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Last Updated: April 21, 2023

A Review: Can This Site Make Your Resume Stand Out?

Resoume FI
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    Resoume is a website that provides online resume-building services. A wide range of valuable materials, such as resume templates and Personal Websites, is available for free. These include Analytics and Job tracker.

    This Resoume review will teach you everything you need to know about this online resume builder. We’ll go over the company’s features, tools, and career advice in further detail. Furthermore, we’ll investigate its advantages to job seekers, whether they’re recent high school or college grads or more seasoned professionals searching for a change of direction in their careers.

    Table of Contents
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      What is

      If you’re looking for resume websites, you’ve probably stumbled upon The Website is an excellent resource for finding a perfect resume. Its easy-to-use format makes creating a resume a breeze.

      Whether you’re a student or a working professional, there’s a solution or template for you. In fact, you can easily create your own personalized resume and upload it for free to the site.

      Features of

      If you’re looking for a great resume-building service, you might want to consider This site helps users create ATS-ready documents, including resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Besides making it easy to customize your documents, Resoume also allows you to import LinkedIn details. Moreover, you can add your most relevant professional experiences to each page, making your resume unique and compelling. 

      The Website is easy to use. While you’re browsing through it, you’ll notice that it is organized in a visually appealing manner. The Website does not confuse the user with too much information. Its navigation system is also very straightforward, which makes it an excellent choice for newbies. It’s easy to find the sections you want to work on. It’s therefore very user-friendly.

      Here are the features available on Resoume, bulleted below,

      • Resumes with templates
      • Personal Website with templates
      • Analytics
      • Job tracker

      Resumes with templates

      In terms of resume templates, you can choose from professional, modern, and elegant designs. In addition, the brand provides Linkedin and Json import options for users.

      According to the template, a professional template focuses on creating the positive initial impression you want to make while also emphasizing your experience, skills, and qualifications. 

      A modern alternative is a current, machine-readable structure that highlights the most significant aspects of the candidate’s profile that recruiters are interested in.

      The range of templates that the organization provides is rich. There are a variety of templates available, including professional and contemporary designs, as well as specialized designs. 

      They can contain any applicable employment or volunteer experience you’ve accumulated and any relevant work or volunteer experience you’ve obtained during your schooling and college. In addition, if you are seeking professional, printable PDF templates, you will find those too, on

      Once you complete the resume building, you can check the score of the template you have created by clicking on Analyze Application.

      Personal Website with templates

      In Resoume, you can also create a Personal Website for your Portfolio. Like resumes, Personal Website also has templates that are customizable and editable. Check the below snapshot for more understanding,


      The analytics section of Resoume allows you to track the reach of your resume. With the rise of Resoume Analytics, you can now see how many visitors you had.

      Using analytics, you can easily determine how many people have visited your Portfolio and Resume. The total views for both resume and Portfolio can be viewed here; (check the Snapshot below)

      Remote Job

      When you navigate to the Remote Job section, you can see the Job board section on your screen, and this is the place where you can apply for the jobs.

      This Job board contains mainly three filters to select: Work type, Company, and the Location you are looking for, as you see below,

      By selecting your requirements, the site will show the available job offers and afterwards, you can apply with one click.

      Job Tracker

      Resoume Job Tracker is a great tool to keep track of all your applications to know where you have an interview and how many offers you have received. Also, you can review the rejected proposal too.

      Positive and Negatives

      Pricing Plan has separate pricing plans for Individuals. Depending on your requirement, the features are different. Here is a snippet of the Individual pricing plans,

      Lite Plan

      $ 9
      • 5 PDF Downloads
      • 300 AI Credits
      • All templates
      • Sharable Online Version
      • Personal Website Builder
      • AI Writing Assistant

      Pro Plan

      $ 19
      • 1 Month Access
      • Unlimited PDF Downloads
      • 5000 AI Credits
      • All templates
      • Sharable Online Version
      • Personal Website Builder
      • AI Writing Assistant
      • CV Analyze powered by AI
      • Simple Website Analytics
      • Custom Subdomain

      Unlimited Plan

      $ 69
      • 6 Month Access
      • Unlimited PDF Downloads
      • 50,000 AI Credits
      • All templates
      • Sharable Online Version
      • Personal Website Builder
      • AI Writing Assistant
      • CV Analyze powered by AI
      • Simple Website Analytics
      • Custom Subdomain
      • Connect your own domain

      Users Review

      Let’s see the opinions of those who have already used the service. On Producthunt, a popular review site, Resoume received 306 Upvotes, proving its quality. 

      This user was really enjoying this product more and said, “Awesome initiative @gobie_nanthakumar and team! If anything of a feedback, I wonder if the body font can be a bit more like Avenir-ish? That’s just me tho, where I like body and header titles font to be slightly different. Plus, I wonder if your competitor is Adobe Portfolio?…”

      Users were delighted with the ease of use of Resoume, which is user-friendly. I remind you that it has a free trial; try it and explore the product. 

      Resoume Overall Rating

      Good 80%
      Great 92%
      Free 100%


      Is Resoume Confidential?

      Yes, the data and information mentioned by you are only accessible to you.

      How to track my resume?

      In the Job tracker section, you can track all your application in one place.

      How to know my resume’s views? 

      You can see both portfolios and resume views with one click in the analytics section.

      What is the use of a Personal Website in Resoume?

      Rather than creating a formal PDF version resume or CVs, A personal Website provides more accessibility. You can also include social media accounts easily; for example, check this Personal Resoume Website

      Does Resoume have a variety of templates?

      Yes, resoume have separate templates for Personal Website and Resume. Each one has multiple designs with a rich variety of templates.

      Our Verdict

      We’ve thoroughly evaluated Resoume’s services, and we’re confident in saying that it’s a top-notch tool for creating an online resume. Beginners with no prior knowledge of computer technology may use the interface. The features and high level of craftsmanship make the cost well worth it. Do use this service and don’t forget to provide feedback!

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