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YouTube Red Diamond Play Button – Everything You Need To Know!

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    In a world enriched with online content, YouTube stands out as the most famous video-streaming platform. 

    But YouTube did not do it alone. Countless passionate individuals dedicate themselves to crafting engaging content on the platform. These people build connections with their audiences and grow the thriving YouTube communities. So, recognizing and celebrating their contributions is paramount for YouTube.

    This is where the YouTube Creator Awards program comes into play.

    This prestigious program acknowledges creators who have achieved significant milestones in subscriber count. The program rewards creators with impressive accolades as their channels grow. 

    It starts with the Silver Play Button awarded to channels reaching 100,000 subscribers. Next, it gives the Gold Play Button to creators reaching the 1 million subscriber mark. Then, the Diamond Play Button goes to channels reaching 10 million subscribers.

    However, the height of recognition lies with the YouTube Red Diamond Play Button. This exclusive award is a medal of honor to channels reaching 100 million subscribers. It represents the highest tier of the award program.

    All YouTube Creator Awards are significant. However, the Red Diamond Play Button is unique and prestigious within the YouTube community. The award is rare. So, it symbolizes exceptional excellence. This status makes it a coveted treasure for any creator.

    But beyond its reverent status and visually stunning appearance, what else should you know about the Red Diamond Play Button? Let’s dive into the details of this much-coveted award.

    Table of Contents
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      What is the Red Diamond Play Button?

      The YouTube Red Diamond Play Button is the ultimate recognition within the YouTube Creator Awards program. This awe-inspiring award belongs to only a handful of people and groups. And that is because it is expensive to acquire. So, imagine how much it takes to amass 100 million YouTube subscribers.

      Once a channel gains 100 million subscribers, they can contact YouTube to express their interest in receiving the award. YouTube then launches a verification process. Firstly, it checks the number of subscribers. Then it assesses the uniqueness and content originality. It further investigates the channel’s adherence to community guidelines. If the channel qualifies, YouTube rewards it with the Red Diamond Play Button.

      The Red Diamond Play Button itself is a masterpiece of design and symbolism. Its iconic triangular shape mimics the classic YouTube play button. It comprises high-quality metal and acrylic. The centerpiece is the large, deep red crystal resembling a diamond.

      The Red Diamond Play Button is a young award. And this reflects the rapid growth of YouTube itself. The award came out in 2019 when T-Series crossed the required numbers. Then PewDiePie, a popular gaming and comedic creator became the first individual to receive it. The exclusive club of Red Diamond Play Button holders has grown steadily. However, only a handful of creators have achieved this remarkable feat.

      Who Has the Red Diamond Play Button?

      As of February 2024, only nine YouTube channels own the YouTube Red Diamond Play Button. This esteemed group comprises individual content creators, personalities, and organizations.

      Below are the top 1% of YouTube channels to own the Red Diamond Play Button.

      #1 T-Series (India)

      This music channel is the first-ever Red Diamond Play Button holder. It received the recognition in 2019. The channel features a vast library of Indian music videos. T-Series exemplifies the global reach and diverse content on YouTube.

      #2 PewDiePie (Sweden)

      This popular gaming and comedic personality followed closely behind T-Series. He also received his Red Diamond Play Button in 2019. His channel showcases a mix of video game playthroughs, challenges, and comedic skits.

      #3 Cocomelon (US)

      Cocomelon is a children’s animation channel. It features nursery rhymes and educational songs. The channel earned its Red Diamond Play Button in 2020. Cocomelon’s success highlights the popularity of family-friendly content. Additionally, it is popular among children and connects with a global audience.

      #4 Sony Entertainment Television India (India)

      SET India is another Indian entertainment channel. It received its Red Diamond Play Button in 2021. The channel features various television shows and original content. It also showcases the vibrant Indian entertainment landscape on YouTube.

      #5 MrBeast (US)

      This YouTube-famous personality earned recognition for his elaborate stunts and philanthropy. He joined the Red Diamond Play Button club in 2022. The MrBeast channel features challenge videos, social experiments, and charitable endeavors. It has also laid the foundation for similar content and genres on YouTube.

      #6 Kids Diana Show (Ukraine)

      The Kids Diana Show features the adorable adventures of a young girl. The channel produces captivating children’s content featuring relatable personalities. It crossed 100 million subscribers and earned its Red Diamond Play Button in 2022.

      #7 Like Nastya (Russia)

      Like Nastya is another children’s entertainment channel. It received its Red Diamond Play Button in 2022. Like Nastya features playful family vlogs and entertaining challenges.

      #8 Vlad and Niki (US)

      This channel showcases the adventures of two young brothers. Its content revolves around sibling dynamics and relatable everyday situations. It received the Red Diamond Play Button in 2023.

      #9 Zee Music Company (India)

      Zee Music Company is the latest channel to join the Red Diamond Play Button club. The channel has a vast library of Indian music videos. It received its prestigious recognition in 2023.

      Reaching 100 million subscribers is an extraordinary feat. However, the journey continues for these Red Diamond Play Button holders. They serve as role models and inspiration for aspiring creators. They also demonstrate the potential for success and the power of engaging with a global audience.

      Additionally, channels like WWE, Goldmines, and Blackpink are currently nearing the 100 million subscriber mark. This is generating excitement and anticipation within the YouTube community.

      YouTube Red Diamond Play Button Price

      The Red Diamond Play Button is not for sale. So, it is tough to put a price tag. It is an exclusive award from YouTube to channels reaching 100 million subscribers. The prestigious award symbolizes recognition for creators with exceptional success on the platform. Therefore, any claims of it being available for purchase are misleading and false.

      However, a red briefcase the button comes in once sold for $1500. Fake Red Diamond Play Buttons may also be available for purchase. But there is no record of anyone selling or purchasing the actual Red Diamond Play Buttons. The true value of the play button itself lies in the symbolism and recognition it represents. It signifies a creator’s immense dedication, creativity, and ability to connect with a global audience. It testifies to a creator’s years of hard work and passion.

      How to Get the YouTube Red Diamond Play Button?

      Like every good thing, there is no shortcut or secret formula to acquiring the YouTube Red Diamond Play Button. The award is exclusive to a select few. These are people or companies that achieve the extraordinary feat of reaching 100 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. 

      Nevertheless, there are no predefined limits to the number of people it is available to. You should do the following to earn one of these special awards.

      #1 Reach 100 Million Subscribers

      This is the most fundamental and mandatory requirement. You must organically grow your subscriber base to 100 million. This means creating outstanding content and engaging with your audience. Additionally, it is best to continually attract new viewers. Reaching 100 million subscribers is not impossible. But it requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

      To cross this hurdle, you must first create quality content. Original, engaging, and valuable content attracts people. Next is to up your audience-engagement game. Build a community by interacting with viewers. Reply to comments and encourage participation.

      Furthermore, consistency can help you grow faster. Have a content schedule and stick to it. This way, your audience can anticipate your videos. And lastly, you can promote your videos across social media to reach more audiences.

      #2 Contact YouTube

      YouTube automatically sends out the other Creator Awards where applicable. However, you must contact YouTube once your channel hits 100 million subscribers for the Red Diamond Play Button. Reaching out to YouTube initiates an eligibility review to assess your channel.

      #3 Eligibility Review

      YouTube will conduct a review process to ensure your channel meets its community guidelines. This includes the standards of content quality, originality, and value offers. Furthermore, you must have no pending issues with YouTube as of the time of the review. 

      #4 Award Approval

      Once you have passed the review stage, YouTube will begin crafting and shipping your custom Red Diamond Play Button. This usually takes between two and three weeks to complete.

      Reaching 100 million subscribers is a monumental task that takes years of dedication. So, do not focus solely on the Red Diamond Play Button as your goal. Let passion for your content and love of creating motivate you.

      What is the Red Diamond Play Button Made of?

      The Red Diamond Play Button is a symbol of YouTube supremacy. This is not only reflected in its prestige but also in its design.

      The base of the play button is dark brass. This makes it highly durable. The centerpiece is a large piece of red baccarat crystal. This exquisite choice signifies the rarity and brilliance associated with the 100 million subscribers achievement. Interestingly, baccarat crystal contains sand, gold, and barium oxide. Each element contributes to its unique properties. The gold adds a subtle shimmer, the barium oxide enhances clarity, and the sand provides its core structure.

      The Red Diamond Play Button’s materials and the production process go beyond aesthetics. They represent the durability, brilliance, and dedication that the award recognizes.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Can I get the Red Diamond Play Button with YouTube views?

      Views are crucial for growing your channel. But the Red Diamond Play Button award is solely based on subscriber count. Reaching 100 million subscribers is the core requirement, regardless of the total view count.

      What do YouTubers get after the Red Diamond Play Button?

      The Red Diamond Play Button does not come with any additional monetary rewards or benefits from YouTube directly. However, it can significantly boost a creator’s career by enhancing their reputation and influence. Additionally, it can open doors to new opportunities.

      Can someone lose the Red Diamond Play Button?

      There has not been a documented case of YouTube revoking a Red Diamond Play Button. However, YouTube reserves the right to remove any Creator Award if a channel violates its Community Guidelines. This emphasizes the importance of maintaining ethical and responsible conduct on the platform.

      Is the Red Diamond Play Button a diamond?

      No, the Red Diamond Play Button does not contain an actual diamond. It is typically high-quality metal, acrylic, and red baccarat crystal.


      This article highlights the significance of the YouTube Red Diamond Play Button. The button celebrates the exceptional achievement of channels reaching 100 million subscribers. The Red Diamond Play Button is more than just a physical award. It represents the holders’ creativity and community engagement. Additionally, it serves as an inspiration for aspiring content creators.

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