Last Updated: April 21, 2023

LenosTube Honest Review: Is It A Scam Or Legit?

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    Have you ever wondered how big companies promote and market their ideas via YouTube? And can they do it, without struggle? Certainly not! 

    To survive in this competitive world, you need to produce valid, accurate, and unique content to draw the audience’s attention. Nonetheless, a few lapses in technique can cause your idea to be buried beneath YouTube’s vast population. 

    And after content production, the second most important things as per any other digital journey, is promotion and advertising.

    So, are you a YouTuber? Are you looking for a tool to increase your YouTube channel’s growth? If so, you are at the right place to understand and explore more about it. Because if you are a YouTuber, you’ve probably heard of LenosTube: an online video marketing agency with a worldwide presence. 

    Although you’ve probably heard of it, you might not know what it does exactly and if it is legit and really helpful. So, let’s take a closer look at it and without further delay, let’s start our in-depth review.

    Our team tested this service to bring out a genuine and accurate review to you!

    Table of Contents
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      What is LenosTube?

      If you’re not familiar with YouTube monetization, and made a quick search, there is a fair chance you stumbled upn LenosTube, an online video marketing service. 

      This service helps you create and promote your YouTube channel with a safe and unique method and helps to get monetized. It also provides,

      • Monetized channels
      • Organic YouTube views
      • Organic YouTube comments
      • Video ranking services
      • Channel SEO
      • 4000 Watch hours and so on

      Services Available in LenosTube

      Unlike other YouTube marketing sites, LenosTube claims to provide real and genuine services with minimal involvement of bots.

      Let’s see the most popular services in LenosTube, which we tested and we will review in this article.

      3. Subscribers
      5. Monetizations
      6. SEO
      7. Artist

      Let see in detail below.

      LenosTube Views

      Whether you are just starting or looking to boost your YouTube viewership, you can count on LenosTube to help you get started. Lenos offers various services to enhance your Video’s exposure on YouTube, including views. 

      LenosTube views include a vast gamma of options, such as High retention, Real English views, YouTube Ads views, etc. If you are stuck with cost stuff, you can choose for cheap views plan too.

      What stands out about this agency is that they are producers of most of their services, hence when using their company, you are sure you are not purchasing by one of the many resellers out there and, at the same time, their services will likely be more effective as not being over-used.

      Real English views (from the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom) are available through Lenos, and so are views from YouTube (Google) Ads, and premium-quality views with long-term retention (up to 20 minutes), to finish it off with low-cost views (still safe to use, even with monetized content). 

      Another views service worth mentioning and which is a Lenos exclusive is the Keyword ranking views, which will talk about the very end of this article and provide our results after testing.

      Check out the all the views package available given below,

      LenosTube Likes, Comments, Subscribers

      Even though Lenos Tube’s innovative ways to monetize your YouTube channel are widely praised, it also offers the traditional, well-known service of subscribers and engagement.

      You can rest assured that each of these packages is safe and provides exactly what described. When it comes to YouTube Likes, there are three options available: Regular, Monthly engagement, and Control for the desired rate of growth.

      While all of these metrics are derived from organic sources, monthly engagement also provides comments and subscribers, so it may be even more worthy. But it’s up to you!

      When it comes to subscribers, we tested their subscribers and we were relieved to not whitness any drop, which unfortunately is something we have seen quite often when testing YouTube subcribers.

      In the world of YouTube marketing, there are two types of subscribers: those who subscribe quickly and those who subscribe slowly over time. 

      On LenosTube, we may find both of them: Slower delivery has an algorithm that mimics a natural growth process, which means that the promotional AI may be more likely to recommend your product. Sweet! 

      As a final option, the authorship team from Lenos provides personally handwritten commentary related to the content. It engages meaningful discussion in the regular English comments on YouTube and Handwritten comments and both sources are real – meaning coming from real people.

      LenosTube Monetization

      Possibly, their monetization services is what Leno is more famours for. If you’re not familiar with YouTube monetization, these service helps you create and promote your YouTube channel with a safe and unique method, with the end goal of being monetized and therefore making money with your channel. 

      You may reach this in two ways, the first on being purchasing watch hours for your channel.

      It also provides original monetized channels. There are two types of LenosTube monetized channels. The first type is a ready channel, where you choose the niche and then a channel fully ready to be monetized is delivered to you, according to the niche you selected.

      The other type is a custom channel where you can select your own name and customize your channel to suit your needs, and have LenosTube to do all the work – including video production, graphics and promotion – in order to get your channel ready for monetization in a matter of weeks. Say no more!

      The most crucial feature of Lenos is the quality that it delivers. It provides stable and quality channels with original and licensed videos, which are then promoted via quality interactions (such as high retention views).

      This allows you not only to have a monetized channel, but also to increase your YouTube subscriber base organically. Their packages are safe, and when we made a short interview to them, they told us they never had a suspended account. A big plus as the monetized channel market is a tricky one, due to Google’s high sensitivity do ownership changes.

      What is worth mentioning again, is that the channel package comes with quality banners and original niche-related videos, which is something that we have not seen in the market yet.

      LenosTube YouTube Watch Hours

      It’s not a good idea for those who already have an account to buy a new channel. There are times when a user has everything it takes to make their channel stand out from the crowd, but the almighty algorithm refuses to give them the opportunity.

      Is there anything LenosTube can do about that? Yes, absolutely. This is where Lenos’ YouTube watch hours come in. These views are designed to increase your account’s watch time so that it meets the criteria for monetization, which is 4000+ watch hours.

      There are no channel bans or safety issues to worry about when you use Lenos’ service. You only need to type in the desired amount of watch hours, your channel link, and then the required amount will be filled in, along with a little extra just to be safe.

      It may take up to two weeks to reach 4000+ watch hours because the entire process uses natural methods of social media promotion, also to make it 100% safe for channel owners.

      It may take a little longer, but it poses no threat to your safety, privacy, or the efficiency or reach of your content, so don’t worry.

      If you have at least five videos that can be viewed, the better (regarding delivery time), because the only requirement is that you have at least five videos on your channel. Bu using LenosTube services, you’ll be a part of a YouTube partnership program in a flash!

      Just one reminder: make sure that any content you post is your own and does not violate any copyright policies. If you don’t meet YouTube’s metric requirements, your 4000+ watch hours won’t be much of a help.

      However, there are two ways to make money on YouTube: by purchasing a monetization-enabled channel or by purchasing watch hours to qualify for your own channel’s monetization.

      Lenos has them both covered, and it’s done it organically, securely, and effectively for all of those reasons mentioned previously.

      LenosTube SEO and Artist Promotion

      Unlike other YouTube marketing services, It even offers SEO and customized all-around promotional packages for entrepreneurs and music creators. 

      If you are a beginner or amateur, still finding ways to create perfect SEO content, their team will help you in all forms. It has Keyword SEO views which will improve the ranking of your channel, Real YouTube Social Shares, SEO audit, and Video Embeds to support you.

      If you are an artist, you may also find LenosTube particularly effective for you. In fact, there are a few packages which are tailored having as main purpose to promote music videos on YouTube. (and on the web).

      What can You Expect from the Artist Promotion Packs? 

      • YouTube Growth Package
      • 100K Music Video Package
      • Spotify Boost Package

      Positives and Negatives

      Users Review

      Let’s go now to see some opinions and reviews of those who have used LenosTube directly. On TrustPilot, the international site where you can find many reviews, this service has an astonishing 4.8 out of 5 ratings, proving its quality.

      Here are also a couple of opinions about LenosTube:

      As you can see, customers have been thrilled with a service like LenosTube. Access the official website now and start benefiting from the offer.

      LenosTube FAQs

      Is Lenos Safe to Use? Is it a Scam?

      If you are hoping to find a way to safely and securely purchase a YouTube channel that can help you bring in a weekly income almost straight away, then you definitely need to check out Lenos.

      Is LenosTube Safe?

      Your order details and your channel are both safe with LenosTube. It is a reliable company which you can trust.

      How to get 4000 watch hours in Youtube?

      To get 4000 hours faster, you can visit LenosTube, Choose Monetization tab and pick 4000 Watch hours.


      Is Lenos a keeper or a flop? It is highly recommended for those looking to expand their following on YouTube in the future! The fact that Lenos passed all of our tests with flying colors means that it is ready to help you increase your YouTube presence and earn money in the next week or two.

      As algorithms become more sophisticated and marketing policies become more restrictive, Lenos’ offer is particularly attractive. YouTube anonymity is no longer your lot in life. Dropping hot videos to a small audience is a waste of time. Putting forth the time and effort to create high-quality material but earning nothing in return is downright depressing. However, this does not have to be the case. In this case, you can rely on Lenos.

      LenosTube Overall Rating

      Good but slow 89%
      Great 98%
      Great considering the quality 96%
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