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LOVO.AI Review – Is The Audio Quality Worth It?

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    The Need for TTS Software and LOVO AI

    Today, you will find 100s of TTS (text-to-speech) or voice over generators who claim to provide you with the high-quality voice generation. 

    But what does actually high-quality of a voice generator mean? And why you need it?

    A voice generator is software that produces an artificial or synthesized human-sounding voice that can speak words, phrases, or sentences. These programs allow you to generate text-to-speech voices and they can be used for many purposes, such as creating YouTube videos, making phone calls through your computer’s speaker, and even creating podcasts.

    AI Speech Software are an “upgrade” version of the first text to speech software that appeared on the web (such as Google Translate ones). Google translator function by detecting how the user speaks by recording them talking over a microphone and then processing it through various algorithms afterwards (inflection, breath, pauses, etc.). 

    These AI algorithms synthesize the recorded voice into one that sounds more natural than what you could do just through standard Text-to-speech programs.

    LOVO AI, as the name suggest, is an AI powered voice application that speaks to you in a human-sounding voice. The database of the app has various voices from different countries, genders, and languages. And not many text-to-speech apps come with as many options as LOVO AI does. 

    But is Lovo AI worth it? And are there any better text-to-speech apps out there? 

    Our team tested Lovo (and many other) in order to personally provide you with a valid and accurate review. In this comprehensive Lovo AI review you will read its best features, some tips, and the alternatives. By the end, you will know exactly if Lovo AI is worth it are not. 

    So without delay, let’s start our review! 

    Table of Contents
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      What Is Lovo AI?

      LOVO AI dashboard. Where you can start using the platform.

      LOVO AI an AI powered TTS service. It has 34 output languages and 180+ voices. Which makes it ideal for business who needs voiceovers in many languages. 

      The effective use cases of the software  are movies, advertisements, e-learning materials, and more. You can generate text to speech for your YT videos and also to make subtitles and create your own content.

      The best part? LOVO AI  can work with a wide variety of media for different purposes, making it a “swiss knife” of AI voice generation.

      The software can even insert accents and pauses. And it has only one benefit over human voice actors; this software will read each word accurately. The program has user-friendly interface, and it is easy to create quality audio content. It also allows users granular control over the output settings. 

      There is a fair chance you’ll LOVE LOVO.AI!

      IS LOVO.AI suitable for YOU?

      Lovo AI is an excellent choice for video/audio production. Once you’ve created an account, you can adjust the pronunciation of your words. You can also edit pauses and speed. 

      You can also record your own voice on the site and use it commercially, and edit your voice tone to make it smooth and professional.  LOVO lets you save your own recordings, share them with friends, and even use them for commercial purposes. 

      It is also perfect for advertisements, e-learning materials, YouTube videos and podcasts. If any of these are your goals then you can easily create a professional video using a variety of human-like voices and varying speeds.

      Whether you use your voice or an AI one, due to the available customization you can be sure about one thing: your output voice will be unique, and not that usual robotic voice people heard many times already.

      Features of LOVO AI

      Image illustrates the feature of the LOVO ai.

      Let’s have a quick glance at the most important features of Lovo.

      • You can hear your texts in 180 different voices, making it an excellent choice for businesses seeking to improve their content’s delivery and reach
      • It supports around 34 Different languages  and which replaces the need for human voiceover talent.
      • You can fine-tune any voice to sound more like a human.
      • It has a Pronunciation editor, and here you can customize the pronunciation as you wish.
      • You can easily add background music.
      • It is social friendly, which means you can instantly share your outcome on different social media. Also, you can obtain a shareable link to transfer your output.
      • Conversion and sharing are unlimited.
      • It has Speed control, Pause customization, Voice Cloning, and Emphasis Capability. But to try Voice Cloning, you need to connect with the customer support of LOVO AI to enable it.

      A quick LOOK at lovo's Working principle

      Unlike to some of the other Text-to-speech AIs,  LOVO AI is easy to access, and simple to use. It’s like using Microsoft Word or Writing an Email. Now, let’s see the process to create your first audio; 

      1. Add text to the editor or upload the Document.
      2. Pick the voice you are looking for, from the 180 voices available.
      3. Convert the text to audio by clicking the convert button
      4. If you wish to add pause or change pronunciation, or control speed, you can make it by editing the sample.
      5. If you want to make your Text more pleasing or engaging; you can add the background tracks.
      6. At last, you can share your output via various social media platforms, you can obtain the sharable link from the file, or you can download it for further use.

      Check LOVO AI output below,

      LOVO AI's Pricing Plan


      $ 4 Per user /Month
      • Lite version of Basic plan.
      • 500+ AI voices in 100+ Languages.
      • 5 Voice Clones
      • 30 mins of voice generation /month
      • Unlimited Downloads
      • Commercial Rights


      $ 48 per user / month
      • Everything in Basic.
      • Unlimited Voice clones
      • 5 hours of Voice generations
      • AI power creatio: Script and image
      • Stock images and videos
      • Collaboration with team members
      • 1000 GB storage
      • Priority Queue


      $ 29 Per user/ Month
      • The essentials for creating high quality content
      • 500+ AI voices in 100+ languages
      • 5 Voice Clones
      • 2 hr of voice generation /month
      • Auto suitable generator
      • Full HD 1080P export
      • Unlimited Downloads
      • Commercial Rights


      • Everything in PRO
      • Custom voice generation
      • Dedicated account executive
      • Enterprise Grad security
      • Service Level agreement
      • Private onboarding and training
      • API support

      Apart from these 4 packages, Lovo AI has a free 14 days plan to check the available features. The free trial is best for individuals starting out content creation.

      Positives and Negatives

      Users Review

      Although SM90 team tested LOVO and is very satisfied with this TTS but let’s see what others are saying about this software. 

      On Capterra (a very trusted international Reviews site) LOVO AI has 4.5 rating out of 5, proving its quality. 

      As below in snapshots you can see, Natapol S. was really enjoying this software and shared his opinion; 

      A TTS tool that offer unique voices with great quality
      Overall: LOVO is very easy to use and I really like the outputs that are natural and not robotic like other tools.
      Pros: – Easy to use UI/UX – Very unique selections of voices with great quality. Lots of them sound very realistic, not robotic. This is very important to me because I was looking at sever TTS tools but they were pretty much that same with the voices from the same combination of the TTS engines. But LOVO uses its own! – Speed of conversion is great. – Editing is super easy – Outputs are uncompressed WAV. We can get the media team to easily work on this for extra effects for the final products.

      We also noticed how users were delighted with the promptness of customer assistance, which quickly solved even problems that were not precisely simple.  Do I need to remind you that it has 14 days free plan? You can try it without paying a cent by creating an account on their website.


      Image illustrates the frequently asked questions about LOVO AI.

      Is LOVO.AI legit?


      Yes, Lovo Ai is a trustable Text-to-Speech tool.

      What kinds of users and organization types does LOVO AI work with?


      LOVO AI serves mid-sized businesses, small businesses, enterprises, freelancers, nonprofits, and government are various types of organizations.

      What languages does LOVO AI support in their product?


      There are currently 33 languages and accents supported by LOVO. new voice is added every month.

      What kind of support options does LOVO AI offer?

      LOVO AI extends support via business hours.

      Does LOVO Studio have an API?


      Yes, LOVO AI supports API.

      Does LOVO AI offer a free trial?


      Yes, LOVO AI has a Free version. You can test the services in the Free version.

      What are the alternatives for LOVO AI?


      Murf.AI is the best alternative for Lovo AI.

      Does Lovo AI have a Promo code?


      Currently, LOVO AI does not provide any promo code, however, we will add it once the promo code is available. So stay tuned without blogs!

      Final Verdict

      LOVO AI set the bar high for all TTS software. It has outperformed all other text-to-speech apps on the market. The voice-over in your next video may be performed by a machine, and no one would ever know! 

      It may be used to create e-learning materials, ads, and other items.
      Thousands of producers in 41 countries have used LOVO AI to produce millions of voice-overs. Are you going to seize this chance? Make a lasting impression on your audience.

      LOVO AI Overall Rating

      Responsive 95%
      Audio Quality
      Great 92%
      Free trial available 98%
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