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Top 5 Sites to buy Instagram Likes

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    Online visibility is crucial for businesses today. It helps them to establish an image and build a customer base. But with so many competitors, it is still difficult to gain valuable visibility and great engagement without paying for expensive advertisement campaigns.

    And likes, are a crucial metric when it comes to Instagram. They mean social proof, higher engagement and they show that a post, brand or product is widely appreciated.

    This is why buying Instagram likes comes in handy. With the right strategy, you can achieve great success with this platform by getting more likes on every photo you post. And if you are a brand or business, double win, because you will also increase your diplayed value. 

    Sure, buying likes should not be your only strategy! Organic and quality likes may also come through well-timed posts, engaging stories, or valuable content to a targeted audience. But, to boost the engagement and growth even further, buying likes is a common practice and at times, a good solution. 

    If you are thinking of buying likes, but unsure which provider to trust or which one provides authentic likes, don’t you worry: today, we will see the Top 5 sites to buy Instagram likes. 

    We tested these several sites to provide a piece of accurate, detailed and helpful information to you all. So let’s dive into the show!

    Table of Contents
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      Best sites to buy likes: quick view table

      Before we get into a detailed review by providing deep information and pros and cons of each provider, find below a quick chart with some great providers you can trust to start shopping.

      We suggest you to read our full reviews but, if you can’t wait to discover the sites yourself, then check the chart below!

      Service Pricing Rating Website
      Socialbar 2.4$/1k 9.1/10 Visit here
      MrInstra 25$/1K 8.8/10 Visit here
      Instamama 11.5$/1K 8/10 Visit here

      Still reading? Awesome! Because now, we will see our 5 suggested sites to buy Instagram likes, their features and use cases.

      Socialbar is the first and maybe the most popular option when it comes to this kind of service. The platform has a well-structured system that can help you buy Instagram likes and add the most value to your profile in no time. is a relatively new networking site that aims to help you grow your Instagram effectively. The site launches in early 2019 and is open to everyone, not just business owners or entrepreneurs.

      The platform’s efficiency has been a considerable help to thousands of users, and you won’t have to ask for a refund. They can also improve your social media by video viewing, automatic liking, following, and so on.

      The easiest way to get Instagram likes is not to do it alone. A good and faster solution is to use Socialbar and get thousands of likes automatically delivered once the payment is made. 

      By joining the millions of other people that use the Socialbar service, you’ll be on your way to 25K+ Instagram Likes in no time!

      Pricing Plan

      They have different pricing range depending upon the number of likes you are purchasing. Basically, they have five plans.

      • IG Likes – 20k Max S2
      • Ultrafast IG likes – 5k Max
      • Fast IG likes – 4k Max
      • IG Power Likes
      • Real IG Likes- 50k Max
      • Real IG likes – 10k Max S2
      • Real IG Likes – 80k Max

      Positive & Negative



      Mr Insta is a well-known service that offers to provide you targeted likes and followers on your Instagram profile.
      Their claim that these are genuine followers and that they are not using bots is extremely significant.  In order to determine whether or not this is the case, it’s important to review Instagram’s policy on bot practises.
      I looked at several areas of Mr Insta’s performance and came to the opinion that it is satisfactory.
      The likes and followers that you purchase will, in fact, be received.
      However, there is room for improvement when it comes to their genuineness. There were a few accounts it connected me with that appeared to be fake, while others were blocked and eventually deleted.

      Pricing Plan

      They have different pricing range depending upon the number of likes you are purchasing. Minimum pricing starts from $6 for 100 likes to $179 for 50000 Likes. Depends up on your custom needs you can choose the plans by connecting with their support team.

      Positive & Negative



      The best website to buy Instagram likes is here! They are the leader in the field of Instagram likes, with high-quality followers that are real. They offer an excellent user interface, lightning-fast checkout systems, and round-the-clock customer service. Stop wasting your time searching for another website to buy Instagram likes when you can have the best at!

      Pricing Plan

      They have different pricing range depending upon the number of likes you are purchasing. They have two plans.

      • High-Quality Likes – Price start from $1.47 for 50 Likes to $264.99 for 30000 likes
      • Premium Likes – Price start from $3.49 for 50 Likes to $124.99 for 10000 likes

      Positive & Negative



      Instamama lives up to its name by offering a wide range of services for social media marketing. Views and likes are just a few examples of such things, which also include follows and followers for Instagram and Twitter. In terms of cost, it is really reasonable. Furthermore, the more bundles a person purchases, the more favourable the pricing will be. In addition, the service is extremely discreet, and the accounts that interact with a user’s profile are genuine ones.

      Pricing Plans

      They provide a variety of pricing options based on the number of likes you choose to purchase. Few of their pricing plans are listed below,

      • For 100 likes it will cost $2.5
      • For 500 likes it will cost $6.5
      • For 1000 likes it will cost $11.5

      So the maximum package they are offering is 50000 likes for $245.5

      Positive & Negative


      Social Viral

      Social-Viral is the best site to buy Instagram likes. Social Viral is a well-established company that can help you grow your Instagram account.

      This website will help you improve your image on social media. The website also has an experienced team that can assist you in achieving your goals. You can also buy from them, as they have many quality likes.

      This website also has the advantage of not charging too much for its services. This website is a great place to start if you have a limited budget. The website claims it will take care of your safety and offer a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied. This website is not available immediately. You can pay with Mastercard or Bitcoin. This website is aware of your goal to increase Instagram’s popularity. It is, therefore, one of the best places to buy Instagram followers.

      Pricing Plan

      They have different pricing range depending upon the number of likes you are purchasing. They have two plans. Liker pack starts from,

      • $1.49 for 50 Likes 
      • $2.97 for 100 Likes
      • $3.69 for 250 Likes
      • $6.99 for 500 Likes
      • $12.89 for 1000 Likes
      • $29.99 for 2500 Likes
      • $49.99 for 5000 Likes
      • $69.99 for 10000 Likes.

      Positive & Negatives


      Best sites to buy instagram Likes(OUR PICK)



      How to Buy Instagram Likes(What to Look For)?

      • Determine the Instagram account’s goal.
      • Check pricing. Reviews. Use free trials.
      • Switch companies.
      • Choose the finest performer for your budget.

      Does Buying Instagram Likes Work?

      Definitely, buying Instagram likes, views, followers, comments, etc., would not be in such high demand if it didn’t exist or if it were a hoax.

      In order to equalize the playing field between large and small businesses, companies purchase Likes. In order to stand out from the crowd, small businesses can benefit from purchasing Facebook Likes and Followers.

      Is it Safe to Buy Likes on Instagram?

      Yes, as long as buyers perform their due diligence and don’t just sign up for the first service, they come across. It’s critical that they look into a number of options and evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of each. However, some of the services that sell Instagram Likes will steal your personal information or credit card information. Check the terms and conditions and user reviews to find out where those followers are coming from.

      Where to Buy Instagram Likes?

      There are an infinite variety of options available. You just need to know where to look and how to choose the best products. All of the businesses have a presence online. In order to make an informed decision, numerous aspects must be taken into account. To begin, see if it has a track record. Some companies aren’t trustworthy. Because of this, purchasers can fall prey to a hoax. Then there’s the issue of cost. Many options are available to suit a variety of budgets. Refill and privacy policies should be made clear to customers. As a result, they won’t be in for a rude awakening later on. As a last consideration, speed of delivery is important. The majority of customers want their Likes as quickly as feasible.

      What are the Benefits of Buying Real Likers?

      When a company or individual decides to buy Instagram Likes, the main advantage is instant visibility. Getting likes is extremely difficult with a billion or more active accounts. Large corporations have numerous options for increasing the rate at which they gain likes. They also have more resources. Small businesses cannot compete with this level of power. As a result, many people decide to buy likes and followers.

      Buying likes takes less time than other methods of gaining likes and followers, and it can be very cost-effective. A more visible account will deliver benefits faster, whether those benefits are brand awareness, sales, or something else.


      Image illustrates the conclusion of SM90 review about TubeBuddy.

      Today marks the end of our exploration of Instagram like-buying sites, but rest assured, you are now equipped with the knowledge to select the perfect service for you. If you’re eager to dive deeper into the world of Instagram bot services, you’ve come to the right place. Embrace the best of the Top 10 Instagram bots without hesitation.

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