Last Updated: December 18, 2023

Keyword Explorer for YouTube: Best Tools for 2024

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    In the expanding world of online content, YouTube stands out as the largest media hub, growing spontaneously. 

    It is the second-largest search engine globally, following Google, and the second most visited website. As of 2023, YouTube boasts more than 2.75 billion active users. 

    With numerous content creators producing material for this massive user base, if you find yourself among them, in this article you will learn about the best keyword explorer for YouTube and how you can stand out amidst the clutter with all the tools to search keywords for YouTube. 

    Table of Contents
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      What is YouTube Keyword Research?

      Have you ever wondered how viewers discover your content on YouTube? 

      Typically, viewers type words or phrases into the search engine or search bar of YouTube, and these typed words or phrases are referred to as keywords. 

      When your video aligns with these keywords, YouTube ranks it higher in search results. Therefore, it’s crucial that these keywords accurately match the content of your video.

      But how do you determine how many people are searching for your video or the type of video you want to create? 

      You can use tools to search keywords for YouTube to check the search volume for keywords related to your video. 

      Once you identify the keywords your potential viewers are searching for, you can strategically incorporate them into your video’s name, tags, description, thumbnail, and more.

      Keyword research and keyword explorer for YouTube is the key to gaining views intelligently, without expending unnecessary efforts on YouTube content creation. 

      Instead, you can focus on targeting high-volume keywords to improve your ranking on YouTube. 

      By using keyword explorer tools, you can become a proficient YouTuber. 

      In this article, I will show you the 9 best free and paid YouTube keyword explorer tools for 2024 that you can use to optimize your YouTube content and rank higher in YouTube search.

      Top 9 Keyword Explorers for YouTube

      1. TubeBuddy

      TubeBuddy serves as a valuable companion for YouTube content creators and businesses, aiding in keyword research. 

      It operates as a browser extension and boasts over 55 diverse features designed to facilitate your growth on YouTube, streamline management, and optimize your channel effectively.

      Beyond just providing keyword research, TubeBuddy goes the extra mile by offering tag suggestions and guidelines to enhance your SEO performance. 

      It assists in targeting trending keywords with high traffic, offering insights such as:

      • Search Volume: Help to understand how often a keyword is searched.
      • Competition Score: Evaluate the competitiveness of a keyword and the likelihood of your video ranking if created around that keyword.
      • Auto Title Generation: Generate automatic titles to discover related or similar keywords that your audience is searching for. It also uncovers long-tail keywords.
      • Title Translation: Translate titles into other languages of your choice. 

      This tool proves invaluable for discovering trending topics, effortlessly boosting views without any additional costs. 

      While TubeBuddy offers premium versions starting at $5.99 per month, its wide array of features makes it a worthwhile investment for those looking to enhance their YouTube presence. 

      Explore this useful tool to optimize your YouTube content effectively.


      When it comes to keyword research, is standout keyword explorer for YouTube, offering versatility and comprehensive support not only for YouTube but also for platforms like Google, Amazon, Bing, and more.

      Universal Keyword Research goes beyond YouTube, providing support for multiple platforms. Discover trending keywords across Google, Amazon, Bing, and others, expanding the reach of your content strategy.

      Categorized Keyword Lists 

      Organize your keyword game with categorized lists based on popularity. Tailor your content strategy effectively by understanding what’s trending and aligning it with your target audience.

      Long-Tail Keyword Unveiling: 

      Unlock the potential of long-tail keywords with Dive into specific audience segments by addressing their unique queries, giving you the edge as a content creator.

      Competitive Analysis

      Gain a competitive advantage by dissecting your competitors’ strategies. empowers you with insights to optimize your YouTube video rankings effectively.

      Pricing Options

      Explore with both free and premium versions. Pricing starts from $89 per month, offering a range of features to elevate your keyword research game.

      Incorporate into your toolkit to supercharge your keyword research and strategy, paving the way for improved visibility and success on YouTube. 

      Whether you’re a novice or an experienced creator, this tool is your key to staying ahead in the dynamic world of online content creation.

      3. VidIQ

      VidIQ is a powerful YouTube keyword explorer tool and Chrome extension specifically made for YouTube creators, streamlining essential tasks such as keyword management, title optimization, and enhancing video descriptions to maximize views.

      Similar to TubeBuddy

      Made similarly like TubeBuddy, VidIQ goes a step further by providing SEO scores for your videos and offering valuable insights to boost your YouTube rankings.

      Distinctive Features

      What sets apart VidIQ is its comprehensive video analysis, delving into crucial aspects like views, engagement, and overall video optimization.

      Creating Engaging Content

      Using the helpful information from VidIQ, you can make interesting videos that answer what your viewers want. This can bring more people to watch your videos on your channel.

      Competitive Edge

      One of VidIQ’s standout features is its provision of statistics on your competitors’ videos. 

      This not only helps you stay informed but also positions you strategically ahead in the YouTube game.

      Accessible to All

      Whether you’re a free user or opt for the premium features, VidIQ accommodates both, with pricing starting at an affordable $5 per month.

      In-Depth Exploration

      Take a closer look at VidIQ to find out more about all the things it can do. This will help you understand better how it can make your YouTube plan even better.

      VidIQ emerges as a versatile tool that caters to the diverse needs of YouTube creators. With its user-friendly interface and powerful analytics, it has the potential to significantly enhance your video content’s visibility and engagement.

      4. RankTracker

      Rank Tracker stands out as a premier YouTube keyword explorer, offering a robust set of features to monitor and enhance your video rankings on the platform. 

      Here’s a closer look at how this tool can be a game-changer for optimizing your YouTube content.

      Rank Tracker serves as a comprehensive solution for monitoring your video rankings on YouTube. 

      It not only tracks your current positions but also helps identify opportunities for improvement, allowing you to strengthen your videos for better visibility.

      User-Friendly Interface

      The tool simplifies the process by requiring only your video’s URL. Once entered, Rank Tracker provides a wealth of information, including potential keywords and their likelihood of ranking. Its user-friendly design ensures ease of use for all users.

      Real-Time Data for Improvement

      If your YouTube ranking isn’t where you want it to be, Rank Tracker steps in with real-time data analysis. 

      Easily pinpoint areas for improvement and receive insights to boost your ranking promptly. 

      This quick feedback loop proves invaluable in maintaining and elevating your video positions.

      Vulnerability Identification

      The real-time data feature is particularly useful when your ranking experiences a drop. 

      Rank Tracker helps you identify vulnerabilities, enabling swift action to rectify the situation. 

      This proactive approach ensures that your videos maintain a strong and consistent presence on YouTube.

      Channel and Campaign Management

      Managing multiple channels and marketing campaigns is made seamless with Rank Tracker. 

      All your data and analysis are centralized in one location, providing a convenient and efficient way to oversee and optimize your YouTube strategy.

      Free Trial and Premium Plan

      Rank Tracker offers a free trial with limited keywords for analysis, allowing users to experience its capabilities firsthand. 

      For those seeking more in-depth analysis, a premium plan starts at $19 per month. 

      This plan enables you to check hundreds of keywords, providing the tools needed to refine and supercharge your YouTube strategy effectively.

      Rank Tracker emerges as an indispensable tool for YouTube content creators, offering not only rankings monitoring but also valuable insights for continuous improvement. 

      Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced creator, this tool is tailored to enhance your YouTube journey.

      5. Google Trends

      People like things that are popular. When lots of people are interested in something, it becomes a trend. 

      Going along with a trend can be good because more people want to know about it, and there’s usually less competition in those popular areas.

      Google Trends is A Great Keyword Explorer for YouTube

      Google Trends is a helpful tool that does two main things: it helps you find popular keywords and tells you what topics are currently popular. 

      It’s considered one of the best tools from Google because it’s really accurate.

      Finding Trending Words

      Google Trends helps you see what words are currently popular. When something is a trend, a lot of people are interested in it. This tool helps you figure out what those popular keywords are.

      It also lets you see how often people are searching for specific words. This is useful to know how much people care about certain topics over time.

      More than Just a Keywords Explorer

      Google Trends gives you even more information. You can find out things like if the person searching is a boy or a girl, where they are, and when they looked up a word.

      It also tells you how many times people have looked at a popular topic within a certain time. 

      This helps you understand how much attention something is getting. In short, Google Trends is like a helpful friend for content creators. 

      It shows you what words are cool, how often people care about them, and even gives you extra details. 

      So, if you want to make popular content on YouTube, Google Trends is the tool for you!

      6. YouTube Auto-suggestion

      Achieving a high ranking on YouTube can be challenging when relying solely on one keyword. 

      However, incorporating related keywords in your video content can significantly improve your ranking and attract more views.

      YouTube Auto Suggestion – A Valuable Resource

      Discovering related keywords is made easy through YouTube Auto Suggestion. 

      When you enter a keyword in the YouTube search bar, you’ll find additional suggested and related keywords below. 

      This feature is a valuable resource, providing reliable and accurate results derived directly from searches made by other YouTube users.

      Limitations of YouTube Auto-suggestion

      While YouTube Auto-suggestion lacks detailed information such as volume and other specifics, it serves as an excellent tool for identifying alternative keywords to optimize your videos. 

      Despite these limitations, the insights gained from Autosuggest can be invaluable for content creators seeking to broaden their reach.

      Explore Additional Tools for Precise Results

      For more precise results and a deeper understanding of keyword metrics, consider exploring additional tools that we are currently investigating. 

      These tools can complement the insights gained from YouTube Autosuggest, offering a more comprehensive approach to keyword optimization for your YouTube content.

      By leveraging YouTube Autosuggest and exploring supplementary tools, you can strategically incorporate related keywords, ultimately boosting your videos’ visibility and engagement on the platform.

      7. Keywords Everywhere

      Another valuable tool in the world of YouTube keyword explorer is Keywords Everywhere, a Chrome extension designed to fetch data related to any keyword. 

      Whether you are a content creator, marketer, or advertiser, this tool proves to be an invaluable asset for understanding the dynamics of YouTube keywords.

      When you search using Keywords Everywhere, it carefully looks through the results and shows lots of info about videos related to your search. 

      It’s not just about the search results; it also gives you important numbers that can really help you plan your content better.

      The insights provided by Keywords Everywhere include:

      1. Average Views: Understand how popular a keyword is by gauging the average views associated with it.
      2. Number of Videos: Learn about the competition and saturation for a particular keyword by discovering how many videos are created on the same topic.
      3. Title Usage by Other YouTubers: Gain insights into how many other content creators have used the same keyword in their video titles, offering a glimpse into the keyword’s popularity and competition.

      This tool is a game-changer for conducting in-depth keyword analysis, providing a comprehensive set of metrics for each video you wish to explore. 

      However, its utility extends beyond individual keywords. Keywords Everywhere also offers broader insights, including:


      • Volume: Understand the overall popularity and search volume associated with a keyword.
      • Related Keywords: Discover other keywords related to your search, aiding in diversifying and expanding your content strategy.
      • Cost Per Click (CPC): Particularly useful for those involved in organizational activities and running ads, this feature provides insights into the cost associated with targeting specific keywords.

      While a free version of Keywords Everywhere is available, the premium version proves to be even more valuable. With premium plans starting at $1.25 per month, users gain access to advanced features, including:

      • 12-Month Trend Chart: Visualize the trends associated with a keyword over an extended period, aiding in long-term content planning.
      • Downloadable Keyword Lists: Easily organize and manage your keyword research with the ability to download keyword lists for future reference.
      • URL Analysis for Keyword Density (KD): Evaluate how frequently your targeted keyword is used in the URL of your video, providing valuable insights into keyword optimization strategies.

      Keywords Everywhere stands as a robust tool for YouTube keyword exploration, offering a comprehensive suite of features for both individual videos and broader content strategies. 

      Whether you opt for the free version or invest in the premium plans, this tool is a must-have for anyone serious about maximizing their presence on YouTube.

      8. Ahrefs YouTube Keyword Tool

      When it comes to optimizing your YouTube content for search engines, Ahrefs stands out with its extensive keyword database and powerful features. 

      Let’s explore how this platform can elevate your SEO game:

      Comprehensive Keyword Database

      Ahrefs houses an impressive database with over 650 million YouTube videos, providing a rich source of keywords to enhance your search engine ranking. 

      This expansive collection ensures that you have access to a diverse range of keywords relevant to your content.

      Analyzing Competitors and Gaining Insights

      Ahrefs empowers you to not only analyze your competitors but also learn from their successful strategies. 

      By understanding what works for others, you can implement effective techniques in your videos, accelerating your ranking process.

      Key Metrics for Informed Decisions

      The platform provides essential data such as keyword volume, clicks, difficulty score, and regional insights. 

      This information equips you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about your content strategy, ensuring it aligns with user preferences and search trends.

      Simultaneous Keyword Checking and Download Capability

      A unique feature of Ahrefs is its ability to check 10,000 keywords simultaneously. 

      This efficiency is coupled with the convenience of downloading the results for further analysis and use, streamlining your keyword research process.

      Freemium Access with Premium Functionality

      While basic access to the tool is free, unlocking the full potential of Ahrefs comes with premium versions. 

      There are four types, starting at $99 per month. Opting for a premium subscription grants you access to all the discussed functionalities, making it a worthwhile investment for those serious about comprehensive SEO management.

      Ahrefs Keyword Explorer for YouTube is a robust tool that goes beyond basic keyword research. 

      It provides a comprehensive suite of features to analyze competitors, uncover valuable insights, and optimize your content for effective search engine ranking. 

      Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced content creator, Ahrefs offers the tools necessary to achieve your desired SEO outcomes. Consider it as a valuable asset in your quest for YouTube success.

      On the other hand, if you’re short on budget, and you need the Ahrefs tool for your keyword research, don’t worry!
      Still, there is a solution to fix this. There are 
      Ahrefs Group Buy Tools available in the market to use Ahrefs completely without breaking your bank!

      9. Keyword Analytics for YouTube by SEMrush

      SEMrush is a powerhouse of keywords. Keyword Analytics for YouTube by SEMrush emerges as a powerful keyword research tool tailored for YouTube.

      Are you finding it hard to understand what people search for on YouTube?

      The Keyword Analytics for YouTube by SEMrush is here to help you figure it out and make your videos more popular.

      Easy to Use

      This tool is simple to use. Even if you’re new to making videos, you can use it without any problems.

      Learn About Popular Words

      Know which words are popular on YouTube with this tool. It doesn’t just show you global trends, but also helps you understand what people in different countries are looking for.

      Stay Updated with Trends

      YouTube changes a lot. This tool helps you see what words are becoming popular fast. This way, your videos can always be about things people are interested in right now.

      Understand Words Better

      Look closely at how well certain words are doing. Find words that not many people are using but can help your videos get seen more.

      Speak to Different People

      Use this tool to know what words people in different countries are using. This is good if you want your videos to be interesting to people from different places.

      See What Works for Others

      Find out which videos are doing the best for the words you want to use. Learn from them and make your videos even better.

      Try it for Free

      You can try this tool for free for 7 days. After that, it costs $10 each month. That’s not much for all the helpful information it gives you.

      Made by Iteora GmbH, this tool is great for anyone making videos on YouTube. If you want more people to see your videos, try the Keyword Analytics for YouTube by SEMrush. It’s easy, helpful, and can make your YouTube journey much better!

      How to Choose your Keyword Explorer for YouTube?

      Every tool I’ve discussed in this article stands out as a top choice. I recommend that you narrow down your selection to 2 or 3 tools after thoroughly checking each one. 

      Alternatively, if your budget allows, you can opt for a single premium tool – the investment is worthwhile if it fits your financial plan. 

      If you’re wondering how you can find keywords for YouTube for free, you can explore all of these tools to gather keyword insights without any cost.

      The Power of Mastering Keyword Explorer for YouTube

      Mastering keyword research can save you time while increasing views and subscribers on your YouTube channel. 

      These tools offer a comprehensive guide on understanding your target audience, attracting views, and gaining subscribers. Creating content tailored to your potential audience is the key to success.

      YouTube sees a constant influx of videos due to ever-changing trends. Keyword explorer for YouTube help you stay updated on these trends, ensuring that your content remains relevant.

      Final Thoughts on Keyword Explorer for YouTube

      Image illustrates the conclusion of the article.

      Now that you’ve grasped how to gain views and grow on your YouTube journey with the YouTube keyword explorer. You have a basic understanding of how to utilize these tools. With consistent use, you’ll undoubtedly achieve mastery in keyword research.

      Congratulations on learning these insightful tools! All these tools to search keywords for YouTube play a crucial role for content creators to quickly and efficiently rank on search engines without creating content aimlessly. 

      By researching keywords before creating content, you can ensure that your ranking is achievable by following proper steps.

      You’ve discovered the keys to fast results and growth on YouTube. It all begins with understanding what your viewers are searching for, and you’ve learned how to provide exactly that.

      While there are thousands of keyword research tools, you’ve now learned to use the top and most reliable ones.

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