Top 5 Sites to Create Infographics

Creating visual content is the way to stand out among the multitude of content that comes to us daily. An infographic enables you to get your core message across quickly, with visuals being read and stored by your target audience much faster than text alone would.

With an infographic, you increase your reach because it is also shared much more than other content. The trick with infographics is to make things simple and to make one clear core message stand out. Both text and image must contribute to this.

Fortunately, there are many free infographic tools that you can get started. For example, to display the most important survey results in beautiful tables and graphs. Or the customer journey to design a unique way, like a physical journey, depicted in an infographic.

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    Why does content shock forces you to communicate more visually?

    Everyone produces content, and designing and distributing an infographic is the way to stand out. Because of the content shock, better use of images is a must! Just think: relevant images immediately get your message across and grab your readers by the hand. The fact is that infographics are shared much more often on social media. Sometimes up to 5 to 7 times as much.

    Tips to Create a good infographic

    The most important thing when creating an infographic is information selection. Suppose you can be clear about what you want to convey. You can quickly put a designer to work to make your infographic. This briefing will guide you through the process. Developing an infographic requires a professional approach. The essential vital points on an excellent briefing are:

    • Think about the purpose of your infographic. Do you want to inform, stimulate, convince or entertain people?
    • Determine your core message (the fact that people need to remember after seeing your infographic)
    • Clearly define who your target audience is
    • Choose one angle so that you don’t want to tell everything in your infographic. For example, sketch a picture of the future, convey the vision of the future, or five eye-openers, or in 5 steps to less or better, the five emotions you go through as a professional, positive force vs. counter forces. Five mistakes you don’t want to make. In short, link one way of looking to your infographic so that you can come up with a powerful image via a specific drawing or metaphor. Make a selection by working out one vital piece of data.
    • Which action do you link to the infographic? Should readers read, download, sign up?
    • Determine which prior knowledge you will connect to
    • Think of a crisp, obvious way to get your message across
    • Think in which style you would like to make an infographic
    • Design in black and white first, then apply color.
    • Test your infographic design with members of your target audience
    • Add clippings, sketches, and images from the internet to help your infographic designer with images.

    You can use these ingredients to create the content for an infographic briefing. Now we will see the top 5 sites to create Infographics.


    Canva is one of the best tools for creating infographics and other creative designs for any project. Various configurable models are available according to your tastes and preferences. The site is free and offers the possibility to download infographics in PNG, PDF, GIF, and JPG formats.

    You need to register with a Google account, Facebook, or your email to start using this website. This way, you save the projects you have created and can download them as many times as you need.

    Pricing Plans

    Canva has three pricing plans with both monthly and yearly subscriptions given below,

    • Free
    • Pro
    • Enterprise

    Positives and Negatives

    • Make business cards
    • Create social media post images
    • Social media logos and images can be created
    • The Bold and Italics buttons should be located next to the Underline button.
    • There is room to improve Infographics, both in terms of images and usability.
    • I would like to see more images for free


    Venngage provides a lot of free templates that you can edit to finally get the desired effect and appearance of the infographics. As in the previous tools, Venngage is simple to use and highly intuitive so that any user can create an infographic without any problems. A big plus for this tool is saving the finished infographics to a PNG file and exporting them to a PDF file.

    Making a professional-looking infographic does not have to mean a considerable loss of a wallet or sitting for hours in front of the monitor. It also does not require special skills or additional specialists, so each of us can choose the perfect tool and create at will!

    Pricing Plans

    Venngage has four pricing plans with both monthly and yearly subscriptions given below,

    • Free
    • Premium
    • Business
    • Enterprise

    Postives & Negatives

    • Venngage offers professional-looking templates that will help you get started.

    • It is easy to use, and you can download your designs from it in many formats.
    • Venngage offers an image search that allows you to quickly add images to your design. You can also upload your photos.

    • Venngage is needed to offer more fonts. Many companies have “style guidelines” that designers must follow.

    • It would be nice to have an easier way for designers to be converted to different sizes and resolutions. Our designs are displayed on digital screens. They must be at the proper resolution. However, digital and printed materials can vary in size, so it would be helpful to convert them to poster size.
    • Venngage could add filters to its functionalities. Filters that are similar to those on social media platforms could be helpful and would take less time.


    Visme is an attractive website that is in English but has a relatively intuitive and practical user interface. In addition to creating infographics with creative designs, If can also create short videos and animations that can be shared directly on streaming platforms such as YouTube or Facebook. It is an excellent tool for the academic, professional, or professional field.

    Registration is free, but you’ll need to purchase a paid subscription if you want to unlock the most powerful tools. However, without registration, you can see all the models available on the platform. Now, if you’re going to change them, you will have to create a user.

    Pricing Plans

    Visme has four pricing plans with both monthly and yearly subscriptions given below,

    • Basic
    • Personal
    • Business
    • Enterprise

    Postives & Negatives

    • It is simple to use and very cost-effective
    • Slides with vibrant and engaging designs
    • Time saved
    • With the dynamic features of customer retention, it brings efficiency and higher returns.

    • It is possible that the quality of downloaded vs. printed may not match.
    • This application is also great for designing slides and communication materials.

    Adobe Spark

    In the event that you were anticipating Adobe to be devoid of an infographics-specific software, you were severely mistaken. Despite the fact that these photos may be generated with Photoshop, such as Adobe Spark, everything is faster and easier with Adobe Spark.

    Because this tool was created for the purpose of creating infographics, you’ll be using its format as an excuse to complete your task. To mention a few things, the interface is relatively simple to use and looks very close to what you would find in the Adobe line. It will provide you with seconds of life as soon as you learn how to run it.

    Pricing Plan

    Adobe Spark has three pricing plans with both monthly and yearly subscriptions given below,

    • Start Plan
    • Individual
    • Team

    Positives & Negatives

    • No premium cost: There is no extra charge.

    • Amazing finish for the videos.
    • It is very easy to use, it takes only 5 minutes to master.
    • You can create videos, images, and pages in 3 in 1.
    • It provides royalty-free images, music, and videos.
    • You can only share directly with Facebook or Twitter.
    • Transitions are about telling stories.
    • You can’t enlarge text and photos.
    • There are very few options for placing the text.


    Do you want to show off your data but don’t have a designer? DesignCap is the easiest way to make a beautiful infographic for your business, school project, or anything. Create infographics without design skill or an expensive designer with DesignCap’s infographic maker. Add your data and information into a template- especially suited for your needs- and in just minutes, you’ll have a professional-looking infographic that will impress anyone who sees it!

    Pricing Plans

    Designcap has three pricing plans with both monthly and yearly subscriptions given below,

    • Free
    • Basic
    • Plus

    Positive & Negative

    • Pre-designed templates in thousands of professional formats.
    • You can find icons, charts, pricing tables, maps, and other similar blocks.
    • Drag & drop editor.
    • You can keep it forever.
    • Paid plans eligible for a 7-day refund
    • Downloads available in JPG, PNG, and PDF formats
    • Limited Template

    Top 3 Sites to Create Infographics (Our Pick)


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