Last Updated: May 13, 2024

PathSocial Review – Real or Fake Claims? The Truth!

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    Hi there, I am really happy to see you reading this article. In today’s article we will talk about the truth about Pathsocial. If you are here reading this that means you don’t really feel their credibility and want to find out the truth. Fear not. That’s what we will talk about in this article. We will go over their entire service based agency model and find out if they are safe to work with or not. Stay tuned.

    Table of Contents
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      What is Pathsocial?

      Pathsocial is an Instagram growth tool masked as an agency. I don’t know why they call themselves an agency because they simply provide just a marketing tool for Instagram. Their main promise is organic growth. Which is not going to happen in most cases. 

      Why does it matter that much if the growth is organic, you may ask?

      Well, organic growth involves the human factor. Real people, really liking your content, engaging with your content for real. That’s organic growth. It isn’t just numbers on a screen. They are real, valuable followers.

      These marketing tools are bots that complete certain tasks for you. Usually, the bots are controlled by someone and optimized over and over in order to look as humane as possible. Which is fine, but I am not talking about those services. I am talking about ones that only rely on bots. Automation is against the rules. Instagram has zero tolerance for bots. That’s why these services should not even be allowed to exist.

      How does Pathsocial work?

      That’s really simple, I am sure none of you will encounter any problem. So, basically, when you enter their website, which is, you will see their first page, their landing page. Nothing out of the ordinary, the design looks alright, but we are not interested in the design, are we? We want to see their services work. But we will talk about their website a bit later.

      Place an order on Pathsocial

      1. Enter
      2. Click on ‘’Get Started’’.
      3. Choose between the three plans they have ready for you. (more about the plans in a minute)
      4. Type in your Instagram username and email address
      5. Select your payment method
      6. Pick your desired audience target by adjusting some filters
      7. Let Pathsocial do the rest

      What I like about PathSocial

      I really appreciate that Pathsocial doesn’t ask for your password right away. Many of these social media marketing tools ask for your password. Note that you should never give your password to anyone, not even to them.

      What I don’t like

      You may be wondering, what does Pathsocial do to increase your audience? How do they actually do it? What is the process? There is no explanation on their website. No walk through. Nothing. I couldn’t even find a features section.

      All they have displayed on their website is Prices, Reviews, Case Studies, and Contact. Believe me or not when I say that these are most likely fake info anyway. Why do I think that? Well, they display a Forbes review which does not even exist on the internet. Do I need to say more?

      In addition to fake Reviews for companies that are simply too big to use these types of tools, they have accounts displayed that they helped in the past. I tried accessing those accounts on Instagram, I searched for them for a couple of minutes, do you know what happened? They do not exist.

      What do online reviews say about PathSocial?

      I also dug the internet for further research on them. For a company that worked with entities such as L’Oreal and Uber, there are not too many reviews about them. No one talks about them. I found some reviews on trustpilot but they are funny to say the least. The people that left the review, mostly gave Pathsocial a one star review.

      Let’s see some reviews:

      ‘’Poor targeting algorithm’’. This review is directly shown on google. That’s a massive question mark for Pathsocial credibility.

      Pathsocial claims reviews from Forbes, TechCrunch, BusinessInsider… but do they exist?

      I have surfed the internet looking for that Forbes review but I haven’t had any luck. I searched for reviews, articles, and I entered reddit chats, but nothing related to Forbes.

      They also claim to have worked with companies such as: Uber, L’Oreal, Buzzfeed, Proactiv, and more. But there is no actual proof that they did. 

      Instead, I found a youtube channel. Ascend Viral. He claims to be a social media expert that reviews other social media growth tools. And surprisingly enough, he made a video about Pathsocial. Here is the link to it:

      A quick summary of what he says is that Pathsocial is basically a fraud. He gives SocialMeep as an example and says the two of them are practically the same fraudulent and dangerous social media marketing tools websites. If you are wondering why you can’t find SocialMeep anywhere, it is because it got taken down. Anybody shocked? Cause I am not.

      Just a funny thought that he highlighted. If you access Pathsocial today, then access it the next day, you will be able to see literally the same people, from the same cities, sign up for their website. Also, another inhumane thing they did was, they put actual real and existing influencers’ profiles and they claimed they wouldn’t have achieved their fanbase without them. The guy in the video DMs a few of them, and gets a couple of responses back. Want to take a guess?

      This is just one of them, stating clearly that they never used Pathsocial.


      Well, they have three subscription plans, which all technically provide the same things.

      Instagram Expert
      The most advanced approach to rapid growth with expert tools. Ideal for high growth, ambitious influencers and brands.
      $ 60 Per Month
      • 3,500 - 5,000 Followers /mo
      • Follower Growth Within 2 Days
      • Guaranteed Results Or It's Free
      • Los Angeles Team & Support
      • Engaged, Organic Followers
      • Hands Off For You
      Most Popular
      Instagram Elite
      Grow more quickly with advanced AI targeting and engagement, Ideal for fast growing influencers and brands.
      $ 41 Per Month
      • 2,500 - 3,500 Followers /mo
      • Follower Growth Within 2 Days
      • Guaranteed Results Or It's Free
      • Los Angeles Team & Support
      • Engaged, Organic Followers
      • Hands Off For You
      Instagram Core
      A great way to start growing your account organically. Ideal for personal profiles and small businesses.
      $ 29 Per Month
      • 1,000 - 2,000 Followers /mo
      • Follower Growth Within 2 Days
      • Guaranteed Results Or It's Free
      • Los Angeles Team & Support
      • Engaged, Organic Followers
      • Hands Off For You

      You can also pay for them annually, which is cheaper in the long term.

      The catch is, with organic growth, you can never know exactly how many followers you will attract. See how they promise an exact number? It is all a big lie. 

      I find it funny that you can’t see what practices they do, not even in this section. They keep it hidden for a reason.

      How does their service actually work?

      I searched the internet for more people that have tried their service, in order to find out what they really do once you pay them. What do they actually do to get the results they promise? Here is what I found.

      Attention gathering

      With organic growth, you have to attract people somehow. There are multiple excellent solutions to grabbing people’s attention. That’s how you grow your audience, you get them addicted. But it has to be done the right way. 

      How do they do it?

      First thing I found from former clients is that their service is very bot-like. No human factor. You can tell it is a bot driving the boat. Even if there is someone controlling the bot, a real person, clearly they do not do enough to make it look less like a robot.

      Second of all, the account, being run by a bot, attracts fake accounts. This is a huge problem since it clearly isn’t organic growth, and it can lead to your account being banned. Instagram doesn’t tolerate bots.

      Audience Targeting

      They let you choose who you want them to target as your primary audience base. How do they do that? They give you the filters that I mentioned earlier. By fixing them how you prefer, Pathsocial takes that data and supposedly targets only that area. False.

      The main filters being: age, gender, hashtags, and geotags.

      Well, after searching for other people’s opinions, I found that they completely ignore the filters and most times the bot interacts with other bots or other accounts that have no interest in your content. This resulting in no growth at all.


      Is Pathsocial legit?

      At first sight, the website looks alright. The first problem I have seen is that they got their SSL Certificate from Let’s Encrypt. Why is that a problem? Well you can get yours for free right now. For a company that has Forbes written about them, isn’t that a red flag?

      One more reason for it not being trustworthy is that, after reading more trustpilot reviews, I have seen that Pathsocial makes you pay for their service right away, then you will not hear about them, ever. The worst part is there is not only one customer that says this.

      Is Pathsocial safe?

      Unfortunately, as a social media marketing expert, I cannot let you buy their service since their only pro is that they don’t ask your password. Why? Because they don’t work on your account anyways. They just take your money. Their whole homepage is fake information. Accounts they raised, not findable. Reviews from popular entities, not existing. The practice of their service, nowhere to be found.

      Also, if you just take a moment and google them, you will barely find anything about them, they are unknown, and if you do, you will find only reviews that say don’t buy from them.

      I wouldn’t go near them if I were you.=

      What are some legit Pathsocial alternatives?

      I am going to give you some alternatives so you don’t fall into their trap. I will also highlight some of their features, and what I like about their services.

      Organic Growth

      I can’t stress this enough, just think about it as going to the gym. Will you achieve your dream body in a month? What about two? No. You have to consistently show up for at least two years. Everyday putting in that work. The same applies to organic growth as well. Just post everyday, a couple of times per day. Good content. I know it is hard, I know it is consuming, but in 6 months from now, your audience will skyrocket. Why? Because the effects compound onto themselves.

      Try it.


      Inflact is a marketing toolkit that you can access for 7 days at $3.This tool is made specially for businesses that are trying to monetize their product. It helps you attract targeted audience, loyal followers, it also helps you respond to DMs by automating them. The bot helps you post regularly and its main boosting practice is using hashtags.

      If you are interested in a toolkit that helps you increase revenue, while growing your audience with real, loyal followers, try Inflact. Their prices are affordable and the plans are really well made.


      Thesocialmediagrowth is for people who want to boost their social media proof by fixing their metrics. They are one of the top SMM agencies on the market. Their services vary from the choice of platform, since they offer help for Youtube, Tiktok, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

      They are like a business consultant but for social media. Pretty cool, right?

      They also provide really good customer support that is 24/7 as an integral extension of their unmatched services. If you want to increase your revenue through metrics, you should access Thesocialmediagrowth.


      On a final note, should you buy from Pathsocial? The answer is no. From the moment you access their website, you can feel that something is just not right.

      I really feel like the owner of the site is just a kid who wants to make some fast money. Some quick bucks. 

      The app is not reliable, most likely you will never get the promised results, and you will just get your money taken. Real organic growth services rarely use bots. You can’t predict the exact amount of followers you will get. There are simply hundreds of reasons why you shouldn’t even consider Pathsocial as an option.

      For me, it was the Forbes testimonial, which led to me being suspicious of their agency. Let’s be real, Forbes used an Instagram bot? Forbes has millions and millions of fans. Why would they need a growth service? Same with Uber. These are companies that promote themselves through the value they provide. They don’t even need advertising. WHICH THEY DO HAVE by the way. They have dozens of teams of marketing experts. They for sure didn’t use Pathsocial.

      Signing off, your social media marketing expert.

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