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Playerup review 2024 – Is it still a legit marketplace?

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    Why spend months or years building an online account when you could get an established one in a minute? Do you want to compete on the best gaming platforms or own a new account with thousands of Instagram followers with a few clicks? We all do.

    What if there was a unique market where you could buy and sell any online accounts?

    This is where online account marketplaces like PlayerUp come into play. This online market allows everyone to trade their virtual assets and social media accounts. You can buy a YouTube channel with subscribers and guaranteed engagements or a Facebook account for your next marketing effort. Furthermore, you can sell your hard-earned game or social accounts for their money’s worth. 

    But the question remains: is PlayerUp a legitimate and secure platform for anyone looking to buy or sell their online accounts and in-game assets?

    This review aims to answer that question definitively. We will examine different aspects of the website, its features, user experience, and security.

    In addition, we will explore alternative platforms offering similar services. Do you want to know more about PlayerUp before purchasing or selling there? Read on to find out whether it is a trustworthy platform or otherwise.

    Table of Contents
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      PlayerUp: How It Works

      PlayerUp is an online marketplace for buying and selling in-game assets, gaming accounts, and social media accounts. It is like a virtual garage where you can sell social media accounts, YouTube channels, video game characters, in-game items, and many more.

      PlayerUp offers escrow services and a community for every online account sales. It dispels the fear that sellers have about losing their accounts to scammers. On the other hand, buyers can also be confident that their money is secure.

      PlayerUp ensures secure transactions through its three-way escrow system. PlayerUp offers middleman service for a fee. During a P2P transaction, PlayerUp holds the payment until the seller delivers the account or item as promised. Once verified, it releases the funds to the seller.

      PlayerUp offers a chance for convenient transactions. It also supports various payment methods, including cryptocurrency and PayPal. You can easily find available payment methods for each country on the website. Additionally, the market size has many options for buyers to browse through. So, you can compare prices and offers before committing to a transaction.

      PlayerUp has been around for a while and prides itself as the first online accounts marketplace. It has also gathered numerous user reviews. Most of these reviews attest to its simplified P2P methods and security. But is it 100% scam-free? Some users express concerns about dubious buyers and sellers. However, overall, PlayerUp is on top of its game and is a top marketplace for P2P trading.

      PlayerUp Marketplace Sections

      PlayerUp positions itself as a one-stop shop for all your online account needs. A quick peek at the website reveals so many in-game assets, full-game accounts, and social media accounts up for sale. But PlayerUp offers much more than game accounts and virtual items. So, we identify the different sections of the marketplace below.

      Game Accounts

      Firstly, PlayerUp boasts a myriad of game accounts across genres. These include popular MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games), FPS (First-Person Shooters), MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas), and more. 

      Some popular game accounts you can buy or sell on PlayerUp are Call of Duty Mobile, Clash of Clans, Call of Duty Warzone, Evony, etc. The wide range of choices addresses the needs of a diverse gaming audience. So, it provides access to almost any gaming account needs.

      Account prices vary by game, character level, in-game items, and rarity. The players set their price, while the competition regulates it. However, additional service charges might apply for the middleman service.

      PlayerUp verifies sellers to ensure account legitimacy. Verified accounts often demand higher prices. But, the verification system might need to be more foolproof. According to some user reviews, there are a few instances where scammers beat the system. But following every step the right way can secure your transactions efficiently.

      Social Media Accounts

      In addition to game accounts, PlayerUp offers a variety of social media and other online accounts. It provides accounts on various social media platforms like Instagram, Telegram, Snapchat, and TikTok. Furthermore, you can buy YouTube channels, Gmail accounts, Discord, and many more. Freelancers looking for better opportunities and offers can also purchase Fiverr, Upwork, and other freelancer accounts with impressive track records. 

      Buying and selling social accounts work similarly to game accounts. You put in a request and initiate a conversation. PlayerUp provides the middleman to ensure the social account is real and without issues. The middleman releases payments to the seller after the buyer has confirmed a satisfactory transaction.

      In-game Items and Currencies

      PlayerUp offers different in-game items like virtual weapons, skins, cosmetics, and even in-game currencies. These items do not require full account transfer. But they can greatly improve a player’s experience in highly competitive games.  So, players who want to enhance their character appearance or performance can always find their options.

      Middleman Service

      The middleman service acts as a neutral third party during transactions. This escrow service holds the payment until the seller delivers the account or item. PlayerUp charges fees for this service, but the fee is worth every penny. Additionally, the middleman service fee impacts both the buyers and sellers.

      The middleman service offers security, particularly for expensive accounts or items. Unfortunately, it does not guarantee complete protection. User experiences with the middleman service vary. Some users find it reassuring. Others report delays or communication issues when resolving disputes.

      Additionally, some scammers beat the middleman security by delivering fake items. But this rarely happens. Overall, the middleman service still offers security and ensures a successful transaction.

      Our PlayerUp Purchase Experience

      We decided to explore PlayerUp for a pre-built Call of Duty Mobile account. The sheer number of listings was overwhelming. Many accounts boasting high kill-death ratios and legendary weapons were up for grabs at various prices.

      So, here is a summary of our experience purchasing a Call of Duty Mobile account.

      #1 Choosing the Right Account

      Firstly, we browsed through the available options. Our priorities for selection were price, seller reputation, and account details. Prices ranged significantly. Accounts with more rare and legendary weapons and skins had higher price tags. So, we opted for a mid-range option that offered a high-level character, a decent arsenal, and a positive seller rating.

      #2 Negotiation and Communication

      Initiating contact with the seller was straightforward. We checked the seller’s profile and started a conversation. PlayerUp’s messaging system is efficient for the communication. We were able to exchange files and images to negotiate the deal. It also allowed us to discuss the account details further. We were able to convince the seller to budge on the price.

      #3 The Middleman and Security Concerns

      PlayerUp’s third-party service offered peace of mind. It ensured the security of our money. We initiated the buy order through the system, instead of directly with the seller. An additional fee was added to the overall cost. But we believe it was worth it.

      #4 Delivery and Verification

      Finally, we got our hands on our Call of Duty Mobile account. The handover process was smooth. Once PlayerUp had secured our payment, the seller provided the account login details. Following instructions from PlayerUp, we changed the password and ensured all account information was secure. Thankfully, the verification process confirmed the account details matched the listing description. The whole process barely took 24 hours to complete.

      Overall Satisfaction

      The purchase experience on PlayerUp had its pros and cons. On the positive side, the platform offered a vast selection of accounts. Additionally, the escrow service provided some security. However, fees can add up if you opt for middleman services.


      Alternatives to PlayerUp

      PlayerUp offers a convenient solution for buying and selling online accounts. However, it is not the only game in town. Several alternative platforms cater to similar needs. Moreover, each comes with its strengths and weaknesses. Here, we explore some of these alternatives to PlayerUp.

      #1 Z2U

      Z2u offers a marketplace for accounts and in-game items like PlayerUp. It also has boosting and coaching services across various games. Additionally, z2u offers social media accounts, like PlayerUp. 

      Furthermore, z2u has a user-friendly interface and uses a secure escrow system. However, user reviews suggest potential limitations in customer support and concerns regarding fees.

      #2 Fameswap

      This platform specifically caters to social media needs. It sells accounts and followers across networks like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Fameswap offers a more streamlined experience for theme-pages needs. 

      Fameswap has a secure escrow system for buyer and seller security. Its live accounts statistics update intending buyers on the latest status of the accounts up for sale. Users praise its intuitive interface and competitive fees. But its downside is its limited overall inventory compared to PlayerUp.

      #3 Fiverr

      Fiverr is not strictly an online-account marketplace. But it connects freelancers with buyers seeking various services. This can be a valuable alternative for those seeking boosting or coaching services. You can employ verified sellers offering character leveling, skill coaching, and even account creation and management services for social media. 

      Fiverr lets freelancers offering various services create proposals. So, you only have to browse through the proposals to find the service you need. Furthermore, the website’s escrow system is one of the best in the industry.


      This platform specializes in trading accounts for MMOs. It prides itself on a secure escrow system and features a buyer protection program. Compared to PlayerUp, might have a more limited selection of games outside the MMO genre. However, user reviews laud its focus on security and dedicated customer support.

      #5 EpicNPC

      EpicNPC also focuses on in-game items, like PowerUp. Plus, the site has a wide range of games and platforms in its catalog. Also, EpicNPC facilitates social media account trading. Furthermore, it offers a reputation system for sellers. It also uses a secure escrow system for transactions through its trade guardian system. User reviews praise the website’s extensive item listings and active community.

      Choosing the best alternative depends on your specific needs. If your primary concern is security and customer support, might be a strong option. For a vast selection of in-game items, Fameswap or EpicNPC are suitable choices.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is it worth it to buy a game or social media account?

      This depends on your goals and the specific account. Buying a game account can save you time and effort. Ready-made social accounts can save you the hassle of finding followers and subscribers. 

      Is it legal to sell or buy a game account?

      The legality can vary depending on the terms of service from the game providers. Some games explicitly prohibit account buying/selling. The penalty usually ranges from account suspension to a complete ban. Always check the game’s official rules before engaging in any transactions.

      Which game accounts are most profitable to sell on PlayerUp?

      Accounts with high levels and rare in-game items offer the most profits. In addition, access to exclusive content fetches higher prices. Popular and competitive games also see more demand.

      Can I become a middleman on PlayerUp?

      No, PlayerUp already offers a middleman service. They have established processes and handle disputes. Individual users would be unable to perform the middleman role on the platform.


      Image illustrates the conclusion of the article.

      Our review of PlayerUp reveals the platform has both potential and pitfalls. PlayerUp’s massive online accounts, in-game assets, and middleman service offer convenience and security. However, there are concerns regarding scams, high fees, and limited customer support.

      The world of account buying and selling requires caution. Thoroughly research and scrutinize the seller’s reputation. Moreso, using secure payment methods is vital. It is best to use the PlayerUp middleman service, despite the extra cost. This service will ensure your transaction is safe and successful.

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