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In-Depth GENY Instagram Bot Review

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    Social media has become the most common way to promote products and services. It is now considered an effective marketing tool. Many software is now available for people who want to expand their social media reach. One of these is the Instagram Bot, which helps you schedule posts to your Instagram account easily. The bot works with many social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. It automatically posts pictures on your behalf so that you don’t have to dedicate time to this task every day. So for today, we will review and learn about the Instagram bot; we tested this software, and you can grow your following with minimal effort!

    Table of Contents
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      How does an Instagram bot work?

      Before automating your account with an Instagram bot, it is essential to understand how it works. A bot interacts (say, like, or comment) with other Instagram accounts, so you don’t have to do it manually. If adequately programmed on an Instagram account, an Instagram bot can help build a strong relationship with your followers or potential followers. An Instagram bot allows you to have an excellent start and a good evolution.

      A bot can multiply your growth rate because it allows many more people to discover your account. This is because, in automatic mode, you necessarily interact with a lot more people than in manual mode.

      On the other hand, if you program a bot incorrectly or program it inappropriately for an account, your Instagram account will appear to be just spam. Many people will receive an irrelevant interaction from an account they don’t like.

      A “spammy” approach creates a horrible first impression, and, even worse, it will be a colossal waste of your time, energy and money, because it simply won’t generate exciting growth.

      So, before starting your journey with an Instagram bot, it is essential to make sure that your Instagram has a well-designed architecture ready to evolve to adapt to changes in the customer base continually. There are many ways to do this, but the key is adjusting and thinking about an overall Instagram strategy.

      Have a Feed worked to maximize the performance of your Instagram Bot?

      An account with good content and an original visual universe will allow your bot to be all the more efficient. The appearance of your Instagram account is essential for the first impression of your future followers. This is often the first criteria users choose to decide whether or not to follow you once they discover your account. They will have found an account thanks to your bot and to a possible “like” that you will have programmed.

      The more quality the content is and different from what is done elsewhere, the more effective your bot is. With a worked feed, your Instagram Bot can really work efficiently.

      Set Specific Goals For Your Instagram Bot

      To interact, a bot needs targets. Targets are accounts and/or hashtags that your bot uses to find out who to interact with. For example, if you ask your bot to like posts from the hashtag “NatureLovers,” your bot will interact with the number 1 user of that hashtag and like one of their posts, then follow the subscriber number 2, etc …

      It will continue to like the photos on #naturelovers until it has interacted with all the subscribers of that particular hashtag. If you have an account with a high probability of being liked by users, you will also likely increase the number of your subscribers.

      The more clearly you know what type of person is likely to be interested in your account, the more effective your Instagram bot will be, as you will be able to target accounts and hashtags followed by people who will have a chance to like your account.

      The first thing to do before choosing your Instagram bot is to define your target audience successfully. Once you’ve made sure that your Instagram account meets most of the expectations of your future followers, you can start automating your Instagram bot for your Marketing automation.

      What is GENY Instagram Bot?

      GENY bot is an Instagram automation tool that will help you to grow your Instagram account with over 500 followers per day. You can also send manual mentions, automatically like posts, and more.

      For users who want to automate their Instagram account, it’s an ideal option. It lets you automate your process by scheduling your posts, liking other photos, following people, and using hashtags. GENY has the ability to engage with your followers in a more efficient way without you needing to be on the software 24/7.

      How to create a GENY account and integrate the IG account?

      The process is really simple and effortless. To create a Geny account, you need to download the software and sign up with your email and password.

      After you log in to the GENY account, choose any one of the options based on your requirements. Basically, it has two options which are given below,

      • Auto like, comment, and follow bot
      • Auto Post Uploader bot

      For today we will learn about auto-like comments and follow bot, select the first option.

      After logging in with the credentials, you need to integrate the IG account with the GENY bot. For more understanding, check the screenshot added below; if you have proxies, you can use them too.

      Once you have logged into the bot, you can see all the configured accounts on the dashboard like below,

      It is an effortless process to log in and configure Instagram accounts.

      Working principle of GENY Instagram bot

      Log in to your Instagram accounts via Chrome and keep it open. Once the process is over, revert to the GENY bot and fill in the details you need to do.

      For Follow/Unfollow

      • Choose the Username to Follow
      • Select the usernames from the dropdown list or select the Remove all option to unfollow the users
      • You can also import text files of following and unfollow usernames
      • Set timer for each entry in seconds.

      For Like / Comment / Follow

      • Fill in the details in the field and select search by username or by hashtag; ensure to select the Most recent checkbox.
      •  Choose the frequents of comments that need to be added
      • You can choose from the list prescribed before
      • You have an option to upload custom comments too

      Once the process is over, choose what all the functions are needed to be done, you can choose Like, Unline, comments, Follow, and Unfollow options as you wish, select the timeframe for the functions that need to be done in seconds and hit the start button.

      Available Features

      These features are available in GENY

      • Similar Posts of Specific Hashtags or Username
      • Comments on Posts of the Specific Hashtag or Username
      • Use hashtags to follow other users
      • Dislike posts by a particular user using the hashtag
      • You can easily mention anyone on specific user posts or hashtags
      • Unfollow people by username or hashtag
      • Needs Chrome Browser
      • You can add as many comments to the list as you like or use Random
      • Random Comments from the list
      • Import and Export users to later
      • Users extracted from a particular hashtag
      • Extract users from specific “followers.”

      Geny's Pricing Plan

      The Regular License price of the GENY Instagram Bot software is $15. You will get quality checked by Envato, Future updates, and six months of support from Genious_Code for this minimal cost. You can also prolong the support for $4.13 excluding tax.

      The Extended License price of the GENY Instagram Bot software is $70. You will get quality checked by Envato, Future updates, and twelve months of support from Genious_Code. You can also prolong the support for $18.75 excluding tax.

      Positives & Negatives


      Alternative to GENY Instagram Bot

      An alternative for the GENY Instagram bot is BOT4GRAM, It is the same as GENY, but It has a three-month and one-year subscription plan. You can also use it for free with restricted access.

      Conclusion on Instagram Bot

      If this seems difficult for you at first, don’t worry, it will take us all a while to understand in detail how it works!

      If, for some reason, your automation is not working, contact bot support. They are usually very caring and will tell you what you need to solve your problem. Instagram is constantly evolving, and every account is unique, but the automation principles will be the same across all departments. What is important is that you always know that the keys to success are:

      • Create an account with perfect content.
      • Have a well-defined target audience.
      • Constantly test and modify your bot’s targets and filters to optimize the conversion rate.
      • And, more importantly, be empathetic and program the bot in an organic (human) way.

      Let’s avoid spambots on Instagram.

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      That’s all for the day, see you all in the next exciting blog review!

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