Last Updated: November 23, 2023

RankRanger Review – Good, Or Just Cheaper?

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    Keywords generally determine which of your website’s pages get a high ranking, Right? Since keeping an eye out on keyword rankings is a must for every SEO professional, nowadays the scope has grown far beyond just tracking. With the right tools, there is plenty more to do, even on a daily basis. 

    Speaking of the right tools, let me introduce you to Rank Ranger. It stands out for providing accurate reports as a SEO tool.

    In this post, we will look at the features of Rank Ranger and compare it to other popular SEO tools to help you decide if it is a good fit for your needs. 

    We purchased this tool, tested it for weeks and now we’ll go through a thorough review to provide an unbiased assessment. 

    Let’s begin the review!

    Table of Contents
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      About RankRanger

      Rank Ranger is a cutting-edge SEO tool that boasts a wide range of features designed to help you enhance your SEO strategy. 

      The CEO of Rank Ranger, Shay Harel, is a prominent figure in this innovative and comprehensive SEO and digital marketing SaaS platform, providing expert leadership. 

      Rank Ranger was established in 2009 in New York and has maintained a strong reputation for over 14 years, delivering SEO tools and services. It is closely affiliated with SimilarWeb, where Shay Harel also serves as a Senior Director

      In a nutshell, Rank Ranger is an advanced SEO software that meets your specific needs, backed by an experienced CEO, and tied to the esteemed organization SimilarWeb. It’s not your average SEO tool but rather a custom solution tailored to your needs. 

      How to use Rank Ranger?

      Rank Ranger is an advanced analytic software that empowers you to track and analyze your SEO and marketing campaigns with ease.

      Whether you’re a company or an individual, it offers intuitive features and a user-friendly interface, making campaign setup and result analysis easy. 

      Using Rank Ranger is a straightforward process. Here’s a general overview of how you can make the most out of this advanced SEO analytic software:

      1. Set up your campaigns: Begin by creating your campaigns within the Rank Ranger platform. Customize them according to your specific requirements and objectives.

      2. Monitor keyword rankings: Use Rank Ranger to track the rankings of your targeted keywords in search engine result pages (SERPs). Keep a close eye on how your website is performing for different keywords over time.

      3. Analyze website traffic: Dive into the analytics provided by Rank Ranger to gain insights into your website’s traffic patterns. Understand which sources are driving the most traffic to your site and identify opportunities for improvement.

      4. Track competitors: Gain a competitive edge by tracking the performance of your competitors. Rank Ranger allows you to monitor their rankings and compare them with your own, helping you identify areas where you must work to outperform them.

      5. Generate reports: Utilize the reporting capabilities of Rank Ranger to create comprehensive and visually appealing reports. These reports can be customized to showcase the key metrics and insights that matter most to you and your stakeholders. Reports also support whitelabel.

      6. Optimize your strategies: Based on the data and insights provided by Rank Ranger, refine your SEO and marketing strategies. Identify areas of improvement, implement changes, and track the impact of your optimizations.

      7. On-Page Optimization: Rank Ranger’s on-page optimization tools enhance SEO by providing keyword research, content analysis, meta tag and URL optimization, image analysis, mobile responsiveness checks, and internal linking insights. It helps improve search rankings and user experience by optimizing web pages effectively.

      With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Rank Ranger simplifies the process of tracking, analyzing and improving your campaigns. It puts the necessary SEO tools at your fingertips, making it easier than ever to make data-driven decisions.

      Features of Rank Ranger

      Rank Ranger provides a plethora of features and capabilities to both the SEO and the Marketer. However, some are more helpful and worth exploring than others. As a result, we highlighted in bold the best ones.

      • SEO Dashboard
      • Rank Risk Index
      • API Facilities
      • Social Analytics
      • Link Manager
      • Rank Tracker
      • Google Algorithm Updates
      • Visual SERP Feature Guide
      • Insight Graph
      • Mobile SERP Features
      • Keyword Finder
      • Google SERP Features
      • API
      • White Label SEO
      • Resources

      Let’s see the powerful features available in Rank Ranger.

      0 - Keyword Tracking

      According to our tests, the accuracy of keyword positions is 100% accurate. We compared the test by using proxy on fresh browsers with no cache, and the results were the same as RankRanger’s keyword tracker.

      With Rank Ranger keyword rank tracking, you get in-depth insights and not just your keyword’s position, empowering you to rake your SEO and marketing game to new heights.

      1 - Keyword Research

      Let us tell you why Rank Ranger’s keyword research is seriously impressive. We’ve explored various tools in the industry, but we quite appreciated RankRanger.

      One standout feature is the ability to group keywords together using tags and display their positions within the range of 4-10. This nifty feature allows us to focus on  actions that encounter fewer obstacles. 

      And guess what? You can analyze your competitors, too! It’s a game-changer when it comes to understanding the competitive landscape and strategizing accordingly. It is also a great way to find traffic opportunities, if your competitor has a ranking page about a topic that you did not covered…yet.

      Rank Ranger focuses on quality rather than quantity in keyword research, offering detailed information on organic search (volume) and Google Ads. This allows you to prioritize impactful search queries that have good traffic.

      And let’s not forget one of the best things about Rank Ranger: identifying effective long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are those super specific phrases that may have lower search volume but often lead to higher conversion rates. They can be a goldmine for your business!

      1.1 - Search Volume per Keyword

      What Search volume Per keyword is? It shows you exactly how many people are searching for a keyword

      Now, why is this so cool? Well, it’s a great way to figure out which keywords are absolutely crucial for your business. Think about it, knowing how many people are searching for a specific keyword can give you a good sense of its importance. 

      When we were picking out the keywords we wanted to include on our website, this feature was a lifesaver. It helped us figure out which keywords were getting lots of attention, so we could prioritize them and make sure our site was optimized for the right ones.

      So, if you’re on the hunt for a tool that’ll help you choose the best traffic keywords for your website, give Rank Ranger a shot.

      2 - API Facilities (for developers)

      Rank Ranger’s API facilities are a treasure trove of ranking data, perfect for dashboard creators, analysts, and app developers.

      Via their API, you can access stats, average rank, and market reach for keywords on various search engines. 

      You can also uncover suggested and related search phrases for Google keywords, gaining valuable user intent knowledge.

      Google organic rank data can be enriched with SERP features like Knowledge Panel, Carousel, and more.

      The user-friendly API console simplifies testing and implementation. 

      Choose your frequency and preferred search engine, from Google to Bing and beyond. It’s a powerful toolset for developers!

      3 - Social Analytics

      Did you know that Rank Ranger has got your back when it comes to tracking your social media performance? Yep, it’s true! 

      With Rank Ranger, you can easily check how your social media posts are doing. It gives you insights into the popularity of your posts by showing you the number of views, shares, and clicks they’re getting. You’ll know exactly which posts are hitting the jackpot and getting all the love from your audience. 

      But that’s not all! Rank Ranger doesn’t stop at your own social media game. It also lets you keep an eye on your competitors’ performance and maybe even get some inspiration for your own social media strategy. 

      So, whether you want to measure the success of your own posts or spy on your competitors’ social media games, Rank Ranger is the tool to turn to.

      It’s like having a backstage pass to the world of social media analytics. So, this is a great addition to this SEO tool. However, if Social media marketing is an important aspect for your business, than we suggest turning to a dedicated social media management tool.

      4 - Google Algorithm Updates

      Those tricky Google updates, which completely change your rankings from one day to the next… sometimes for the worse! 

      Well, at least this tool that lets you keep an eye on all those Google algorithm updates. With Rank Ranger, you can easily monitor and get notifications on the changes happening in the Google search engine.

      Imagine never being caught off guard by a sudden algorithm shake-up again, or at the very least, know what’s going on? With Rank Ranger, you get the power to stay on top of all the important updates that might affect your website’s ranking. It’s like having a personal alarm system for your online presence.

      It helps you understand if any fluctuations in your website’s performance are related to algorithm updates or not.

      Don’t let those sneaky algorithm updates catch you off guard! With this tool by your side, you can stay ahead of the game and adapt your SEO strategies accordingly.

      Remember, in the ever-changing world of SEO, knowledge is power. And Rank Ranger is your ticket to staying informed about Search engine updates as soon as they happen 🙂

      5- Google SERP Features Updates

      This tool is super handy because it lets you monitor all the cool features that are being added to Google’s search engine results page (SERP).

      With this feature, you can easily keep track of the changes happening in the SERP and gain a better understanding of what’s going on. It’s like having your own personal SERP detective! 

      So, if you’re curious about the latest additions and want to stay on top of things, Rank Ranger’s Google SEP Feature is definitely worth checking out.

      A new video snippet has been added to a search query you are monitorin? RankRanger you will let you know, and you may also optimize your strategy accrdingly.

      6 - Insight Graph

      This tool is pretty cool because it gives you a clear picture of where your top-ranked keywords are coming from. And you know what? Not many other Keyword Tracking tools can offer you this nifty feature. 

      So, why is this Insight Graph so special? Well, it helps you figure out if you’re ranking for keywords that aren’t relevant to your business. Imagine wasting precious time and effort on keywords that don’t actually bring in the right kind of traffic. Not cool, right? 

      But the Insight Graph also helps you spot if you’re ranking for keywords that aren’t even being searched for. Talk about a total bummer. Nobody wants to put in all that work for something that no one’s interested in. As a result, you can re-adapt your content toward keywords and search queries that can actually bring targeted traffic.

      In short, Rank Ranger helps you identify the keywords you should rank for (and work to improve their rankings) and those you shouldn’t. It acts like a detective, distinguishing between valuable and irrelevant keywords. 

      So, you can say goodbye to wasting time on ineffective keywords, with Rank Ranger and its Insight Graph!

      7 - Local Rank Tracker

      With Rank Ranger, you can see the rankings of your local competitors and keywords. That’s right! You get the inside scoop on what’s working for others in your area. 

      It also helps you identify the local keywords with the best performance for you and your business. Imagine being able to pinpoint exactly which keywords are bringing in the most traffic and conversions.

      When you know which keywords are working for you, you can focus on them and achieve your local goals.

      So, if you have a local business, RankRanger has a suite of features that allows you to track the rank locally, and more.

      8 - Link Manager

      Let us tell you about this cool feature called Link Manager. It’s like your personal assistant for handling backlinks in a efficient and effective way.

      How? With Link Manager, you can keep track of all the backlinks on your website easily.

      And if a backlink is lost, RankRanger will notify you so that you can act accordingly. You can turn email notifications for Link Manager in your account settings.

      Lastly, Link Manager also lets you discover which keywords are generating the most backlinks for you. This can be helpful to understand what type of content is being shared by other websites more often. Is it a statistics article? An infographic? See what grabs the more attention, and create similar content to boost your backlink profile naturally.

      So, we could say RankRanger tracks ranking… but it also tracks backlinks! It’s your go-to tool for keeping your website’s links in check and making sure they work their magic. 

      9 - White Label SEO

      One of the key advantages of Rank Ranger is its customizable reporting. You have the freedom to tailor the reports according to your preferences, incorporating your own branding elements.

      This allows you to present the data in a way that aligns with your company’s visual identity and style to your clients. It can be especially helpful if you are an SEO freelancer or running a SEO agency.

      Rank Ranger provides built-in templates for quick report creation and integrates seamlessly with various tools and platforms. This serves as a foundation for saving you time and effort in creating them from scratch.  

      With custom graph options and widgets, you can visualize data in various formats. Additionally, you can use your custom domain name, boosting your brand’s image and credibility.

      10 - Mobile SERP feature (apps)

      Rank Ranger’s Mobile SERP feature empowers users to track and optimize their mobile search performance. 

      You can also track your app’s rank in App Boxes to maximize visibility in mobile searches. 

      Or… monitor your position inside the Top Stories news carousel to capitalize on increased exposure. 

      With comprehensive mobile tracking capabilities, including apps tracking, this feature provides valuable insights to enhance mobile SEO strategy, improve app visibility, and make the most of SERP features on mobile devices.

      Because, remember: even if you have a website, desktop and mobile ranking rely on different algorithms; for instance, responsiveness and site loading time are more relevant factors on mobile search results. As a result, being able to track results on mobile devices is essential.

      RankRanger Vs SEMrush Vs Ahrefs

      Features Rank Ranger SEMRUSH Ahrefs
      Pricing Affordable pricing - Starts at $79 per month  Higher pricing tiers  - Starts at $129 per month Higher pricing tiers  - Starts at $99 per month
      Site Audit Comprehensive audit Site Audit tool Site Audit tool
      Keyword Research Yes Yes Yes
      Rank tracking Yes Yes Yes
      Backlink Analysis Yes Yes Yes
      Competitor Analysis Yes Yes Yes
      Local SEO Yes Yes Limited Features
      Reporting Customizable reports (White Lable Customization) Comprehensive reports Comprehensive reports
      Keyword Difficulty Yes Yes Yes
      SERP Analysis Yes Yes Yes
      Content Analysis Limited Yes Limited
      Social Media Tools Limited Yes Limited
      User Interface User-friendly User-friendly User-friendly
      Learning Resources Limited Abundant resources Abundant resources

      Pricing Plan

      Image illustrates the pricing plans for Vidyard.

      Looking to get your hands on Rank Ranger? Well, let me give you the lowdown on everything you need to know!

      The starting pricing for this powerful tool is $79.00 per month, and guess what? There’s a free trial waiting for you to dive in and test it out. That’s right, no need to commit right off the bat!

      Of course, the features you get will depend on the package you choose. Rank Ranger offers four subscriptions: Lite, Standard, Pro, and Premium. Each package comes with its own set of bells and whistles to suit your specific needs.

      So, there you have more details about each, down below! Don’t forget to take advantage of that free trial and see for yourself if RankRanger can revolutionize your SEO game.



      $ 79 Monthly
      • 500 Keyword
      • 15 Dashboards


      $ 149 Monthly
      • 1000 Keyword
      • 30 Dashboards


      $ 699 Monthly
      • 5000+ Keyword
      • 100+ Dashboards


      $ 2700 Monthly
      • 25000+ Keyword
      • 250+ Dashboards

      PROs and CONs


      Users Review

      Let’s dive into the opinions of those who have already experienced the service. When we check out G2, the renowned review site, we can see that Rank Ranger holds an impressive overall rating of 3.9 out of 5, solidifying its quality.

      This user was really enjoying this tool, and said, “Customer support provided by the rank ranger team members is the most appreciable thing; it was a very uncommon thing when I was using other software. It is a very simple and easy way to present, see, and analyse search data to my company’s CEO…”

      Rank Ranger Overall Rating

      Good 90%
      Great 92%
      Free trial, affordable price 100%

      Our verdict

      In conclusion, our RankRanger review makes it clear that, undoubtedly, it is an excellent choice for SEO experts, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and digital marketers.

      This comprehensive software monitors and analyzes keyword performance accurately, but it does much more than that. From keyword research to insight about good and bad keywords, it goes the extra mile by providing business owners with highly detailed keyword and traffic data, which can be used to make growth-oriented SEO decisions.

      We hope our review has helped you understand the importance – and working – of RankRanger’s software, its best features and how it can help you.

      We also appreciate your feedback and suggestions, so please feel free to leave a comment if you have any!

      Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we will continue to provide relevant and insightful information on various tools and platforms.

      So, stay tuned for more exciting and informative reviews in the future. Until then, take care and keep striving for success. Peace out!✌️

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