      • Wide selection of products and services.
      • Competitive prices.
      • Secure and reliable transactions.
      • Helpful customer support.

      Negative reviews mention:

        • Scams and fraudulent activities.
        • Slow customer support response times.
        • Issues with account transfers.

      2. Reddit

      • Reddit users have mixed opinions on
      • Some users praise the platform for its convenience and diverse offerings.
      • Others warn about potential scams and the need for caution.
      • Some users report positive experiences with customer support, while others have encountered difficulties.

      3. Other review websites

      • Websites like SiteJabber and Scamadviser also offer user reviews of
      • These reviews generally reflect the same themes as those found on Trustpilot and Reddit.

      Here are some specific user reviews


      • “I’ve been using for years to buy and sell in-game items. I’ve always had a positive experience. The prices are competitive, and the transactions are secure.” – John S. (Trustpilot)
      • “ saved me tons of time grinding. I was able to buy the items I needed to progress in the game quickly and easily.” – Sarah K. (Reddit)
      • “Customer support was very helpful when I had an issue with my order. They were able to resolve it quickly and efficiently.” – David L. (SiteJabber)


      • “I was scammed by a seller on I lost a lot of money. I don’t recommend using this platform.” – Michael R. (Trustpilot)
      • “Customer support is terrible. They take forever to respond and are not very helpful.” – Jane D. (Reddit)
      • “I had trouble transferring an account that I bought on The game developer banned my account.” – Peter W. (Scamadviser)

      Overall, it seems that is a popular platform with mostly positive reviews. 

      However, there are also some negative reviews mentioning scams, customer support issues, and account transfer problems. 

      It is important to do your own research and exercise caution when using any online marketplace, including

      Is a scam? Is it legit?

      Reasons why might be considered legit

      • Been Around for a Long Time: started in 2008 and has been running for more than ten years, showing it’s stable and likely legit.
      • Lots of Users: Over 6.8 million people reportedly use, suggesting many folks trust and use it.
      • Focus on Keeping Things Safe: tries to keep things safe by using security stuff like an escrow system and a buyer protection program.
      • Always Ready to Help:They say they’re available to help you 24/7 if you have any problems.
      • Offers Many Things: You can find lots of in-game stuff, money, accounts, and other things on, making it good for all kinds of gamers.
      • People Say Good Stuff: Many users share good experiences on places like Trustpilot and Reddit, talking about how is easy to use and has lots of cool stuff.

      However, there are also reasons for caution

      • Watch for Scams: Just like any online place, isn’t totally safe from scams. Be careful and check out sellers really well before buying.
      • Not Full Protection: Even though there’s some buyer protection, it might not cover everything, and you could end up losing money.
      • Fees to Pay Attention To: takes fees for doing stuff, and these can add up, making it not the cheapest option for some people.
      • Bad Experiences Too: Some users share not-so-great stories, like scams, trouble with customer support, and problems with moving accounts.
      • Can Break Game Rules: Buying and selling in games can go against the rules, and you might end up getting banned.

      So, Is It Safe?

      Whether is safe depends on your thoughts and what you go through. It’s not a scam by default, but it has risks. 

      Here are some tips for using and staying safe:

      • Check Sellers Carefully: Before you buy anything, look into the sellers. Pick those with good reps and good reviews.
      • Use the Safe System: Use the escrow system to keep your money safe until you get what you paid for and make sure it’s real.
      • Be Cautious with Super Good Deals: If someone’s offering things way cheaper than others, be careful. It might be too good to be true.
      • Read All the Details: Go through all the rules before you agree to anything.
      • Inform the Scams: If you see anything fishy, tell right away.

      By staying smart and careful, you can lower the chances of problems and have a good time using 

      Just remember, it’s on you to do your research and keep yourself safe when using any online shop.


      What is is like an online store for gamers, where you can buy, sell, and trade games, in-game items, currencies, accounts, and digital stuff.

      Is safe to use? wants to keep your transactions safe with secure systems, a buyer protection program, and a reputation system. Still, it’s essential to be cautious and do your research.

      What are the fees on

      Using comes with extra charges for transactions, affecting how cost-effective it is for buying and selling digital goods.

      What are the pros and cons of using has good things like lots of products, safe transactions, 24/7 support, and an easy-to-use interface. But watch out for potential scams, limited buyer protection, fees, and breaking game rules.

      What are some popular games on supports many famous games, including MMORPGs, MOBAs, and FPS games, so there’s something for different types of gamers.

      What are the alternatives to

      If isn’t your thing, check out other platforms like PlayerAuctions, G2G,, EpicNPC, and FunPay. Each has its own focus and features for game trading.

      What is the buyer protection program on’s buyer protection program gives extra safety against scams or items not showing up, offering compensation to affected buyers.

      What are the customer support options on

      You can get help anytime with’s 24/7 customer support, where you can ask about any issues or questions you have.

      Is a scam? Is it legit? has been around since 2008 with many users, so it’s not automatically a scam. Still, be careful because there might be risks like scams and mixed reviews from users, and its legitimacy depends on your experiences and precautions.


      In conclusion, emerges as a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for gamers seeking to buy, sell, and trade various in-game items, currencies, accounts, and digital goods. 

      With its foundation dating back to 2008, boasts stability and a considerable user base, fostering a sense of trust within the gaming community. 

      The platform’s commitment to security, evidenced by features like the escrow system, buyer protection program, and a robust reputation system, contributes to a safer trading environment. 

      The user-friendly mobile app further enhances accessibility, allowing gamers to manage transactions on the go.

      While offers numerous advantages, including competitive prices, a wide range of supported games, and dedicated customer support, it’s crucial for users to exercise caution. 

      The potential for scams, limited buyer protection, and associated fees are acknowledged as risks inherent to online gaming marketplaces. 

      Real user reviews from platforms like Trustpilot and Reddit reflect a diverse range of experiences, highlighting both positive interactions and concerns. 

      Ultimately, whether is deemed safe depends on users’ diligence in researching sellers, utilizing secure transaction practices, and remaining aware of the platform’s terms and potential risks. 

      By navigating with caution and leveraging the platform’s features judiciously, gamers can maximize their positive experiences on

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